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273 Chapter 271, Reader Passed
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     In the next few days, more than a dozen episodes of Kangxi came.

     Luo Yiming only took ten days to complete one month's work.

     With the last two episodes left, Luo Yiming finished his work here.

     And when he was about to bid farewell to Kangxi, there was good news on Dong Qing's call from the mainland CCTV.

     It turned out that the director of CCTV, Zhao Liyong, verbally approved Dong Qing and Luo Yiming's new program readers on the second day after watching the Peak Night of the Voice of China.

     However, if CCTV decides to launch a program, it needs the cooperation of the entire station's resources. From bottom to top, each department must conduct pre-review and signature.

     Originally, this work could be completed in seven working days.

     It happened that during the long holiday of November, many department leaders asked for leave. After a delay, it came to mid-October.

     However, a good meal is not afraid of late, and finally, Luo Yiming's new variety show Lang readers successfully landed.

     Dong Qing told Luo Yiming that the show should be locked in mid-November, and now there is still one month's preparation time.

     After Luo Yiming is notified, the guests who need to be invited for the show will be decided by Luo Yiming and the head of CCTV Dong Qing.

     The format of the program largely retains Luo Yiming's original version, and CCTV only fine-tunes in the general direction.

     It can be said that CCTV still agrees with readers who are full of positive energy, promote correct values, and encourage everyone to read.

      this can be considered The fastest variety show recognized by CCTV.After Luo Yiming got the news, it can be said that with one's heart set on speeding home, the creation of the reader, Luo Yiming intentionally arranged for CCTV, not only because the program in the previous life belongs to CCTV.

     It is even more in the temperament and soul of this show that it does not match other satellite TVs.

     In fact, Luo Yiming's readers are not those of his previous life.

     In addition to celebrities, this variety show in the previous life will also invite people from literary, academic, and all walks of life to share the joy of reading.

     Each program invites four or five scholars to piece together a program.

     However, in Luo Yiming's view, invite some unpopular industries, everyone by no means familiar to read, the CCTV readers have achieved positive energy spreading, and the establishment of correct values.

     However, in terms of the sense of substitution and expressiveness of the program, they are all just passable.

     Luo Yiming's readers, his tone is similar to that of the big names, and the people invited are still familiar to the audience.

     Although they are not all stars in the entertainment industry in the strict sense, the influence in society and even the influence in the entertainment industry is no small matter which one is single.

     People in cultural circles, academic circles, they must read books. If you invite them to read a program, in fact, it doesn't make people feel any impact or shock.

     Everyone will feel more deserved.

     You should read a book when you eat this bowl of rice.

     But if it’s people in the entertainment industry, those stars who give the impression that they can only act and cannot read books, they use reading, interviews, and communication to guide young people in one direction.

     The thoughts this show brings to people will be tremendous.The traffic on celebrities will ensure the viewership of the program.

     To put it bluntly, Long Reader is an enhanced version of the big names.

     Replace the speech with reading aloud and use the words in a book to express your opinions.

     Luo Yiming weakened the rigidity of CCTV readers and added his brand-new entertaining reading mode. Only one person is invited in each issue. When reading, he can read a few paragraphs of a book, or can read a selection of several books. After reading, Share reading feelings.

     This kind of operation, the testimony of readers, his own humor and Dong Qing's intellectual connotation.

     It can definitely present a wonderful variety show.

     After talking to Dong Qing, Luo Yiming told Wang Weizhong about his plan to return to Beijing in two days.

     Wang Weizhong confirmed that Xiao S could return to the team in a month, and said that he would arrange a farewell banquet with Luo Yiming.

     Today, all the results of the first five episodes of Kangxilai have come out, the ratings have stabilized at 1.98, and the distance to break 2 is always a little luck.

     However, such achievements are already remarkable.

     And at ten o'clock tonight.

     Kangxi, who will broadcast the sixth episode, is here.

     This is the first episode after Luo Yiming introduced an apology conference in the Kangxilai program.

     Wang Weizhong looks forward to the results of this issue.

     In this episode of the program, Luo Yiming's deputy host and Cai Kangyong's main coffee position, the "features" have been equal.

     Because this issue of the apology conference is completely produced by Luo Yiming.

     To a certain extent, Kangxi has come, and Luo Yiming's ratings will be the most accurate measure tonight.Turning off Wang Weizhong's arrangement, Luo Yiming, who had nothing to do in the hotel, turned on the TV and found the Zhongtian Entertainment Channel.

     How much energy can the Kangxi revamped by himself have created?

     How influential the this period of time that I hosted in Taipei can have, and the program of this issue is very essential.

     The artist invited in this issue is Zhang Junmi, who starred in the independent heroine Guan Xin in the exquisite TV series White Tower in 2006.

     Last year, she revealed outstanding talent as a newcomer in the entertainment industry.

     But since he debuted in 2002.

     At school, she devoted more energy to studying law, and she was not so keen on filming, which delayed her career as the best actress.

     Even last year and this year, Zhang Junmi chose to film, but she still insisted on her studies, always asking for leave from the crew and going to school.

     A girl like her is definitely a clear stream in the entertainment industry.

     Therefore, when I came to participate in Kangxi, I was jokingly said to be a filming ignoring one's duties. I often skipped the crew's class. This kind of filming attitude was not good.

     At that time, Zhang Junmi was a pure newcomer, but Xiao S was already a big sister.

     Zhang Junmi there's nothing about it, she was misinterpreted as a reckless and impulsive for entertainment for her persistence in her studies.

     Zhang Junmi cried after that issue.

     Among the artists found by Brother Wei Zhong, Luo Yiming decided to invite Zhang Junmi in the first issue, and he wanted to apologize to her sincerely said!

     There is indeed some distance between the entertainment industry and knowledge and culture. The law major of Zhang Junmi University is very distant from entertainment.Many people think that since you are going to be in the entertainment industry, it is completely unnecessary to learn any law.

     Youth is very short, and with limited time to do what you should do, then studying law is definitely a waste of time.

     Her episode was taught by many newcomers in the same entertainment industry. Everyone persuaded her to give up the legal profession and join the entertainment industry. When she found the video materials of that episode, Luo Yiming criticized those people and praised Zhang during the recording. Jun Mi.

     In one of his programs, some pretentious artists had red ears, and Zhang Junmi, who said in the final apology session, shed tears. Luo Yiming also looked forward to what the show will be like.

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