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292 Chapter 289, Hehuayi Tears Up (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     Brothers Wang Dongming and Wang Dongluo are the bosses of Huayi Brothers. A few days ago, Luo Yiming stigmatized Zhang Dadong's own company's reputation. The Wang brothers were disgusted with Luo Yiming.

     In addition, Shangteng Entertainment Company is a potential competitor of Chinese Arts Corporation, and the Wang brothers are even more hostile to Luo Yiming.

     After they learned that Lu Chuan had participated in the Long Reader program, they suspected that Luo Yiming would buy Lu Chuan. Today I received Lu Chuan's resignation letter.

     The brothers were furious.

     Although on the surface, the Wang brothers politely stated that they hope that Lu Chuan will wait a period of time and wait for the company to find a suitable director before letting Lu Chuan leave.

     However, in private, the two brothers had already thought about it.

     Go and find out, if Lu Chuan leaves to Shangteng Entertainment Company, they will definitely show Luo Yiming and Lu Chuan the color.

     Hu Jun and Lu Chuan were both invited by the Lang Reader program. Originally, both of them had to participate in the recording of Lang Reader. Now, Luo Yiming digs the wall publicly, and Wang Dongming absolutely cannot bear it any longer.

     He first called Hu Jun and told Hu Jun to withdraw from the recording.

     At the same time, he invited well-known media writers to publish articles, criticizing Luo Yiming's behavior of digging walls through the show.

     When and Wangyi jointly published Xu Huasheng’s writing news, Luo Yiming digs the footsteps of Huayi Film and Television, and publicly provokes the king of entertainment’s article to report time of departure, Lang Reader’s team, Li Dezhi is contacting the sixth issue of Lang Reader Recording work.According to the original plan, the readers of the sixth issue are to invite Hu Jun to record. Hu Jun, Sun Honglei, Liu Ye and other tough guys are different from the old fresh meat in the entertainment industry. They all have their own experience of acting. At the same time, There are some talents.

     When Li Dezhi called Hu Jun, Hu Jun excused that he had recently prepared a new film and did not have time to continue to participate in Lang Reader, demanded to terminate the contract and was willing to pay liquidated damages. Li Dezhi was instantly confused.

     Li Dezhi has not encountered this situation.

     Moreover, if the other party is a contracted artist of a small company, Li Dezhi can still restrict the contract.

     But in the face of Huayi Film and Television, they didn't care about the liquidated damages at all. They generously expressed that they could compensate, and Li Dezhi immediately didn't know what to do.

     Li Dezhi reported this emergency to Luo Yiming. It should be said that Luo Yiming believed that Hu Jun really had other shooting tasks, and after conflicting with Lang Reader, he chose to give up.

     In the next second, hiding the sky and covering the earth on the Internet and digging into the wall of the Huayi Film and Television news, this made Luo Yiming understand why Hu Jun would quit the readers.

     Ha ha da.

     Luo Yiming felt that the news was absurd. The so-called digging the wall means that after he invited Lu Chuan to participate in the show, he hired Lu Chuan to come to Shangteng entertainment company as the chief director of the film and television section with a high salary.

     Enter the film and television industry.

     The other side said nothing.

     Lu Chuan's resignation and Luo Yiming's third episode of being like brothers / are very close friends were also obtained, which seems to be to prove that they did have a private agreement on this aspect.

     Qiandu and Wangyi are the largest among self-media, Network Media.The two largest entertainment media teamed up to release news, and it should have mastered a little hearsay.

     Luo Yiming didn't mean this, and when the news came out, it must have been director Lu Chuan's actions at Chinese Arts Corporation.

     Luo Yiming is not nervous and unconfortable. In the face of online criticism, he must first figure out what's going on.

     Luo Yiming will find a guest to make up Li Dezhi's recording, so it is just to invite another guest.

     Hu Jun withdrew from the readers, Luo Yiming only thought it was the loss of him and Huayi.

     I was about to make a call with Lu Chuan, and the latter's phone broke in first.

     "Yi Ming, Huayi is too insidious. He told me on the face that I could leave Huayi and accept my resignation, but secretly incited the media to say that I collude with your villains, and that you dig a wall for me. These. despicable villain."

     "I originally said I was waiting for them to leave after they hired the director. Now I have to leave immediately. This place is terrible."

     "I'm unimaginable, this is where I used to work."

     Lu Chuan was very emotional.

     As a perceptual director, his emotions are easily affected by environmental fluctuations.

     "Brother Lu, I read the news on the Internet. I was originally blindfolded and told you to call."

     "You can listen to you such a saying, I understand everything. You submitted your resignation to Huayi, and it happened that you participated in my readers. I have a company again, and the boss of Huayi thinks you have quit."

     Lu Chuan was still excited and uncontrollable: "Yes, but it is not a matter of a day or two that I want to leave Huayi. It is a complete nonsense to tell me about my participation in Lang Reader, and to say that I am going to you.""Huh, but, to work with you, we can open a Film and Television Company together, I think it's a good idea."

     "Since Huayi is so unfeeling, then I accepted their intentions. As soon as I know, I have the technology and you have connections. Do you want to join me, let's start a company and compete with Huayi Film and Television in the future?"

     Lu Chuan spent the years in Huayi, he knew how much money the Wang brothers made.

     In fact, all the art movies are not realized by their meritorious directors and ministers.

     Huayi only signed a bunch of beautiful female stars and handsome male stars to participate in the movie. Lu Chuan does not recognize many actors.

     Rather than making wedding clothes for others, Lu Chuan didn't get a good reputation in the end, so Lu Chuan did not even as good as oneself.

     Luo Yiming doesn't know much about this industry when he makes movies. It is a good thing for Luo Yiming to really want to get involved in the film and television field and be able to be tied up with a senior director.

     Now, the troublesome point is that if you form an alliance with Lu Chuan at this time, you will inevitably acquiesce in your own behavior of digging a wall, and you will give Huayi Film and Television an eloquence.

     Luo Yiming is not afraid of Huayi. Huaxia's movie industry has been billowing smoke. The previous life Mr. Cui screamed for violating yin and yang contracts, tax evasion, and it was Huayi that made these dishonorable entertainments.

     To improve the film industry environment, cooperation with Lu Chuan is okay, must choose the right time.

     "Brother Lu, I think you are still a little impulsive now. The We-media on the Internet is now attacking me for digging a wall. This time, we cooperated, not the other side's arms. In whatever the case, we will all suffer.""The other party and you have torn your skin. I suggest that you come out of Huayi first. As for what you do after you come out, you should first clear and direct the reasons for your resignation to prove your innocence."

     "Then Huayi will definitely have a war of words with you. Don't be afraid of him. Evil will overcome righteousness."

     "I didn't dig you, this is a fact. The reports from the media are untrue. In this war of words, there is no winner or loser. But one thing is that both of you will become the focus of the media because of this.

     "At that time, if you think about starting a company, the company will naturally attract attention. As for me, after proving our innocence, I will use the opportunity to cooperate with you."

     Lu Chuan was indeed impulsive. He only wanted to escape from the abyss of suffering impatiently. After listening to Luo Yiming's words, he realisation.

     Now, it is indeed not the best time to start a company.

     Huayi wants to make the reputation of herself and Luo Yiming bad, but she is bullied, and Luo Yiming is not a kind person.

     He is now backed by CCTV and wants to prove oneself pure, very simple.

     Luo Yiming is innocent, he will be innocent.

     On the contrary, Huayi would fall into a crime of framing good people.

     Lu Chuan went to find his good friend and planned how to launch his own counterattack.

     At this time, the outside media, driven by Qiandu and Net Arts, set off a discussion about the cooperation between Lu Chuan and Luo Yiming to do the Film and Television Company.

     Some media ridiculed Luo Yiming and Lu Chuan as an egg colliding with a rock when compared with Huayi.

     They didn't have the ability to make big movies. Lu Chuan left Huayi as if a fish without water would soon be hypoxic.Luo Yiming, who is only talented in the field of variety show production, will definitely hit the streets when he goes to a larger film and television production business.

     As these comments gradually expanded, many different voices appeared on the Internet, and the voices supporting Luo Yiming and Lu Chuan became stronger.

     When Jinghua Entertainment, Sohu Entertainment, and China Entertainment were in progress, they were all optimistic about Luo Yiming.

     They believe that in China’s film and television sector, the Huayi family’s overwhelming situation should be contained, and there should be another company with strength, ability, and responsibility to lead China Film and Television, and Luo Yiming’s personality can be especially guaranteed.

     Not only these media, the network news of CCTV Channel 1, but also a platform for readers of Luo Yiming and Dong Qing.

     In the past few days, the news phenomenon of reading aloud pavilions built in the two courtyards has been used to speak for the readers and call for the whole people to enter the era of reading.

     Calling on the nation to develop reading pavilions in neighborhoods to provide citizens with a reading space and create a good cultural neighborhood atmosphere.

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