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280 Chapter 278, Long Reader Promo Broadcast
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     The two ate dumplings at a Beijing Baijiaoyuan.

     Dong Qing's appetite is very small, and she is full of eight dumplings.

     Luo Yiming killed more than 20 three-flavored dumplings.

     After gradually getting acquainted with Dong Qing, Luo Yiming learned about the current status of CCTV from the former.

     CCTV is facing a wave of new and old changes.

     In the male host, Li Yong and Zhu Jun are CCTV's No. 1 and No. 2 signboards, while the elderly Teacher Zhao gradually fades out of the screen.

     As for the hostess, Ni Ping retired, and Zhou Tao and himself gradually became the first female host of CCTV.

     With the increase of CCTV programs, especially the popularity of the Spring Festival Gala, the audience's expectations and preferences for the Spring Festival Gala, they look forward to the appearance of more new faces and create a more lively and peaceful Spring Festival Gala atmosphere.

     In consideration of the audience's requirements, the station is preparing to select two new hosts from the challenge hosts and cultivate them slowly, hoping that they can occupy a seat in the spring evening in the future.

     The six-member Spring Festival Gala will host the lineup.

     The two new MCs will also host some programs on other CCTV channels.

     Sharing this with Luo Yiming, Dong Qing hopes that Luo Yiming can try to host more programs on CCTV. At least in Dong Qing's opinion, there is no suitable male host for this challenge.

     Dong Qing naturally thinks that CCTV is a good development platform, but in Luo Yiming's view, it is definitely an honor to be able to host the Spring Festival Gala.

     But asking him to obediently be a host on CCTV and restrain him is obviously different from his own ambitions.Luo Yiming did not respond to Dong Qing's words.

     When Luo Yiming didn't want to, Dong Qingquan didn't repeat it.

     After eating the dumplings, Luo Yiming sent Dong Qing back to the living place in the station. Before leaving, a phone call from Dong Qing made Luo Yiming feel a little disappointed.

     Listening to Dong Qing's tone, it should be her boyfriend who called.

     Luo Yiming could feel the gentle manner of her answering the phone that the people on the other end of the phone are not simple friends or colleagues.

      With great difficulty I want to fall in love, but the object of love seems to have a boyfriend. This is a sad story.

      Shook the head, diving into the night, Luo Yiming comforted himself to continue to focus on work, and temporarily divided the desolation of the night.

     On the third day, the editing team of Shangteng Entertainment Lang Reader completed the production of the promotional mv.

     When mv was sent to Luo Yiming's office, the latter screened the mv on the computer.

     In fact, Luo Yiming's expectations for this short promotional film are not particularly high. The editing team of Long Reader has grown and developed after several programs.

     However, it is not easy to shoot a program that is artistic, humanistic, and highly read aloud to achieve the effect he wants.

     From the beginning to the end, after watching the entire promo, Luo Yiming's rare emotions are all in the short film.

     "Yes, it seems that I underestimated your ability. Who is mainly responsible for editing this short film?" Luo Yiming looked at Xiaoxue who sent the short film.

     Recently, the company recruited many talents, and Luo Yiming was too busy recently to meet up.This promotional film created the feeling he wanted. He wants to meet the elite of own team.

     Xiaoxue said: "This short film is a teamwork. The main work is the two editors we dug from Blueberry TV and Mango TV, one named Hu Tian and the other named Li Dezhi."

     "By the way, both of them admire you, the boss, that's why they came to our company."

     "Hu Tian, Li Dezhi, very good. You ask them to come to my office. I still have tasks for them."

     In the next over half an hour, Luo Yiming, Hu Tian and Li Dezhi met separately.

     He divided the twelve episodes of the readers into two groups of six episodes and was responsible for two people. Each of the six episodes was measured by the final ratings. The winning one will be the director of the editing department to be established later.

     Submit the samples to each department of CCTV for review one by one. This time, CCTV's action was relatively fast. Approval of the samples was completed in two days.

     On CCTV Channel 1 and Three sets, every night at 9:30 and 10:20, a publicity advertisement will be broadcast for readers. The content is this mv of Luo Yiming.

     On the 26th, CCTV Channel 1, 9:30 in the evening.

     Luo Yiming's program for readers was broadcast in sequence after the prime theater.

     Called to let Dong Qing watch the broadcast, the latter had been waiting obediently in front of the TV. Not only she, her father also rushed over from the magic city to watch TV with her.

     The phone call two days ago was from her dear father.

     "Daughter, I saw you."Father Dong said excitedly, even though he would see his daughter on TV many times, he could see his daughter in this "advertising" form. Father Dong is very fresh.

     Dong Qing sat next to her dad, said while acting spoiled: "It’s like you haven’t seen me. Dad, tell you, this is filmed by a male director who is younger than me. It’s being watched in mainland China. The strongest variety show is made by him."

     Dong Qing said proudly, and did not forget to send a text message to Luo Yiming on her mobile phone. She thanked Luo Dao for the heroine MV for her.

     "How long have you not read aloud?"

     "It's been a long time?"

     "Because many people think that reading aloud was a student life."

     "In other words, it only belongs to a small part of people."

     "No, reading aloud belongs to every person."

     It's still the same passage, but after editing, with the cultural background and the freehand style of the scroll, it seems to have come to a different romantic reading world.

     "When readers were first brewing, I always wondered who would become our readers in the future."

     "I walked into the Beijinmin Academy of Arts to find it."

     "Because there is a palace of language arts."

     In the camera, Dong Qing, wearing a long windbreaker, stepped towards the high platform. She talked and walked towards the palace of art.

     The camera then switched to the drama room.

     "The dramatic expression makes people blood boiling with excitement."

     Drama teahouse, drama Longxugou. The drama thunderstorms gushing out, giving birth to memories.

     "I walked into the city and the ordinary people searched for it.""Because there are more hearts I want to talk to."

     In the next picture, there are ordinary readers.

     "I want to give this text to Xiaotian who is struggling with me."

     "Give it to my old parents."

     "I have been in the North for six years, reading a poem about homesickness in Yu Guangzhong, for my relatives, and for my elderly grandmother."

     "I want to read this passage to the girl I like."

     The readers are constantly changing, and the readers who jump out are full of emotion.

     A young girl said: "For the one I love, Shu Ting's To Oak."

     "If I love you, I will never be like a climbing trumpet creeper. I will show off with your high branches."

     A mother said: "I will give the little prince of Exupery to my baby."

     "He will remind me of you, and he will also make me fall in love with the wind blowing through the wheat fields."

     Ordinary people’s reading aloud brought a wind of reading to every family, and Dong Qing’s next paragraph once again made people feel emotional.

     "There is always a paragraph that affects the growth of life."

     "There is always a person in his life who leaves traces that cannot be erased."

     "Reader, one person, one passage."

     The screen-full readers and their books jumped out.

     The audience was suddenly touched, and the heart that missed and fell in love with reading aloud was reviving.

     Dong Qing's love for reading aloud continues...

     "What is this show, is it director Luo again?""Director Luo said that he would cooperate with CCTV on a program. I haven't been able to believe it. I thought it would be gone. It seems that it is not a legend.

     "Reader, watching this promotional video, I feel that the program is very high."

     "Dong Qing is really temperamental and beautiful. The most important thing is that it has a lot of connotation."

     "Dong Qing and Luo Yiming's cooperation show, I really look forward to it. There are variety shows to follow."

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