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272 Chapter 270, Hot In Taipei (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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For the eight major TV stations, because his wife Fan Fan is on vacation with his sisters, Chen Jianzhou is in the company. He pays attention to the ratings of his new program. He feels that with the ratings guarantee of Luo Zhixiang, the Golden Partner, the program will definitely be First at 10 o'clock.

     Continue to maintain the champion lead posture. But right now, he looked at the real-time ratings ranking. Sanli International Station was far behind, but the Kangxi of China Comprehensive Channel came, and this issue was extremely fierce.

     Special, is this Tiger-Bull Breaking Cage? Why, the ratings of China Comprehensive Channel reached 1.9?

     In the history of variety shows in Taipei, the highest ratings is 2.6 maintained by the predecessor of Li Zongxian, and then the 2.5 of the younger generation Luo Zhixiang is infinitely close to the record score, and is expected to break in the past two years, but the show that has come to Kangxi is now on the rise. From 1.5 to 1.9, looking at the current situation, it seems that 1.9 is not the end.

     2.0. Madan, 2.1. what is this situation. Chen Jianzhou couldn't help but curse. The increase in the ratings of enemy stations means that his TV ratings have shrunk. According to the updated real-time data, the ratings of Leng Zhi Bang have dropped from 1.7 to 1.63, which is still slow. Sliding down, even though he didn't see it with his own eyes, Chen Jianzhou can imagine. Many people in Taipei's home have turned to the China Comprehensive Channel.

     What you need to see is nothing more than this new host, Jiang Yang. Chen Jianzhou was a rough person, but he couldn't stand being suppressed by others. He couldn't think of any way. He was upset. Chen Jianzhou called Luo Zhixiang.The pig had just taken a shower beautifully at this moment. He was humming a song about going to bed, but he received a call from his friend Jianzhou.

     When the other party narrated that Jiang Yang perfectly suppressed their new show, the pig widened his bulging eyes: "Impossible, how can it be." The pig not to accept as correct, and when he opened the comprehensive channel, he opened himself As soon as the comparison of the programs came out, the pig was dumbfounded.

     This Jiangyang what exactly is it ghost. Where did he kill it. The hosting style is sharp and funny.

     He was even more witty and nonsensical than himself, this guy could almost make Zhou Xingchi's movie.

     There are many viewers who feel the same as pigs. They watch a program and undoubtedly want to relax. Every work pressure is too much. Which program can relax themselves and smile, they will watch which program.

     Kangxi, hosted by the newcomer Jiangyang, is here. The cuisine is the same but the taste is different. The audience feels that Kangxi is here better than before.

     It's not like to scratch the outside of the boot when it was s, and Jiang Yang would just scratch the outside of the boot before he was happy.

     2.3 out! Jiang Yang tried his best to restrain his excitement when he just broke 2, because he was afraid that he would be overwhelmed and his ratings would fall off a cliff.

     And it wasn't until the show reached fifty minutes and the pie he had spread out was reclaimed, and Jiang Yang dared to cry out.

     2.3, because the program is nearing the end, the results may be exactly like this, but the 2.3 results, this result has broken through the Kangxilai program, and has become a new record.Moreover, this ratings follows the historical record of 2.6 in Taipei's variety shows, which is only a difference of 0.3 ratings.

     As long as it is one out of ten, one more, then the historical record may be rewritten!

     "We won." Jiang Yang couldn't help but grabbed his mobile phone and dialed Li Xuexue's number. The latter was also watching the show. Li Xuexue's performance in the first phase of Jiangyang was seen on the spot.

     The effects that can be edited are more exciting and better-looking than live ones.

     "Yes, we won. I think your performance in this issue is better than when the host I wanted to sing with you. Your host the stove fire has turned bright green (allusion to Daoist alchemy). I'm fascinated by you." Li Xuexue is only more than 20 years old this year, so it is a lie for Jiang Yang, such an excellent artist, to have no heart, but Li Xuexue's cheeks blush as soon as she finishes.

      Female managers like their artists, which is not good in the entertainment industry. Jiang Yang did not want to be crooked, he was still immersed in the mood of the good ratings.

     "Sister Li, I don’t know, after tonight’s show, how many people in Taipei know me. I hope, I’m here can build a dream castle, and I will return to Shijiazhuang and King with my strength. of Mask Singer, let King of Mask Singer come to life, and prove it to those who have despised me."

     "Definitely will." Li Xuexue said: "Now, this show allows you to gain a foothold in Taipei, and I will help you contact the singers in Taipei in the coming days. King of Mask Singer will not lose to I Am a Singer, we I will defeat them."

     "Thank you..." Hanging up, Jiang Yang felt the blood in his heart rolling, he was so excited, it was his bet this time that he won the bet.Kangxi of Taipei is here, it is his new battlefield, here he won, then, he will not lose anywhere else.

     The program ended in 60 minutes. Kangxilai's ratings were locked at 2.3, and there was no striving to improve, but Jiang Yang was already very satisfied with this result.

     At least, the viewership rate of 2.3 is 0.3% higher than the viewership rate of the previous Kangxilai period.

     When I returned to the hotel, Jiang Yang fell asleep very steadily, but the Taipei City of Evernight updated a name in every family, the host from Kangxi, the new host, yes, that guy named Jiang Yang.

     He is handsome, he is very good, he hosts the show, and has a grand general style. On the early morning of the 4th, people in Taipei’s streets were already selling soy milk fritters and morning tea. Because of the mountain and island, the city and the island fell in love. Some people described the early morning in Taipei as chirp chirp twitter twitter, and sparrows stood on the branches of the branches and pecked with their mouths. The mist was opened.

     However, after Jiang Yang got up early and ran in the streets of Taipei in the morning, he felt that it was more peaceful here than in the morning in the mainland.

     In the city that never sleeps, there are more activities at night, and the morning is relatively safe. There is no old lady dancing in the mainland, and it is indeed lacking a little bit of vitality.

     However, this tranquility was broken at around seven o'clock, and as Taipei's entertainment newspapers flew into the streets, the citizens of Taipei started the topic again.

     China News, Taipei Entertainment News, China Entertainment Weekly, Keelung Express, Tainan News, these media agree by chance published several entertainment shows pk's Monday drama last night.

     Entertainment is one of the news that people in Taipei pay the most attention to. When they turned to the newspaper, they all saw the content about Jiangyang written on the largest page.China News: Mainland host Jiang Yang, a new force from Kangxi. Taipei Entertainment News: Kangxi came to kill the dark horse, college student Jiang Yang proclaimed.

     China Entertainment Weekly: The eighteen-year-old boy walked into the host, and Kangxi came to amaze the audience. Jilong Express, Tainan News, and the media are generous with praise, and Jiang Yang's rise in Taipei is much faster than he thought.

     Jiang Yang just finished his morning run. He just wanted to go to the station to record a show. When he turned around, he found that he was following a lot of young maiden in Taipei.
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