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290 Chapter 287, Luo Yiming’s Reading, Dong Qing’s Hug
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

CCTV's variety show style review clear color is beautiful.

     Including those jealousy, envy and hate Luo Yiming talented TV producers, they also shut up collectively at this moment, and dare not deny the program.

     However, the reader’s only one branch of the tree is thriving, on the Saturday file, has the ability to kill other programs in a flash, and it cannot stop some villains from finding the weak links of this program.

     The theme of the show, the guests, and the director of Luo Yiming are not altogether inexcusable.

     However, as the host of this program, Dong Qing shed tears all the way, and the appearance of crying when she chatted with teacher Siqin Gaowa, which really made people suspect that she was a bit fake.

     On the official website, there is a message killed to come with the title, Dong Qing is a fake, and the show shows signs of performance.

     The content below is even more blunt. Dong Qing's sensational ability is not strong. It may be that he is used to hosting CCTV's serious programs. Among the readers, Dong Qing forcibly squeezed his eyes, which really lowered the standard of the program.

     After this title came out, it was used by some people who have an ulterior motive, and it was shown that Dong Qing, a CCTV host, was not as capable as Luo Yiming, a satellite TV host.

     Including Dong Qing's final reading, I really dare not compliment it much.

     Luo Yiming has been refreshing the comments on the official website. It is impossible to say that there is no questioning voice. Any program has its flaws.

     However, when Luo Yiming saw that these people pointed the finger at a woman in Dong Qing. He can't stand it anymore.

     Among the readers in the first issue, Luo Yiming felt that Dong Qing’s feelings were naturally revealed. Many people watched CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala or other tall programs, and they always felt that Dong Qing would not cry.But people are not without feelings, who can be ruthless?

     Even more on the topic of facing his mother, even if he was a seven-foot man in tears, Dong Qing cried, what's the big deal.

     She was squeezed into tears by being named.

     This person... definitely picks the bones in the egg.

     Luo Yiming would rather believe that this was a momentary complaint by someone who didn't know, so after he published an explanatory article on the official website, he ignored the matter.

     The next day.

     Luo Yiming was still sleeping in Guanyuan's new home, and the phone woke him up.

     Opening his sleepy eyes, glanced at the phone, it was Dong Qing who called.

     Dong Qing's voice was a little hoarse, slightly audible, as if she had cried.

     "Yi Ming, calling you so early, did you disturb you? But, I, I have to tell you..."

     Although Dong Qing restrained her emotions, there was still sadness coming through the loudspeaker.

     "Dong Qing, What happened to you? You seem to cry? What happened?"

     "I...I want to quit the readers." Dong Qing was also in the comment area yesterday evening. She was pleased that the readers received so many praise.

     But in the end, the audience questioned her ability to host and said she was crying, which made Dong Qing start self-reflection.

     Is it true that I am not suitable for this kind of program, does not belong to oneself, does not belong to oneself, does not control my feelings well.

     When Dong Qing said that he would quit the show, Luo Yiming immediately knew what was going on. It must be that the incident did not stop last night, but was Intensified.

     "You wait a moment."Shouting for Dong Qing to wait, Luo Yiming hurriedly turned on the computer and took a look at the official website. The good news in ratings has come out.

     Break 3.

     3.12 Average ratings, although this rating did not burst as well as the previous one.

     But a small audience reading program can reach 3.12% of the ratings, which is enough to make Luo Yiming and Dong Qing applaud.

     But Luo Yiming didn't have a little bit surprise. He calmly paid attention to the comment area. As expected, the three hot posts in the front were all discussing Dong Qing's fake cry.

     There is even more comment that Dong Qing has become a dark horse hosting the Spring Festival Gala on CCTV, but his strength cannot keep up.

     From Blueberry, Starry Sky, and other satellite TVs to cut one's way through thistles and thorns, and finally to CCTV, Dong Qing paid her youth for hosting this road.

     Before Long Reader, there were few voices questioning her, and what she learned more was good comments.

     However, all this changed after the first episode of Long Reader aired.

     Dong Qing was suspected, how could she stand it.

     She had considered this call to Luo Yiming.

     "Damn, someone must be making a ghost here!"

     Luo Yiming is unable to figure out who will such do. But in fact, there are many people who don't want their programs to be broadcast on CCTV.

     That's why I can safely cooperate with CCTV. To put it bluntly, Dong Qing, the host of CCTV, is the key to the host.

     Those people just wanted to launch Dong Qing, and Lang Reader's program naturally died.

     "Dong Qing, I read the comments on the official website, but don't get excited, it's not worth crying for this.""I am the chief director of Long Reader, and my sense of smell for this show is the most accurate, including your performance in the first phase. I think my feelings are also the views of most viewers."

     "That is, you are natural and you behave well."

     "I do have real feelings, but I don't know why the audience thinks I'm fake, I'm wondering if I'm not suitable for this kind of show." Dong Qing is still sad.

     "Dong Qing, don't cry first, don't give up first? Actually...I have a way to prove that you are not crying."

     "Guests of the fifth issue, I just want you to do it. Let you act as a guest, share and read aloud, I will interview you, and I will present your story to the audience as you are.

     "After getting to know you, I believe no one will question your fake cry."

     Luo Yiming said firmly, Dong Qing never expected that Luo Yiming arranged for the only guest who was missing.

     Long reader, Dong Qing only thought about participating as a host, but she didn't expect her to be a guest.

     There are indeed many things in her mind that she wants to tell the audience, and she has never had a chance.

     The guest of readers, Dong Qing was a little moved.

     "I... can I?" Dong Qing was a little nervous after entering an unknown field.

     "Of course you have no problem. Dong Qing, don’t feel sad because you see one or two doubtful comments in the future. It may be that you are hosting on CCTV, and few people criticize you. But the readers are different. Many people on this show Stare. Just want us to rush to the street."

     "In my experience, these people usually slander only when they are jealous.""You clean person knows oneself is clean, and you quit at this time, and you are in their arms." Luo Yiming couldn't guess who was the troublemaker, but he secretly told himself that he had to investigate this matter.

     After listening to Luo Yiming's comfort, Dong Qing felt more comfortable.

     "Thank you, Yiming."

     "Thank me for what I am doing. If you have any troubles, you can talk to me in the future, although you are older than me, but my mental age is relatively mature, maybe I can become your soul's asura field."

     Dong Qing's face turned red. She must admit that her impression of Luo Yiming was getting better and better.

     When the person reaches thirty, in fact, I really want to have a shoulder to rely on. The last relationship has just ended, and she is currently in the window period.

     Can you start a new relationship now? Well, Dong Qing feels too fast.

     She wasn't sure whether Luo Yiming's expression that could ask him to confide in his troubles was more like herself or just a daoist friend.

     Huayi Film and Television.

     The Wang brothers recently signed a new batch of newcomers, and cooperated with Feng Xiaogang on Yahoo Search Star. The newcomers found out are of good potential, and the Wangs have signed contracts.

     And because of Luo Yiming's recent emerge as a new force to be reckoned with in the field of variety shows, this kid also acquired the Shangteng entertainment company to start the era of variety shows.

     The Wang brothers also fell in the soil of variety shows.

     They are poaching people in major TV stations.

     At that time.

     Zhang Dadong, who returned in low spirits following a defeat or failure to achieve one's ambitions from the Mango Channel, rested at home for two months later. Not reconciled to his failure, he successfully entered the Huayi Television Group through a friend's recommendation.

     In charge of the production of variety shows in the company, he can be regarded as returning to his old profession.But in his place, Zhang Dadong didn't seriously think about what kind of excellent program to make.

     Instead, he was staring at Luo Yiming every day.

     Luo Yiming is his enemy.

     It was the criminal ringleader, main offender who pulled him from the high position of the mango platform.

     Zhang Dadong dreamed of killing Luo Yiming.

     He is incessantly not looking for opportunities.

     Luo Yiming's new variety show readers, yesterday win instant success, the show was impeccable in terms of theme, form, guests and content.

      has to say, this variety show is about to catch fire again.

     Luo Yiming used CCTV to launch the show, which is not the same as the usual success of small satellite TV. His status, identity, and value will be overall upgraded.

     Zhang Dadong didn't want Luo Yiming's relationship with CCTV to really get better.

     After pondering over and over again, he set the breakthrough point on Dong Qing.

     He really made the right move.

     Dong Qing’s cry was not so natural in the show. While denying Dong Qing, he undoubtedly wanted Dong Qing to sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat.

     If Dong Qing quits the reader, Luo Yiming will of course not be able to play.

     Zhang Dadong hired a group of navy soldiers. Seeing that today's scene was not lively enough, he called the navy chief Scorpion again. Let Scorpion tell the difference between Luo Yiming and Dong Qing, continue to praise Luo Yiming and criticize Dong Qing.

     To satirize the CCTV host's level and ability.

     He undoubtedly wanted to anger the top of CCTV, preserve Dong Qing's position, and directly block Luo Yiming's readers.Zhang Dadong was in the dark. He watched the bloody rain and foul winds on the Internet. He didn't know that at this time, Luo Yiming and Dong Qing had already expressed their views with the CCTV executives.

     This questioning voice of the audience will disappear.

     The senior management also gave them full trust. CCTV even ordered the relevant news supervision department to choke this unstable and discordant voice to death.

     The attention of readers continues to increase. On the Internet, Luo Yiming and Dong Qing, the two host strength gap, have also been compared by netizens item by item.

     Scorpion successfully took Luo Yiming to the sky. For a time, Luo Yiming was named the most powerful host in China on the Internet.

     But just as the comparison rose to another level, the corresponding comments on the Internet were all 404.

     Luo Yiming called on his fans to return the focus of attention to the content and quality of the program itself.

     To say that CCTV is really good, to follow the vine to get to the melon, and finally find Scorpion. After two days in the police station, Scorpion gets the full support of what he knows.

     The relevant party of CCTV leaked the news to Luo Yiming. In the end, Luo Yiming was found. The man behind the farce was a guy who was defeated by Zhang Dadong.

     Lesson Zhang Dadong?

     Luo Yiming felt unnecessary.

     Don't chase the poor.

     However, Luo Yiming would not let this villain go.

     He only disclosed the fact that Scorpion was bought by Zhang Dadong and deliberately discredited Dong Qing to the media.

     As for whether the media should report, at what time report, he just had fun.In the first issue, except for Dong Qing's fake cry, the whole evaluation and score are super high.

     The reader program is considered a success.

     The first four episodes of the program have been edited and produced. In the fifth episode, Luo Yiming arranged for Dong Qing to interview Dong Qing, and finally Dong Qing read it aloud.

     Throughout the recording of the fifth issue, Luo Yiming restored the side of Dong Qing's woman in life besides hosting work. She would cry and be moved, and she also needed a shoulder to rely on.

     When the whole program was finished recording, as soon as the machine was turned off and the staff member evacuated, Dong Qing fell into Luo Yiming's arms, and her tears couldn't bear rustling down.

     Luo Yiming knew that he was too heartbroken with her interview.

     But without poke heart, how can we let the audience know that besides the host of CCTV, Dong Qing is actually a woman.

     "Dong Qing, in this show, your true temperament is all rolled out and presented to the audience. I believe that after seeing such you, the audience will know you better."

     Luo Yiming gently patting Dong Qing's back.

     At this moment, the woman he was holding, although the hug was only a use of her shoulder, Luo Yiming really hoped that Dong Qing could vent the grievances in his heart at this time.

     "Thank you." Dong Qing came out of Luo Yiming's arms, she just lost her temper, wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes, Dong Qing smiled: "I will do the Lang reader well, I will let the audience know, I Dong Qing , Never will not easily give up."

     Luo Yiming was nodded because of Thaksin.

     The reader of the last issue was Dong Qing who shared her reading to the audience.The readers of the second issue are still hot.

     Huang Bo's humor has given the readers of this issue another wonderful experience.

     At the end of the broadcast, as a self who loves reading aloud and created a reader program, Luo Yiming also gave his reading to the audience in the second issue.

     Zhang Haidi’s dream in a wheelchair.

     "There are so many question marks in life. I really want to know why so many books suddenly become poisonous weeds."

     "In the past, I remembered the poem X once recited to me, listening, listening to the skylark... The skylark hovered in the sky, screaming, conveying the vastness of the sky to people, and bringing my thoughts into the infinite to invite tour."

     "Let me forget the dimness and smallness of this room, and forget the cramp and awkwardness of myself in the hospital bed.

     Luo Yiming's voice was high-pitched from time to time, but sometimes low-pitched.

     He is all recitations, but his emotions are distinct and the levels are consistent.

     "Sometimes I am immersed in the poems, and I only feel that what echoes in my ears is not the tuned and frustrated recitation of X, but the singing from far away, and it seems to be the singing of a bird in front of me."

     "It surrounds me tightly, making my soul fuse together with this magnificence and agitation..."
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