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262 Chapter Two Hundred And Sixty
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     After both of them sang, Luo Yiming stepped onto the stage and stood between them. He announced the beginning of the voting for the Peak Night Championship!

     Throughout the summer, the 13th issue of China’s good voices, who will be the champion and the best voice of the new generation of China will be announced in a while.

     99 media people began to vote carefully.

     The audience also voted by pressing buttons.

     Because of the time delay of off-site spectators, their voting results will be released in 10 minutes.

     These ten minutes are advertising time.

     In the Good Voice program, a two-minute commercial was interrupted for the first time.

     These two minutes were won by the director of the Blueberry Satellite TV who came forward in person and discussed half an hour with Luo Yiming.

     The first minute was the three major sponsor advertisements in the contract, and the next minute was the advertiser invited by Blueberry TV.

     And this short one-minute advertisement was divided among four advertisers, and each of the 15-second advertisements sold for a sky-high price of 2.5 million!

     When the commercial was broadcast, Li Ding got real-time ratings data.

     At this time, the ratings have exceeded 5, which is the highest record of national TV variety shows in the past ten years.

     "It's horrible, the ratings are against the sky."

     "Unfortunately, our advertising price is still set low."

     The director of Blueberry Satellite TV saw this data, regret one's past deeds, with a viewership of 5, only 10 million ads were credited.

     This data should really double.

     With a rating of 5, this is certainly worth the advertisers' big price!Even if it is only 15 seconds, the audience who watched the peak night must have seen this sincere advertisement.

     The selection of the championship, the data on the big screen is still growing, and the program uses a two-person percentage system.

     Use a bar to show the support rate of the two.

     The number of votes for Zeng Yi and Zhang Jie increased simultaneously. When the final moments reached the top, the voting would stop.

     The media person’s score came out 57:43.

     Zhang Jie won the first prize.

      Follow closely behind sb or sth The ratings of the live audience are out.

     At 51:49, Zhang Jie scored again with a slight advantage.

     In the end, only the support result of off-site SMS is left.

     With the summary of the SMS voting completed, this summer, the last good voice champion will also settle the dust.

     Luo Yiming got the results of the SMS support rate off the field, and stood on the stage, holding a paper card in his hand, facing the audience friends.

     "The last off-site audience vote has come out. Every good voice of the vote is recorded and there is a trace to follow. Thank you audience friends for casting 4 million votes in ten minutes."

     "Four million viewers and friends support your favorite Good Voice student, and he will eventually become the champion of Good Voice in the first season."

     "So... after counting the votes, the students who won this honor and won the first season of Good Voice champion are..."

     "His name is... Zhang Jie!"

     "Zhang Jie won 56% of the support, ahead of Zeng's 44, Zhang Jie won the first season of China's Voice of the Year Championship!"

     "We congratulate... Zhang Jie."Luo Yiming raised Zhang Jie's hand.

     Hearing that he had won the championship with a good voice, Zhang Jie's tears soared down unable to control.

     The audience burst into the warmest cheers, and cheerful music rang.

     Zhang Jie used his impeccable and impeccable singing voice to tell the world that in the first season of China's Voice of Good Voice, he won the championship of the year.

     The lights were turned on, and the shining light flooded towards Zhang Jie, the most dazzling light curtain hit on his body, the ice mist rose up, and the colorful laser beam turned the stage into the most beautiful place at this time.

     "Walking from the thorns, you bear some pain that you shouldn't bear at your age, but because of this scar, you walk faster than others."

     "The good voice of China is your new beginning. I firmly believe that you will set sail on the road of music. This night belongs to you, Zhang Jie, you are the brightest star in the night sky tonight."

     Luo Yiming said, patted his shoulder, blessed him, and turned around again, cherished defeat with his side, and embraced the second Zeng, “Zeng, your performance tonight is also worthy of all of us pride.”

     Harlem excitedly rushed onto the stage from his swivel chair, and he embraced Zhang Jie excitedly.

     Harlem's team in the audience, Zhang Jie's parents who came to the scene for the first time, and all the fans who supported him, all embraced together excitedly and made various celebration actions to the camera.

     "Zhang Jie... won!"

     Countless viewers in front of the TV screamed and cheered. Among the many students of Good Voice, Zhang Jie has the highest online support rate.Whether it is his experience, story, or his singing, Zhang Jie is worthy of this champion.

     During the thirteenth phase of the competition, Zhang Jie used his voice to conquer the audience and everyone throughout the summer.

     He used his persistence and the attitude of stake all on one throw to music to tell everyone that by working hard, persisting, and not giving up, your dream will eventually come true!

     In the scene, Zhang Jie's parents cried.

     The family owed Zhang Jie too much. Originally, if Zhang Jie had been trained in music since childhood.

     He may have to avoid many detours and succeed faster.

     Zhang Jie was under a lot of pressure.

     Finally, as Zhang Jie now aspires to be the annual champion of the Voice of China, all his parents' feelings have exploded.


     Cry to your heart's content.

     You should laugh out loud after crying.

     Zhang Jie is your pride.

     The road to good sound in China will not end here. Zhang Jie's music road will become wider and wider.

     "Now, you invite Teacher Liu Huan, Teacher Lin Zhixuan, Teacher Tian Zhen, and all the students of Good Voice this year to come to the stage..."

     Outstanding students and tutors are standing on the stage. This is the image of the good voice family celebrating. Among the top 16 players, only Yang Zongwei was not present.

      This time, Yang Zongwei, who has already won the top prize in the Global Chinese Songs Chart, sent the video.

     The big screen cut to the scene of the awards ceremony of the Global Chinese Songs Chart.

     Yang Zongwei said: "Hello everyone, good voice audience friends, this is Yang Zongwei. I just learned that Zhang Jie won the title of China Good Voice. I am really happy for him. I am proud of the Lao Ha team.""You may be curious, why didn't I go to the final family carnival. Because now I am participating in the awards ceremony of the Global Chinese Songs Chart. The trophy in my hand is awarded to me by the organizer, Best Rookie Male Singer Award ."

     "Thanks to my big family of warm and good voices. If there is no good voice, I cannot get this award. I love you. I love the good voice of China!"

     Next, the big screen was pushed to the award ceremony.

     The list of global Chinese song charts, this list is very authoritative.

     The students of China’s Good Voice were included in this list before the end of the Good Voice competition.

     It shows... how great the voice of China is.

     "Thanks to Yang Zongwei for the online video. His video told all the students of Good Voice that although the Good Voice competition is over, the real road to music has just begun."

     "At this moment, you are back to the starting point. On the road of music, only the sound determines where your future is. Where is your achievement. The last song, sing with your heart, put your hottest energy this summer in this The stage stays."

     "Let's thank the audience friends who supported and watched the good voice of China."

     "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart!"

     "Good voice war song, start singing!"

     Luo Yiming said impassioned. As soon as his voice fell off, the camera of Unit 5 showed the ready-made good voice students.

     A line of good voice students stood up above the stage. They gave the audience a wonderful performance this summer. Every person is a hero.


     run ahead,Faced with cold eyes and ridicule,

     How can I feel the vastness of life without suffering,

     Fate it cannot make us kneel and beg forgiveness,

     Even if the blood is full of arms


     Keep running,

     With the pride of a child,

     How can you see the sparkle of life without persisting in the end,

     Rather than struggle on whilst at death's door, it’s better to indulge in burning,

     Will sprout again one day

     Don't compromise until you get old..."

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