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318 Chapter 314, Luo Yiming Is About To Lose (recommendation Ticket Requested)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     Compared with Sun Honglei's stinginess, Luo Yiming, the time manager, is more generous.

     He divided his time evenly, and each of the three had more than 30 minutes.

     Similarly, they also opened channels on the walkie-talkie to facilitate communication with each other.

     "Now we are teammates of a team. From now on, our team has no leadership. We are all equal. We must love and trust each other. We can only be undercover, and we must not be traitors."

     Chen Qiaoyan said: "From the last link, as soon as I know, I will follow you. Anyway, you can't leave me behind."

     Little pig said: "Wow, wow, now you two are starting to lose sugar, then we are three in a team, I don't have to eat dog food every minute."

     "You will definitely be feeding until full." Qiao Yan said.

     Luo Yiming said: "...You really can't help it."

     At the same time of greeting, Task information is here again.

     "You two teams must choose time within a limited time and grab the time numbers in order. The team that grabs the number twelve first, I will give you eternal time."

     "When time runs out, the opponent has the right to use time to convert you into their own teammates."

     The final task details were released. After listening, Chen Qiaoyan and Xiaozhu understood better, why Luo Yiming emphasized.

     Can only be an undercover, not a traitor!

     "Relax, I...even if time runs out, my body will still be ours." Little Pig said.

     "This is live in Cao camp but have the heart in Han camp.""We will definitely win." After cheering each other up, the three began to carry out the task.

     On this side, after Sun Honglei heard the Task information, he said, "You go to the task first, and I will inquire about the situation there."

     "Yi Ming, Yi Ming, don't leave."

     Sun Honglei searched for a long time, and after finding the target, he happily stared at Luo Yiming and kept bombarding him with words.

     "Why are you following me, don't you go to Mission Completion?"

     "My task is to prevent you from killing you." Sun Honglei was changed by Monk Tang. Luo Yiming's head became bigger. No matter what method Luo Yiming used, he just followed Luo Yiming and couldn't leave.

     "Brother, I really convinced you, brother, what do you want, you tell me directly, I promised you it's not enough."

     Luo Yiming was on the verge of collapse, and now he only asked Sun Honglei to leave him.

     "All promised me, then kneel down and sing how is it?"

     Yiming glanced at Sun Honglei, and laughed first: "Yes, but brother, I can't sing, you teach me."

     "Okay. Just like this..." Sun Honglei stopped suddenly, "You think I'm stupid."

     "I want you to sing to me, and then become me to sing to you..."

     "Hey, you are smarter than I thought." Luo Yiming raised his head and said.

     "Look at what you are saying. It's a very good choice for the six of us. My IQ is about the same as yours, otherwise it's the two of us that won."

     "In fact, why I want to follow you, is that I think we are both talented, beautiful, between the two, difficult to differentiate high and low......"words exceede 5100"Since it has nothing to do with us, isn't it a waste of energy for us to run around..."

     "But Yiming said, we are equal." Little Pig said.

     "Equality? Little Pig, you are too innocent. You give your time clearly. If he wants to take it back, he will take it back. He said that, it is his rigorous schemes and deep foresight, deliberately asking you to be loyal and devoted. Follow him."

     "Yi Ming is the limit, you can't help but beware."

     Huang Lei played his three-inch tongue, and the flickering pig started to be a little foggy.

     "What you makes sense."

     "Let's do it, don't worry about finding it, and see the situation. You just go shopping here, I'll go to the toilet." Huang Lei rolled his eyes and slipped away.

     Now that Little Pig had been fooled by him, Huang Lei naturally left the digital area directly.


     Huang Bo stood in front of the No. 1 digital area. He had just obtained the key to the No. 1 digital area, and now he only had to light the No. 1 digital area.

     "Okay, I pressed it."

     Huang Bo rubbed his hands, turned on the button in the number area, and pressed it directly.

     A firework shot directly into the sky.

     "The number one area has been occupied."

     "Who is it, did our team occupy it?"

     "It's me, I occupy it."

     "No, Huang Bo has already occupied the No. 1 digital zone, so hurry up and find the No. 2 digital zone!"

     It didn't take long before the first eight digital areas were occupied.Sun Honglei and his team occupied five of them, and the remaining three were occupied by Luo Yiming and his team.

     Xiaozhu didn't find a single number, and Qiaoyan found the three.

     "Little pig, you are still too simple."

     Luo Yiming looked at Luo Zhixiang to hate iron for not becoming steel.

     When I first met him, this kid was still lost on the side of the road.

     "I told you not to talk to that old fox Huang Lei. If he sold him and count the money for him, you don't want to think about it. If we win, you won too."

     "It seems like that."

     This is the realisation of Piggy.

     "There are still a few number fields, we have to get the last number field to win. But our time is running."

     Whoever can get more time has the last chance to press the twelve number.

     The Unlimited Challenge time war produced by Luo Yiming is more reasonable in time allocation.

     Each team has to capture at least four digit areas to survive until they capture twelve digits, in other words, now their entire team has only got three.

     If they are not photographing a number, even if they find the number twelve and wait there, their time is not enough.

     Right now, the time of the three has already appeared in crisis.

     Luo Yiming's brain is running fast, he said on the channel: "Qiaoyan, nine, ten, and eleven three digital areas, we have to take one.""After pressing, we can snatch the twelve numbers. Now there are two main tasks. We will act separately. I will find the last number area and get the key to the number area."

     "You and Little Pig, make sure to press down a number in the number area from nine to eleven."

     call out.

     When Luo Yiming issued the order, the time station in the number 9 area was detonated. Sun Honglei, Huang Bo and Huang Lei each received another 20 minutes.

     However, each of the three members of Luo Yiming's team has only five and a half minutes left.

     "No, our chances of winning have become even smaller. We can only make sure that we get one between ten and eleven before we have the possibility of meeting twelve."

     "To break the cauldrons and sink the boats, fight with one's back to the river, all three of us go find ten and eleven."

     Luo Yiming to devise battle plan in a tent, this time, he is no longer the one who was leisurely "flirting with Sun Honglei" before.

     Suddenly speeding up his pace, he rushed out like a trapeze.

     Sun Honglei who followed behind was still enjoying the beautiful scenery, and saw Luo Yiming swish like a spring, shocking his jaw drop.

     "I'm going, was it a meatball that flew out just now?"

     "It's so fast."

     "Luo Yiming was out of anger, and their team hasn't pressed the numbers."

     "Brother, how can you be so happy to see him sad!"

     Sun Honglei said in the channel: "I lost my follower here at Yiming. He must have gone to find the numbers. When I looked at him, he only had five minutes left, three hundred seconds, and we won immediately!Huang Lei said, "I'm already standing in front of the number ten. They only have the only chance for the number eleven."

     Huang Bodao: "I already saw it number eleven, and I will rush over now."

     Huang Lei said slyly: "No hurry, now they only have five minutes for each of them. My figure consumes them three minutes. When you get to you, consume them two more minutes, then the game will be over."

     Sun Honglei said with a grin: "You two good generals, a man has anything to demand. Haha, we are determined to win. I will go to see if there is a convenience store nearby, buy champagne first, and wait for the moment of celebration."

     Huang Lei stood in front of the number ten, with the key in his hand, there was a kind of open-mindedness under my control.

     As he expected, if he followed his own method, Luo Yiming and his players could only face one result: loss.

     Moreover, time ran out and did not experience the early exit of the final twelve-digit area grabbing battle.

     In the channel, Luo Yiming's words of cheering and inflating continued to linger. He did not abandon or give up.

     The persistent search and perseverance infects Qiaoyan and Xiaozhu.

     As a result, the two also began to run in the huge garden.

     On the one hand, there is a free and unconstrained group of three people waiting to celebrate with a drink, and on the other hand is a team that fights for the collective, fights for honor, and runs desperately.

     The contrast is great.

     This situation and this scene... The camera teacher who was following could not help being moved.

     Little pig saw the number ten, he be wild with joy: "Yiming, Qiao Yan, I found the number ten.""Well, it's over now, press the tenth number, we will get along with you and redistribute the time."

     In the process of searching, all three of them spent two minutes.

     Today, each person has only three minutes left, that is, only 180 seconds.

     This is their last and only hope.

     Luo Yiming rushed towards the number ten number zone mentioned by the pig. This was also the first time he challenged his physical speed limit in the Unlimited Challenge.

     Who said that Asians, the yellow race can't run fast, Luo Yiming proved with his desperate speed that the yellow race can also run.

     From where he was, he was infinitely close to the number ten area, and Luo Yiming only spent a minute and a half.

     At this time, each of the three people only had one and a half minutes left, which is ninety seconds!

     On the way, Luo Yiming aimed at the number 12 area, which was a very hidden place, but if they couldn't press another number, they wouldn't even have a chance to press that number.

     Qiao Yan ran towards the number ten, sweat on her forehead, but she did not give up.

     In the state of running, Qiao Yan was tripped by a stone, thumped, he fell into the mud, her face was blackened by mud and water.

     A beautiful girl suddenly became ugly and dirty, but she just wiped her cheek with her hand, got up and continued to run towards the destination!


      don't know why.

     This kind of chip away at a task and not abandon it, the ultimate spirit of never giving up, touched everyone in the crew.

     But to be able to do this lies in Luo Yiming's personality.No matter which program Luo Yiming is in, his kind of truth, kind of stubbornness, and kind of tenacious will will infect everyone.

     "I saw the two of them running towards you, Huang Lei. You hide, and when they are about to arrive, you just press the number ten." Huang Bo said with a smile. For him, at this moment , Luo Yiming's three people are like stupid pigs.

     They don't know, in fact, they have already fallen into Huang Lei's trap.

     "I'm hiding well. The piglet will be here soon. I will ring the number a few seconds before he comes. According to the current time, they only have sixty seconds."

     "I will ring the number ten, and you will ring the number eleven and let Hong Lei find the twelfth. We are the final winner."

     Sun Honglei said: "I don't think I need to look for it anymore. They will all die when they run out of time. We already won."

     "Theoretically this is the case, but for Mission Completion, we still have to ring the last number twelve. You can find it, Hong Lei."

     "Okay, then... I'll look for it slowly."

     Seeing that there was only one minute left in time, Little Pig couldn't wait, he rushed towards the number ten.

     Just as he approached the time station infinitely, a person suddenly jumped out from behind the time station.

     He has opened the time station to charge, this time, his hand quickly presses up.

     Bang bang bang.

     The color cannon lifted off.

     Huang Lei's voice resounded in the air: "I pressed the number ten, I want time!"

     The pig is blinded and stupid!

      dumb as a wooden chicken.And this time, Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan also ran to the time station, and they saw the color cannon rise.

     Seeing Huang Lei had been waiting for a long time.

     They knew... they were in the middle.

     Their team is going to lose!

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