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321 Chapter 317, Jump Mission, Challenge Impossible (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The CITIC Ocean Helicopter was displayed on the body, but at this moment, the shock of the helicopter has surpassed the ad placement, and even more so in the boundless in the sky's. This "big goose" made the nine stars unable to help but look up and watch the slippery. Helicopters crossing the sky.

     "Wow, is this picking us up?"

     "This trip really has a good start. We can experience a private helicopter first."

     Xie Tianhua said: "I think the helicopter should have twelve seats. It happens to be ten of us."

     "Plus two cameras, exactly twelve." Da Zhangwei added.

     "It's Jiang Yang." Zhang Jie would see a person's head protruding from the helicopter, followed by his body, until half of his body was exposed before Zhang Jie recognized that it was Jiang Yang.

     "It seems that it is really Jiang Yang, he is up there, this helicopter is to pick us up."

     The eyes of the nine stars are all cast into the sky.

     In the next second, Jiang Yang's voice came slightly: "I'm here." Then he jumped down from a high altitude, jumping off the plane? Nani!

     The mouths of several people opened again. Jiang Yang was holding a parachute device in his hand. After he jumped out, his hand quickly pulled the parachute away, bang sound, Jiang Yang's body first rushed up and then followed his body The gravity, as well as the balance he mastered, slowly went up and down to the clearing.There is a camera on Jiang Yang’s parachute. The device clearly records the moment Jiang Yang is in the air. He started speaking: "Hello everyone, this is broadcast for you by Mango TV, the first documentary reality show of nature exploration. Follow Jiang Yang on the adventure. I am the producer and commander of this expedition Jiang Yang. Now I am talking to you from a few hundred meters in the air. Next, I want to lead you to get to know my friends."

     Jiang Yang fell down and kept falling. When he was very close to the ground, he slowed down, his feet felt the solid ground for the first time, Jiang Yang ran out a few meters with the potential energy, and then took the landing device away. It happened to be in front of the nine celebrity guests.




     In the air just now, Jiang Yang's hair was blown a little messy, after he slowly combed it, he was already a very handsome face in front of the camera.

     "Awesome, Jiang Yang. You have a good jumping machine."

     Da Zhang Wei has never experienced this, so after seeing Jiang Yang come down, he found it very interesting.

     Huang Bodao: "This requires technology. If you don't play well, it will torn body and crushed bones."

     Zhang Danfeng said: "I roughly calculated that from the position where we just jumped down, we should have at least two hundred meters. This is the height of a fifty-story building."

     Han Ke nodded: "There are fifty stories."

     Yang Mi, Zhang Junmi, and Zhao Liying were shocked."Don’t feel new to everyone. If there are 50 floors, you will know after a while. The action I jumped just now is to demonstrate to you. Once you enter the jungle, everyone must complete the most basic jump. From the helicopter to the jungle, this is the first step in our adventure."

     "What?" The nine stars were shocked after hearing Jiang Yang's words.

     "You mean, we also have to jump off the plane. Don't let it go, I'm still young." Da Zhangwei was afraid first.

     Yang Mi's face turned miserable: "I said not to come to this horrible show, jumping from such a high sky, whoever saves me, I don't want to jump."

     "Jiangyang, can you not dance?" Han Yu said.

     The expression on Jiang Yang’s face is very serious: “Following Jiang Yang to take an adventure is a real nature exploration reality show. The fastest way for us to enter the jungle is to jump off the plane. Of course, before starting the challenge, you all have the option to quit. The power of this show."

     drop out? Exit without jumping?

     This is too cruel, right?

     The nine stars muttered in their hearts.

     "I jump." After a few seconds of silence, a girl raised her hand and made a sound. It was Zhao Liying who raised her hand.

     She didn't know where her courage came from, but maybe she just wanted to become a bird and feel the embrace of the blue sky when she saw the sky on the roof of the countryside. This parachuting can satisfy her.

     "I jump."

     After Zhao Liying said it, everyone looked at her, not admiring her bravery, but sarcasm from the bottom of her heart, for the sake of exposure, and for the camera, don't even use your life to fight."Very good. Zhao Liying, you are the first one who dare to speak out and challenge the jumping mission. Then, you will lead a team. I will lead a team. We will enter the jungle to jump. The remaining eight of you can Choose which one of us to follow. If you don’t jump, you can leave here by yourself."

     This moment of the camera was given to the desolation of this moment, looking at the wilderness without the village in front and the shop behind, except for the crew, there is no half-person figure.

     Only a few celebrities knew that they had been tricked.

     Even if I want to go, I don't know where to go, and even if I find my way, I can't go out without a couple of hours.

     What's more, if you walk away, you don't dare to jump, you are the weak. After being exposed by the show, I am afraid that you will be labeled such a label in the entertainment industry.


     I can't go, I can only go!

     Huang Bo is the one with the most vivid mind. Little girls can dance. What is afraid of being a Dungeon Masters? Huang Bo said: "I dance, and I admire sister Zhao Liying very much. I will be with her."

     Huang Bo stood in line first.

     Jiang Yang said: "What I said before is the right to choose who, and the rest can only automatically join the team."

     Hearing this, everyone was nervous.

     If you talk to Jiang Yang, you still feel a little safe, but with Zhao Liying, wouldn't it be finished.

     Da Zhangwei said: "That me and Jiang Yang."

     Yang Mi said: "I'm with Jiang Yang."

     Zhang Junmi said: "I also follow Jiang Yang."In an instant, three people chose Jiangyang, Zhang Jie, Xie Tianhua, Han Ke, and Zhang Danfeng. The four had not yet stood in line, but at this time there was only one spot left on Jiangyang.

     "My sister Zhao Liying is on the team." Xie Tianhua has filmed many TV shows and movies. Although there is no jumping machine in the show, the projects he has played are more exciting than this. He said that following Zhao Liying, the morale of the team It has also grown.

     Zhang Danfeng said: "Then I will be with sister Zhao Liying."

     Zhang Jie said: "Sister Han Yu, which side are you with? You choose first, and the rest is mine."

     Han Ke actually wanted to choose Jiang Yang from the front. After all, Jiang Yang’s jump was perfect. Look at Zhao Liying’s team except for Zhao Liying, who are all males. In this team, it’s better than Jiangyang’s girl. The team is more present. Han Hao said: "My sister Zhao Liying and I."

     After the team is over, another helicopter will appear in the sky. The two helicopters will slowly descend side by side, and will land on the open space in front of them.

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