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265 Chapter 263, Take A Big Deal With Chen Qiaoyan
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     Luo Yiming's heart was moved at the moment. In his memory, Kangxi came broadcast from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 11 in the evening on the Zhongtian Comprehensive Channel in Taipei.

     For more than a month's show, except for weekends, Luo Yiming needs to record 30 episodes, and it should be about the same in ten days.

     The CCTV readers have not replied to the case at hand, and Luo Yiming has not yet prepared other new programs.

     In terms of time, the problem is not very big.

     "Yi Ming, Kangxi came. This show is very popular in Taipei, including Xiangjiang. It is equivalent to Happy Camp in your mainland. If you can gild this show, it will be very beneficial to you."

     For Luo Yiming, the step towards Taipei and Xiangjiang's development is a must.

     He is a great host in the Mainland.

     But, in fact, Luo Yiming didn't have the experience of hosting a major award ceremony.

     Golden Melody Awards, film and television drama awards, including film Golden Horse, Golden Elephant and higher Palme d’Or awards, are bound to be the first to become famous in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

     Busy is half a month.

     After Xiao s returns, he can continue to do his own show when he goes back.

     During this trip to Taipei, Luo Yiming was on vacation.

     After Mou Ding, Luo Yiming said to Yilin Tsai: "Sister Yilin, thank you, I have considered it, and I will take over this presiding task."

     Jolin Tsai said: "That would be the best. Kangxi came to this show. The producer of this show, Wei Zhong, has no opinion on you. He likes you very much. But... the successful hosting depends on your partner with Kang Yong. Case.""At present, the Kangxi Lai program is recorded in mid-October, and your first episode will also start in mid-October. You fly to Taipei and we will talk about it when we meet."

     Jolin Tsai informed Luo Yiming of the time and let Luo Yiming allocate the time by herself.

     Before the end of October, Luo Yiming can come back smoothly, the problem is not big, Luo Yiming said: "Okay. Then I will fly over tomorrow."

     In his previous life, there were many tall buildings and bustling entertainment in Taipei, Luo Yiming only went there for the first time in 12 years.

     In this life, in 2006, Luo Yiming will set foot, six years early.

     However, being able to experience Taipei's variety entertainment shows and knowing a few big names in the entertainment industry will also help him develop outdoor reality show variety shows in the future. He even somewhat anticipated this trip!

     Arrived in Taipei at sunset, Luo Yiming came to Taiwan this time to live in Taipei’s Xinyi District, known as the most brilliant diamond center.

     Close to the Taipei 101 Building, this building is 508 meters high, 101 stories above ground and 5 stories underground. This building is just behind the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which shows Taipei's glory in 2006.

     The iconic building of a city is the soul of a city.

     The 101 building exists as the Empire Tower is to New York and the Eiffel Tower is to Paris.

     Viewed from the top of the building at night, the myriad twinkling lights, high-rise buildings, and the sea of cars in Taipei will all take in the entire scene.

     After Luo Yiming stayed in the hotel, he called his friends Harlem, Lin Zhixuan and Chen Qiaoyan in Taipei.

     With a few people out, sitting in the hotel car, a few people rushed to Shilin Night Market.The snack street in Taipei is very lively. When Luo Yiming came to Taipei, three friends all rushed to pay.

     After eating a few streets, Lin Zhixuan was dying for the first time, and he had something to do, so he left before 12 o'clock.

     After Harlem was stuffed with a few more fatty honey-glazed barbecued meat slices, he held the boss's cart and couldn't eat it anymore.

     But at this time, Luo Yiming and Chen Qiaoyan still had strong firepower, and it seemed that the supper had just begun.

     Harlem clutched his stomach and said bitterly: "You are still youngsters, but I'm not good at it. I'm waiting for you here. Go eat and look for me."

     There is still one deep-fried squid in Chen Qiaoyan's mouth. Seeing Haring counseled, he said, "Brother Haring, it will take a long time for us to go to the front. We may not find you when we come back."

     Harlem exclaimed: "If you can't find it, don't you want to find it? I will wait for you for a while, won't I leave if I can't wait for someone!"

     Luo Yiming smiled and said: "Brother Haring, you don't need to accompany us. If you can't eat anymore, you can go back and rest. We two young people will eat more."

     "Hehe, Yiming, chase me away? is that you want to distract me and eat our quince tofu? I'm really worried about such a beautiful girl entrusting you to you."

     Haring's mouth is very powerful, but the host Luo Yiming is not afraid of him.

     "Brother Haring, this is Taipei, not Bei Jing. Qiao Yan is a local, so she can only bully me, an outsider. You should worry about whether I will be eaten tofu."


     Harlem smiled: "Yes. Our bridge is very fierce."

     Chen Qiaoyan stared at Haring: "What makes me so fierce, I am a lady... OK?"After speaking, Chen Qiaoyan had a long, thick intestine in his mouth.

     But this...action, how you look at it, is not a lady.

     "Can we stop joking? I heard people say, Qiaoyan, a news reporter who made snacks. Anyway, you just take me to eat. Let's dump this... old... home... buddy."

     Luo Yiming looked at Chen Qiaoyan with tacit understanding, who was nodded and said: "Well, throw him away, let's eat."

     Harlem was left behind.

     In fact, Harlem couldn't bear it anymore.

     With Chen Qiaoyan, we continued to eat creamy crabs, shochu snails, and fried flower sticks.

     Finally, the two of them sat in a big chicken chop shop, ordered chicken chops and peanuts, and drank some wine.

     I learned that Luo Yiming came to Taipei this time to host Kangxi.

     Chen Qiaoyan told Luo Yiming some of the information she had.

     This time Kangxi came to take the post, in fact, the program team also looked for her.

     But because of the difficulty of hosting the show on schedule, Chen Qiaoyan refused.

     Later, Cai Kangyong recommended other people to come. However, these substitute moderators are usually replaced after only hosting one or two sessions.

     The ability to host and the cooperation with Cai Kangyong were not very satisfactory to him.

     Luo Yiming, a host from the Mainland, was recommended to come to Kangxi to host. Naturally, Cai Yilin and Wei Zhongge saw Luo Yiming's host strength.

     Kangxi came, and when there were no ideal candidates for several periods, Luo Yiming was chosen, but if he did not preside well, there would be a problem with Cai Kangyong's running-in between two periods.I will also be brushed down!

     After listening to these Inside News, Luo Yiming found it interesting.

     When you come to Taipei, if you can't take the chance to host, you slip back, whatever the case, the host in Taipei will certainly become... a joke.

     The fast development of entertainment, no matter where you stand in the future, in this circle, it will definitely be mentioned by people in the circle.

     Others may not be able to do it.

     It might really become a joke.

      Because of oneself I am familiar with Kangxi came to the show, knowing the plot that audiences love to watch, Luo Yiming knows how to control the rhythm of the show.

     He really looked forward to the first encounter between himself and Kangxi.

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