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315 Chapter 311, Who Is The Most Funny? (For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     "Excuse me, you see Huang Bo, Sun Honglei, Qiao Yan and none of them."

     Luo Yiming asked a girl who was running in the morning in Minxin Park.

     "You are Luo Yiming? Luo Yiming! Aaaaah. Is that true?"

     Luo Yiming is already a better host than the host of CCTV in Beijing. No one didn't know him during the Spring Festival Gala.

     "Yes, yes, I'm Luo Yiming, hello."

     The girl didn't seem to hear Luo Yiming's question, and the whole person was still on the verge of collapse with excitement.

     "Aaaaah, it's really you, that's great. Luo Yiming, hello, hello."

     The girl was so cold that she held Luo Yiming's hand, leap and frisk about.

     Luo Yiming is super calm: "That's it. We are recording the show now. I'm looking for someone. I want to ask you. You have not seen Huang Bo, Sun Honglei, Xiaozhu, and Chen Qiaoyan."

     "I just saw someone over there, but I don't know if it's there," the girl pondered, replied.

     The girl refers to the central flyover that is 800 meters away from Minxin Park.

     "Thank you." Luo Yiming was about to leave, but the girl stopped him directly: "Luo Yiming, can I ask you a question?"

     "what is the problem?"

     "Do you have a girlfriend?" The girl is very concerned about her idol's private life.

     "Is this...Yes, my fans are my girlfriends. If I guess correctly, so are you!"

     "Wā wā wā wā ." The girl's face flushed suddenly."Luo Yiming, can I take a photo with you?"

     "Of course." Luo Yiming smiled and happily took a picture with the girl.

     During this period, many young girls have been recruited, and they all expressed their willingness to help Luo Yiming find other guests.

     Following the many girls, Luo Yiming ran directly to the central flyover.

      At the same time, everyone else opened the box smoothly and unfastened the handcuffs.

     Except for two people, one is Sun Honglei and the other is Xiaozhu.

     Sun Honglei completely without caring whether the box in his hand can be opened, he thought he needed to find the key.

     Luo Yiming walked free and unconstrained all the way to the central flyover of China World Trade Center.

     In order to normalize the shooting, Luo Yiming also told Onee-chans to retreat to a safe distance.

     "Boge, Boge, what are you doing ne."

     Luo Yiming saw from a distance what Huang Bo had to do in one region/place secretive.

     "Oh, what is this... the place to add time."

     Luo Yiming looked at this thing and said that he was the big man behind the scenes. Only then did he think that Secret Weapon, which can survive without killing people, is a time charging station.

     At first sight, Luo Yiming knew the purpose of this thing.

     Not to mention, the props selected by the program group are still very conscientious. The charged props and equipment used in the program give people a sense of tallness.

     "You go there to play, don't make trouble."

     Huang Bo stopped Luo Yiming and prevented him from approaching this time-replenishing machine.

     "Let me take a look, Bo brother, don't do that."words exceede 5100"I'm going, really, she seems to have Mission Completion. We have been fighting for a long time... there is nothing left."

      sandpiper and clam war together (and the fisherman catches both) the fisherman catches both, Luo Yiming, Huang Bo, and Huang Lei fought for a long time, but they didn't add the time. Finally, Chen Qiaoyan added.

     "Qiaoyan, why are you here."

     Luo Yiming and Huang Bo looked gentle when facing the beauty.

     "I just came here and saw that there is a place for supplementary time, and there is no one. The task is completed all at once. This is too simple."

     Chen Qiaoyan looked at the time-recording watch and said happily.

     Luo Yiming and Huang Bo looked at each other, their faces turned black, and they hated that in their hearts.

     Thinking of the way to increase time by person, Luo Yiming said: "Hey, Qiao Yan, who is your goal?"

     Luo Yiming's attack target is Chen Qiaoyan, of course he wants to know who Qiaoyan will target.

     "My goal is Brother Honglei, Brother Huang Bo, Yiming, who is your goal."

     When Chen Qiaoyan first came to participate in the reality show, he did not tell Huang Bo and Luo Yiming directly who his prey was.

     "My goal, I still do not know." Huang Bo smiled slyly.

     "...Brother Huang Bo, this is wrong with you. I have said who my goal is, so why don't you tell me."

     Chen Qiaoyan is not a fool either. When she is acting like a spoiled and cute brat, she definitely can't let Huang Bo go.

     "Well, it's good to know your own goals, of course you can't tell others.""Qiao Yan, you have been fooled by Brother Huang Bo."

     Luo Yiming looked at the deceived Qiao Yan's acting like a spoiled face, suppressed his smile, and hurriedly gave the former an urgent knowledge of the program.

     "Can't you tell other people?"

     Chen Qiaoyan looked at the staff member of the program group nearby and asked.

     The program group is defaulted.

     "Oh, no one told me about this, Brother Huang Bo, you lied to me."

     Chen Qiaoyan looked back and wanted to condemn Huang Bo, who knew that Huang Bo was nowhere to be seen.

     Not only Huang Bo, but Luo Yiming was also gone.

     "What about people? Why is there no one."

     Huang Bo and Luo Yiming saw Chen Qiaoyan complaining with the people in the program group, so they left in different directions.


     "I don't know if Huang Bo's goal is me. If he really is my, then it would be too dangerous for me to stay there. If he presses me, I will gameover."

     Luo Yiming ran for a while and explained in front of the camera.

     But what Luo Yiming didn't know was that although Huang Bo chose a different direction when he separated from him, after walking a while, Huang Bo turned around again, and he directly followed Luo Yiming and hung behind him.

     Huang Bo left an evil expression: "Yi Ming he still does not know that my goal is him. I didn't act blindly without thinking just now. Later we will pretend to be a chance encounter. He will certainly not have much defense."

     Huang Bo explained to the camera.

     Huang Bo's goal is Luo Yiming. He just met Luo Yiming. He originally wanted to risk pressing the button on Luo Yiming's chest, but after thinking about it, he didn't do anything.The main reason is that he is not 100 percent sure to press Luo Yiming out.


     While Huang Bo followed Luo Yiming, Sun Honglei was still depressed.

     "I said, can we open the handcuffs, this thing makes me panic."

     "Where is this, how do you go."

     "Excuse me, do you know where Luo Yiming, Huang Bo, Huang Lei are?"

     Sun Honglei talked to oneself with the camera.

     Following the director is Hu Tian, who is familiar with the entire program flow, he forced a smile, shook the head, and said he didn't know.

     "You don't know... my God, then I should how to handle!"

     Sun Honglei looked at the handcuffs on his right hand, walked along the flyover unconsciously, and muttered as he walked, "Look for the key first, open the handcuffs, and then it may be the task of having some connections."

     "But how do I find them. Isn't this testing my Yan Wang's IQ?" Following the director, he always aimed the camera at Sun Honglei's front face. At this time, the corners of his mouth began to twitch non-stop.

      has to say, this person who is called Yan Wang really looks like not what kind of!

     But IQ is really anxious.

     You must know that the white box itself is not locked, and the key to the handcuffs is officially placed in the box.

     It’s just that even he hadn’t thought that the artists he shot are so stupid.

     I haven't found that the box can be opened until now, but I have been carrying it from beginning to end.Hu Tianzhen at this moment couldn't help but want to ask Shangyan Wang: "Don't you think it gets in the way? Why can't you try to open the box?"

     It may be limited by the rules of the show, and the director cannot come forward to remind the artist.

     After all, the side that people often unconsciously reveal is the true self that viewers will be happy to see in the future.

     Putting aside the lines and scripts, this is also the reason why Reality TV Show is able to get a large audience love to hear and see.

     Although Sun Honglei's performance looks stupid and stupid, it is naturally a hilarious effect if placed on the screen.

     Therefore, following the director not only did not remind, but just smiled silently.

     "Hey? What does this watch do? Does it record time?" After a few steps, Sun Honglei suddenly remembered that he was wearing an electronic watch on his left wrist.

     And the director who followed him heard his self-talk, and then also couldn't bear, smiled directly.

     Funny, this guy is so funny!

     The electronics on the wrist indicated that the star was used for countdown, and Yan Wang actually regarded it as an ordinary watch.

     He really wanted to cut his head to see what the other person was thinking.

     The laughter following the director immediately aroused the vigilance of Sun Honglei. He looked at the follow director very strangely, rolled the eyes, and then raised his left hand to look at it again.

     Suddenly, he squinted his eyes and smiled: "Haha, I understand, this is for me to check the number, right? You asked me to check a hundred numbers?"


     Hu Tianzhen thought he had penetrated the profound entrance.Meow, I didn't expect that Sun Honglei's thinking was really weird.

     He couldn't help showing a silent expression.

     1, 2, 3...

     Sun Honglei naively started counting. However, Sun Honglei's performance in the later feature film will definitely cause everyone to laugh. Hu Tian also completely convinced Luo Yiming's ability to see people.

     After Sun Honglei finished counting, nothing changed. He looked back at the camera.

     "After I find them, I will eliminate them all one by one, Luo Yiming, Huang Lei, Huang Bo, Xiaozhu, Chen Qiaoyan, you can wait."

     Nothing else can be seen in the camera picture, only Sun Honglei's hideous face.

     Sun Honglei sat down on the road teeth.

     "Don't go!"

     "No one came here to ask me for directions. I went shopping for a long time just me, I'm dying of exhaustion, don’t go!"


     It is Little Pig who has the same fate as Sun Honglei. He faced the camera and said: "You tell me you really know how to play, and you are still handcuffed, so you can't untie this thing for me."

     "Don't think so, I'm without any means, you locked this box, the key must be on the person who appears in front of me, so someone who will pass in front of me after a while must have the key in his hand."

     Piggy analyzes clearly and logically, and shoots like Joe, both admire Piggy's imagination.

     At this moment, the little pig shouted: "āi āi āi āi, what about you, stop for me."It turned out that a few seconds ago, a man walked by the roadside, Piggy glanced at him, and the man ran away, and Piggy immediately stopped him.

     "What are you running!"

     Passerby said: "What are you chasing after!"

     "I think you ran after you of course."

     Passerby said: "I think you will of course chase away."


     The pig smiled: "Tell me about tongue twisters, come on, where is the key?"

     The passerby was dumbfounded: "What key, I don't know what are you saying."

     "Still pretending, I can see you are here, just say it."

     Passers-by looked at the camera teacher who was filming, and looked innocent.

     He doesn't know what happened, and facing the camera doesn't know at all which leg he should take first.

     "Quickly, hand over the keys, and I'll let you make a living."

     Little Pig eyes narrowing, amidst the meaningful glance(s) with a hint of murderousness, well, actually with a hint of stupidity.

     "I... I don't have the key you said."

     "Impossible, absolutely impossible."

     Passersby doesn't know at all what to say, why can't I prove my innocence?

     "You are very suspicious. From the moment you looked at you, I found you were super nervous. Come on, hold your head in your hands and lean against the wall!"

     The passerby looked around for a long time, but he didn't find out where there is a wall.

     "Why don't you move?"

     "There is no wall."


     Little Pig smiled awkwardly.

     "Is there no... wall."

     "You really don't have a key.""I really don't know the key you said, but looking at you like this, the key should open your box, right?"


     "Let me take a look for you."

     Passers-by also burst with love in an instant, and then, what caused the pig to collapse happened, and the passers-by opened the box within a few seconds.

     He took out the key from the box and opened the handcuffs to the piglet.

     The fact is, the box is not locked at all...

     Little Pig stared wide-eyed watching all this happen, the next second, he faced the camera, he was ashamed and unable to show one's face.

     "This show is too good to play... I'm so smart, I was cheated, I didn't realize that this box was open, and dragged him away for so long."

     "I want to find my companions and tell them this news quickly. I think they must still be troubled by this box."

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