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307 Chapter 303, Chinese Spirit, The Backbone Of The Country (seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     At this time, the big star singer who left the show sang, but the show was cancelled.

     In four minutes, Luo Yiming and Li Sisi received the director's notice to talk for three minutes, and the topic should not be boring.

     Luo Yiming said: "Sisi, we are going to the Spring Festival Gala for the first time this year. In fact, I can go to the Spring Festival Gala. I want to thank someone in particular."

     "Who do you want to thank?" Li Sisi asked.

     "It's my mother. Why should I thank her? Because I spend my 30th year with my mother for the New Year."

     "Of course I haven't had a dad since I was a kid. It's not a secret thing, it's a very public thing. My mother and I are living together. I have to be by her side for such major events as the New Year, otherwise she will be lonely."

     Luo Yiming smiled and said it out, but Li Sisi was a little bit sour.

     "As soon as I received the invitation from this program group, I thought, I won't let me go home for thirty nights, I can't accompany her, I have to tell her quickly."

     "I said to my mother, my dear mother, Ruixue is flying to welcome the Year of the Pig. On the occasion of the Year of the Pig, your son has received an invitation from the Spring Festival Gala crew to be one of the host brackets. I want to go, Mom, can you ."

     "What did mom say?" Li Sisi was like a little girl who was intoxicated by listening to stories.

     "I'm looking forward to it too."

     "Soon, my mother said, agreed to go, hope to actively Mission Completion, live up to the national audience."

     "My mother agreed."

     Li Sisi said: "Yes, mother also hopes you can host this Spring Festival Gala.""I did what I wanted, but I didn't disappoint the national audience. These words are as heavy as a mountain."

     In the front, Luo Yiming was still a bit funny and not serious, but when he talked about not disappointing the audience, he suddenly got up seriously, "When it comes to the Spring Festival Gala, many people think that the Spring Festival Gala is too serious and not entertaining. After I come up, the entertainment atmosphere will be Better."

     "But what I want to say is that the Spring Festival Gala may be less serious and more entertaining. But life, to be the Spring Festival Gala in life, is more serious and less entertaining."

     Li Sisi looked at Luo Yiming, but she didn't speak.

     "Because excessive entertainment will overwhelm our Chinese spirit. The Chinese spirit is our backbone. Whether it is the hard-working women's volleyball team, scientific research experts Qian Xuesen, Guo Yonghuai, or academician Li Xiaowen wearing cloth shoes, they are all manifestations of the Chinese spirit."

     "I don’t hope that after a few years, everyone will chase stars. If one day we need to select a person who has influence on China, these stars will compete with our scientific research experts, literary masters, and people’s heroes. ."

     "In the end, everyone chose stars."

     Luo Yiming doesn't want this year's Spring Festival Gala to over-enlarge this entertaining and humorous way, so he has to express his stance.

     Li Sisi said: "Yi Ming, I feel deeply about this. During the SARS period, Huang Wenlin saved China, and agriculture benefited more than hundreds of millions of Yuan Longping, but their attention can't support a model, let alone an Internet celebrity."

     Luo Yiming said: "So, on the occasion of the Spring Festival Gala, I want to say that the Chinese spirit should be carried forward, and what is the Chinese spirit, I want to express my views here."Luo Yiming strictly controlled the time. At the beginning, he only expressed his debt to his mother through Xiaojia.

     And through the mother's words, it is sublimated into the country's trust.

     Hosting the Spring Festival Gala is not a trifle. Luo Yiming has the responsibility to announce some Chinese spirit during the Spring Festival Gala.

     Director Lang Kun, the front still does not know what Luo Yiming wants to express. He is afraid that Luo Yiming will make mistakes in the live broadcast.

     But when talking about the Chinese spirit, the backbone of the country, Lang Kun now wants to hear what Luo Yiming said about the Chinese spirit!

     There are countless audience friends in front of the TV like Director Lang. They are in front of them in Luo Yiming's humorous host.

     But as Luo Yiming talked about the Chinese spirit, said that he appeared in the horror of star chasing, and said that the attention of a scientist is not as good as that of Internet celebrities.

     The audience began to meditate in the next second.

     "The Chinese spirit is the soul of a country, a nation, the soul of a country, and the foundation of a nation."

     "And the Chinese spirit, he is in the life and blood of a hero."

     "The Chinese spirit is in the grand military parade, in the affectionate salute of a hair grey-white veteran."

     "The Chinese spirit was in the tears of General Dong Wanrui during the 1998 flood."

     "The Chinese spirit is in the struggle of Olympic athletes, in the incognito dedication of the backbone of the great power, in the bravery and fearlessness of civilian heroes."

     "Benevolence Righteousness Propriety Wisdom Fidelity!"

     "The Chinese spirit actually lies in the truth, goodness and beauty of the Chinese deep in one's heart."

     His passionate speech infected every person.Luo Yiming firmly controlled the time, this time, the time clock also happened to reach three minutes.

     However, in the three minutes of Luo Yiming and Li Sisi, the huge influence generated by it has long surpassed the song of that big guy.

     The audience friends at the scene, the audience in front of the TV, listened to Luo Yiming's words, many people felt ashamed of one's inferiority.

     Including some actors and singers who participated in this year's Spring Festival Gala, they feel that the contributions of stars to this society are not equal to the social feedback they receive.

     They owe this society.

     They even took away the aura that should belong to those bearers of the Chinese spirit.

     "Chinese spirit, national backbone, the Luo Yiming that I am familiar with is back. He has been amused for more than a long time. Finally, he is the most handsome when he inherits positive energy." A local audience in Bei Jing said.

     "It is undeniable that with the economic entertainment, entertainment culture has had a huge influence on society. Luo Yiming's words like Overhead Bang came very timely."

     A senior audience at the scene reflected: "I hope that the fan economy will converge. At the very least, chasing stars should also chase after a responsible, responsible and Chinese spirit star like Luo Yiming."

     "No one asks about the general withered bones. The family affairs of the actors have been passed on for thousands of miles. The sentence Luo Yiming said, in life, should be more serious, and entertainment should be less. It's great. I hope there will be more positive programs, Da Ai Luo."

     Audiences, netizens, celebrities and directors were all blood sprayed out by Luo Yiming’s three-minute speech

     Even big hosts like Zhu Jun, Li Yong, and Zhou Tao feel that Luo Yiming's performance is too stable and too mature.They just understood.

     Why does director Lang Kun give these three minutes to Luo Yiming? His field control ability, his improvisation, and his hosting skills are not inferior to his predecessors.

     He is really the most outstanding and powerful host of this era.

     After Luo Yiming and Li Sisi stepped down to the applause of the audience, it will be Zhou Tao and Zhu Jun's turn to take the stage. Next, they will introduce several national moral model representatives.

     CCTV Spring Festival Gala has this link every year, and moral models are invited to the party to spend New Year's Eve with everyone.

     In previous years, this link was basically a time for everyone to go to the toilet, or send text messages, and call to send blessings.

     However, with Luo Yiming's foreshadowing, all the moral models stood up proudly.

     They can clearly feel the real admiration in the eyes of audience friends.

     "I was wrong before, and I always felt that asking moral models for the Spring Festival Gala is a show. But in fact, it is them who should appear on the Spring Festival Gala stage most."

     "Luo Yiming talked about the Chinese spirit before, but aren't these few people the embodiment of the Chinese spirit and the backbone of the country!"

     Sitting next to Zhou Tao was an old man in his eighties.

     Her name is Gong Quanzhen.

     The old man Gong Quanzhen was the wife of the founding general Gan Zuchang.

     In 1957, the general was willing to go home to work in agriculture, leading his fathers and villagers in his hometown to change the backwardness of the mountains.

     And the old man Gong Quanzhen was full support and accompanied him without any regrets.

     After the general's death in 1986, the old man still inherited the spirit of her husband and quietly took root in that red land.Teach and educate people, help the poor, serve others, and make selfless dedication!

     She received this award at the National Moral Model Award Ceremony, but when Zhou Tao said she was a Chinese spirit, the old man shook his head repeatedly.

     "Yi Ming said that the Chinese spirit is very good, but I am not qualified to say that I am the Chinese spirit."

     The old man's body was trembling, but she still stopped/stood herself with Zhou Tao's support.

     "On the dying of my lover's death, he looked at me affectionately and told me that when the country needed us, we stood up."

     "We killed the devils, and we established a new China."

     "When we are old and can't do much for the country, we should leave early and resolutely not drag the country down."

     The old man's trembling body and tears in his eyes, but her hands were clenched into fists. That is the belief of her and her husband.

     "He said, I love you so much, and I can't bear the mountain area, I didn't see it it turned into a red earth."

     "He was talking with tears in the corners of his eyes. It is because of his words that I continue to take root in this land. I will stay here until I die."

     "And I think he is the Chinese spirit!"

     There was a warm applause from the audience.

     Zhou Tao nodded frequently.

     The moral models around the old man also applauded and nodded in salute.

     Compared with the old general Gan Zuchang.

     The honor of their moral model is as light as a feather.

     It may not be as good as one fifth of the old general.

     On the battlefield, take up a big knife and fight with the little devil, you die, I live.He didn't care about his life.

     He left no name when he went to open up wasteland in the mountains, obscure and unknown.

     In the final moments of life, he still doesn't want to drag the motherland, but he still has the mountain.

     He is worthy of the Chinese spirit, the backbone of the country!

     "Auntie Gong, can you represent the national moral model and give everyone a new year?" I don't know how many tears are splashing, and the emotions are sensational. Even Zhu Jun, the host of Art Life, feels that this year's Spring Festival Gala is super moving.

     He is even more certain that this year's Spring Festival Gala, so far, must be the most highly praised one of his previous Spring Festival Gala.

     Of course, to achieve these effects, the newly joined host Luo Yiming played an extremely important role.

     Gong Quanzhen said: "On behalf of a moral model, I wish to comrades an early age, I wish you health, success in work, and happiness for the whole family. At the same time, I hope that our Chinese spirit can continue to be inherited and carried forward."

     Zhou Tao said: "Thank you, and hope you are healthy, healthy, tough, and our Chinese spirit supports our China's dream of becoming a powerful country. Please enjoy the song My Chinese Dream below."

     Lang Kun could see that Zhou Tao and Zhu Jun had made this transition smoothly. After Time Control was on for four minutes, the big stone in his heart was completely put down.

      Thus, in this Spring Festival Gala, a huge problem was solved.

     After that, Zhang Jie's brightest star in the night sky made Zhang Jie the brightest rookie singer in the Spring Festival Gala.

      When You Are Old, Luo Yiming’s work has made Luo Yiming’s creative talents unanimously recognized by people in the music industry.The sketches by Zhao Benshan and Song Dandan made the audience laugh.

     Magic, dance, acrobatics and Peking opera will push the Spring Festival Gala to the one after another Xiao Gaoruo Dynasty.

     Whether Luo Yiming's collaboration with Li Sisi, Zhu Jun, Dong Qing, Li Yong, Zhou Tao, he can bring the audience's focus to himself.

     Luo Yiming had never dared to think before, he would take off his hat as the senior CCTV host and become the strongest host of this Spring Festival Gala, unconsciously, that was achieved.

     "Dear friends, the days have passed by in this round of return. No matter what you have experienced in the past year, you can let it go at this moment and let us knock on the door of the New Year with new hope. "

     With Zhu Jun’s declaration of the countdown to the Spring Festival Gala two minutes before the start.

     Luo Yiming knew that the Spring Festival Gala this year was about to end.

     The three minutes of black are gone, and he has perfectly resolved the time error in front.

     In a while, he can walk off the stage and have a happy hug with his mother.

     Zhou Tao said: "In the days to come, there may still be difficulties, challenges, and setbacks. However, as long as there is a dream in the heart, there will be hope, and as long as there is hope, there will be motivation to move forward."

     Li Yong took over: "Yes, the past year has been an extraordinary year for everyone in our country. Together, we have overcome various difficulties and challenges."

     "We have created new achievements with our hard work and sweat. Life is always full of hope, and success always belongs to those who work hard and diligently pursue it."Dong Qingdao: "At this moment of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, let us raise the lamp in our hands and light the lamp in our hearts. Let us bless the country prospers, the people at peace together."

     "I wish the people a happy and healthy life, wish all our dreams have wings, wish the road under our feet full of sunshine."

     Li Sisi said: "We have clearly felt that the pace of spring is in our hearts. Let us bring harmony and beauty to meet the hope and harvest of life."

     "Let us bring peace and harmony to win the peace and confidence of life."

     Finally, Luo Yiming, his speech will finally welcome the ten-second countdown.

     The chief director, the on-site director, the leaders of CCTV, and all public officials on the Spring Festival Gala crew all set their sights on Luo Yiming.

     As long as Luo Yiming is not nervous and finishes these words steadily, this Spring Festival Gala will be there.

     It will also be a classic Spring Festival Gala that can be written into history.

     come on.

     Luo Yiming smiled.

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