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269 Chapter 267, About Love (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The recording and editing speeds of Taipei shows are very fast. They pay more attention to the natural performance when recording, because the show does not have various taboos like the mainland. Speaking of it, everyone fluently saying all one wants, basically, two or three A program can be completed in an hour.

     The first episode of Kangxi’s program time is not like the mainland entertainment, which is usually 90 minutes, 60 minutes, like a dessert after the audience’s tea and dinner, or a snack, which will refresh you and have a good time. This is Kangxi. The charm of coming.

     As the director announced that he would start shooting, four guests sat on the revolving chairs in the studio. Cai Kangyong first promoted the program and introduced the new host Jiang Yang to everyone.

     GIGI and Huahua saw Jiang Yang, who was in plain white clothes, with an extremely handsome face. They couldn't help but stand up from their chairs. Before Jiang Yang could speak, they said: "This issue of Xiao S is not here, and finally there is a younger brother who can let us molested. It's a moment. Your name is Jiang Yang, right? Look at your appearance, you won't be underage, is it chu."

     The openness of both sexes in Taipei is different from the restraint of the mainland. When Huahua said this, the other guests just smiled and did not feel any indecent.

     Cai Kangyong knew that this was Huahua who was trying to bully Jiang Yang, and said, "Jiangyang is 18 years old this year and has grown up. Is it possible that you want to visit him?"

     Huahua said: "Then I didn't pick up a big bargain, of course I am willing. I just don't know Jiang Yang, do you like me with a top-notch girl."Hua Hua Zhang Jiayun, Jiang Yang knows that her nickname after coming to Kangxi is the hotel girl, because of the dusty atmosphere on her body, she is not like a celebrity artist at all, but like a character that can be overthrown by just throwing a few dollars.

     She should feel that she is young age and wants to take advantage of herself, but how easy is it to take advantage of me? Jiang Yang seems weak and harmless, and in the next second, he reveals a mischievous smile and walks arrogantly. Huahua approached her and pushed her to the former's chest. After pushing her away, she arrogantly said: "Hotel girl, what do you want? Can you open the room tonight? But oh, I'm not interested in hotel girl."


     The other guests immediately let out a wow exclamation.

     GIGI saw that Huahua had no play, she immediately said: "Huahua, Jiangyang is uninterested to you, then Jiangyang, sister, can I do it?"

     GIGI Lin Ruqi is often referred to by Xiao S and Cai Kangyong as a man. For the first time she participated in the show, she was said to be a ladyboy because of her coquettish appearance. Later, Xiao S even more accidentally discovered that she had a little Adam's apple, which made Xiao S always use the topic of GIGI as a man when she came to Kangxi.

     Jiang Yang said: "I'm sorry, I am uninterested to men."


     There was another uproar.

      At this time, Cai Kangyong was the happiest person. He laughed and said, "GIGI, you have only one self to blame. You want to molest Jiang Yang, but I don’t know that Jiang Yang did his homework and knew your past. "

     GIGI immediately felt wronged: "I am not a man, I am not a man. I didn't expect that the new host would also bully me."Huahua Road: "It seems that Jiangyang is not a weak chicken, so powerful. We also want to be obediently and honestly."

     Jiang Yang said, "No, I am a little sheep. That person was not me just now. I need elder sisters' care."

     With Jiang Yang's hands on his cheeks, he became kind and cute for a moment, which made people think that the cold-hearted guy just now was not him.

     It was just the beginning. Huahua and GIGI learned about the master of this host from the mainland, and when Cai Kangyong went on to say that Jiangyang hosted the Golden Rooster Award in the mainland, and also helped many top singers to write songs and produced their own ratings. Among the top three variety shows in the Mainland, the four guests are already afraid to fight Jiang Yang.

     They know that the present host is not inferior in the slightest Little S, the routine of Little S may still be guessed, but Jiang Yang's gameplay can be unpredictable.

     The first phase of Kangxi came and ended in a happy and amusing atmosphere.

     Four guests chatted and each told a story. GIGI and Huahua wore pajamas to remove makeup. Then, the other two guests, Jiang Yang and Cai Kangyong, to assess the head and discuss the feet, the show was hot, sharp, and subversive. Three views, in the mainland, Jiang Yang knows that it is absolutely prohibited.

     But here is Taipei, with open sexes and unrestrained entertainment circles, so these topics can be tolerated.

     After the shooting, Cai Kangyong stopped Jiang Yang. In the first phase of the collaboration, the two of them had to go to the producer to see where there's nothing about it that needs improvement.As the producer Wang Weizhong who came to Kangxi, he is also the general manager of Venus Entertainment. He was not very optimistic about Jiang Yang before, but after the first recording was completed, Wang Weizhong felt that Jiang Yang was a plastic talent.

     His talent is not even inferior to some of the host stars in Taipei. As long as he is cultivated, he can definitely raise the banner of more variety shows in the future.

     In Wang Weizhong's office, Cai Kangyong sat on the sofa, but Jiang Yang stood upright. Wang Weizhong saw Jiang Yang not sitting, smiled, said: "Jiangyang, don't be cautious, sit down."

     Jiang Yang sat down next to Mr. Cai Kangyong and hosted him. He could arrogant and domineering and consider everyone else beneath one, but that was entirely for the purpose of making the show effect. But in reality, Jiang Yang knew that he was in Taipei. For newcomers, politeness is the most important etiquette.

     "Jiangyang, today is the first time to host Kangxi, how do you feel?" Wang Weizhong said enthusiastically.

     This issue of Jiang Yang feels super enjoyable, because the host of all taboos are off, he can use all the stuff he knows in his previous life, including some dirty jokes.

     But Jiang Yang also knew that the Kangxi he knew from the previous life was coming, and it was even more popular than today.

     "I feel that this show surpasses some mainland variety shows that I know. It is said that the sky in Taipei is more suitable for the growth of variety shows. It is not unreasonable."

     Cai Kangyong said: "I rarely pay attention to your mainland. But some mainland artists say that you can't talk about many topics."

     Jiang Yang said: "Hey, there are some topics you can't talk about."

     Wang Weizhong said: "Do you think we have come to Kangxi, what needs to be improved?"The Kangxi that Wang Weizhong wants to create is here. Kangxi, who is at the forefront of fashion, is here to continuously update the section. Now, a new star makeup remover is launched. After that, Wang Weizhong also doesn't know where Kangxi is coming.

     As a young man, Jiang Yang may advance his thinking a little bit, so Wang Weizhong wants to hear his opinion.

     "Not yet. It's just that I think it was a bit too heavy when I said GIGI and Huahua today. I was wondering whether our previous programs have hurt many artists too, if we can Start an apology conference, I don’t know the effect will be how is it?"

     Jiang Yang took out the popular apology of the previous Kangxi came out. When he said that, the eyes of Cai Kangyong and Wang Weizhong both lit up.

     The apology conference, apologizing to previous artists, sounds very interesting.

     Wang Weizhong does not feel that the previous host was wrong, so this apology may not be an apology, but to be more precise.

     If you say it's an apology, you can take out the previous stalks, analyze deeply, continue to enlarge, first sprinkle salt on the artist's scars, and finally coax and relieve the past.

     Once the effect of such a program comes out, it must be full of cheers.

     When Kangxi came, it was originally an unconventional and nonsensical show. Wang Weizhong felt that Jiang Yang's suggestion would become popular!

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