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278 Chapter 276, Reading Aloud Belongs To Everyone
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     Seeing that the other Advertising Company hadn't made any comments yet, the representative of Pepsi first said: "Luo Producer, Director Zhao, I will give 100 million on behalf of Pepsi, and name your CCTV and Luo Yiming readers."

     As soon as Pepsi's voice fell, the representative of Mengniu immediately said: "On behalf of Mengniu, I am willing to spend 100 million to name the reader exclusively."

     "Seriously, although it is not clear about the program that was read aloud, Luo Yiming's performance in previous programs can be seen. We believe that this program is worth investing in."

     Yang Hui glanced at Luo Yiming. In fact, for this new variety show, Luo Yiming's exclusive title dealer will definitely find some fast food or transportation companies.

     They had communicated before, and now even if they spend 100 million, they still cannot get this exclusive naming right.

     She smiled and said: "We are paying 30 million for Peacebird clothing and hope to get a sponsorship quota."

     A representative of the BAIC Group said: "We also hope to get the exclusive title of 100 million readers."

     When Luo Yiming heard the BAIC representative’s statement, the corners of his mouth rose slightly. He said: "I mentioned before that we will shoot a promotional video. This short film will use transportation tools. So thank you BAIC Group for the title. The sponsor’s sponsorship fee cannot exceed BAIC, then we will cooperate with..."

     Although the advertising China Merchants Association was the site of CCTV, it was later controlled by Luo Yiming.

     Being able to put the price on the track of the plan, Luo Yiming has already demonstrated a strong ability to attract investment.Nowadays, the bidding of several major advertisers has been upgraded, and the naming fee of 100 million can not be received, which also makes CCTV big brothers burst with joy.

     The China Merchants Conference ended successfully, and the final exclusive naming rights finally settled in BAIC Group.

     Without him, the reason is that BAIC Group is more suitable for the promotional film of Luo Yiming readers.

     BAIC 120 million is exclusively named.

     Mengniu, Peacebird Clothing, and Master Kong received three sponsorships respectively.

     With just four advertisers, Luo Yiming and CCTV made a full 200 million.

     At the end of the China Merchants Association, Luo Yiming told advertisers that this time the reader will not only shoot and promote the mv, but he will also create a theme song for the reader.

     And Long Reader will be a strong landing on CCTV three sets next month, and meet the audience at the golden eight o'clock on Saturday.

     By then, there will be a new storm of variety shows.

     After the China Merchants Association, Luo Yiming and Dong Qing returned to Taili again.

     Speaking of hosting, Dong Qing will not be stage fright, and has a strong aura and ability. But on the investment promotion, Dong Qing has to acknowledge and Luo Yiming is very good.

     Why Luo Yiming can be a director and producer, but he can only be a host, Dong Qing is not consciously comparing and weighing his own gap.

     I didn't notice that Dong Qing had been looking at him. Luo Yiming turned around and looked at Dong Qing. The two eyes met.

      electric sparks.

     Dong Qing's eyes could speak, and the tenderness in his eyes rushed towards Luo Yiming, the latter's heart was a little panicked.

     "Dong Qing... why do you look at me like that?""Ah, no, no, I'm thinking about things." Dong Qing hurriedly closed her eyes and found an excuse.

     "En. I said at the China Merchants Conference, did you hear that? That mv promo, you're my heroine."

     "What?" Dong Qing was fooled by Luo Yiming's rhetoric.

     "How did I become your heroine?"

     Luo Yiming smiled awkwardly, blame him for not understanding, Luo Yiming scratched his head, pondered for half a second, and said: "It's not my heroine, it should be, Reader's heroine is you."

     "Reader's host, the main coffee is you, I just give you a shot. It can be said that the 12th episode of the program, interviews with guests, are basically you."

     "As for me, my role in the show is to share my thoughts with the guests during the reading session."

     "So, in the mv's promotional video, the heroine is you, we will shoot the readers who you understand. Not only your understanding of the readers, including ordinary people, there's some left people from all walks of life, all walks of life, for reading aloud Understanding."

     "To shoot this kind of short film, we are going to promote the current period of the festival."

     A good program cannot do without publicity.

     Even with Luo Yiming and CCTV’s strong alliance, the necessary propaganda and hype are still necessary.

     As long as Dong Qing agrees to this matter, Luo Yiming will prepare all the preparations for the next short film, including the Taiwanese version.

     Dong Qing suddenly felt that Luo Yiming's program was really comfortable.

      Calmly listen Following Luo Yiming's arrangement, after the two communicated well, Dong Qing began to invite guests from the 12th issue to formally prepare for the recording next week.Among the candidates notified by CCTV is Yao Ming, who plays in the NBA.

     There are screen tough guys, military actor Zhang Guoqiang.

     Lenovo President Liu Chuanzhi.

     Ni Ping, a former hostess of CCTV.

     Taipei Golden Elephant, Golden Horse Award winner Ai Jia.

     The new mainland director, documentary director Lu Chuan.

     Li Ning, the creator of the Li Ning brand.

     Flying man Liu Xiang.

     There are also women's volleyball coaches, table tennis Olympic champions.

     Among these guests, CCTV will finally select six to participate in the recording. At the same time, the other six guests are decided by the production unit, Luo Yiming, the owner of the Shangteng Entertainment Company.

     As for who to invite, Luo Yiming already had the answer in his mind. He had set about asking Xiaoxue and Xiaochao to contact these guests and celebrities a few days ago.

     Among the six invited by him, five have been confirmed to participate. Currently, there is only one vacancy, and Luo Yiming also not anxious finalized it.

     On the third day, when Luo Yiming came to CCTV again, he had already brought his own camera team and many readers.

     In the yesterday evening, the Taiwanese book gave Dong Qing preparations for the promotional film, and Dong Qing's mc is also ready.

     "Dong Qing, let's shoot your part first, and just follow the script. You can also have your own proper performance."

     "Ok?" Luo Yiming became Dong Qing's mv director.

     Taking control off the court, Dong Qing was really a little nervous.

     As the role of CCTV hosting the Spring Festival Gala, Dong Qing's emotional control and emotional control are still very fast.

     She nodded the next second and smiled at Luo Yiming."I'm ready."

     "Okay, camera, stage, lighting, (of the people in a group) to get into position, 3, 2, 1, start."

     When Luo Yiming shouted to the beginning, Dong Qing entered the captured lens.

     In a room full of books, Dong Qing, wearing a pink suit and pink trousers, is particularly eye-catching.

     "The reader is the one who reads."

     "In my opinion, it can be understood in two parts."

     "Reading aloud is spreading words."

     "And human beings show life."

     "The perfect combination of life worthy of respect and words worthy of attention. They are our readers."

     Dong Qing speaks slowly and very emotionally. She is indeed the most suitable for this kind of reading. Luo Yiming is aside, watching her lips open and her eyes change, enjoying the way she is reading, not appreciating.

     "How long have you not read aloud?"

     "It's been a long time?"

     "Because many people think that reading aloud was a student life."

     "In other words, it only belongs to a small part of people."

     Dong Qing shook the head.

     "No, reading aloud belongs to every person."

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