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291 Chapter 288, The Era Of National Reading Aloud (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     Standing on the stage of the reading hall, Luo Yiming was not the host at this moment.

     "Zhuangzi once said: My life has boundaries, and knowledge has no boundaries."

     "In layman's terms, life is a school without graduation. Time gives us experience and reading gives us knowledge. When the long journey of life is finished, there is no regret in this life."

     "What I want to share with you today is Zhang Haidi's dream in a wheelchair."

     "As everyone knows, Zhang Haidi is a one was disabled writer. She suffered from spinal cord hemangioma at the age of 5 and caused lifelong paraplegia."

     "She couldn't go to school, so she taught herself at home to complete the middle school course."

     "Later, she taught herself college English, Japanese and German, and Esperanto, and studied university and master's courses."

     "In 1983, Zhang Haidi began to engage in literary creation. He has translated hundreds of thousands of words in English, and compiled books on questions of life, dreams in a wheelchair, etc."

     “The Dream in a Wheelchair was published in Japan and South Korea. It has been reprinted three times in less than half a year and won the National "Five One Project" book award."

     "The most important thing is that this book used to make reading aloud and reading become the most important way for people in that era to pursue their ideals and realize their ambitions."

     "To share this book, I am asking myself and at the same time, asking questions of this era. When we can easily get the answer to a question through some other means, is it right to read? Reading aloud loses the most important and irreplaceable one. What's the role?"

     "No, we don't need to read aloud?"

     Luo Yiming paused on purpose.His continuous questioning made the audience friends in front of the TV ponder.

     Especially some young people are also discovering that they seem to be reading aloud, and reading is getting away from them.

     If the school hadn't forced them to buy some books to read, they wouldn't even be interested in reading.

     Luo Yiming had a faint smile on his face. He didn't want his reading to be a lash to modern people, he just wanted to share his feelings.

     Started to read.

     Luo Yiming held the dream of Zhang Haidi in his wheelchair in his hand, but his gaze was never on the book, but looked at the camera with emotion.

     Many chapters of dreams in wheelchairs.

     Luo Yiming selected a paragraph about reading for everyone to read.

     He hopes to tell everyone through his own reading that in the past, many people wanted to read but couldn't read it with rack one's brains.

     But nowadays, it is very convenient for people to read, but they no longer cherish the precious opportunities that the times give them.

     The sound, the next second fell into a desperate depression.

     "Those days, Lijiang told me that a large number of books are being checked outside. It is said that those books that have been labeled as poisonous weeds will be burned. Many of those books have been called immortal classics.

     "People... seem to have a rebellious nature. The more the spirit or desire is imprisoned, the greater the resistance strength will burst out."

     "The reading in that period was the same. The more banned books, the stronger people's desire to read."

     "Many books are secretly hidden in clever ways and passed on in a pair of longing hands."Luo Yiming stretched out his hand, as if handing the book to his companion.

     The next second, slowly walking towards the audience, his eyes were filled with memories, as if he had experienced Zhang Haidi's story and walked through that era.

     At this moment, he is no longer Luo Yiming, but the protagonist of the story, Zhang Haidi's tone, telling the past time.

     “Li Jiang’s books are always very short-term. He said that those waiting to be borrowed have already formed a long list. I often force myself to finish reading a thick book in one night.”

     "My eyes had to run fast between the words and the lines at a speed of a hundred meters, swallowing the whole sentence quickly."

     "Every time I finish reading a book, I have to hold my head tightly with both hands." Luo Yiming hugged his head with his hands, curled up into thinking.

     He is very uncomfortable, very painful.

     It is a kind of physical resistance brought by long hours of reading and not taking a break. However, the soul still yearns for the contradiction.

     "Even can't suppress the bursting pain, pain!"

     Luo Yiming shook his head and smiled bitterly: "When another book arrives in my hands, I still can't help...I want to read it."

     "Being able to calmly finish reading a book I love has become my biggest... wish."

     "From the book On the World, I saw how the protagonist went through ups and downs and experienced the human world's pain."

     "When the spring sun was shining warmly, the Volga River was full, and the earth looked lively and wide. The protagonist came to a ship and met the upright chef Smurray.""Started to read with his help...Unfortunately, the book was taken away before I finished reading. I can only trace the people who rushed past me in my memory."

     "In the book of loving life, I saw one type of strength."

     "In the body of the person who is as thin as a match and dying, there is an invisible power that cannot be described by the words tenacious and tenacious."

     "But it made this dying man struggle through the desolate and uninhabited Ice and Snow Land."

     Luo Yiming's hand became a fist.

     The blood in his body is boiling fiercely, and the dying person still has the courage to make himself a soldier, what a terrible power that is.

     "When he was thrown to the ground by a hungry wolf, he bit into the wolf's throat with his teeth and killed the wolf."

     "This power is faith and will!"

     "How I hope I can keep this book by my side!" Luo Yiming said in a long voice, wouldn't it be a joy to stay and read such a good book over and over.

     But his eyes dimmed in the next second: "But when Li Jiang came to pick up this book, I couldn't disappoint the other pair of waiting hands."

     "I'm looking forward to it I have time to continue reading in the future, but there are too many question marks in life. I want to know why so many books suddenly become poisonous?"

     "In the past, I remembered the poem that Vijay once recited to me. Listen, listen to the skylark... The skylark hovered in the sky, screaming, conveying the vastness of the sky to people, and bringing my thoughts into the infinity. Invitation to travel.""Let me forget the dimness and smallness of this room, and forget the cramp and awkwardness of myself in the hospital bed."

     Luo Yiming's voice was anxious, and he shouted that it was difficult to read because of Zhang Haidi's physical disability.

     He is high-pitched, but he has no choice but to sink into depression.

     Fall into grief.

     "Sometimes I am immersed in the poems, and I only feel that what reverberates in my ears is not Vijay's melancholy recitations, but the singing from far away, and it seems to be the singing of a bird in front of me."

     "It surrounds me tightly, making my soul fuse together with this magnificence and agitation..."

     "Vijay's recitation gradually fell in my ears, returning to reality, facing the harsh life in front of me, I plunged myself deeper into the world of books."

     "Let your mind go back to those past times, and be with those who seek light and survival in darkness and death."


     Luo Yiming said these three words heavily.

      At this time, all the audience friends in front of the TV were replaced by Luo Yiming's reading. At that time, some young people were far away.

     They are unimaginable that some books will be burned.

     They cannot think that some people want to read but can't.

     In contrast to myself, there are books beside me, in the spacious reading room, library, waiting for myself to read.

     They never had such a thought.

     It's time to read a few books!

     This is the voice of the young man.More, middle-aged and elderly people who have experienced that era, they think more about the books and poems that they once wanted to read but couldn't read but then forgot to read.

     "Tomorrow I'm going to the library for a round trip." An old man in Hexingxingtai said to his wife.

     "Son, help me buy a book tomorrow, Lev Tolstoy's War and Peace." A veteran in Guangdong said to his son.

      If this is not the case Lang Reader, his son wondered why his father mentioned this book, but he also read Lang Reader and heard Luo Yiming's reading.

     He knew that the old man thought of his time and this book.

     The war is gone, but peace still needs to be maintained.

     Such a book will give people thinking and make people understand that peace is hard-earned.

     If the readers of the first issue only used the topic of their mother to forcibly earn everyone a wave of tears, they only promoted the spirit of filial piety, a small degree of publicity and inspired the audience to read.

     But in the second issue, Luo Yiming used his own reading of practice what one preaches to tell everyone that he should read more.

     "I'm angry with them!"

     "Excited together!"

     "Recite the verses written on the wall together!"

     "Or walk into the towering mountains and precipitous ridges together, spend one after another night in the forest, by the campfire."

     Luo Yiming's voice is getting louder and louder, he is like an eagle flying in the sky.

     "The images in the book that are rather die than submit, devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence, are like a blur, but the beating flames flicker before my eyes.""I remembered that g once wrote on Hongyan's title page: Any flame produced by chemical substances will eventually be extinguished, and the flame ignited by life will...burn forever..."

     Luo Yiming's reading is over, his hands are raised, and his left hand holds the wheelchair dream, which is his proud trophy.

     Because of reading, because of reading, he feels very proud.

     He is a personal participant who reads aloud, and the chief director of a readers program. He feels lucky to be able to create such an inspiring program.

     The audience responded with warm applause and cheers.

     The audience friends in front of the TV were once again convinced by Luo Yiming's strength.

     The readers of the first issue were accused by some people of stabbing Dong Qing's sensational ability not enough, and fake cry.

     That has affected the popularity of the readers.

     But in the second issue, Long Reader, with the cooperation of Luo Yiming and Huang Bo, exploded the entire China.

     Those media who looked forward to this show after the first issue, after watching the second issue of the readers, all admire the prostrate oneself in admiration of Luo Yiming, a ghostly genius.

     This article has a thousand words, right?

     Luo Yiming memorized it skillfully, no, Luo Yiming walked into this character and shared the story in her tone.

     This is the real reading of the article and the person after the fusion.



     Zhang Zhou is the principal of Xijiang Xishan Middle School. He happened to be watching this issue of Luo Yiming's readers. After listening to Luo Yiming's reading, he felt that all grades in the school should carry out such reading activities.Xu Wanqing is the deputy director of the Education Bureau of Xingzhou City, Zhejiang Province. She pays attention to CCTV's programs. Recently, CCTV's reader program, she happened to watch today.

     After Luo Yiming's reading aloud, she deeply realized that as an educator, she did not promote people's reading well.

     She decided to talk to the leaders of several middle schools and universities to make the school's reading vivid and colorful, gradually expand it to the folks, and revive the culture.

     The readers became popular. After the end of the current program, CCTV quickly counted the ratings of the second period of readers.

     The ratings are 3.5.

     In the program at the same time, Long Reader's ratings put the Mango Channel's Happy Camp underneath, firmly occupying the No. 1 ratings.

     And the variety show of other TV stations is to see only the other rider's dust and have no hope of catching up.

     Long Reader is once again successful!

     He is even more labeled as Luo Yiming.

     This is a variety show, yes, but the sense of responsibility and warmth it conveys is different from other entertainment shows. It is more in line with the traditional values of the Chinese.

     Not only young people think, but parents and even grandparents around me praise without cease.

     Cultural variety shows, until now are not favored.

     CCTV has tried many programs on this road, but it has repeatedly failed.

     But Lang Reader succeeded.

     The charm of the reader is not only in the reading itself, the personal story shared by each guest before the reading is also very exciting and attractive.One night’s praise was fermented, and the Xinhua Times commented on the front page of the readers on the next day: If the core of a program is floating, even if it is booming now, it will soon be tired and abandoned.

     And a program, if its mission is to inherit culture and promote correct values, it will definitely survive.

     Criticism on Chinese Literature: Readers are a "clear stream" of cultural dissemination. In the program, guests who read aloud share their touching stories, bringing audience enjoyment and thinking beyond literature and words.

     The reading and sharing of Luo Yiming and Dong Qing made this "clear stream" more thorough and bright.

     Lu Chuan also watched Reader last night, and he will be the guest of the next issue of Reader. He did not know that his program will not so burst.

     Today is the day when he submitted his resignation to Huayi Film and Television Company. He finally made the decision to come out of Huayi Film and Television Company. His next goal is to prepare his own Film and Television Company.

     When talking about starting his own Film and Television Company, Lu Chuan knew that this move was difficult, and he also lacked a lot of resources, including funds.

     However, the contradiction with Huayi Film and Television became more and more prominent. He could only choose artists contracted by Huayi to film. The quality of the film could not be guaranteed, so Lu Chuan finally decided to take different roads and urge the horses on with Huayi.

     Perhaps after reading this issue of Long Reader, Lu Chuan liked Luo Yiming more and more. He suddenly came up with an idea: if he can't support this big stall, can he cooperate with Luo Yiming.

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