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316 Chapter Three Hundred And Twelve, Wisdom Fight (see Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     Minxin Park, by the lake...

     "I think there must be a big idiot who has not opened the box yet and has not figured out the secret of this box."

     Luo Yiming would hang out in the park and said to the camera.

     "So, in fact, the game hasn't fully started yet. But ten minutes have passed. I think it's time to act."

     "Goal, Chen Qiaoyan, since it's Heaven's plans, Qiaoyan, I can only deal with you, don't blame me..."

     Luo Yiming's hand made a kill gesture on his neck, which was really a bit overbearing.


     The next second, the camera switched to the big idiot in Luo Yiming's mouth.

     Up to now, only Sun Honglei has not figured out that this box is open.

     Sitting on the road tooth, he had no gain, time passed by, and Sun Honglei had to set off again.

     But his patience is not so good, and he keeps harassing passers-by: "Excuse me, Luo Yiming, Huang Bo, Huang Lei and others have not seen."

     Sun Honglei asked this sentence as long as he saw a person.

     Finally, the effort paid off, and a girl passing by gave him an answer.

     "They are in Minxin Park, I just saw it."

     "Really, is that the park over there."


     Sun Honglei was almost in tears. Hearing news from other people, he was about to find the organization.

     Following the instructions of passers-by, Sun Honglei arrived at Minxin Park."What is this, is this our show?"

     Not long after Sun Honglei entered the park, he saw the place where Luo Yiming and the others had just competed for time.

     Because Sun Honglei's box has not been opened yet, he has not obtained the specific Task information, so he naturally does not know what this place is doing.

     After looking around this device for a long time, Sun Honglei couldn't understand it either.

     "This equipment looks very advanced. Could it be that aliens captured the spacecraft left behind by the earth, but... where are the aliens? Where are they? Come out quickly and let me educate you aliens."

     "There is still a drink supply here, and the aliens also drink Yili milk?"

     "No matter, I'll take two sips first."

     Not far away, Huang Lei saw Sun Honglei writing, directing and acting there, he doesn't know at all what to say.

     "What is this big idiot doing there? Look, the box and handcuffs in his hand have not been opened yet, this big idiot still does not know. Can the box be opened?"

     As an IQ crusher, Huang Lei looked at the camera and said with a smile.

     "This big idiot doesn't know to see if the box can be opened, it's really stupid and incurable."

     "I think he is a limit stupid."

     After thinking about it for a while, Huang Lei decided to order him.

     "Hong Lei, Hong Lei, here!"

     Sun Honglei was still fantasizing about the plot in his head, and when he was having fun, he heard someone calling himself from behind.

     "Oh, Huang Lei, is it really you? Where have you been."

     "Where is your box?"Sun Honglei was so excited, he found the organization.

     Wandering outside so much for long time, Sun Honglei is tired.

     "My box? What's the use for him, throw it away."

     "Then where are you the key to the box you found." Sun Honglei asked again.

     "I said Hong Lei, you should not be including, haven't you opened the box?"

     Huang Lei looked at Sun Honglei's handcuffs and asked.

     "No, I haven't found the key yet, so I asked you if the key was found?"

     Huang Lei looked at Sun Honglei in deadly earnest, doesn't know at all what to say.

     What a fool.

     "Hong Lei, who told you that the box can only be opened with a key? You didn't look at the box carefully."

     "Don't use the key?" Sun Honglei retorted.

     "No, you are not four foolish."

     "I'm not four fools, are you sure this box doesn't need a key? You lied to me."

     Huang Lei is super speechless: "Oh, how can I record the show with you."

     Sun Honglei was a little convinced now, he blankly looked at the box in his own hand, doesn't know at all what to say, he can only giggle.

     "In this way, open the box as soon as possible, and there will be a task release inside." Huang Lei urged.

     Huang Lei's plan is to tell Sun Honglei the news, and let Sun Honglei open the box, so he can take the opportunity to see Sun Honglei's goal who is it.

     Sun Honglei fiddled with the box, and as expected, the box opened easily.

     "I'll wipe it, Huang Lei, you are amazing, the box is not locked.""What do you think, it's not that I'm great, it's that you are too stupid." Huang Lei looked at the limit and was silly, have nothing to say.

     "There is a letter inside. Open that envelope. There are important reminders in the envelope."

     Huang Lei pretended to be very enthusiastic, but his eyes kept floating on the envelope inside Sun Honglei's box.

     "Okay. Honglei Sun picked up the envelope and was just about to open it.

     "Hey, something is wrong."

     Sun Honglei reacted suddenly and laughed.

     "Wait, wait, Huang Lei, don't think I don't know if you want to see it, I don't want to show it to you, is it particularly angry!"

     Huang Lei's mind was penetrated, but he still pretended it didn't matter.

     "I don't have one, look at it."

     Sun Honglei immediately distanced himself from Huang Lei and raised the envelope he held in his hand.

     "Of course I want to watch it, but I won't show it to you. I will find a place to watch it secretly."

     Watching Sun Honglei eagerly ran away, as if someone from behind was pushing him, Huang Lei doesn't know at all what should I say.

     "Hey, you said to open the box... so stupid, why this time this guy's head... suddenly opened up." Huang Lei smiled bitterly.

     His plan fell through.


     "Small, Huang Lei thought I didn't know, and he wanted to lie to me, delusional!"

     Sun Honglei found a remote place and it started to look like quest prompt.

     "Oh, it turned out to be like this, so that just now is a place to add time, and my target is Huang Lei."Sun Honglei finally figured out what the situation is today and also the current situation.

     "I said why the guy Huang Lei is so enthusiastic, he didn't feel comfortable at all, Huang Lei...really...too bad."

     Sun Honglei smashed his mouth.

     "Why do you say that this person is so bad? What about goodness, goodness and beauty?"

     "Does good people definitely get bullied?"

     "This dead Huang Lei, see if I can press you for a while!"


     Luo Yiming has been wandering around the park. He is also looking for the target prey to see where Chen Qiaoyan is.

     However, Huang Bo, who was following Luo Yiming, had not found a chance to start, and finally gave up temporarily.

     "This one, turning around, I don’t know what I’m doing. If I press him, I won’t be able to succeed. It’s just a waste of time if I keep going.

     "Go, let's go elsewhere and find a device to add time."

     Having followed Luo Yiming with nothing else, Huang Bo decided to find a place to add time after thinking about it.

     Not long after Huang Bo left, Luo Yiming discovered.

     "Found it, it's Qiaoyan. Look, she is there."

     Luo Yiming hid in the corner, following the direction of his finger, following the camera to point the camera there.

     "Follow me, let's go to the bottom."

     Luo Yiming made a gesture to the cameraman and asked him to follow him.

     "Qiaoyan, Qiaoyan, here!"

     Chen Qiaoyan's target was the pig, and she had been looking for her prey, but her luck was not so good and she never found it."It's Yiming, um, I’m here!"

     Chen Qiaoyan and Luo Yiming met, but the other party didn't press her. In addition to her natural affection for Luo Yiming, she was very excited when she saw Yiming, and she didn't have any defense.

     "Oh, I finally found you. I've been shopping here for most of the day and I'm so lonely." Qiao Yan complained.

     "Anyway, you know who I am looking for. Have you found him."

     "...By the way, can you tell me who your goal is."

     Chen Qiaoyan was very boring by herself. After seeing Yiming, she had a lot to say.

     "I didn't see your goal, my goal..."

     Luo Yiming leaned over, pretending to want to introduce Chen Qiaoyan.

     Chen Qiaoyan not the slightest Mindly, she deliberately moved towards Luo Yiming, wanting to chat with him at close range.

     "Let me tell you, my goal is..."

     Luo Yiming said this inside his mouth, but actually kept his eyes on Chen Qiaoyan's chest button.

     Luo Yiming saw that Qiao Yan was still listening carefully to what he said, and he went to cover one's ears whilst stealing a bell in the next second... and pressed Chen Qiaoyan's button.

     "What are you doing?"

     By the way, with this press, Qiao Yan subconsciously hid, and then Luo Yiming did not press the button, but instead on his chest.

     "Your goal is... me?" Qiao Yan cried out in surprise, and then quickly pressed Luo Yiming's attacking hand with both hands.

     With this press, Luo Yiming's downward movement increased, and gentleness continued to flow from the palm of his hand.

     Embarrassment, embarrassment of the thief!

     However, nowadays the arrow has to be sent on the string.Once this opportunity is lost, Qiao An will definitely not let herself approach.

     Taking advantage of the situation, Luo Yiming threw Chen Qiaoyan down.

     Pressed on Chen Qiaoyan and immediately sat sideways.

     Luo Yiming ignored the hand that was hugged by Chen Qiaoyan, another hand pressed precisely on Qiaoyan's button.

     "I'm sorry, Qiao An."

      "Ah." Along with Qiao Yan's low gasping sound, fake blood came out of her chest, which stained Luo Yiming's clothes.

     "Yiming, you..."

     Chen Qiaoyan was under Luo Yiming's body. This posture and action were too ecstasy.

     But the madness of the game has already allowed the two to enter another role.

     "Qiaoyan, I'm sorry, you have been eliminated."

     Luo Yiming held Chen Qiaoyan's hand and helped Chen Qiaoyan up in the next second.

     "Yi Ming, I didn't think it was you. Thanks to my trust in you and friendship, you did this to me." Qiao Yan vented.

     "Qiaoyan, I can't do anything about it. You can't blame me for this. It's all forced by the show crew."

     Qiao Yan hadn't thought at all, and Luo Yiming's prey was her.

     I can only blame myself for being too kind, and being bullied by Luo Yiming.

     Chen Qiaoyan is now attacked by the opponent. She who is familiar with the rules of the game knows that she is Luo Yiming's.

     "Qiaoyan, now you are mine slave, you must not disobey my orders."

     "Hmph, I'm angry, you also attacked a girl's breast... You are ashamed to let me be a slave, you are not boring..." Although knowing that this is already the case, Chen Qiaoyan still wants to attack Luo Yiming."Qiao Yan, I was also forced. The show crew is really shameless, and even let me this kind of upright gentleman prey on a weak woman like you."

     "I also regret the crash happened just now. Alas. But don't be sad. Brother is very good. You follow me obediently, and you are indispensable for the delicious and spicy food."

     Chen Qiaoyan said helplessly: "Huh, If you marry a chicken, follow the chicken if you marry a dog follow the dog, or how to handle, you’ve been attacked by you, you can only follow you. ."

     Luo Yiming is super speechless. When he talks like this, I feel that the two of them are a little bit... what to do the rhythm of bad things.

     He also gave Chen Qiaoyan some psychological construction, and Qiaoyan expressed his willingness to follow.

     Then, looking at Qiao Yan's goal, Luo Yiming felt that he had won.

     Chen Qiaoyan's goal is the pig.

     "Don't worry, I will help you press the pig out."

     After Luo Yiming saw that Chen Qiaoyan's goal was a pig, he felt less pressure.

     After all, Little Pig is also a very silly and innocent guy.

     Not far away, a pair of eyes has been observing the movement here.

     It is Huang Lei, the fortune teller.

     "Did you see that, as soon as he pressed Qiaoyan off, walk around, let's leave first, Qiaoyan's goal who is it still does not know."

     Huang Lei was not far away and happened to see Luo Yiming knocking down Chen Qiaoyan.

     "Let's sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight. After they fight almost there, let's go out again."

     "We must win!"

     Huang Lei decided not to go out to attract firepower first, let them consume each other first, and take the influence and power by himself.But Huang Leishen was not fake and couldn't hold back the accident.

     He just turned around, suddenly, a person's silhouette sprang out from the corner.

     "Wait, wait, wait, Hong Lei, let's talk first."

     "What is there to talk about? I have heard everything you said. It is impossible for you to win because I will press you first."

     Sun Honglei was furious, and the target pointed at the button on Huang Lei's chest.

     Huang Lei felt bitter.

     I have a thousand fortunes, but Sun Honglei is a fool.

     It didn't take long for the fake blood to come out of Huang Lei's chest.

      "All right, you are dead."

     "You are currently already my slave, Ha Ha Ha Ha, be good, I can tell you, you can't object to my order."

     Huang Lei is desperate.

     He had the chance to win, but halfway through...

     "Now I'm thirsty, I want to drink water, Huang go buy me water."

     Sure enough, Huang Lei knew Sun Honglei would let himself do things like this.

     "Okay, wait, I will buy you water."

     Huang Lei can only obey. He is now Sun Honglei's slave, and Sun Honglei cannot resist his orders.

     "Ha Ha Ha Ha, sure enough, who else can compare when I shoot."

     Sun Honglei is super awkward. Although he is stupid in front of the game, he feels that he must be able to counterattack.

     "Here, the water you need."

     Before long, Huang Lei took a bottle of water and handed it to Sun Honglei.

     Sun Honglei un'ed and took a sip of water.

     Huang Lei swallowed at the side."You let me take a sip too."

     "You want to drink it."

     "Well, I'm a bit thirsty." Huang Lei said.

     "What do you drink?"

     Sun Honglei blinked his little eyes.

     "You now are the slave knows or not, you need to know your current status, you are a slave, you have to drink water, you are so beautiful."

     After that, Honglei Sun was coldly snorted and left proudly.

     Huang Lei licked his lips and followed unwillingly.

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