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297 Chapter 293 Opportunity To Host The Spring Festival Gala
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"You wait a moment."

     "Zhang Jie." Seeing Zhang Jie sending someone back not far away, Luo Yiming waved to him and called him over: "You are here to accompany Qiao Yan and Xiao Mi, I will send Jun Mi back to the hotel.

     After staying, Luo Yiming knew that Chen Qiaoyan would definitely use Jiu Jin to confess to himself tonight.

     If she really refuses her, Luo Yiming doesn't know how the two will play in the Unlimited Challenge afterwards.

     Accept her wishes?

     Luo Yiming...I really haven't thought about it yet.

     How did his fate develop with Qiao Yan? He didn't want everyone to face it in this kind of clear-headed time!

     The moonlight melts, and Guanyuan has its own hotel where you can stay.

     Luo Yiming and Zhang Junmi walked under the moonlight, and the gentle moonlight was shining on them. The breeze gently stirred the leisurely mood of the night. After fermentation, the two pairs of drunk and dim eyes looked at each other, making the environment somewhat ambiguous. .

     "Sorry, let you escape the problem." Luo Yiming smiled dryly. He took his right hand into his pocket. Although he drank a lot today, he knew what was going to happen next, so he escaped.

     Zhang Junmi tilted her head and glanced at the former, and said shyly, "It's okay."

     "Director Luo, can I ask you a personal question?"

     "Of course." Luo Yiming said.

     "That... don't you like sister Qiao Yan? I think she is very good. If I were a boy, I would definitely like her."

     "Why are you leaving?"

     Luo Yiming smiled, this problem...He remained silent.

     "Did I say wrong?""You said it right. Qiaoyan is indeed very good, very good. As a boy, such a girl is very attractive."

     "Then why are you avoiding it?" Zhang Junmi was very curious.

     When those dazed, confused eyes looked at him, and a silly expression appeared in front of him, Luo Yiming wanted to tell her, because boys and girls have a magnetic field of love.

     It's not that a beautiful girl, beautiful girl, will be liked.

     If the two do not have the magnetic field of love and do not call, then they will walk on the road of love and "torture" each other crazily and then separate after a period of time. Luo Yiming doesn't like the way of love that is common in the entertainment industry.

     "This...I can't say too clearly. At least, Qiaoyan and I don't know each other so well. At first glance, I don't have the feeling of feel a rush of excitement."

     "Then...what kind of girl do you feel, or is it okay to feel a little lost?" Zhang Junmi and Chen Qiaoyan are different types of girls.

     She is also a crane in a flock of chicken in the entertainment industry.

     A high-achieving law student, with a restrained and shy personality, everyone thinks she is not suitable for the entertainment industry.

     Zhang Junmi wanted to know how Luo Yiming would feel for a girl like herself.

     "The girl I like?" Luo Yiming raised his head to look at the sky, and a longing girl appeared in the mind. He looked like a teenager in his menstrual period with a greedy gaze: "Be more quiet, with some connotations, just like a CCTV host It’s like Sister Dong Qing, but Sister Dong Qing’s personality may be a little stronger and weaker."

     "What kind of girl is that?" Zhang Junmi asked inexplicably, holding her chin."En...that's...inseparable from your character."

     Luo Yiming's gaze shifted down suddenly, he looked at Zhang Junmi seriously, the latter's chest suddenly trembled violently, she was unprepared, and the deer in her heart rushed and crashed like crazy.

     "I... Director Luo, why are you kidding me."

     Luo Yiming drank slightly and said seriously, "I'm not joking. Your personality is indeed the type I like."

      Feeling the electric sparks, Zhang Junmi's lips trembled fiercely, and her body was slightly paralyzed.


     After Luo Yiming finished speaking, the two fell into relative silence.

     The wind and sand swept the leaves.

     Zhang Junmi turned her back again, not daring to look at Luo Yiming's face.

     Her hands pinched each other deeply, but her mind was fiercely asking herself, is that true, is that true?

     She likes a girl with my personality.

     Luo Yiming scratched his head. Perhaps he was too direct. The good impression of Zhang Junmi in his previous life was grafted here too much. In fact, from the few meetings and understanding between the two, I shouldn’t have said so quickly. Out these words. Because it will appear frivolous.

      "All right, Junmi....Let's go back to the hotel as soon as possible."

      "Oh." After Zhang Junmi's heart throbbed, she was a little happy when she was calm, although it was just that Luo Dao liked her character, not someone who liked her.

     But this is at least a good start.

     Later, the road was mostly ambiguous, but there was no pressure, but comfortable, and even let Luo Yiming still enjoy this kind of feeling.

     Taking Zhang Junmi to the hotel, Luo Yiming didn't go back so quickly.He strolled in the garden alone.

      In the dead of night, the night scene in recent winter is even more chilly, without the blooming flowers of spring and the peaceful harvest of autumn.

     The more late, the cooler the wind and the deeper the night.

     Sitting on the ground next to the rockery for ten minutes, looking at the stars in the dark sky, the years of rebirth seemed to flash, he had no time to miss, and just wanted to relive it tonight.

      After a while, Zhang Jie called. He knew that Dao Luo had deliberately avoided Chen Qiaoyan.

     And Qiao Yan had already gone to sleep upstairs, and Zhang Jie only notified Luo Yiming.

     Seeing the call, Luo Yiming smiled: "Zhang Jie, are you sleepy? If you are not sleepy, come over to the rockery and let's talk."

     "I'm not sleepy, then I'm going right now ."

     Five minutes later, Zhang Jie saw Luo Yiming alone sitting on the ground or the floor beside the rockery.

     Rarely, Zhang Jie saw Luo Dao with a trace of sorrow on his face, walked over slowly, and Zhang Jie handed a bottle of mineral water to the former.

     "Director Luo, it's uncomfortable after drinking so much wine, come on, drink a bottle of water..."

     After receiving Zhang Jie's water, Luo Yiming invited Zhang Jie to sit down together.

     Gudu Gudu took a few sips of water, and sure enough, the sweetness of the water was much better than the wine.

     "Zhang Jie, call you over, I want you to participate in this year's Spring Festival Gala."

      "Ah?" Zhang Jiemeng asked.

     he? Spring Festival Gala.

     Zhang Jie doesn't think he has this qualification."Don't look like you dare not think about it. In fact, your Singing Ability is no worse than those first-line singers. The good voice of China allows you to be exposed in front of the audience. Now, the brightest star in the night sky is on the top of the charts. List."

     "In the next two weeks, I will make your song top the top of the major charts."

     "CCTV’s call for Spring Festival Gala shows has begun. The first trial will be held on the 10th of next month. If it goes well, I will recommend your song to the director of the Spring Festival Gala when the fifth episode of Lang Reader broadcasts. Now Lang Reader’s power is still not enough."

     Luo Yi had already planned it tomorrow morning.

     And catching the last train of the first trial, allowing his disciples to enter the Spring Festival Gala, this is another purpose of his making readers.

     "Thank you, Director Luo."

     "What's your name Luo Dao. In the future, people call me boss, and people call me. You are a good seed in the music industry. In Shangteng, I will make you popular. After the Spring Festival Gala, I plan to You create a new music program."

     Zhang Jie was speechless.

     He did not know how to return.

     "Zhang Jie, look at the sky now, which star is the brightest? As long as you follow me well, I will definitely make you the brightest star in the night sky."

     Luo Yiming was a little drunk, but what he said to Zhang Jie was his truth.

     Pointing to the brightest star above his head, Zhang Jie nodded moved frequently.

     Luo Yiming is his benefactor, he will never forget it in his life.

     The words in my heart can no longer be suppressed, Zhang Jie said: "Boss, you can rest assured, I don't know what my future will be, but you will be the only boss in my life. As long as you stay, I will not give up.""Haha, good. Good brother."

     "En." Luo Yiming took Zhang Jie's hand, and the two hands were tightly clasped together. Luo Yiming's exhaustion for a while, with Zhang Jie's company, a little relaxed.

     Luo Yiming fell asleep at three o'clock in the evening.

     The next day, Huang Bo, Huang Lei, Chen Qiaoyan, and Luo Yiming gathered in the office again to sort out the affairs of the new program.

     Luo Yiming confirmed Luo Zhixiang, Huang Bo and Chen Qiaoyan to join. Now Huang Lei is newly joined, Unlimited Challenge is already a five-member group.

     I probably talked to a few people about the variety show concept of reality show. Huang Bo, Huang Lei and Chen Qiaoyan are all looking forward to the birth of Unlimited Challenge.

     However, Luo Yiming has only completed 20% of the current map. The previous camera group and location selection have already been laid out.

     The staff preparation is still one step away.

     The first eight episodes of Long Reader have been recorded, and the guest to be invited in the ninth episode is Shuai Leilei. In this way, the six-member group of Unlimited Challenge is about to take shape, and the map will be 30% complete.

     Sun Honglei was able to participate in Lang Reader, precisely because Luo Yiming invited.

     In the entertainment industry in 2006, Honglei Sun was just a testament.

     This year, he and Chen Xiaoyi starred in the TV series "Half-way Couple", which ranked 4th among the top 50 mainland TV series in 2005 published by the TV series Fengyun Festival Organizing Committee.

     Last year, he starred in the costume martial arts film "Seven Swords" directed by Xu Ke, and played the executioner Flames of War Implicate Cities, which also officially entered the big movie.

     In the ninth issue, Sun Honglei, Dong Qing, and Luo Yiming once again gave the audience a wonderful recording.words exceede 5100The ratings of 3.62 are just behind the Good Voice of China created by Luo Yiming and the Supergirl of Mango Channel. In the history of variety shows, she has already got the third best result.

     Moreover, mainstream media, including online reviews, have surpassed good voices and become the most recognized positive energy program.

     Dong Qing was recognized by the public, and she was still a woman under the coat of the female CCTV anchor.

     A woman who also has emotions and shed tears when she is alone and helpless.

     The readers of the fifth issue showed a different taste, but let everyone see a flesh and blood character, a different Dong Qing.

     When Dong Qing saw this program broadcast, she cried directly in front of the TV.

     She also thanked Luo Yiming for allowing her to finally remove her disguise and present herself to the audience.

     The readers of the fifth issue once again set off a discussion on the program throughout the network, and Luo Yiming's status as a host of the program was once again consolidated.

     This also prompted him to get an appointment with Director Zhao Liyong.

     Teacher Liyong Zhao has recently proposed to Lang Kun and the leaders above that Luo Yiming will participate in the host lineup for the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Pig.

     And inside the stage, in fact, the first host lineup he wanted to form was in addition to the already set Zhu Jun, Li Yong, Zhou Tao and Dong Qing.

     Let Liu Fangfei or Li Sisi and Zhang Zequn come.

     Zhang Zequn used to host programs in the Arts Department. Although the Spring Festival Gala has Insufficient experience, he is also an old host. Some foundation.

     Li Sisi and Liu Fangfei, both new and old, must consider, compare, and finally decide.However, Zhao Liyong's opinion put a question mark on the third male host of the Spring Festival Gala.

     Recently, Luo Yiming’s popularity in CCTV has soared, not to mention surpassing Zhang Zequn, even the big names of CCTV Zhu Jun and Li Yong do not seem to have this popularity.

     That's why they began to consider Luo Yiming.

     The 2007 Spring Festival Gala was the one that was most impressive to Luo Yiming. This is not to say that this year's Spring Festival Gala was so colorful.

     But as the host, this year's Spring Festival Gala appeared to host the black three minutes.

     It can be said to be an accident in the hosting industry.

     This year's Spring Festival Gala was in the countdown to zero, but the six hosts repeatedly forgot, snatched the words, and made mistakes, resulting in many cold embarrassments.

     After the incident, the majority of netizens discussed the matter hotly, and later they came up with the rhetoric of "Three Minutes of Black Spring Festival Gala".

     It was this accident that caused Liu Fangfei, who had made obvious mistakes, to bid farewell to hosting the Spring Festival Gala, and Zhang Zequn rarely hosted the Spring Festival Gala later.

     It is not easy for Li Yong to move Zhu Jun, but he can compete with Zhang Zequn. Luo Yiming thinks he still has a great opportunity.

     Director Zhao Liyong gave the opportunity, Luo Yiming expressed that he hoped to host the Spring Festival Gala.

     Zhao Liyong asked Luo Yiming to write a plan for hosting the Spring Festival Gala, and Zhao Liyong would help Luo Yiming to win the final place.
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