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317 Chapter 313, The Battle For Time Begins (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     Under the control of the six PDs, the six people finally met on the China World Trade Center flyover.

     Luo Yiming took Chen Qiaoyan, and Sun Honglei took Huang Lei.

     Piggy and Huang Bo are alone.

     "You two, what is this situation, we are eliminated."

     Huang Bo glanced at Huang Lei and Qiao An, the two of them were bloodied, and they were obviously pressed down.

     "Yes..." Chen Qiaoyan said aggrievedly.

     "Qiao Yan, I am not surprised by your sacrifice. You are too easy to lie. It's just Huang Lei, Huang Lei, are you dead too?"

     "..." Huang Lei was silent.

     "Huang Lei, look at what you look like."

     "You were actually pressed down by Sun Honglei, are you embarrassed?" Seeing Huang Lei not speaking, Huang Bo continued to mock Huang Lei.

     Huang Lei felt bitter. Sun Honglei knew that the box could be opened to accept this task or he told Sun Honglei, and in the end he was pressed down by Sun Honglei.

     Where does he go to reason!

     At this time, Luo Yiming's look changed, and his face was friendly and said: "Little pig, come here, don't get too close to them, it's dangerous." Luo Yiming's enthusiasm made Little Pig unprotected, and he just said Go ahead.

     "Little pig, don't go there." Huang Bo suddenly stopped Luo Zhixiang.

     "What?" Little Pig was still confused.

     "It's possible that Luo Yiming's goal is you, and you were pressed down by him as soon as you passed."

     "Ah, it's so... dangerous." The piglet was just about to take his leg, and when he heard Huang Bo's words, he immediately backed up a few steps and distanced himself from the others.The meeting of six people is always murderous.

     At this time, Sun Honglei was originally rubbing against Huang Bo furtively.

     Huang Lei's target is Huang Bo, but Huang Lei is now his own slave. If he helps Huang Lei get Huang Bo down, then he will have two slaves.

     But as soon as elatedly pulled in a little distance, his trick was penetrated by Huang Bo.

     "Sun Honglei, What are you doing!"

     Huang Bo could see through Sun Honglei's small movements at a glance.

     "You, you, I like to do these things, I really don't hesitate to say you." Huang Bo said to hate iron for not becoming steel.

     "I want to catch a pig, what are you messing up with."

     Sun Honglei saw that his little actions were discovered, he decisively and deliberately said that his goal was the pig.

     Then he looked at Luo Zhixiang, but actually walked towards Huang Bo.

     But his eyes kept blinking, and Huang Bo had already seen this guy's nature.

     "You, you, really a dog can't stop himself from eating shit."

     "I won't play with you anymore, let's go first." Huang Bo turned his head and ran, leaving distance in between, not forgetting to mock Sun Honglei.

     "Huang Bo, Huang Bo, don't run, you are really... an old fox."

     While Sun Honglei and Huang Bo were playing tricks, Luo Yiming on the side was furtively talking to Chen Qiaoyan. Qiaoyan kept nodding her head, indicating that she knew everything.

     "It's now, go!"

     Luo Yiming pushed Qiaoyan, Qiaoyan immediately rushed out to the pig.

     Qiao Yan approached the piglet and stretched out his hand, but... I didn't expect the piglet to react quickly, so he turned his head and ran.Qiao Yan is a girl. Although she has been chasing after her, instead of getting closer, she is getting bigger and bigger instead.

     Luo Zhixiang seemed to have a hot wheel at his feet and ran at an athlete speed that made people hard to believe.

     "Don't run... I just chatted with you." Qiao Yan ran a distance, and finally lost one of his shoes. Fortunately, Qiao Yan's flat sneakers were not too ugly after the shoes were lost. .

     With a flick of her hands, she who "throwed away one's helmet and coat of mail" simply gave up, her face blushing, panting constantly, and she sat comfortably on the side of the road.

     "This little pig, he... he ran too fast... right, I am a girl who chases... catch him..."

     Luo Yiming has been watching this scene happen.

     In fact, the chance that Qiaoyan can press the piglet is in the case of the other party inadvertently, but the other party found out, naturally unsuccessful.

     Helping Qiao Yan brought the shoes, Luo Yiming squatted down and said patiently: "Qiao Yan, this is not my leader who said you, you are still slow, and Xiao Zhu noticed."

     "But you did your best, I don't blame you."

     Qiao Yan raised her head and glanced at Luo Yiming. She pursed her lips and wanted to say nothing about you to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex.

     But I actually held back and said, there is no way, people under the eaves have to bow their heads.

     As a slave, she can only listen to Luo Yiming's arrangements.

     "Hurry up and put on your shoes," Luo Yiming said.

     Chen Qiaoyan suddenly came up with an idea.

     He smiled and looked at the former: "Oh, people ran for you, panting, how can they still have the strength to wear shoes, you can help me wear..."Qiao Yan blinked her beautiful eyes, seducing Luo Yiming.

     "Nani! Are you making a mistake?"

     Luo Yiming thrust his waist up and said proudly: "I am your master, you are mine slave, you want me to help you wear shoes?!"

     "Oh, what are you screaming at!" Chen Qiaoyan's little hand softly pushed Luo Yiming's arm, and with a wink, Luo Yiming's arm was directly put down.

     "Even if you are a leader, can't you physically punish employees? People really have no strength, can't you help!"

     The ambiguous smell suddenly floated out.

      Unlimited Challenge, Luo Yiming did not actually design such a bridge.

     However, this effect was achieved in an uncontrollable variety show recording environment.

     In the later stage, if some bubbles are scattered on the screen and then accompanied by a romantic music, I believe there will be sparks.

     "I... alright!"

     Luo Yiming thought of this, and he began to help Chen Qiaoyan wear shoes. This time, he knew how to take pictures. He hurriedly switched a lot of different perspectives to give close-ups of Luo Yiming's and Qiaoyan's expressions.

     Including the action of Luo Yiming's cautious and solemn putting on shoes for Chen Qiaoyan, he shot very concretely.

     At this moment, the atmosphere became particularly warm.

     After putting on the shoes, Luo Yiming's tone became different, and the relationship between the two seemed to be more stable and friendly.

     "Qiaoyan, now your goal has been exposed, we have to change the way."

     "Yes." Qiao Yan responded softly, like a little lady."Wait later, you will hide next to him. I will call piggy over. Look at my gestures. When I beckon you will rush out and knock him off."

     Chen Qiaoen smiled: "Okay, this is called... when a man and a woman pair up together, all labour isn't tiring, right?"

     Luo Yiming was speechless.

     "must be careful."

     "Well, I understand, I will pay attention to protect myself, you have to be well, then I will go hide."

     Qiao Yan gave Luo Yiming a trusting look. Luo Yiming was placed in the position of the "male companion" and could not come down at all.

     Watching Qiao An, furtively walked to the side, the cat got up.

     Luo Yiming started to act.

     "Little pig, come here, let's talk." Luo Yiming walked forward for a while and began to call Luo Zhixiang over.

     "Hey, Yiming, you think I'm stupid! If I don't go, you will definitely push me out if I go, and I will have shit."

     The piglet popped a head not far away and said with a smile.

     "Little pig, don't be like this, don't be spoiled by Huang Bo's bad scorpion, my goal is not you, how can I press you..."

     Luo Yiming began to use his eloquence.

     "That's right, Qiao Yan is to press me. Then, you told me what to do?"

     "Actually, Huang Bo is the one who wants to kill you. Come here, we two alliances." Luo Yiming act as if one is taking things very seriously.

     "Alliance? Ok... Then I'm here, don't press me."

     Little pig hesitant, but still came over."Yi Ming, I still don't understand why we want to massacre one another. If we unite together in Mission Completion, it will be much faster."

     At the beginning of the mission, Little Pig witnessed this sinister arena, everyone killed each other, and he had no hope and hope for a peaceful life.

     Therefore, Luo Yiming's alliance just caught his mind.

     "That's it. Little pig, look at how much time is left in your watch." Luo Yiming asked.

     "I still have half an hour or so." The pig is very real.

     "The half an hour is too little. Let me tell you the truth, half an hour will be gone soon, I have a lot of time."

     After Luo Yiming pressed Qiaoyan, Chen Qiaoyan's time was allocated by Luo Yiming.

     "You see this is the case. If you join us, our time can be arranged together, so that we can avoid wasting time."

     Little Pig lowered his head and thought for a while, he felt that what Luo Yiming said was quite reasonable.

     At this moment, Luo Yiming carried his hands back and made a gesture towards Qiao Yan who was hiding by the side.

     Chen Qiaoyan had been watching Luo Yiming and Xiaozhu by her side. She was eager to make a contribution, and she was almost anxious. Seeing Luo Yiming finally sent a signal, Qiaoyan approached slowly from behind and reached out. Hands up.

     Where did the little pig know that there was still an ambush, he was thinking about something, but he was directly pushed off by the hand that emerged from behind.


     Pretty perfect!

     "Ha Ha Ha Ha, little pig, you now are my slave."

     Chen Qiaoyan smiled very happy."Wrong, Qiaoyan, even you are mine, now Xiaozhu is mine."

     Chen Qiaoyan pouting mouth, only then did he remember his identity: "Well, boss."

     The saddest thing is of course Luo Zhixiang: "Yiming, you lie to me."

     The little pig looked at Luo Yiming dumbly, and Luo Yiming couldn't help feeling guilty in his heart.

     "Little pig, I'm doing this for your own good. Didn't you just talk about the alliance? Now we are together. Listen to my brother to tell you about the rules of the game..."

     Luo Yiming hugged Luo Zhixiang friendly and began to brainwash him.

     After a conversation, Little Pig said: "Yi Ming, I understand, don't worry, we will definitely win."

     Little Pig’s Unlimited Challenge in his previous life was a silly limit, and his simplicity was not much better than Little Sheep.

     With Luo Yiming's high IQ, it is not difficult to incorporate him.

     Having been thoroughly brainwashed by Luo Yiming, he has become a three-good young man who can dedicate everything to the team.

     Luo Yiming had just collected Xiaozhu when he saw Sun Honglei and the others coming, and Huang Bo was also depressed for the drama.

     "I said Brother Bo, you were also pressed down by Brother Honglei, what's the situation?"

     Luo Yiming smashed his mouth as if he was don't dare to believe.

     Huang Bo grimaced, thinking of the past, heartbroken.

     "Why is it dripping? Who do you show with a bitter face? Give me a smile, a smile!"

     Sun Honglei saw Huang Bo's bitter face, and blinked his small eyes and shouted.

     "He he he he."

     Huang Bo gave Sun Honglei a "brilliant" smile."Oh my god, laughing is uglier than crying, I really don't hesitate to look at you."

     Sun Honglei has a cold-shoulder facial expression.

     "Come on, look here, I will show you what it means... a smile!"

     Sun Honglei hooked his finger at the camera and motioned the camera to give himself a close-up.

     The camera turned towards the past, and his mouth turned upside down, and his big white teeth shone in the sunlight, each one seemed fully content with one's achievements.

     "Have you seen it? This is the smile of a winner, the smile of a strong one."

     When Sun Honglei was crying, six people's cell phones suddenly received messages.

     "Dear friends, it's really interesting. I didn't think you two persisted until the end. Come here, I am waiting for you at the center stage of the Garden."

     "Guanyuan? Center stage, where is the center stage." Sun Honglei put away his pride and said.

     "I know this, I will take you there." Luo Yiming, as the master of this, is the invisible boss behind him.

     He knows the game behind and naturally guides everyone.

     A group of people will follow Luo Yiming straight to the center stage of the Guanyuan not far away.

     "Ha Ha Ha Ha."

     Suddenly a man in ugly and shameful clothes came out, and the information was released by him.

     Of course Luo Yiming knew that this heavily armed man was Zhao Xiang.

     As the director of Unlimited Challenge, Zhao Xiang will play some mysterious characters in the show.

     His appearance is also to advance the next task.

     The next second, the staff member wearing a mask pushed the "freezer compartment" and walked out."Broken." Luo Yiming shouted, and the other five people still did not know what's going on, they were forced into the "freezer" and then put into the car.

      When the staff member saw that everything was done, they drove straight to the Guanyuan.

     After arriving at Guanyuan, the two people who came out first were Sun Honglei and Luo Yiming, the last to survive.

     The task publisher said: "You can choose to resurrect your teammates, but there is a detail. If you choose to resurrect, you need to allocate the time to your teammates. You can listen clearly."

     "Listen clearly." Luo Yiming and Sun Honglei said.

     "Okay, you can go to revive your teammates."

     "Wait, wait." Sun Honglei started to play and interrupted: "Does the resurrection need any procedures, such as a spell like give me strength."

     "This is up to you, anyway, your time needs to be allocated to teammates." Zhao Xiang was also embarrassed by Sun Honglei.

     After Luo Yiming and Sun Honglei gathered their teammates, they began to revive their teammates and allocate time.

     "Every one of us has such a walkie-talkie, the channel password is, you can contact in the channel, now allocate time." Sun Honglei said.

     Huang Lei and Huang Bo looked at Sun Honglei expectantly, because they came to life immediately.

     "So... I'll give you all... five minutes."


     Huang Lei and Huang Bo are about to faint: "I said you peeled the skin every week, it only takes five minutes, five minutes is enough for you."

     "I'm sorry, my surname is Sun, and I'm also going to peel the skin. There are two elder brothers. With your physical fitness, you can do a lot in five minutes."

     puff.Sun Honglei's words are suspected of driving, and Huang Lei and Huang Bo are completely speechless.

     "Boss, give me more."

     "Okay, then I will show kindness, one person... ten minutes will do, if time is not enough... I will make up for you!"

     Sun Honglei's expression is hideous, as if dividing time is like digging meat on his body.

     "Huang Bo, I think we can only do this for now, letting Hong Lei give us more time is more difficult than killing him."

     Sun Honglei smiled: "Look, Brother Huang Lei understands me."

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