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295 Chapter 291, How Old Confessed To Me
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     "Wait for me, I will come back."

     "On the battlefield of cannon firing for days on end."

     "You saved me from death."

     "How do I mortal danger, escape alive."

     "Only you and I understand."

     "Wait for me, just because you are different from others."

     "You are good at waiting hard."

     "You are good at waiting hard..."

     When Zhang Guoqiang and the soldiers of the Peacekeeping Force finished reading Simonov's Waiting for Me, this episode did not fall into a low ebb.

     In the next second, on the big screen at the scene, a picture of soldiers performing peacekeeping missions abroad was shown.

     First, the bombing shells blasted in front of the outpost, and the soldiers of the Peacekeeping Force supported the troops in the direction of the enemy's artillery fire.

     Then, a group of photos of peacekeepers standing by their posts.

     Whether they are in the scorching heat of Africa or in Europe in Ice and Snow Land, they stand tall and tall at the outpost.

     Their eyes are firm, guarding the safety of the people of the world, and behind the quiet years, it is they who are carrying our weight forward.

     Director Luo Yiming, who had already finished his outfit change, walked toward these fighters when a group of shocking photos were staged.

     As he walked towards them, Luo Yiming said: "Our national flag is red. He is dyed red with blood. He is tender and tender. The hero has tears. It is rare for us to see their tears, but it was when our comrades left. , These soldiers can't contain their tears.""War is cruel. We oppose all wars, no matter whether they are controversial or not, because any war has harm."

     "The soldiers of the Peacekeeping Force don't ask for anything in return, they just want to be ashamed, and hope that the country will treat retired soldiers well."

     Luo Yiming stretched out his hand and shook hands tightly with the soldiers on stage.

     The soldiers once again saluted the audience and moved everyone.

     The recording of the sixth issue of Long Reader ended. When the recording samples of this issue were presented to the leaders of CCTV for review, they received special attention from CCTV.

     It can be said that any variety show, broadcast on the CCTV variety channel, does not have such a shocking ability.

     But the reader of Luo Yiming's sixth issue did it.

     In particular, Luo Yiming's last cut into the scene of Peacekeeping Force soldiers carrying out peacekeeping missions in foreign countries, coupled with his warm heart, and full of human business and emotional words, made the leaders a little moved.

     As the director of the R&D office, Zhao Liyong initially approved the program for this program. He had thought that readers would be a label in cultural programs.

     Now, the first two episodes of the broadcast of Lang Reader have become famous, and they have injected new variety show vitality into CCTV.

     Seeing Luo Yiming's performance in the sixth issue, Zhao Liyong's liking for Luo Yiming is even more it goes without saying.

     It is now the end of November, and there will be more than three months when CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala will meet the audience. At this time, the station has begun a wide range of program solicitation activities.

     In more than half a month, the program will start the first audition.The director of the Spring Festival Gala has been determined to be Director Lang Kun. Lang Kun has a very good relationship with him. This time he can get the title of director of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala again, and Zhao Liyong has helped a lot.

     The director is determined, but the lineup of the host is still inconclusive.

     According to the usual host practice, Zhu Jun and Li Yong two male hosts will definitely attend the meeting, and among the female hosts are Zhou Tao and the dark horse Dong Qing.

     This year's Spring Festival Gala, Taili is preparing to launch a six-person "luxury" lineup.

     Then, we need to find a man and a woman from the host team of CCTV.

     Originally, Zhao Liyong and Taiwan’s leaders wanted to choose a man and a woman from CCTV’s challenge hosts to cultivate as a newcomer. There really is a female host.

     But the male host?

     Otherwise, let Luo Yiming go.

     Zhao Liyong suddenly came up with this kind of idea, but he also knew that this idea might not be recognized by the station.

     In the previous Spring Festival Gala, of course, except for the early days when it was immature, the host later was the host of CCTV.

     Luo Yiming is only co-hosting programs on CCTV, it is not so easy to host the Spring Festival Gala.

     Out of appreciation for Luo Yiming, Zhao Liyong felt that he was running a little bit on this matter, and he was planning to talk to Luo Yiming with a little eyebrow.

     On November 29th, the third issue of Long Reader was broadcast as scheduled.

     Director Lu Chuan's reading of the Tibetan bell sheep's kneeling worship once again won tears from the audience.

     At the same time, the audience friends in front of the TV also searched for Hoh Xil, directed by Lu Chuan, to enjoy this artistic blockbuster.

     The Hoh Xil film is about Hoh Xil not believing in tears.Mountain Patrol Captain Ritai was brutally killed by a group of poachers.

     The mountain patrol member Liu Dong unfortunately stepped on a quicksand while moving, and was swallowed by the quicksand in just a few minutes.

     Ga Yu came to Hoh Xil as a policeman as a reporter and witnessed scenes of human greed and the violent conflict between humans and the environment.

     They confronted the hunter, and Ga Yu finally mortal danger, escape alive, but only brought back the body of Captain Ritai, who had been cold.

     The Tibetan Bell Sheep is still facing disaster...

     At the beginning of the film, the Tibetan antelope was filmed. Not only is it real, it is also the result of the crew spending 4 months waiting for it.

     This is also the first time China since the beginning of history recorded Tibetan antelope on film.

     Hoh Xil is the work of Lu Chuan.

      This time, the crowds on the Internet began to think about to take different roads and urge the horses on by Lu Chuan and his boss Zhang Dongming two days ago.

     Lu Chuan was able to shoot such works, and his extremely responsible attitude towards art has made him recognized by everyone.

     After leaving the Entertainment Film and Television Company, he wanted to shoot better works by himself. That was the path he had to take when he chose pure film art.

     Lu Chuan received support from many netizens for a while.

     Zhang Dongming was sitting in the office of the entertainment company. When he couldn't help but curious to see the third issue of CCTV's Reader, his fist hit the table hard.

     The outside world began to support Lu Chuan, thinking that he was a good director.

     Therefore, the appearance of such a one-sided situation is not yet a great way for readers to portray Lu Chuan's image.In Hoh Xil, his enthusiasm for art, his record of the current tragedy of Tibetan antelopes, his love for natural creatures, including interviews with Dong Qing, and his true feelings when he finally read.

     All showed himself completely.

     He is right, he is a good man.

     So, if you are either black or white, you are undoubtedly a badass!


     Zhang Dongming believes that the criminal ringleader, the main offender of all this is Luo Yiming. As the chief director of Reader, Luo Yiming shows all the kindness and artistry of Lu Chuan, which are all attacks on him.

     You can dig Lu Chuan from my company, and I can dig someone from your company.

     Zhang Dongming doesn't know how to let go. He thinks there is a most suitable candidate to do this, Zhang Dadong.

     Last time, Zhang Dadong was besieged by the media, and in the end Zhang Dongming used his personal connections to save him.

     Using Zhang Dadong to deal with Luo Yiming and doing some small tricks, Zhang Dongming felt that it couldn't be more appropriate.

     After the third episode of Lang Reader aired, Luo Yiming gave Hu Tian the responsibility of both the seventh and eighth issues of Lang Reader.

     Judging from the live recordings of several episodes of Hu Tian and Li Dezhi, Li Dezhi’s communication, leadership, and coordination skills are a bit inferior to Hu Tian.

     In these two periods, Li Dezhi assisted Hu Tian as an assistant, which made the former unhappy.

     Luo Yiming is sorting out the plan for Unlimited Challenge in the office. After reading the readers, Luo Yiming intends to start the preparations for the Unlimited Challenge. The birth of the Unlimited Challenge will require a long cycle, so if you have time, Luo Yiming will Start planning proposal first.Li Dezhi didn't knock on the door, and the next second he ran in bashing sideways and colliding straight on.

     "Brother Luo..."

     Li Dezhi was very angry on his face and yelled: "Hu Tian is too much. He arranged me as a field worker. He moved the table and moved the bench for me."

     While Li Dezhi said, he angrily pointed around with his fingers.

     It seemed that his father was standing in front of him, who would let him go crazy.

     Luo Yiming calmly said: "Xiao Li, I am responsible for you in the previous two issues, right? But your ability to solve problems on the spot, you said, how is it?"

     Li Dezhi said: "I am also very passive when Hu Jun quit the readers. This is an objective factor. I can't be blamed on me. Luo Ge."

     Luo Yiming smiled faintly: "Then you are in charge of Dong Qing's episode, but why you have to ask me any questions. I feel that in that episode, I still dominate. And Hu Tian, at least during the recording. , All his one person makes up his mind."

     "I...I respect Luo brother you. I have to ask your opinion, because you are the boss." Li Dezhi quibbled.

     When Li Dezhi entered the Shangteng entertainment company, he was indeed a little talented.

     As a choreographer for Blueberry TV, he also received a little bit of influence from the Blueberry variety show, and some innovative ideas.

     But... in the duel with Hu Tian, in the task of fighting for the director of this time, Li Dezhi's narrow mindedness was undoubtedly leaked.

     "Xiao Li, if you call me Brother Luo, then I really have to say a few words to you in the tone of the elder brother. You and Hu Tian have just come to the company now, and your contribution to the company can be said to be blank."At this time, you have to be a new person. I am optimistic about you and appreciate you. It doesn't mean that you are different from others."

     "If you don't face yourself up and don't adjust your mentality, I am very worried that you will not be able to stay in Shangteng Entertainment Company."

     While teaching the former, Luo Yiming's cell phone rang, and the caller was his mother Wang Haiyue.

      "All right, you go back first. I have a call here."

     Li Dezhi still had a lot to say, but this call came and made him hold back all the words, and his face was even more blue and red.

     Coming out of Luo Yiming's office, Li Dezhi couldn't help kicking on the wall and cursing your sister in his heart. He realized that he was on the entertainment company and was bound to be overwhelmed by Hu Tian.

     He couldn't stand Hu Tian's great virtues the most. Thinking about how to give Hu Tian some color, Li Dezhi returned to the recording hall.

     "Mom, what's the matter, call me."

     Luo Yiming was very happy to be able to receive the call from his mother. Recently, although he received his mother in Guanyuan, the new home in Guanyuan has been renovated, and his mother has moved into a large building.

     But I was too busy to be with her.

     Therefore, the heart-to-heart talk and communication on the phone are still very warm to Luo Yiming.

     "Yiming, Mom knows you are busy with work, and I'm still rushing to take pictures of readers recently. It's okay. Mom won't disturb you, but this time, it's a big event.

     "Major events?" The so-called major events, in the dimension of the mother and the others, should be getting married and having children.

     "Is my mother the old man in your picture?""Bah." Wang Haiyue snorted Luo Yiming and said: "Yiming, my mother found you a partner. No, it was someone who came to you on the initiative, saying that he likes you and wants to meet you."

     "Take the initiative to come here, want to meet me?" Luo Yiming was stunned, what kind of fairy is this.

     After thinking about it, Luo Yiming thought that 80% of his fans are his own fans. Luo Yiming said: "Mom, my son has become a small fire recently. There are a lot of fans who come to a place on account of its reputation, but mom, celebrities and fans cannot have feeling , Will suffer cyber violence, or..."

     "Who said that people are your fans? They are also stars." Wang Haiyue said in a reasonable voice: "People are not as famous as you."

     "Yo yo yo..." Luo Yiming felt that this matter was evil.

     Is there any other big star who has fallen in love with himself and came to show his love in person.

     In his impression of the entertainment industry, there can be no such kind of person.

     "The girl left me the phone and told you to come back and call her. She also said that you have seen it!"

     Mother's words made Luo Yiming one shivers again.

     The female stars who have met are no less famous than their own.


      who is it too!

     In this circle, Luo Yiming has indeed seen a lot of female stars, who are more famous than his, of course, there are many.

     In my mother's understanding, perhaps those female stars who are not very popular are also possible.

     Luo Yiming already remembered those actresses in his mind.

     Yang Xiaomi, this female artist who was very popular in her previous life, is now regarded as a small flower in the entertainment circle, and she knows herself in Happy Camp.Liu Yifei, since Kuaiben, has not many intersections, but was also rated as the second most suitable actress.

     Wang Likun, Li Xiaoran, Zhang Junmi?

     These are all the stars he has contacted, but Luo Yiming doesn't think how can it be if he wants to break his scalp.

     Maybe my mother lied to herself and just wanted to let herself go home. Luo Yiming's final conclusion was here.

     Putting away the chicken strip plan, turning off the computer, Luo Yiming returned home.

     In the downstairs of Guanyuan’s own two-story house, I parked a few cars. Normally, he was there’s nothing about it. Even he drove the company’s official car.

     The appearance of these cars made Luo Yiming feel a bit weird. Thinking back to the tone of his mother's phone call, Luo Yiming felt even more as if there was an article here.

     But Luo Yiming really cannot figure out, what's wrong in the end.

     Teacher He Jiong?

     Entering the corridor, a figure flashed by, even though it was not very clear, Luo Yiming recognized that it was Teacher He Jiong.

     I'll go. He Jiong will not be the star who confessed to yourself?

     Luo Yiming patted his head, he felt more and more weird, took out the phone, looked for a moment calendar, Luo Yiming had some hindsight.


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