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294 Chapter 290, Peacekeeping Force Recording (Super Touching)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Guests, soldiers are ready ma?" Luo Yiming, as the chief director, confirmed whether the personnel were in place.

     On-site director Li Dezhi confirmed in the monitor that it was ready.

     "Okay, Dong Qing, we can start."

     Hearing the voice of chief director Luo Yiming, the camera switched to Dong Qing again. She said gently and generously: "Since 1990, our country has sent military power to participate in world peacekeeping missions."

     "So far, more than 10,000 military personnel have been deployed."

     "It has also contributed to promoting the United Nations to maintain World Peace and security."

     "In 2006, all officers and soldiers of the Chinese peacekeeping mission to Lebanon were awarded the Peace Medal of Honor."

     Dong Qing said excitedly: "Today we are honored to have several comrades in arms who participated in the Lebanese peacekeeping operation."

     "Applause welcome them."

     The theme of this issue is farewell.

     When Dong Qing said that the invited guests were fighters participating in the Lebanese peacekeeping operation, the audience immediately raised their high respect.

     The soldiers were wearing Peacekeeping Force uniforms. Originally, they would spirit trembling with excitement, straight and impressive looking, and straightened their waists and legs, but at the moment, the three soldiers are supporting a soldier with a wounded leg, slowly Walk towards the stage.


     Dong Qing faced the soldiers and respected.

     The four fighters were already well-trained in a row, and one of the fighters said, "Salute."

     The four of them all saluted the audience in the next second.

     "The ceremony is over."Dong Qing nodded to the four fighters, and some said worriedly: "We saw that Xu Weiguo was supported by his comrades on stage just now. It was because he was injured in the fourth phase of the peacekeeping mission in Lebanon and is still recovering. In progress."

     "So, he stands for a long time without any means."

     "Come on, Xu Weiguo, you can sit for a while."

      The staff member brought up a chair for Xu Weiguo.

     Xu Weiguo dragged his injured leg toward the chair. He should be in pain, but he kept gritting his teeth. His buttocks were lightly pressed against the chair, but his whole body remained upright.

     Soldier, exactly like this tough.

     Even if a bullet hit him in the leg, he still had to keep smiling in front of the people of the country.

     Dong Qing was moved by the strength of this fighter, and she needed to tell everyone the story of these fighters.

     "There is a mortal danger to perform peacekeeping missions. Before you go, did you make such mental preparation?"

     The first warrior Wan Xing said: "Yes, each person submitted our own volunteer letter. In order to protect the honor of the country and the army, we are willing to shed blood and even sacrifice."

     "No matter how dangerous, we all feel that mission is more important than life!"

     "We are ready for each person, and we are not ready to return."

     Wan Xing shouted loudly, but no one heard it as a big and empty slogan. At least, they did not flinch under the enemy's sharp knives.

     Dong Qing repeated: "When I left, I was prepared to not come back.""Then how do you say goodbye to your family when you leave?"

     Wan Xing said: "I had a reunion dinner at home and didn't say what thing. The mother said, you are your mother's son, and others are his mother's sons. You have to come back safely and take other people's sons safely. come back."

     The second soldier said: "My mother just told me that after leaving the country, you must remember to keep in touch with your family, and your family must know your safety."

     The third fighter was a young man from the Northeast. He spoke with a thick accent: "My family is the only one in my family, my father and me, so the two men may not be so sensational."

     "Before I set off, he came to the station to see me. Before then, there was no photo of my father in my phone. I thought I would go for a long time.

     "At that time, I took a lot of photos on my mobile phone and missed my can look at the photos.

     Three fighters, both in their 20s and 30s, two of them are not yet married, and they have dedicated their youth to the country.

     Even the most basic opportunity to reunite with relatives is denied. What the family members most hope for is that they are still alive in safety.

     Dong Qing was moved by the soldiers' simple words. She said solemnly: "You can return to the motherland safely. The most comforting thing is your family. Some have gone back, and some have not."

     With a sad look in his eyes, Dong Qing said, "Xu Weiguo was injured while performing his mission in July 2006."

     "But his comrade-in-arms Du Zhaoyu has sacrificed."

     Looking at Xu Weiguo with regret.The latter said: "Every time I think of this thing, I feel particularly uncomfortable because I have lost a comrade in arms."

     "My brother."

     "I remember it was Lebanese time. At 19:30 on July 25, 2006, due to an air strike by the Israeli Air Force on the southern Lebanese town of Shiyam, we performed a peacekeeping mission at a local post.

     "That night, a pickup truck circled our camp twice and drove to a small dirt bag 200 meters away from our camp. It was sudden acceleration."

     "Because the location of our post is very important, Du Zhaoyu and I judged that the other party was a destructive attack. We immediately called to the other party to stop.

     "But the car ignored us at all, Du Zhaoyu directed me to shoot."

     "We fought against each other. I blasted the opponent's tire. My leg was injured. The pickup truck accelerated and drove to a suitcase outside of my camp. It hit and rolled over and caught fire."

     "The pickup truck is loaded with a lot of weapons and ammunition."

     "After Zhaoyu judged that it would explode, he pushed me out."

     "He said, Xu Weiguo, you quickly withdraw."

     "I said we will withdraw together."

     "Zhaoyu said, I was the main whistle, and then pushed me out."

     "Just when I pushed me, it exploded. I was blown into the air and passed out into a coma."

     Xu Weiguo recalled the scenes at the time. He always felt that it was a movie, but this really happened.

     His best comrade-in-arms, best brother, saved himself in the final moments of his life.The second soldier said: "After the explosion, I took it back to work and immediately searched and rescued. The first thing I found was the deputy post, Xu Weiguo, who was leaning on a small slope with blood on his chest."

     Luo Yiming will let the cameraman Li photograph the five-star red flag on Xu Weiguo's shoulder.

     "We found Zhaoyu in the ruins. Zhaoyu died."

     "While cleaning the scene, under Zhaoyu's body, we saw his guns on duty."

     "That's it a warrior, in the final moments of his life, still holding his own weapon in his hand, still insisting on his position."

     "There is still one thing I feel particularly sorry, it was the day before the explosion. Du Zhaoyu found me, and he said that the squadron leader, you can send me a message."

     "I explained that there is a survey mission tomorrow, and I will take care of it tomorrow."

     Speaking of this, the soldier Zhang Lihu was choked. After restraining his emotions, he said, "But, he...sacrificed."

     "This... became the regret of my life."

     Dong Qing couldn't know why Du Zhaoyu wanted to adjust his hair the night before. Is it mysteriously and inexorably? He knew that he would encounter a disaster?

     He wants to contribute his life to the country and people.

     Do not!

     Dong Qing would rather hope, it is just a coincidence.

     "This is a farewell to... caught off guard... It brings a kind of grief to the comrades."

     "What can be brought to the family is a farewell. It is a scar that cannot be repaired."

     "Today, Du Zhaoyu's mother, father and sister also came to the scene."

     "We still use applause to show our respect to them."The audience all stretched out their hands and applauded at these most respectable people, and the camera switched to Du Zhaoyu's parents and sister sitting under the stage.

      Their three people have already cheeks streaming with tears.

     The hero has tears but never flicks it, the hero bleeds without tears, but the family members of the hero's family cannot hide their grief.

     They cannot face this farewell until now.

     Dong Qing came to the three of them. When stand together with the soldiers, Dong Qing didn't want to make herself be so weak. She could bear tears and act like a soldier.

     But... facing a nothing special family, facing a happy family of four, now, there is one missing, a frail old man, a sad sister, Dong Qing doesn't know what words to comfort them.

     Perhaps the tears in the eyes are the best comfort for them.

     "I heard that until now, on your cell phone, Zhaoyu's contact number is reluctant to delete."

     Du Zhaofang said: "I still keep my brother's number. I will pay him monthly bills. Every time I miss my brother, I will send him a message. Tell me brother, sister miss you."

     "In this way, I will feel like he is still by my side."

     As Du Zhaofang said, tears flowed down her right cheek. She took out the phone and handed it to Dong Qing to let her see the MMS that her brother had sent to herself.

     For those photos, Du Zhaoyu is smiling.

     You can see the old people laugh, and make the present people cry!

     Dong Qing's tears fell, it was the real tears after the tear gland was touched when the love was strong.She wiped it off with her hand and said to Zhaoyu's mother: "On Mother's Day last May, he also sent you a text message to wish you a happy Mother's Day. Zhaoyu is a very filial child, right."

     Mother said: "filial piety. He is so old, he is not married, he is in the countryside, the economy is relatively tight, I will save his money."

     "When I came back from the Spring Festival in 2006, he led me directly into the city and bought me a pair of tourist shoes. I still wrap them now, so I can't bear to wear them."

     "Zhaoyu told me, Mom, you wear it, you wear it! Your son has money, he can buy you shoes, we can afford to wear shoes, don't bear it!"

     The tears that had just been made flowed down again uncontrollably.

     Dong Qing's mood collapsed.

     She has never experienced this life and death parting.

     Especially, he is still such a young life.

     The audience at the scene began to take out tissues to wipe their tears.

     This is not a simple dead life, this is a warrior who died to protect the peace and security of the world and fight evil.

      This kind of person is worth paying homage to everyone with tears.

     Luo Yiming was in the audience. He was moved like everyone else. While being moved, the host must remember that he must know how to restrain his emotions.

     "Dong Qing, control your emotions... the show continues."

     The sound in the monitor earphones awakened Dong Qing. She said, “I didn’t realize that it was a farewell at the beginning. So, if I were on the scene today, it would be a goodbye. What else is there you want to say to him?Sister Du Zhaofang looked up at the roof and said, "Good brother, loyalty and filial piety can't have both ends."

     "You are loyal to the country, so the filial piety to your parents will be fulfilled by my sister and I will do it for you."

     "You are in heaven, just take care of oneself."

     Du Zhaofang looked at the roof as if he saw his younger brother: "You have to do it well, you know? The family will always miss you. The family will never forget you. Good brother!"


     My sister is dead.

     Hugging Dong Qing, the crying body is already somewhat shivering.

     The old father, who hadn't shed much tears, would have the muddy tears crawling out of his eyes.

     He wiped his tears with his callous hands.

     He may be regretting, or thinking, why did he let his son serve as a soldier and perform peacekeeping missions?

     Of course, he may never regret it, but the person he wants to leave is himself.

      does not belong to oneself.

     "I remember that in the Alamein Commonwealth, there is such an epitaph in the soldier cemetery. It says that for the world, you are a soldier, but for me, you are the entire world."

     Dong Qing patted Du Zhaofang on the shoulder, and after two soft pats, Du Zhaofang's mood stabilized.

     "I think Zhaoyu's departure, such a farewell, may be a trauma that needs a family and a lifetime to face, but I believe that Zhaoyu hopes that your two elders and your sister can live happily, and he can really live this way. Leave without worry."

     "Be strong, this is your best gift to Zhaoyu, okay?""Our next reading is dedicated to Zhaoyu's mother, to the mothers of all Peacekeeping Force soldiers, and to express our respect and condolences to them."

     "We invite the soldiers who participated in the peacekeeping missions, as well as two other comrades in Zhaoyu's life, and a special guest speaker, actor Zhang Guoqiang, to read it for everyone, and welcome them."

     Dong Qing and Du Zhaoyu's family stepped down together and accompanied them through this section of the road. What Dong Qing said quietly to them, and no matter what they said, the road to step down was actually very difficult.

     Zhang Guoqiang and two other comrades in arms came on stage this time, and Zhang Guoqiang also shed tears just now.

     This year, he shot a very popular TV series Soldiers Sortie. He understands that soldiers, guard home, defend the country is not to be shirked without dishonor duty and responsibility.

     The life of a soldier will never belong to himself, but to the country.

     But in TV dramas, you can do it, but you really face the problem of life and death. When the real country needs you to give your life, Zhang Guoqiang asked himself, but he didn’t dare, or say, At least for the moment, he is not ready.

     "Hello everyone, I am actor Zhang Guoqiang. Today, I will send this reading to you with the soldiers of the Peacekeeping Force, dedicated to the mothers of Du Zhaoyu soldiers and all the mothers of the Peacekeeping Force soldiers."

     "This article is "Wait for Me" by Simonov!"
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