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279 Chapter 277, Eat Dumplings With Dong Qing? Not As Delicious As Dumplings (subscription Required)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     When Luo Yiming watched Dong Qing read aloud, he had been thinking about a question: why Dong Qing could become a sister of CCTV.

     She can host the Spring Festival Gala for n years.

     Charm, stage charm, language charm, personality charm.

     Although she doesn't look amazing at a glance, her unique temperament, and the humanistic atmosphere that flows out of her, will make you feel that she is different from any girl.

     Long reader, the previous life height matches Dong Qing, is not groundless.

     In this life, Luo Yiming is willing to return this pride to her.


     Luo Yiming called to stop. At this time, he asked the staff member to bring the prepared props and put a lot of papers and books on the a table in front of Dong Qing.

     Luo Yiming waved his hand to let Dong Qing come next to him.

     "I just... was it okay?"

     Luo Yiming smiled and said, "You can always..."

     Dong Qing is a bit shy.

     Then, Luo Yiming turned his head to face the staff member and the camera and said: "In front of the next camera, turn on the fan and blow the paper on the table into a mess. It is best to float in the air."

     "Then stretched the camera out of the window and took a picture of warm sunlight. In the later stage, we will do a special effect processing. Add some books to your background to make the picture as beautiful as possible.

     "Remember, when readers are testing the ability of our team, the filming of this show is more difficult than good sound. You must not drop the chain, come on."Luo Yiming didn't know when, his identity had changed toward a director.

     For a real variety show, it really requires a certain amount of director ability.

     When he came to Lao Li, Luo Yiming continued to exhort him.

     On the top paper on the table, the three words "Reader" are written. When the fan is turned on, the strong wind blows up the paper.

     Lao Li pulled the lens onto the three words on the paper.

     After writing the piece of paper for the reader, the next second, he fluttering in the wind up, spinning melodiously in the air, and then being blown to the close shot.

     This set of shots were taken several times, and the post-editing process will be done.

     Then Lao Li and other cameramen chase after a book that everyone "familiar" in the room.

      Romance of the Three Kingdoms, A Dream of Red Mansions, Jane Eyre, The Complete Works of Lu Xun.

      Shakespeare quotations.

     The ordinary world.

      Pride and Prejudice.

     In the next second, Luo Yiming asked the staff member to assist him, turning on the multiple fans in the room, the wind turned on, and the pages and papers in the sky were blown by the wind and filled the entire room.

     Luo Yiming was outside of Lao Li's lens. He looked at the captured image, even though it was very rough at the moment.

     But the bookish room still impacts people's vision, and after special effects editing, Luo Yiming will open these books, when the text in the books reveals the time of departure.

     He firmly believes that it will evoke the memories of the past that the audience read when they were young.

     "This shot is fine."

     "Xiao Chao, you are responsible for taking part of the shots of the readers I brought here, and let them read them according to the table.""We went out to take a set of shots, Dong Qing. The next shooting location is the Academy of Arts in Beijin Min. The car of the Beiqi Group is already waiting outside. Let's go!

     Dong Qing just finished recording for a while. He was a little confused at the moment. She thought that the promotional video would be shot here, but she didn't know that Luo Yiming's mv was ten minutes, which was equivalent to two five-minute song mvs.

     There are as many as three shooting locations.

     Although Dong Qing didn't know what Luo Yiming to do, he chose to believe him.

     Sitting on Beiqi Futian, Dong Qing became the heroine among Luo Yi's bright readers. She was wrapped in a thin windbreaker, put on light makeup, holding a table in her hand, and was reciting what she was going to say for a while.

     Dong Qing is serious, not one thread loose, this time, she by no means found that in another car next to the car, it was Luo Yiming who recently asked Jinghua Entertainment News to train her to sneak a photo with a photographer. .

     They were following Luo Yiming's arrangement to capture Dong Qing's face.

     So when shooting like this, Luo Yiming didn't intend to present these shots in the mv. In fact, he was verifying the craftsmanship of these masters.

     In reality show outdoor variety shows, card-following technology is the most difficult technology to break. Even with Unlimited Challenge, many shootings are done with the help of own hand machines and other personal filming devices.

     If this technology received restrictions, the release of the Unlimited Challenge will have to wait...wait.

     All reporters from Jinghua Entertainment, who are from paparazzi, contacted the shooter during the two-month training.

     At this moment, let alone these buddies' shooting skills are really strong.The speed of the car is about the same, and the image of another car is taken from the open window. The picture they capture is clear, three-dimensional, and beautiful.

     Luo Yiming, who was in charge of the car, looked at it and could only smile.

      After half an hour, the car stopped at the gate of Bei Jingming Academy of Arts.

     Put the props on, open the machine, and Dong Qing got off the car, and once she passed the content she wanted to say and act.

     Then, I went to take shots in Beijinmin Academy of Arts. Luo Yiming and the camera crew filmed drama teahouse, drama Longxugou and Thunderstorm.

     The shooting was very fulfilling, and the atmosphere was very good when everyone worked together.

     After finishing shooting at Bei Jingmin Academy of Arts, Luo Yiming asked Lao Li and the others to cooperate with the editing team to make the short film.

     He and Dong Qing stayed at school, and the two went to the library of Bei Jingmin Academy of Arts to read together.

     Long Reader is not a "children's play" program. Although Luo Yiming previously hosted the good Chinese poetry, Dong Qing also received his father's Hellish training since he was a child, memorizing poetry and ancient prose.

     But readers need a lot of reading accumulation. Even if you haven't read all the books that the guests will choose, you must at least know.

     In addition, as the host and producer, I have some advantages in recommending which books to read. Since they have chosen this show, both of them feel responsible for the show.

     In the school library, Luo Yiming and Dong Qing have found a lot in common between the two of them. They like quietness when reading, and like prose books and classical literature. When reading books, they can easily bring themselves in and forget. Time.Don't think, one day has passed, and after discovering Dong Qing's passion for reading, Luo Yiming had a bold idea in his heart.

     Perhaps, for the 12th issue of Long Reader's program, the only missing guest has a suitable candidate.

      "All right, let's go. I invite you to eat dumplings."

     Luo Yiming wanted to eat dumplings recently, so he didn't ask Dong Qing for advice. The latter turned his head and asked him, "Why dumplings?"

     "Well... Isn't it as delicious as dumplings?" Gentleman Luo Yiming stretched out his hand and led the way forward: "Let's go, shouldn't you lose face?"

     "...I have served you, then I will accompany you to eat dumplings."

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