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277 Chapter 275, Opening A New World, The Existence Of A Milestone
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     On October 20th, the commercial investment invitation for the readers of the CCTV variety show channel arrived as scheduled.

     As a freshly released reading talk show, this time the investment promotion brought together big local and many foreign advertisers in Beijing.

     Long readers opened the business invitation with the slogan "to fly one's banner on a solitary tree" of "reading to know people, reading to understand life, reading makes me happy".

     The new CCTV hostess Dong Qing and the satellite TV's hottest variety show host Luo Yiming collaborated together.

     Luo Yiming is the producer and Dong Qing is the host.

     The two will have other collaborations in the show.

     This is a bit of information disclosed by Lang Reader Investment.

     And the readers of a total of twelve issues will invite a "star" or "celebrity" to participate in the show, share their reading, and share their life.

     The program starts from reading, but it is actually a summary of the successful life of the "star" and "celebrity". Reading has brought changes to his life, thereby promoting knowledge and culture, and the importance of reading to life.

     After the start of the China Merchants Conference, the person in charge of CCTV first gave a brief overview of Lang Reader's program.

     And then, it was Luo Yiming who informed the advertisers and readers of the approximate program format at the China Merchants Conference.

     Dong Qing announced the specific program launch time and confirmed that Lang Reader will be broadcast on the CCTV Variety Channel at 8:00 P.M. perfect time on Saturday next month.

     After a while, advertisers are vying to bid.

     At today's China Merchants Conference, representatives of various businesses are very helpful.CCTV's program quality is guaranteed, so whenever a CCTV program is born, businesses will be flocked to fight for scalping.

     Elion, Mengniu, BAIC Group, Pepsi, Peacebird Clothing, Li Ning Clothing, and several large advertising merchants started from 30 million naming fees to 60 million.

     The first silent period was encountered at the scene after Elion and Mengniu had each sold 70 million and 75 million naming prices.

      The 75 million naming fee is already a sincere quotation.

     Faced with the price of Mengniu, other advertisers need a little confidence to support them to increase.

     At the beginning of the show, Luo Yiming and Dong Qing had imagined the naming fees for readers.

     Including the discussion at the Guanyuan Theater yesterday, Luo Yiming was very serious about telling Dong Qing that he would get a naming fee of 100 million yuan for this show.

     Dong Qing wondered how the reader's program gave Luo Yiming such confidence.

     Because, apart from the Spring Festival Gala, CCTV currently has no variety show with this kind of courage.

     Facing the current situation, Dong Qing smiled and looked at Luo Yiming, she was silent, but from her eyes, Luo Yiming read the message deep in her heart.

     Dong Qing specified that he couldn't pull one billion by himself!

     Facing the silent investment promotion scene, Luo Yiming would smile on face and put it away. He said, "Hello everyone, as the producer of this show, I think I need to say a few words.""Reader's program is different from any variety show that exists online. Although it is a program with interview content, this program focuses more on reading and reading."

     "Using a combination of personal growth, emotional experience, background stories and handed down masterpieces, we choose exquisite words and use the most plain emotions to read the value behind the words."

     "Long reader's program aims to realize the transmission effect of culture infecting, inspiring, and educating people, and show the real character emotion of flesh and blood."

     "It's true that we are businessmen pursuing profits, but we are also social enterprises, and we have the responsibility of promoting positive energy for the society. Of course, I said that, you would think that readers only need to pay for it.

     "Actually, Reader Reader is my favorite program so far."

     "Before the program officially starts, CCTV and I will promote the program together. I will also produce a promotional video full of sincerity. I think with the ratings of CCTV and my production level, you should have confidence that this program will be available in the future. Before it airs, it will attract enough attention."

     "After talking so much, I think that's enough. For this program, our minimum threshold for exclusive naming fees is 100 million. If it doesn't reach 100 million, our China Merchants Association today will not get any advertisers who come. This title."

     "As for the number of sponsorships, I believe everyone knows more about my program. I only give three, each with a minimum of 20 million, and more than one wins the bid.""All right, I think that's all I have to say about advertising and investment promotion. Regarding the details of the show and the specific stars invited by the show, I will not comment for the time being. But after the official website of CCTV readers goes online, it will be released. last sentence , I can guarantee that readers will never let you down."

      plan in advance.

     When Luo Yiming faced these business representatives, he made a candid speech, which made the CCTV masters sitting next to him feel a little overwhelmed.

     Dong Qing is the famous mouthpiece of CCTV.

     But she has to acknowledge today that Luo Yiming's hosting skills are not inferior to her.

     Readers, Dong Qing has feelings about this program, but it is not until today that Luo Yiming's introduction made Dong Qing understand the true meaning of reading.

     One hundred million.

     Dong Qing feels that compared with the value he can create, maybe it's really not much...

     Elion, Mengniu, BAIC Group, Master Kong, these companies are among the top 100 domestic companies, and Pepsi is even more an international giant.

     Including other advertisers who are present today, they are not bad for money in terms of naming.

     All the time... they were just playing drums.

     After all, this program of reading and reading is not like other variety shows. They have a clear point of view.

     A variety show like Long Reader turns the boring reading of this book into a show? Will the audience buy it? They all have question marks.

     The front was blank, just looking at the CCTV platform and Luo Yiming's public praise.

     But after Luo Yiming's words, advertisers began to whisper to each other, and this program might really open up another new world.Who is Luo Yiming?

     He is a gold medal producer in the Mainland.

     He created a variety show with three ace ace.

     Moreover... Recently I heard that he is still gaining popularity in Taipei.

     Set a new record for the Taipei show.

     Currently, the record of domestic variety shows belongs to him, and the record of variety shows in Taipei is still his.

     With Luo Yiming, just the name, it's worth throwing a billion.

     The representative of Pepsi collaborated with Luo Yiming on two shows. She knew Luo Yiming's character best.

     He did not make a statement, the life and death of the show may be pending.

     But he showed a strong and confident program, and with the help of CCTV channels, this reader will definitely be another milestone in the variety show.

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