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303 Chapter 299, Extremely Challenging Internal Preparations (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     In the evening, Xue Zhiqian proposed to visit the night market in Thailand. Due to a misunderstanding with Luo Yiming during the day, Zhang Junmi broke the appointment with the excuse of being unwell.

     Others don't know why, Luo Yiming understood her and let her rest in the hotel. Luo Yiming, Xue Zhiqian, Lao Li and the others went to the night market in Krabi.

     When you come to Thailand, you must visit places with night markets. Although the best night market in Thailand is in Chiang Mai, the night market in Krabi is also lively.

     The most atmospheric thing in Krabi is his weekend night market. The day Luo Yiming and his party came here happened to be Saturday.

     Said to be visiting the night market, but walking in the night market street with a wealth of goods and many foods, Luo Yiming does not pay attention to food without too many.

     Visiting the night market Luo Yiming can experience the real life of the local people.

     Knowing this, Thailand's Unlimited Challenge shooting can be more grounded.

     Thailand’s night market has a wealth of goods, you can eat for fun, everything that should be here is here, and every night market will be equipped with a “band” as standard. Walking on the night market street, listening to unnamed Thai music , Xue Zhiqian couldn't help humming the melody.

     Xue Zhiqian is a creative talent, if this is not the case, he is more good at narration. In music, he concentrates on it. Luo Yiming believes that his achievements in the previous life will not be low.

     "Xiao Xue, have you heard Thai songs?"

     Xue Zhiqian said: "I have heard Sara's song, even if I know I want to meet, boss, I like it very much this song."

     Even if I know that I want to meet is a song by Thai old lady-level singer Sara, and this song, even if I know I want to meet, was launched in 2001, not only in Thailand.In the entire Southeast Asia and East Asia region, the impact is great.

     "The style of Sara's song is actually closer to the mainstream market in Southeast Asia, but it is not the style of Thai music."

     Luo Yiming said: "I personally like Thai music. Just like the music in the night market, it reveals peace and stability. This is actually related to the fact that Thailand has not been colonized and the music has characteristics of other regions."

     "In addition, Thailand is a Buddhist country, so the music is more calm and steady."

     Xue Zhiqian's understanding of music is still relatively regional.

     After listening to Luo's analysis of Thai music, Xue Zhiqian said: "Boss, compared to your status as a great variety show host, I think you are a great music player."

     "Hehe, it's just a one-sided understanding. Music in a country is not so easy to comprehend. But Xiao Xue, if you like Sara's song, even if you know you want to meet, I can adapt a Chinese version and sing it for you. ."

     "Really?" Xue Zhiqian was pleased beyond one's expectations, and the next second he covered his mouth with an unbelievable air.

     "I will have a music show on CCTV called China Good Songs. This show is a stage for original songs."

     "I think you can sign up. This song is just a small song I adapted for you. If you have ambitions in the music, you can create other songs."

     Xue Zhiqian wrote Yellow Maple Leaf when he participated in the My Type Show. Now, the boss asks him to participate in Chinese Good Songs.

     To a certain extent, he represents Shangteng Entertainment, and Xue Zhiqian said with confidence: "Okay, I will definitely not disappoint the boss."While chatting, a few people started to taste the food in the night market.

     Krabi belongs to Southern Thailand. Southern Thai cuisine is popular here.

     Because it is relatively close to the Gulf of Thailand.

     The locals believe in religion, and the Gulf of Thailand has a beautiful sea. The famous food here is a variety of fish.

     Lobster, crab, clams, etc.

     Moreover, gourmets often use coconut pulp and curry as seasonings, and coconut milk to neutralize the spicy soup, which is more seasoned and has a little sourness.

     It tastes great.

     Liu Wei and Xue Zhiqian came together with a bowl of Tom Yum Goong soup and Thai red curry.

     Lao Li and Luo Yiming ate a nine-layer pagoda fried chicken.

     All kinds of rich snacks are dazzling, and a few people really hope they can have more stomachs at this time.

     After eating delicious food, I feel full. Luo Yiming packed another Thai red curry for Zhang Junmi and then a bowl of Tom Yum Goong soup before returning to the hotel.

     For the remaining three days, Luo Yiming was still not idle. He, Hu Tian, Xiaoxue, Xiao Chao, and Lao Li's follow-up team once again confirmed the safety of the terrain near the outlying island of Krabi.

     In the woman's cave, several people also took a lot of precious pictures.

     After communicating with the scenic spot, in the next more than a month, the trestle bridge near the women's cave, including the trestle bridge above the rock wall, will be simply built and maintained.

     Krabi and Phuket are not far away. Except for Luo Yiming’s team, which is still working hard, most of the company’s employees are already basking on the beach.

     Rock climbing enthusiasts are still playing exciting rock climbing games.The sea in Phuket is still, waves are quiet, Qi Wei and Jia Qing wear bikinis and ask Zhang Junmi to go into the water with them.

     The latter said that after he came to relatives, the two Xiaohuas of Shangteng Company went snorkeling in the sea.

     Underwater visibility is very high, snorkeling can often see cute clown fish, and large areas of live corals are not destroyed by humans, very beautiful.

     Qi Wei and Jia Qing swayed their limbs lazily in the sea, and the soft lines made the men not far away extremely cold.

     Enjoying this holiday, Qi Wei and Jia Qing are in a wonderful mood.

     While Zhang Junmi was lying on the beach bed with sunscreen on her body, although she did not follow Luo Yiming's team to explore the scenic spots on the spot.

     Zhang Junmi's heart was hooked away by Luo Yiming. After leaving him, Zhang Junmi would think of Luo Yiming all the time.

     Thinking of everything that happened that day, thinking of the Tom Yum Goong soup that Luo Yiming brought back to him that night.

     Zhang Junmi was moved.

     "Am I in love with Director Luo?"

     "I must like him."

     "Gosh, I actually like my boss, what should I do."

     Zhang Junmi's heart is like restless.

     If in Taipei, Zhang Junmi only admired this man.

     After several contacts, Luo Yiming's charm, especially his concern for himself, his warmth, caught off guard captured his heart.

     Out of the water, Qi Wei and Jia Qing saw that Zhang Junmi was still in a daze, and joked: "Xiaomi, are you Sichun? Who do you miss during the day?"

     "No, no." Zhang Junmi strongly denied.Jia Qing said: "I heard Lao Li say that you and Luo Director Independent Action that day, after you came back, your whole body was not right. Come on, what happened between you and Luo Director?"

     Jia Qing is from the Northwest, with a bold and direct personality.

     She is interested in Luo Dao, she doesn't want to be the quick-footed climb up first by Zhang Junmi.

     "It didn't happen, nothing at all happened, don't think about it."

     "It's better that nothing at all happens." Jia Qing looked around and made sure that no one would hear him, before he said: "Luo Dao is mine."

     Qi Wei immediately attacked Jia Qing's body, "Just you? You are not ashamed. Are you worthy of our big boss?"

     Jia Qing not to be outdone, hugged Qi Wei, and the magic claws turned towards the plump behind her: "I am not worthy, you are worthy, then you will let me inspect the goods first."

     The two beauties hugged each other and began to roll on the beach. Zhang Junmi watched them warm each other, shook the head, but their thoughts were still difficult to extract.

     But she was certain that what Qi Wei and Jia Qing said was right, a girl like herself... is not good enough for Luo Yiming at all.

     The boss said that the girl he likes is like Dong Qing, and Dong Qing, she is knowledgeable, kind, gentle and talented.

     Although he is also a top student, he studies law.


     Forget it.

     Don't think about it, you and your boss are good, that is pipe dream at all.

     On the fifth day of coming to Thailand, Luo Yiming and Hu Tian, Lao Li, Fang Ge and Xiao Chao practiced rock climbing together.The program directors Qiao Yiding, Zhang Yi, and Li Yawei, which my mother dug from Star Entertainment and Entertainment Film and Television, were sent by Luo Yiming to Lipe Island, Egg Island, and Trang.

     Go filming and record some local conditions and customs.

     That night, Luo Yiming and his company friends enjoyed the sunset together.

     Set up tables and chairs on the beach, watching the sunset on the horizon, the red clouds disappear little by little, and finally the sky turns black, really there's nothing about it. The scenery is more beautiful than this.

     Seven days have passed quickly. This trip to Thailand, as the men finally collectively asked to go to the shemale shrine, after touching a full body, the company's flight took them back to China.

     On the second day after returning to the garden, Luo Yiming asked all the staff to quickly relax and return to work.

     The Chinese New Year is less than a month away.

     Although CCTV's project approval work has not yet been completed, Luo Yiming must make preparations for all aspects in advance.

     After the CCTV project was approved and their team came to support, they quickly improved the entire shooting.

      Unlimited Challenge, Luo Yiming believes that the biggest attraction of this show is Deep Mining for artists.

     Stars participate in the show to serve the audience. It is absolutely impossible to design a complete script and then let everyone act.

     In the past, Luo Yiming gave a theme for each issue, but now it’s time of departure.

     To put it more professionally, it is the content framework of this program.

     Luo Yiming chose the category of "star experience". He did not move the "chase" among the runners and the "brain-sharing" of other variety shows to Unlimited Challenge.In the Unlimited Challenge broadcast on CCTV, Luo Yiming expanded the contrast brought by the celebrity experience to the audience. Through the laughter of the contrast, including live celebrities’ life shows, down-to-earth content, challenge shows and other stimulating content, Correspondingly wonderful.

     Of course, in the first season of CCTV's Unlimited Challenge, Luo Yiming still had reservations.

     After all, Unlimited Challenge survived in 0607, and Luo Yiming was not sure that it was safe enough.

     Even oneself can't ensure that the control of the essence of reality show can be established. Under this background, Luo Yiming believes that his reservation is responsible for himself.

     Bringing together the own team's directors and camera crews, including the former variety show bigwigs, Luo Yiming will now formally form his own Unlimited Challenge team.

     There are more than twenty people sitting in the conference room.

     When shooting an outdoor reality show for the first time, all the employees of Shangteng had a black eye.

     They have been instilled a lot by Luo Yiming during this period of time, but how to unfold it is still in the darkness.

     Relatively speaking, this meeting is a middle and high-level meeting of the Shangteng entertainment company. Luo Yiming sits at the center, and this meeting is presided over by him.

     "Unlimited Challenge, regardless of whether CCTV can set up a project or not, we will definitely launch it next year. As the first reality show variety show in China, we first need a strong and stable shooting team."

     "Lao Li, Xiao Liu, you are all the veterans of the company. This period of time has also learned a lot of follow-up techniques. You have to make sure that there are no technical problems with the personnel and shooting."Lao Li is the boss of the film crew. He said: "Director Luo, I have formed a team of at least 30 people according to your requirements. 15 of them are our original indoor variety show masters. They are responsible for the camera position and shooting large scenes. There is ample experience."

     "The other 15 reporters, including 7 reporters from Beijing Times, have strong shooting skills, good at capturing scenes, and suitable for dynamic shooting."

     "There are eight others we dug over from other companies, two of them are from South Korea."

     Lao Li mentioned these two Korean friends with Luo Yiming before. Their backgrounds are not small. One of them is also involved in the shooting of the Korean Infinite Challenge and the birth of the family.

     Has actual experience in reality show variety shows.

     "Well, the ability of the accompanying shooting team must not be wrong. Also, although I don't have a variety show at hand now, I will have to play it in the next year."

     "Indoor and outdoor, it's best to have two teams like it's now. You have to fix the team so that they can work together smoothly. Otherwise, you can be tossed and collapsed during the run-in period."

     "Okay." Old Li nodded.

     "The photography is solved, it's the location director and choreographer."

     After Luo Xin returned to the Mango Terrace, her funds were slowly withdrawn. Luo Xin left Shangteng and Luo Yiming understood it very well.

     But Luo Xin left, and the important role of the chief director is more difficult.

     Considering that the company does not yet have a very suitable director candidate, Luo Yiming also serves as the director. At this moment, he can only establish a team of directors.

     Hu Tian, Xiaochao, Xiaoxue, the three of them have done variety shows with them.Qiao Yiding, Zhang Yi, and Li Yawei are also the program directors and directors dug up by his mother.

     Luo Yiming decided that there were six directors for the location, so he let them six.

     "Hu Tian, Xiaochao," Luo Yiming said after clicking the names of six people: "This period of time, you need to be running outside all the time, looking for suitable ordinary people's occupations, collecting complete materials of the industry, and getting the first place. Hand data."

     "Need to go to different cities to finalize the shooting location and mission."

     "it is good."

     In addition to the six people, Luo Yiming still needs a regular editor of twelve people. These people will design the script content and plan the game plan for the twelfth episode.

     Every profession must have a complete experience plan. How to connect multiple experience tasks in one episode to form a complete and logical program.

     In addition, the materials and content required for different programs must be produced by them, and finally they will be summarized with the six framing editors and directors and handed over to the chief director.

     While waiting for the shooting, the six people on location are responsible for following the six groups of artists and communicating.

     They are even the most core six.

     The shooting plan was decided at the shooting site, the sudden occurrence was handled, and the various units were coordinated on the spot. Although the core six people tentatively decided on these six.

     However, in case of similar incidents like Li Dezhi, Luo Yiming still faces the society and recruits young people with such abilities and dreams to apply.

     Including a regular editor of twelve people, Yiming also issued a recruitment announcement!

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