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302 Chapter 298, Magical Woman Cave (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Thailand is a country that is very suitable for travel. Whether it is shopping in the city you want, a small leisure town you want, or a holiday island tour, Thailand has its charm.

     When Luo Yiming proposed that the whole company go to Thailand to play together, the employees of Shangteng Entertainment Company were boiling.

     They strongly requested to go to the beach and bikinis in Phuket, Thailand.

     Shangteng entertainment company has a good performance. Now after signing Zhang Junmi, the company has selected three small flowers from Shangteng Entertainment.

     Zhang Junmi ranked first, followed by Qi Wei and Jia Qing.

     There are many young people in the company, and the three little flowers, all with beautiful faces and great figures, can be selected, which is the best proof of their strength.

     Luo Yiming was happier when everyone was in high spirits.

     After completing the procedures for going abroad, Luo Yiming and his company employees arrived in Southern Thailand by plane, but after putting down the company's employees and colleagues that day, Luo Yiming did not stay in Phuket to enjoy the sun and beach.

     This time I came to Thailand, Luo Yiming was relaxed, but there is still a very important thing, that is, to step on the Unlimited Challenge and find a suitable island for shooting.

     Before coming, Luo Yiming had checked the information. The first place he had to go was Krabi, which was also located in southern Thailand and also on the island.

     Krabi is far less well-known in Thailand than Phuket.

     However, it is precisely this that makes Krabi less commercialized, quieter, and retain the local characteristics to a greater extent.

      In the second phase of Unlimited Challenge, no other guests will be added, but as a reality show variety show, Unlimited Challenge is prepared for Xue Zhiqian, Liu Wei and Zhang Junmi to join.Luo Yiming went to Krabi this time. Apart from bringing Lao Li and yet another with him, he only called Xue Zhiqian, Liu Wei and Zhang Junmi.

     Six people took a speedboat to Krabi. Amid the rumbling of the speedboat and the sound of splashes, the island of Krabi was far and near.

     A barrier formed by limestone mountains and a faintly discernible white sand beach began to emerge in front of him.

     Xue Zhiqian was shocked by the sight in front of him, and he couldn't help standing up and sighing: "Nature is really supernaturally fine craft. Look, the white sand beach and barriers seem to be waiting for us to arrive."

     "Xiao Xue, you should sit down first."

     Beauty is indeed beautiful, making people heart untroubled, spirit pleased.

     Just using the camera to restore the magnificent scenery here is full of enjoyment.

     It can be seen that Xue Zhiqian is super excited, afraid that he will fall into the sea, Luo Yiming called him, the former wished to continue and he had to sit down.

     "Lao Li, I plan to shoot the second and third phases of the Unlimited Challenge right here. Are you confident that you can present this beautiful scenery on the camera?"

     Lao Li has been filming for more than ten years. In these few months, Luo Yiming has repeatedly emphasized the follow-up technique, and he is also strengthening it.

     Old Li said: "Don't worry, Director Luo, even if the scenery is not beautiful, I still want to shoot beautiful in my lens."

     The speedboat was still driving fast, Luo Yiming's voice continued to increase, and pointed to the blue sky: "At that time, we will go to the glass trestle bridge in mid-air and walk from the clouds on the bridge. Are you afraid of heights?"

     "Walking in the clouds?...I'm not afraid." He said that he was here for vacation.

     Lao Li had long known that it must not be that simple.As soon as this came out, Luo Yiming assigned the task. After Lao Li accepted the task, the next step must be to ensure that the aerial and ground shooting are sufficiently professional.

     Liu Wei and Xue Zhiqian are still enjoying the scenery in front of them, but Luo Yiming's sudden walk in the clouds already makes people feel terrible.

      Unlimited Challenge, the challenge is human limit!

     They don't know, can they really survive this show?

     After Lao Li gave a definite answer, Luo Yiming continued to outline the second Unlimited Challenge in the mind.

     And Zhang Junmi, who was sitting on the speedboat, didn't say a word all over her body. After the speedboat swaying left and right, her face was still pale.

     Zhang Junmi didn't know, she was still sick with the speedboat?

     Normally, she is not dizzy by boat.

     Today, I always feel that my stomach is overturning seas and rivers, holding on to the hull, Zhang Junmi asked Liu Wei, "How long will it take?"

     Not knowing, Liu Wei turned his eyes to Luo Yiming and the sailor: "Guide Luo, how long will we be there?"

     "I think it's coming soon." Luo Yiming asked the master who sailed while looking around.

     "Master, how long do we have?"

     "Did you see the white sandy beach? You will be there soon."

     The master pointed to the distance and said something. The speedboat decelerated suddenly as he spoke, and the scene in front of him in the next second made people suddenly refreshed.

     The hazy fog dissipated as the speedboat slowed down, and there was a pure white beach not far away.Coconut trees stand on the beach, the sea breeze is blowing, the leaves are swaying, and a small island looms behind the trees.

     When the speedboat drove to the beach, Luo noticed that Zhang Junmi was uncomfortable early in the morning, so she was busy helping her get off the speedboat together.

     Stepping on the delicate white sandy beach, Zhang Junmi's stomach is no longer noisy, the waves lightly patted the sandy beach, and the sea breeze gently brushed everyone's face.

     Blue, green, and white, combined with the tranquility of Krabi Island, constitute a perfect scene here.

     Krabi Island was originally unknown when the boat was sailing, but now that it is actually a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides.

     Krabi has a large area with many outlying islands scattered around the Andaman Sea like stars.

      For Unlimited Challenge shooting, only one of the outlying islands needs to be found, which is enough to complete the shooting mission of an uninhabited island.

     There are many outlying islands in Krabi. Some islands are used as main ports. Many boats are docked on the beach. Such islands are not suitable for shooting.

     On the remote and quiet islands, the waters are surrounded by mountains and the waterways are narrow. If you go past, you have to hire small boats from nearby businesses.

     This kind of boat is not powered by an engine and requires manual rowing.

     Each boat can take up to three people.

     The six-member team was divided into groups, Zhang Junmi, Luo Yiming and Lao Li rowed a boat, Liu Wei, Xue Zhiqian and cameraman Xiao Liu rowed a boat.

     The six men were divided into two groups, looking for suitable outlying islands.

     The boats of Liu Wei and Xue Zhiqian cleared the way in front, and Luo Yiming's boat slowly followed behind.

     The rough work of rowing was done by Lao Li and Luo Yiming. With every oar sliding, Luo Yiming could feel the waves.Go through the narrow mountain waterways, the zigzag path, and then half an hour, the willow trees make the shade, the flowers give the light.

     A huge beach appeared in front of me, from east to west, out of sight.

     Behind the beach, there is an island.

     The towering hills and exposed stones on the island constitute the perfect conditions for sea climbing.

     And because it is a limestone mountain, some huge caves and dry stalactites can be seen at the foot of the mountain.

     "Found it, this is it."

     Luo Yiming is very excited. Inside the cave, you can take pictures of some living and life scenes.

     And rock climbing, including the sky plank at the top of the rock, can be set as a very challenging task.

     In addition, the long curving path, passing by the stalactites under the cliffs, hanging vines and roots, and a group of long-tailed monkeys playing and playing on it, this primitive nature aura is simply no better than this Unlimited Challenge The map is created.

     "Well, let's go to the cave and take a look separately."

     Luo Yiming got off the boat and talked to Lao Li. He went west, Lao Li went east, and Zhang Junmi followed Luo Yiming.

     There is a small road on the west side of the beach, and some sleeping wild cats can be found on the corner of the road. Because of the tranquility, peace and leisurely rhythm here, the wild cats are very comfortable.

     "Jun Mi, is your health better now?"

     "You should tell me in advance that you are seasick, so I won't bring you over this time."

     The two were alone, and Luo Yiming said as they walked.

     Zhang Junmi also don't know why, saying: "I am not seasick. I used to be all right by boat.""Oh, yes... it may be because I came..."

     When the words came to her lips, Zhang Junmi's face turned red. She came to relatives the day before yesterday. For a while, she forgot about it.

     Just now, the sea breeze may have caught a cold.

     "You come... that's it, don't tell me. Jun Mi, you are also a big girl, why don't you care so much about your body."

     Wearing a windshield coat, Luo Yiming simply took off his clothes. He stepped forward and helped Zhang Junmi put it on gently.

     After wrapping up, Zhang Junmi raised her eyes to see Luo Yiming, and her heart warmed a lot: "Actually, I feel much better now."

     "You...Although I don't have a girlfriend, I still understand this. You can't blow the sea breeze. If you catch a cold, you will get the root of the disease. I will show you to the store and get a cup of boiling water to warm your body."

     There's nothing about it shop by the beach, but there are many local rock climbing companies. Luo Yiming rushed into a rock climbing company and "body language" with the boss inside for a long time before he managed to get a glass of warm water.

     She ran back to Zhang Junmi and passed the water to the latter. Zhang Junmi picked up the water cup and drank it into her mouth, nibble the lips, nodded.

     "Thank you, Director Luo."

     "No need to thank me. Also, when you are private, you can call my name, and you can call Luo Dao. I am not used to it."


      "All right, let's seize the moment to find the cave!"

     The company that Luo Yiming just went to is called kingclimbers.

     Luo Yiming, the climbing company's business card, pulled one when he went out.He noticed that this company has half-day or one-day rock climbing experience and three-day rock climbing courses.

     Challenge when the time comes, and contact this company, then security will be ensured.

     I didn't encounter anyone along the way. Few tourists came here. The most frequent was that other islands got lost and entered here, just like hidden land of peace and prosperity.

     "Yiming, I, I think there is a hole in front, and, there are still two people there."

     I haven't seen other tourists in this trip. Luo Yiming followed what Zhang Junmi pointed out. There were really two backpackers in front of a cave, putting the palms together before one praying.

     "Go, let's take a look."

     As Luo Yiming said, walking forward, Zhang Junmi was like a small attendant, just behind Luo Yiming.

     The two people standing at the entrance of the cave are like a man and a woman.

     Pricesscave was written on the entrance of the cave, and Luo Yiming didn't know What does it mean.

     This hole is very small. If the two of you weren't here, it would be easy to miss if you didn't pay attention.

     "Are you Chinese?"

     Seeing Luo Yiming and Zhang Junmi, I didn't think that the two in front spoke Chinese.

     "Yes." Luo Yiming and Zhang Junmi felt too happy when meeting fellow villagers in other countries: "Are you also Chinese?"

     "Well, we are overseas Chinese. We visited this cave last year. This cave is called the Women's Cave. We have paid the courtesy this year."

     "Well, you should be lovers? Are you here to beg for a child?"

     The Chinese proficiency of these two overseas Chinese is not so strong, Luo Yiming was afraid that he had heard it wrong, so he did not dare to answer with certainty.

     Zhang Junmi embarrassedly said: "We are not...""Don't be shy, we came here last year to beg for a child, very clever, let's go in together."

     The man directly pulled Luo Yiming's arm up, and the four of them joined the cave together.

     Before I walked in, I saw that the locals had worshipped many items on a table.

     But when Luo Yiming saw these items, his eyes were too spicy.

     It turned out to be a male birth made of various wood-



     Luo Yiming was a little bit ashamed, and he was sure too. It seemed...what he heard outside was not wrong.

     While he was thinking about how to leave, the woman among the overseas Chinese threw a genital into Zhang Junmi's hand.

     "Beauty, come on, take this, say the names of you and your husband, and then pray for a child. It is very effective to ask for a child here."

     The girl brought the thing to Zhang Junmi's palm, holding it, Zhang Junmi's face suddenly burned like a cloud, and her neck was red.


     Very embarrassing.

     At this time, Zhang Junmi didn't even dare to look at Luo Yiming. She always felt that it was weird like this. Looking at him, it seemed to be really...

     "Please beg, don't be shy."

     "I..." Zhang Junmi was miserable.

     Being pitted, Luo Yiming was really pitted by this woman. Zhang Junmi was introverted. It was normal for her to hold this thing and not know what to do at the moment.

     "Jun Mi,...give it to me."

     After quickly grabbing the wooden stick from Zhang Junmi, Luo Yiming put it back again.Religiously, Luo Yiming said: "I'm sorry, we are sure that we have come to the wrong place. If we see you later, we still...let's say goodbye first."

     Grabbing Zhang Junmi's hand, Luo Yiming and her ran out without turning the head.

     Too impatient.

     It was too embarrassing.

     They enter this hole carelessly, but they didn’t expect this hole to be called a woman’s hole, and then there is a man’s inside...

     Luo Yiming now doesn't know at all how to face Zhang Junmi.

     Especially, that picture flashed...buzzing, bursting forehead.

     Loosing the former's hand, Luo Yiming said in shame: "Jun Mi, don't think about it, they have misunderstood."

     Zhang Junmi thought a little bit more than Luo Yi clearly, especially when he was holding hands and running from the inside out, she even thought of the girl's words.

     You can give Luo Yiming a fat son by telling Luo Yiming and his own name with that thing?

     Is it really that amazing?

     If this woman’s hole is so amazing, it’s not great to send it to the Unlimited Challenge and shoot the second and third episodes here.

     "Yiming, I think the women's hole is good, we can shoot the show in the women's hole."

     As long as he blushed, Luo Yiming didn't fully appreciate the women's cave, but the outside environment and surrounding environment, including the fact that there are few tourists.

     This is indeed a good location for Unlimited Challenge.

     "..." Luo Yiming is nodded, silent, but he has approved Zhang Junmi's proposal.After choosing the address, Luo Yiming found the person in charge of the Krabi Scenic Area, because the outlying islands are basically there's nothing about it for tourists, and an extra income can open up the Chinese tourism market. The manager finally agreed to Luo Yiming. conditions of.

     Speaking of being late, going back comes without enough time, and the six of them simply stayed at Railay Beach Hotel that night.
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