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263 Chapter 261, The Next Program (subscription Required)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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With the accompaniment of this song, Luo Yiming announced the end of the season of Good Voice in China.

     In front of the TV, the audience saw the subtitles of the flight. This summer, "The Voice of China", which brought everyone the most joy, ended.

     For the audience, the peak night just as in the past inherited the high quality, good sound, few advertisements and inspirational characteristics of "The Voice of China".

     The fourth place is September Miracle, the third place is Xu Jiaying, the second place is once one, and the champion is Zhang Jie.

     This is the desired result.

     Compared to this ranking, the four more or less sang nice new songs, and the song of September Miracle is the song written by Luo Yiming for their tailor-made.

     As for the whole good voice, Luo Yiming also composed many good songs for the students.

     Even though he did not act as the official four instructors in the show, he would teach the students on the music.

     But after the good sound show, Luo Yiming's position in the music industry rose on the rocket.

     The mainstream music media compares him with the four major mentors.

     This season, the four great mentors of Good Voice, Luo Yiming, will cause controversy when sitting on it. But the sound is over. If there is a second season, Luo Yiming can definitely exist as a mentor right and proper if he wants to.

     After the show was recorded, the crew was still busy. Luo Yiming and Luo Xin stayed behind to deal with some follow-up matters. Many things had to be signed by them, and they couldn't do it at all.

     Many people did not fall asleep this night.

     Luo Yiming answered a lot of calls, all of which were blessings from other people, as well as the olive branch of the TV station looking forward to cooperating on the next program.After talking on the phone, he casually lay on the bed for an hour, but...tossed and couldn't sleep.

     The next day, the sky first glimmers of light, Luo Yiming himself woke up.

     Harlem went back to the hotel and slept for 4-5 hours. As the champion instructor, he was the only one who stayed.

     The next day, there is still one Press Conference to attend.

     It was Xiaoxue who was woken up by the guest room phone after seven o'clock.

     "Mr. Haring, this morning you are going to attend the Press Conference of Blueberry TV. I asked someone to write a speech. You are the champion tutor. You will read it in front of the media later."

     Harlem knew this and said, "Okay, I will go there too, right? Is he still sleeping now?"

     Xiaoxue hasn't called Director Luo yet. He was busy until three o'clock last night.

     This will estimate how long I haven't slept.

     "I didn't call him, Mrs. Haring, you can deal with Press Conference first. I called him at the beginning." "Yes."

     There are more than one hundred media representatives sitting outside, all of whom have a good relationship with the good sound program group.

      The overwhelming majority is a unit in the 99 jury.

     Luo Yiming was thought to be asleep by Xiaoxue. In fact, he had already gone out and arrived at the press conference early.

     Luo Yiming came with several staff members. After he appeared, there was applause.

     Luo Yiming smiled and waved to everyone, and then sat in the main seat.

     "Everyone has been waiting so early. It's been hard work, please sit down!"

     Luo Yiming said and laughed politely, the reporters laughed kindly, and the Press Conference officially began.Luo Yiming opened an envelope and said: "First of all, I will announce the ratings of the peak night last night. According to the 100-city ratings sent by CCTV, the average peak night is 5.16% and the peak value is 5.62%. The highest record in history for domestic variety shows."

      pā pā pā pā!

     Hear the Final Result of ratings.

     The audience applauded.

     "The Voice of China", which was not optimistic at first, even created a terrifying audience rating of 5.16%.

     This rating exceeds all domestic variety shows.

     Even the 4% ratings created by Super Voice Girls last year is still a scum in the face of good voices.

     This kind of ratings, I am afraid that in the next ten years, there's nothing about it programs will be comparable to it.

     "Congratulations to Director Luo."

     "Congratulations to Blueberry TV, congratulations to the director."

     "The Voice of China can break through the five-character mark, worthy of celebration."

     Everyone is an insider. After hearing this data, after being shocked, the media can only praise it.

     Many people laughed in their hearts. Four months ago, Mango TV broke up with Luo Yiming.

     After the first episode was broadcast, a deputy director of Mango TV was dismissed, and many people were jointly and severally responsible.

     Now the average is 5.16% and the peak is 5.62%. Will this kind of ratings directly knock down the director of Mango TV?

     Luo Xin sat next to Luo Yiming. The leader who was still the director of the Mango Channel Innovation Office was surrounded by high-level leaders of Blueberry TV. She was embarrassed and conflicted.Next is the reporter’s question. Luo Yiming is vaccinated first: "Director Luo is an important cooperation partner of my studio. She is also a member of the production team of Good Voice. So, for some questions about Mango Station, please don’t ask me today. Excuse me."

     Li Ding said: "Yes, today is the home stadium of Blueberry TV."

     The media are all good friends of the Good Voice program group. Luo Xin's identity is embarrassing, so they will not provoke trouble at this time.

     However, at the end of the first season of The Voice of China, Luo Xin returned to the Mango Channel. If there is a good voice for the second season, it is indeed a question of where to broadcast.

     The reporter asked: "Will Good Voice continue to be broadcast on Blueberry TV in the second season?"

     Luo Xin was a little embarrassed.

     Li Ding hurriedly took the microphone, showing his loyalty: "As long as the sky does not fall and the earth is not destroyed, Blueberry TV will definitely play the good voice of China!"

     Everyone laughed, Li Ding is also full of smiles, although the advertising revenue is not that much.

     But from this morning, the influence of Blueberry Satellite TV has gone out.

     In the past, many advertisers who cooperated with Mango TV have switched to themselves, which has a lot to do with the broadcast of China's Good Voice on Blueberry TV.

     Moreover, in addition to praising Luo Yiming's production standards in online reviews, Blueberry Satellite TV also followed suit.

     "Next question!"

     "Will a good voice continue to maintain this style?"

     Luo Yiming said with a smile: "At least the Voice of China will always be like this, but if the copyright is sold to other countries, minor adjustments may be made according to local laws and regulations."

     Luo Yiming's words let the frying pan on site.The reporter happily asked about the results: "Has any foreign company contacted and negotiated?"

     Luo Yiming nodded calmly: "Since last month, many countries have contacted our program team. What can be revealed a little is that we are in in-depth discussions on cooperation with the Netherlands."

     The Netherlands may cry to death.

     The good voices of China they happened to see on the Internet actually belonged to them in the previous life, but they have to buy the copyright from China in this life.

     The Chinese television program has basically been self-produced and sold for many years, and few have sold the copyright overseas.

     Instead, copyright is always imported from abroad.

     And Luo Yiming used a brand-new talent show to create the height of nobody can compete with in the Chinese TV industry.

     With this global sale of copyrights, this powerful promoter of the revitalization of China's television industry has forced media reporters to respect him!

     The audience cheered.

     When the media asked Luo Yiming, the next variety show at what time will come out, what kind of show will it be.

     Luo Yiming lightly smiled, only saying that he would take a break a period of time, and he would update the specific program on his blog, which is a close for the media.

      After the Press Conference, Luo Yiming and Blueberry Satellite TV took care of the sound accounting, and the rights and interests were distributed according to the contract.

     After a full load, he took the studio program members with him and left Blueberry TV in a few cars. 8)
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