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306 Chapter 302, Spring Festival Gala, Popular All Over The Country, Fire Abroad
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Sure, there is something good this time. You have to come to Los Angeles when you look back."

     Cheng Siwon and Zheng Xiujing came to the capital today during the Spring Festival.

     For this Spring Festival Gala, Cheng Siwon had already received an invitation from the Spring Festival Gala program.

     However, Cheng Siwon did not agree to the invitation of the Spring Festival Gala program group.

     Although Cheng Siwon spent a long time in Magic City today, he didn't spend much time together with his adult father and mother.

     The Spring Festival is when the family gathers together. Cheng Siwon thinks about having a happy Spring Festival with his adult father and mother and Zheng Xiujing's family during the Spring Festival.

     Cheng Siwon and Zheng Xiujing returned to the capital early.

     When the Spring Festival was still have three more days’, Cheng Siwon received a call from Rick Ryan.

     "You know my situation, whats the matter do you want me to go back?"

     Cheng Siwon believes that Rick Ryan also knows that he is ready to spend time with his parents at home.

     There must be something important to call now.

     When Rick Ryan came to China before, Cheng Siwon talked to Rick Ryan.

     Rick Ryan also agreed, and if nothing serious happened, he wouldn't let Sung Siwon run around.

     "Do you remember the Oscars ceremony at what time was held?"

     Rick Ryan asked mysteriously.

     "Every year around February and March, isn't it always this time."

     Of course Cheng Siwon knew the answer to Rick Ryan's problem.

     "So, you have to go back to Los Angeles at that time, and you are invited to attend the Oscars."

     Rick Ryan said.Hearing what Rick Ryan said, Cheng Siwon didn't believe somewhat.

     "Oscars invited me to attend?"

     "Yes, how is that a good thing?"

     Rick Ryan knew that Sung Siwon would be happy after hearing the news.

     Cheng Siyuan was also very happy in his heart as Rick Ryan had guessed.

     In the previous Oscars ceremony, Shi Yuan was seen on TV or the Internet.

     Although Sung Siwon is also an actor, the Oscar that came into contact like this seems to be very far away from him.

     But this time is different. Cheng Siyuan received an invitation to watch the entire Oscars ceremony as a guest.

     This is also a kind of affirmation for him. The most important thing is that Cheng Siwon will feel that he has a connection with Oscar.

     Unlike before, it feels very far away.

     "Also, this Oscars ceremony not only invited you, but also some of your old friends will also come to participate, guess why?"

     Rick Ryan deliberately showed off suspense, so that Cheng Siwon's appetite was suffocated, and he was willing to speak again.

     No way, if Cheng Siwon encounters other things, he won't take Rick Ryan's attention.

     But Cheng Siwon was really curious about such things.

     "Kingsman was selected as the best makeup and hair design."

     Sung Si Won was shocked when he heard Rick Ryan's words.

     "What you said is true? Is Kingsman really selected as the best makeup and hair design Oscar?Although this award sounds unfamiliar, as long as it is selected for an Oscar, it is not a simple matter.

     Previously, Kingsman 2 won the Empire Film Award, Best British Film of the Year.

     Tarren Egerton also won the award for best actor.

     Cheng Siwon didn't have time to participate in the Empire Film Awards' Award Presentation Ceremony with the crew.

     But this time I did not expect to be selected for the Oscar award.

     "Can I lie to you about this?"

     Seeing that Cheng Siwon was still skeptical, Rick Ryan replied in a speechless voice.

     "Don't worry, I will definitely go to Los Angeles for this kind of thing, so don't worry about it."

     Cheng Siwon of course not miss such an event.

     Although time is a bit tight, Sung Siwon will definitely go.

     "Okay, I will help you book the air ticket and book the hotel. Don't worry about these things."


     "Husband, whats the matter?"

     Seeing Sung Siwon finished the phone call, Zheng Xiujing came over with water and sat next to Sung Siwon.

     "Rick called and said that I was invited to the Oscars and that I should be present at the awards."


     When Zheng Xiujing heard Sung Siwon's words, he almost jumped up.

     Every Oscar award ceremony is Sea of Stars Radiance.

     Not all stars can go to this awards ceremony.

     Just like before Sung Siwon, although he was well-known, he was not invited to the last Oscars ceremony.This time, Sung Si Won's popularity has risen sharply, and he has also appeared in a big production such as Alien Contract.

     Then I received an invitation from Oscar to participate in this year's awards ceremony.

     "In fact, it would be nice if I could be with you then."

     Cheng Siwon hugged Zheng Xiujing.

     Although Zheng Xiujing is now seven or eight months pregnant, it is also possible to fly.

     It's just that it takes ten several hours to fly from Beijing to Los Angeles, which is too difficult for Zheng Xiujing.

     And it’s not a good thing for the baby in Zheng Xiujing’s belly.

     "It's okay, husband, you have to work hard, I will go with you for the next Oscar."

     Of course Jeong Soo-jeong knew what Sung Siwon was talking about.

     She took the initiative to hug Cheng Siwon.

     Cheng Siwon patted Zheng Xiujing's little forehead, and Zheng Xiujing stared at Cheng Siwon in a huff.


     The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. It can be seen from the peak of the Spring Festival travel that goes home every Spring Festival, how much Chinese people value this festival.

      New Year's Eve, Cheng Mu made a big table of dishes.

     Cheng Siyuan also had a few drinks with Cheng's father.

     Because of poor health, the doctor advised the adult father to stay away from tobacco and alcohol, and the adult mother also consciously assumed the responsibility of supervision.

     Don't let the adult father drink or smoke.

     But today is New Year's Eve, and the adult mother also acquiesced to the adult father to drink a few glasses to relieve her hunger.

     After dinner, Zheng Xiujing and her adult mother sat on the sofa and chatted.

     Cheng's father and Cheng Siwon walked to the balcony. Cheng's father looked at Cheng's mother and found that Cheng's mother hadn't noticed him.The father took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit one for himself.

     Seeing Cheng's father like this, Cheng Siwon tried to hold back a laugh.

     In Cheng Siyuan's heart, Cheng's father always said one and mean just that at home.

     Unexpectedly, when he was old, he would be regarded as a mother. Even smoking a cigarette would be regarded as a mother's wink.

     "You kid don't be like this, don't talk nonsense to your mother."

     Cheng's father glared at Sung Siwon, and motioned to Sung Siwon to take care of his mouth and not to poke his own affairs to the adult mother's side.

     "Don't worry, Dad, I will never tell my mother. We are in the same camp. If my mother asks, I will say that I smoked it, how is it?"

     Cheng Siwon said flatly with Cheng father.

     (End of this chapter)


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