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299 Chapter 295, Li Sisi, Dong Qing, Luo Yiming's Spring Festival Gala
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Dong Qing’s Special Mission today, because of Lu Chuan’s arrival, he never said.

     After Lu Chuan had finished recounting the old with Dong Qing, he pulled Luo Yiming to his side, giving one's bare heart into sb else's keeping to express his longing for variety movies.

     "I want to make a great sound movie, Director Luo, do you have uninterested cooperation?"

     Luo Yiming really didn't know that Lu Chuan was coming over, and it was this plan.

      he by no means eager to express his opinion and look at each other quietly.

     "Director Luo, in this big movie, I want to make you the first actor. Good voice students will appear as the second and third protagonists in the movie. Each person has a different story unit."

     At the beginning of the production of China's Good Voice, Luo Yiming was original and ingenious. In addition to the good voice, there are good and inspirational stories.

     Movies need good stories.

     Lu Chuan likes a good voice because it is a collection of good stories.

     After Luo Yiming listened to Lu Chuan's words, it was so plain to see the former: "Brother Lu, you laughed, I am the director and host of a TV variety show. If you want me to make a movie with you, I will still be the main character How to cooperate?"

     Luo Yiming is only playing variety shows now. To put it bluntly, he still has so many variety shows that he has not produced.

     Luo Yiming naturally doesn't think about making movies and being an actor now.

     Lu Chuan said: "TV and movies are not separated. A good movie is a good story. In a good voice, there are too many good stories to create. In addition to your original materials, I believe I can make an excellent one. Movie, I am very confident in this movie..."Luo Yiming smiled and listened, but Luo Yiming is not familiar with this movie, at least he will not participate in it for now.

     In the previous life, "serious inquiries only" was a good movie and a variety show. Although the two have nothing to do with each other in content, they both target the social hot spot of blind date.

     "Where Are We Going, Dad?" and "Running Brothers", the films adapted from these two shows, have a box office of hundreds of millions, which are successful examples.

     But for real big movies, with the help of the enthusiasm of consuming variety shows, Luo Yiming feels that it is a sacrifice to the variety show itself.

     It's like shooting a TV series for several seasons in the love apartment, suddenly making a movie version, overturning the beauty that everyone had established before, overturning the ending, and looking back again, suddenly there is no such feeling.

     The first season of Good Voice has only been released. Luo Yiming thinks it will be a failed exploration to adapt a big movie this time.

     Also, the variety show of reality show has not demonstrated extraordinary talent in this World.

     After the real reality show came out, the speed at which a newbie became popular will never be inferior to the movie. Luo Yiming believes that the time to enter the film industry is not ripe at this time.

     Refusing to cooperate with Lu Chuan in making a movie, Lu Chuan's good voice and the big movie fell dead.

     Luo Yiming's plan to establish a film and television branch of Shangteng Entertainment Company has to be put on hold for the time being, until the Unlimited Challenge variety show is broadcast, depending on the situation.

     Although he refused to set up a company and make a movie, Luo Yiming let Lu Chuan and Zhao Xiang stay in the company.

     Lu Chuan even offered an annual salary higher than that of Shangteng Company, and was mainly responsible for the director work of the reality show variety show.

     Zhao Xiang will also have a case in his hands.Lu Chuan and Zhao Xiang's revenge are in the big movie field.

     Luo Yiming did not cooperate. The two said that they would not enter the Shangteng company yet. After the talk, Luo Yiming respected their wishes.

     He asked Xiao Chao to take Lu Chuan and Zhao Xiang to drink tea, while he and Dong Qing went to another one room.

     As soon as the door was closed, Dong Qing said as impatient: "Yi Ming, although CCTV has agreed to host the Spring Festival Gala, the director has an additional condition, that is, you have to act as a tutor in a new CCTV program."

     "What?" Luo Yiming didn't quite understand what Dong Qing meant.

     Dong Qing said: "CCTV has produced a singing talent show called "China's Good Songs". The station is going to let me be the host. You are one of the four tutors, and we will cooperate again."

     Good Chinese songs?

     Luo Yiming remembers that in his previous life, CCTV bought the foreign copyright and created a good song. I didn't think that in this life, CCTV could produce this singing program on its own.

     Dong Qing explained: “Actually, after the broadcast of Good Voice, the production team of CCTV Variety Channel began to prepare this music program. They said it was a good song, but in fact, the model was similar to Good Voice. The facing LED screen."

     "After the instructor shoots the button, the led screen blocked in front of yourself will separate, and the instructor will face the contestant."

     "CCTV is hitting the ball? I think that copycat shows are only done by second-rate and third-rate TV stations. It seems that CCTV has also learned this.Dong Qing is more clear about the relationship here, she said: "In fact, CCTV has prepared a music program before the sound is good, called Singing Shenzhou."

     "The model is still the traditional jury scoring model. It just happened that the sound was not approved when it was broadcast, and the sound was very popular. If the above is not correct, I borrowed your ideas, and in order to support the originality, I chose a good song."

     Luo Yiming understood now.

     The variety show market exactly like this.

     Will have the effect of spreading.

     For example, if you make a good sound in advance, other music variety shows will be released in advance.

     CCTV hidden dragon, crouching tiger, developed a good song, although it is not the good song in the previous life, but I believe the quality will not differ too much.

     "Yiming, in fact, I think your participation in this show and being a mentor is also a good thing for you."

     "After all, when you participate in Good Voice, your status as a mentor will still be questioned, but as your music becomes more and more recognized by the mainstream, good songs can truly make you a singer and a music predecessor."

     Luo Yiming interrupted the former and said: "Dong Qing, wait a moment. I may not tell you. In fact, I do have a music show after the year and I have agreed to cooperate with Mango Channel. At this time, you And let me be up to one's ears in work as a tutor on "Good Songs of China"?"

     Dong Qing had a mental preparation for a long time, and said: "As the station said, if you record the show at what time, we will record it again the next day without affecting your time. Moreover, your appearance fee will be paid at the price of a first-line singer instructor. I still owe you alone."CCTV has always been stingy with the invitations of first-line big guys, and those who can actively offer invitations are very little.

     Dong Qing certainly didn't dare to call the shots without authorization. This owed favor to him must be a message from above.

     Luo Yiming smiled. It seems that he really made the CCTV bosses' heart moved: "The leaders have said so, then I am still hesitant, but I also have one condition. The Spring Festival Gala will be reviewed soon, and I want to recommend a singer Participating in the Spring Festival Gala, if the station can give this opportunity, then the favor will be paid."

     Dong Qing said: "Who do you want to recommend?"

     "Zhang Jie. My good voice champion student, since CCTV is also ready to make songs, I think it is more appropriate to let my good voice student participate in the Spring Festival Gala."

     "On the one hand, it can promote the growth of music variety shows, and on the other hand, it can also drive the active participation of young people who love music in the show."

     If it's someone else, Dong Qing might still find it difficult to do, but he has heard Zhang Jie's song. This young man is a talented singer.

     The sound conditions are very good. It is really a good phenomenon to participate in the Spring Festival Gala to revive the enthusiasm of newcomers to participate in music.

     After coming out of Luo Yiming's garden, Dong Qing immediately reported the situation to the upper side, and got a reply that night.

     Not only was Luo Yiming able to host the Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Pig, Zhang Jie also successfully got the through train for the Spring Festival Gala.

     As a singer selected by CCTV, he will cooperate with the Spring Festival Gala director Lang Kun several times.

     The song is exactly the brightest star in Zhang Jie's night sky.

     The first trial of the Spring Festival Gala is proceeding noiselessly, ordinary people still do not know, the Spring Festival Gala has already started.But the media and friends in the circle take it very seriously.

     Early in the morning, Jinghua Entertainment, China News News, the forefront of entertainment, Sohu Entertainment, and Kuge Entertainment were guarding the gate of CCTV.

     Waiting for the entertainers and actors to get off the bus to see which celebrities have arrived at this year's Spring Festival Gala.

     The Spring Festival Gala every year is almost a numerous stars gather.

     The attention of the Spring Festival Gala surpasses any program.

     However, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala maintains his always mysterious tradition of Spring Festival Gala shows, and does not allow any media to enter the internal filming and reporting.

     Even at the door, there are security guards to maintain order, and interviews with actors and entertainers are prohibited.

     Zhao Benshan, Song Dandan, cow skirt;

     Feng Gong, Huang Hong, Guo Donglin, Pan Changjiang, Cai Ming, a lot of smiling stars gathered.

     And Rong Zuer, Zhang Shaohan, Han Hong, Shuimunianhua, Yuquan, and many famous singers also gathered in the CCTV Broadcasting Center.

     In the first trial of the Spring Festival Gala, there will be more than two hundred programs to be reviewed, but in the end, only a few 30 can go to the final program.

     It is not an exaggeration to say that 10% can pass the final inspection.

     Actors, singers, and entertainers who got off the special car will not be interviewed. Few people are particularly confident on their faces, because each person does not know whether his show can be photographed by the director.

     Zhang Jie came in a car with Luo Yiming. Although his show was insured, he had to take this place in front of many music seniors. He sang too badly and would always be laughed at by the outside world.

     There is still pressure.

     After all, it is the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.However, Zhang Jie also had some self-relief after some guidance on Luo Yiming's car.

     When the review began immediately, he was not nervous.

     The infield, simple stage design, sound effects, computer lights, and the use of lifting mechanical arms surpassed the evening party of Xiabian TV.

     People can clearly feel that this is the Spring Festival Gala.

     It's a different big stage.

     The other three gangster-level hosts were not present. For today's review, the chief director Lang Kun only notified Luo Yiming, Li Sisi and Dong Qing to come.

     At the scene of the first-trial program, there were more than two hundred programs, such as songs, dances, and languages. The three had no books and needed to play freely. After introducing the programs, they performed directly on similar programs.

     Familiar with the program list, the three improvised the design of the opening remarks, infield props, cameras, lighting, the actors were ready, and the three hosts appeared on stage.

     Dong Qing had already appeared on the Spring Festival Gala last year, and her appearance was not all surprised by the stars at the auditing scene.

     Luo Yiming is not a CCTV organization. He appeared in the first trial and surprised many artists and singers with Dong Qing as a host.

     Moreover, the other girl beside Luo Yiming was even stranger.

     She has a good look, good temperament and good figure, but in the host world, she seems to have never seen it.

     Dong Qingxian said: "This is CCTV, the live broadcast of the first trial of the Spring Festival Gala. Welcome all the artists in the television industry to come here. I am Dong Qing.Luo Yiming said: "The Year of the Dog is away from us, and the Year of the Pig is walking towards us. The Spring Festival Gala is an evening party for 1.2 billion Chinese children. How to present a high-quality, high-level, and highly applauded evening party requires the following Colleagues from here, keep striving to improve and come up with good works."

     Li Sisi liked the feeling of Luo Yiming's hosting, and took the words: "Today, the stage is yours. You give your work to the audience, and the audience will feed you back with applause."

     "Next, please come to the director of the Spring Festival Gala, Director Lang Kun, and invite the review leader of the Spring Festival Gala team. Please."

     Slightly greasy opening, but compared with the previous Spring Festival Gala, the taste is different.

     Luo Yiming and Li Sisi's sensational support, celebrities, singers listened very well.

     Bringing out good works and improving the quality of the Spring Festival Gala is not just to rely on the work to gain fame. It is especially important that the stage of the Spring Festival Gala can face this point.

     The first trial lasted from the morning until the evening. Half of the programs recommended by local TV stations and TV people stayed and half were directly killed.

     According to Luo Yiming's eyes, the quality of the program is actually very good. However, CCTV's Spring Festival Gala has a set of special considerations.

     Some programs that do not cater to mainstream values and have no positive social energy, basically none survive.

     Zhang Jie's singing passed smoothly.

     Luo Yiming was not the only one who entered the Spring Festival Gala through the back door.

     Many actors and singers were invited by the director to raise the topic and freshness of the Spring Festival Gala just after the fire this year.Dong Qing, Li Sisi and Luo Yiming felt very good because they are all young people, and their thinking keeps pace with the times. Some new and popular vocabulary, after the three sparkling with wit have to speak, they all make Director Lang Kun's eyes lit up.

     Concerned about the host of the Spring Festival Gala, Lang Kun has also been for N years. The host of the Spring Festival Gala has asked for righteousness and dignity.

     But Langkun always believes that if the host is more grounded, he can interact better with the audience, instead of holding the air and going official, the effect may be better.

     People seem to be brainwashed by Zhu Jun, Zhou Tao's style of hosting the Spring Festival Gala, and they think that is the correct way to open the Spring Festival Gala host.

     Lang Kun saw Luo Yiming, Li Sisi and Dong Qing's chair today, and he was a little more inspired.

     More than half of the programs were cut in the first trial, and the remaining 70 or 80 programs will be cut in half in the second trial.

     During the second trial, the host of CCTV, Zhu Jun, Li Yong and Zhou Tao will also appear.

     The first collision of the six hosts and the collaboration of the six host groups for the Spring Festival Gala. As the chief director, Lang Kun must establish his host style and make choices. 8)
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