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313 Chapter 309, You Are Not In Love With Me, Are You
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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"Taiwan Director Liu, since Xingrui Company and Dragon TV are cooperating, the common interests of both sides are definitely is me that I consider first. Once "Unlimited Challenge" fails to achieve the expected results, it will not only be Dragon TV's loss, but also the loss of our star. Isn’t Rui Company the same? So, I’m definitely not joking in this regard."

     Xu Rui looked at Liu Tianming with a serious face. According to the normally speaking, it is normal for the other party to have this doubt, but Xu Rui himself knows that if he wants "Unlimited Challenge" to break the shackles and advance to the phenomenon-level variety show, then the six original members of the class There can be no fewer guests. If one is missing or one is added, it will become a little weird, which also increases a certain degree of risk.

     Therefore, in the area of inviting guests, he must be extremely strong, and even one thread and one hair cannot allow Dragon TV to dip a finger into it.

     "But... I'm not afraid of 10,000, just in case! What if the results of the program do not meet our psychological expectations?" Liu Tianming said with some worry.

     "What if? Sorry, there is nothing in my dictionary!" Xu Rui stared at Liu Tianming every word.

      "Uh?" Liu Tianming was made a little not knowing what to do by Xu Rui's self-confidence from head to toe. After a long while, he finally sighed, "No matter what, you are the chief producer anyway. You are responsible for it. When the feature film comes out, I will mobilize all Dragon TV channels to promote it. Even if it is to build momentum, I must fight for it!

     Xu Rui laughed immediately after hearing this. Anyway, Liu Tianming was a good deal."In this case, you should hurry up and let the directors go out and invite people. The six people on the list can't be less. I believe that with the appeal of your TV station, this little thing should not be difficult for you." Xu Rui finished speaking and got up. Leaving Liu Tianming's office.



     From the early preparations to the official launch of "Unlimited Challenge", it can be said that every move has attracted the attention of all over the country. Xu Rui has now become a famous brand, as long as the programs he participates in are basically in terms of visibility and ratings In all aspects, they have achieved a very remarkable result.

     In mid-August, the first episode of "Unlimited Challenge" was officially recorded on Shanghai Hi. Dragon TV has already greeted the official side and reported to the special unit in advance for the recording line of the program group, even the radio and television section. Reports were also made, and in this case, the first issue of "Unlimited Challenge" officially started!

     Some of the six guests in the show are familiar with each other, some are relatively strange.

     For example, Huang Lei and Sun Lei have a good relationship, while Wang Xunye and Huang Bo are relatively close. They have already collaborated in movies before. As for Xiaozhu Luo Xiang and Yixing, because of their age, Hajimemashite seemed a little awkward with these brothers. Fortunately, Xu Rui arranged a meeting with six people the day before the official recording. Otherwise, this first episode will be filled with indescribable embarrassment. Sense of existence.Take Yixing, the little brother of 1991, as an example. Every guest present is his predecessor and his elder brother. Although he participated in the talent show a few years ago, even so, his reputation in the Chinese entertainment industry It is almost zero, even if there is a camera to shoot him during the recording process, the masses who pass by at most just take a curious look, and then continue to busy themselves.

      At this moment, Yixing is a situation that no one knows and no one is familiar with. Because of his slightly official debut, the whole person seems a little dull and weak. But profit from a disaster is the role positioning Xu Rui needs. It is precisely the performance of a slightly rigid boy like Yixing.

     At the beginning of the show, Xu Rui arranged a wake-up task based on the first episode of the original "Unlimited Challenge". After everyone got dressed and made sure that some unsuitable for children pictures would not be taken, he asked the staff directly The member took the six guests to different locations on Shanghi.

     As an outdoor variety show, every guest has a following director behind him. One is to record the shots, and the other is to assist the guests in completing the shooting tasks. These following directors are all Xingrui’s own resources. How to shoot and how to shoot is for them It's not a system problem.

     The six guests are assisted by the director. As a result Xu Rui’s workload is much smaller. He doesn’t even need to run back behind everyone, as long as he supervises the operation of the program in a specific link. After all, There is still the chief director in the program, and as the chief producer, his power should override the entire program group. Unless necessary, the job is naturally much easier.

     At this time, on the flyover of a certain place.Wang Xun, wearing silver-gray clothes, was thrown here by two staff members wearing masks. Compared with the witty and sensitive guests like Huang Lei and Huang Bo, Wang Xun is undoubtedly a beloved who strictly abides by the rules of the program group. baby.

     The first time he appeared on this outdoor variety show, he was obviously a little uncomfortable. Under the premise of no lines, scripts and prompts, Wang Xun fell into a state of confusion and force for a while, and finished the staff member arrangement before leaving. After counting a hundred tasks, Wang Xun took off the black mask on his head, and only then could he see where he was.


     "T-this is somewhere?" Wang Xun looked around. The people walking around didn't have one person to pay attention to him. Except for a director who was carrying a camera beside him, it could be said that there was no staff member, nor did he. Know what I was brought to this place.

     "What's the situation? I'm completely stupefied!" Wang Xun glanced at his right hand with a miserable expression. A white box was being carried on his own hand. The most important thing was that the handle of the box was also handcuffed. Tethered his right hand, in other words, the first thing he has to do now is to open the handcuffs, and then do other things.

     Without others beside him, Wang Xun had to tentatively asked the following director who was carrying the camera, "That... Am I going to connect?"

     Following the director is a young guy, who knows the whole program flow, he forced a smile, shook the head, saying that he didn't know what Wang Xun was going to do next."You don't know... my god, then I should how to handle!" Wang Xun looked at the handcuffs on his right hand, and walked along the bridge unconsciously, muttering as he walked, "Look for the key first, and put the handcuffs on. Open it, and then it may be the task of some connector."

     Following the director, always aiming the camera at Wang Xun’s front face. At this time, outside of the camera, the corners of his mouth began to twitch, has to say, it was the first time he saw a stupid artist like Wang Xun. one's hair stand up in anger!

     You must know that the white box itself is not locked, and the key to the handcuffs is officially placed in the box, but even he hadn't thought that the artist he photographed is so stupid, and I haven’t found that the box is capable. The one that opened, even carried it from beginning to end.

      The director following at this moment really couldn't help but want to ask Wang Xun: "Don't you think it gets in the way? Why can't you try to open the box?"

     (To be continued.)
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