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286 Chapter 283: Who Sings The Theme Song For Reader?
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Luo Yiming finished the recitation.

     To be precise, he finished the recitation with great emotion.

     The dream in a wheelchair, Zhang Haidi used many chapters to write about an era of resistance. Many books were confiscated and burned as poisonous weeds.

     She overcame difficulties by herself and insisted on reading and learning stories.

     A girl in a wheelchair drew nourishment from reading. After undergoing cancer surgery, she continued to fight her destiny with an unyielding spirit.

     Take a postgraduate course in philosophy and eventually become a master of philosophy.

     Relying on reading to become a famous writer for the disabled.

     Zhang Haidi proved Life's Strength with his own courage.

     As she said, "Like all people who are committed, I regard hard inquiry itself as true happiness.

     With the spirit of overcoming her own obstacles, she opened a way for the disabled to enter the sea of knowledge.

     And Luo Yiming, at the end of the second issue, presented this kind of Zhang Haidi, such a book, to all audiences.

     The second recording was successfully completed.

     The audience, including readers' team members, were all moved by Luo Yiming's final reading.

     And for the recording of this issue, Wu Xinyu, director of the R&D Centre of CCTV's editor-in-chief, was also on the scene.

     In the morning, Mr. Siqin Gaowa’s recording of his absence, but after watching the second episode, Wu Xinyu had to give Luo Yiming a thumbs up.

     The reader program is a rare good program.

     Promote reading, reading aloud, and correct values, which can be said to bring a touch of tranquility to an impetuous society.I agree with this show, love the house and its crow I agree with Luo Yiming.

     Wu Xinyu is responsible for the entire compilation and editing of CCTV programs, including the development of new programs.

     He all believes that in the future, Luo Yiming can cooperate more and produce more high-quality, high-public praise programs.

     Luo Yiming didn't know that he was caught in the eyes of CCTV bosses. After the entire second episode of the program was recorded, Luo Yiming invited Huang Bo to his office.

     Sitting on the sofa in Luo Yiming's office, Huang Bo was afraid that he would behave badly. Luo Yiming always affirmed that his performance was perfect.

     The readers of the second issue, although there is no mother, who will be moved and moved by the subject.

     However, there are still many slots and highlights for the entire episode.

     Dreams, migrant workers, struggle, professional conduct of actors, and finally Luo Yiming's study changed fate. Luo Yiming believes that many hot topics will arouse some discussions when they are broadcast.

     And the biggest explosion should be the entertainment industry.

     Entertainment is the area that bloggers pay most attention to right now.

     The show affirmed Huang Bo, and naturally denied some small fresh meat that leaned on the face.

     When the audience sees this, they will look back. Among those who have chosen to interpret this path, which one relies only on the face and the unspoken rules, without real ability and learning.

     Although which one looks ugly, but the acting skills and character are guaranteed.

     Is Xiao Xianrou in charge or strength in authority, if this is not the case fool, he must know the answer.

     "Huang Bo, how does it feel to do a show with me?"After the chat, Luo Yiming didn’t want to hide his words. He asked Huang Bo, and the latter replied heartily: “As you all know, Director Luo’s variety shows have ratings protection, but I think your show has quality. Guaranteed."

     "Thank you for wearing this top hat for me. However, before reading this show, in fact, there is still one show I want to invite you to join.

     Huang Bo was a little surprised, he waited quietly for Luo Yiming's words.

     "Reader's program is a collaboration between me and CCTV. But another program is our company's main feature, Shangteng entertainment company I have already acquired. Frankly speaking, the company needs a new way of operating.

     "Singing, acting, I have no expertise. So I still want to start with my area of expertise."

     "I plan to prepare a variety show for an outdoor reality show. I will finalize six artists as regular members. Each issue can invite other artists as guests. I will let some high-quality newcomers from my company appear as guests in this show. "

     "As for the fixed six artists, I think you can come."

     Luo Yiming treated Huang Bo as a friend.

     When Chen Qiaoyan and Xiaozhu were finalized earlier, he was also honest.

     Huang Bo smiled like a mystery. He hasn't heard Luo Yiming say what exactly is it in this show, but he only knows that this show is an outdoor variety show, a reality show?

     "I can come."

     Even if he didn't know, Huang Bo still believed in Luo Yiming.

      not for anything else, is that Luo Yiming has created a strong variety show with four gears one after another.

     Just because he also regarded Luo Yiming as a friend."Brother Bo, you are so refreshing. But my company has just started to operate. After I bought the entire view of the garden, there is no money left, so the remuneration will not be much.

     "But... I can assure you that this variety show can definitely take your popularity to a higher level."

     Looking at Luo Yiming's determined eyes, Huang Bo said: "Since I said you are coming to your show, I will treat it as just a help. I will come if I don't take any money."

     "It's okay. When everyone has difficulties, I believe that your show can definitely help your company through the difficulties."

     They agreed with Huang Bo to join the Unlimited Challenge. The two went to the restaurant in Guanyuan to eat and talked about some life matters. Luo Yiming and Huang Bo are both being like brothers / are very close friends.

     Huang Bo wrote songs and composed songs. Luo Yiming happened to write the theme song for readers during this period of time. He also listened to Huang Bo's opinions.

     About the songs that Luo Yiming wrote, Huang Bo knows a few songs, Ordinary Road, Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart, these two songs, Huang Bo likes them very much.

     As for Ordinary Road, if this is not the case, Luo Yiming's official battle anthem for fans, Huang Bo thinks it's quite suitable for readers.

     Although the readers are all stars and big names.

     For readers, using reading aloud to share life and stories is actually an ordinary and ordinary thing.

     No matter how big a celebrity, big name, they started from an ordinary person.

     There is a road called Ordinary Road.

     The theme song of the reader must be heartfelt.After listening to Huang Bo, Luo Yiming began to search for songs similar to Ordinary Road in his mind. Compared with Ordinary Road, Luo Yiming felt that every reader, besides being ordinary, should be one on the stage. A shining star.

     Long readers want to learn and pay tribute to the guests as idols and the coordinates of life.

     This is also the original intention and significance of the reader program.

     Luo Yiming believes that there is a song that is more suitable for readers than Ordinary Road.

     the brightest star in the night sky.

     This song sings the dream of youth, with youthful confidence and energy, showing the strength of love to every young heart.

     The tranquil mood and romantic feelings projected by the song are moving.

     And the temperament of persistence and following to dreams and ideals in the song is close to the programming heritage and style of the readers.

     Luo Yiming decided to compose this song, but after writing this song, Luo Yiming didn't want to sing it by himself.

     Shangteng entertainment company has a few good voices. This period of time is busy reading readers. Luo Yiming does not manage his own artists without too many.

     With this song, Luo Yiming could beat them well.
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