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322 Chapter 318, Low-level Tasks Vs. Formal Tasks
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Xiaozhu, Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan are all standing by the hatch. The coach first prepared for Luo Yiming's group, and the password was also given to Luo Yiming and Chen Qiaoyan.

     Piggy is still preparing for this time.

     After getting the password, Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan fell down in the air.


     When he jumped out of the hatch, Qiao Yan screamed, and the other members were afraid to look at them.

      The movement of Sky Drop is really frightening, but the bravery of Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan has injected a boost of heart to the top members.

     In the next second, the two of them flew into the vast sky like free birds.

      bang sound, the landing gear opened smoothly.

      This time, Qiao Yan, who closed her eyes, slowly opened her eyes. She didn't have any fear, but was full of happiness.

     She looked sideways at Luo Yiming, who was controlling the device, and smiled sweetly.

     "Yi Ming, it seems that parachuting is not that scary."

     Luo Yiming said: "In fact, the terrible thing is only our demons. It comes from a fear of high altitude. Parachuting is not that difficult."

     "Look at the mountains and jungles in the distance. Are they beautiful?"

     Luo Yiming looked into the distance, Qiao Yan looked over, and the scenery was indeed unusual.

     "It's great to skydiving. I'm so happy to be able to appreciate the different beauty of nature. I want to shout out loud."

     "Yes, you can shout whatever you want."

     "Okay." Qiao Yan glanced at Luo Yiming. This suddenly turned off the wireless microphone, "Yiming, I love you."

     "Luo Yiming, I love you.""Ah." Subconsciously, Luo Yiming trembled when he heard Qiao Yan's confession.

     Confused: "Qiaoyan, don't, don't be kidding. We are still landing."

     Seeing that Luo Yiming was scared complexion turned white, Qiao Yan poked her body, Qiao Yan smiled, "Looking at you scared, we are talking about love now, and everyone can't hear it."

     "You always owe me a reply. I want to date you. Do you agree?"

     No one thought that Qiao An would confess at this time.

     Indeed, in the air, the love words of the two cannot be heard, and the close-ups given by the lens are only the image of the two conquering the blue sky.

     However, in this case, Luo Yiming has no mental preparation.

     "Actually... I think this time, we should enjoy the feeling of flying in the air."

     "Isn't that so?"

     "Okay. Anyway, I love you, you know that is enough." At Luo Yiming, he smiled delicately, his eyes blinked, and there was an extraordinarily ambiguous smell in the air.

     Luo Yiming's body is attached to her, Qiaoyan is in front and Luo Yiming is behind.

     After being stared at with such hot eyes, and knowing that this girl likes you and is willing to associate with you, the feeling of parachuting is indeed different.

     "Little pig prepares, Huang Lei, Huang Bo, prepare."

     Sun Honglei is the last one.

     He is accepting connection work before parachuting.

     After the three little pigs were familiar with the essentials of the action, following the coach jumped, the little pig shouted: "Fight!"

     He also began to fall in the wind.

     It can be said that for this show, Little Pig really fought.He didn't contribute to the team in the first episode. He felt guilty. In this episode, he must show a strong self.

     After falling down for just two seconds, the piglet may be a little blinded by the wind, and the landing device in his hand did not turn on immediately.

     At an altitude of a few hundred meters, the wind thorn is like a sharp knife. If you can't respond within five seconds, it is basically a terrible thing.

     The little pig was a little panicked, but to his surprise, the umbrella device at hand slammed open in 2.5 seconds.

     "Hey, this parachute is automatic."

     When the piglet jumped down, the helicopter immediately flew over, and then the piggy could communicate with the instructor through the wireless microphone and control and adjust the landing direction.

     "There is this kind of operation?"

     Originally, this adventure was dangerous to a certain extent. Although certain protective measures were taken, the guests still needed to open the parachute and control the direction of landing.

     But in fact, the risk index has been reduced to the lowest level. People that's it, the parachuting opening device is a very important step, and after successfully opening the parachuting, the inner fear will disappear, and the process of enjoying the landing will begin to change.

     It can be said that with the assistance of the coach, the safety factor is greatly improved.

     Huang Bo and Huang Lei parachuted one after another.

     "I opened this device by myself?"

     "My God, what we want us to do is to control the direction. It's too simple."

     "Is the program group playing us? Why didn't you tell us in advance that this umbrella opened automatically."Huang Lei said: "I also said that the risk factor for parachuting is relatively high, and the program group cannot play like this. There really is a later move."

     "The program team definitely wants to tell us a truth, that is, to face challenges bravely and overcome our own psychological barriers, because from the moment we decided to jump down, we already succeeded."

     "This skydiving challenge we already won. I think it should be understood this way, then I will enjoy the landing process."

     Huang Lei and Huang Bo are beginning to feel happy.

     The lever was successfully opened, and after the giant mushroom-like umbrella opened and landed, now, the only one who didn't parachute was Sun Honglei, who was a little afraid of heights.

     Everyone succeeded in the challenge one by one, and Sun Honglei's morale was also boosted.

     And even a little girl in Qiao Yan can do it successfully, and she can call out loudly in the air, so happy, so brave, she has no trace of fear.

     "Prepare to jump and move to the hatch."

     "Remember, immediately turn on the landing gear."

     "It must be remembered."

     While Sun Honglei was still being told, Huang Bo and Huang Lei who landed in the air still admired the crew's acting skills.

     "This landing device can be opened automatically, just let Hong Lei jump directly."

     Finally standing in front of the helicopter's cabin door, looking down, there was a dense jungle underneath, Sun Honglei did not dare to look more, because the dizziness would come as soon as he went to look.

     "No, I'm still a little dizzy, let me relax."words exceede 5100Luo Yiming said: "Sun Honglei. If your life is only for others to pull in front and push behind, it is a pig-like life, and it is destined to be taken to the slaughterhouse.

     "If you don't want to be controlled by others and want to dominate your own life, take this step. This step will be a leap in your life."

     "Sun Honglei, believe me, take this step and you will reap a completely different life, but if you shrink at this moment, your life is doomed to dull."

     Luo Yiming's extremely firm tone warmed Sun Honglei's blood, and the timidity on his face slowly disappeared.

     "Come on, Hong Lei, you can."

     "We all believe in you."

      This time Sun Honglei slowly closes the eyes.

     Jumping is something he didn't even dare to think about before, but, as Luo Yiming said, many times he has to do something he has not thought, this kind of person surging forward with great momentum.

      This kind of person is a brilliant and happy life.

     "I jumped."

     "Adjust your breath, relax, be brave, take this step, jump."


     With a scream, Sun Honglei jumped down.


     The wind howled in the air, and the camera captured the moment when he jumped down. Although his face was hideous and unstretched, at that moment, he was the most handsome in the shot.

     Sun Honglei jumped down and fell into the air.

     However, after one second of fear, he became extremely calm, and in two seconds he pulled up the parachute by himself, the moment the parachute opened.

     Indeed, he felt that everything was different.He feels so happy.

     That kind of happiness is different from shooting a good character, different from winning an award, it is complete inner satisfaction.

     "Luo Yiming, thank you for your encouragement. I love this show, Unlimited Challenge. Thank you for keeping me from being afraid of heights."

     Sun Honglei shouted in the air, his face was a little deformed, and his voice was not loud, but this did not prevent it from being received by the brothers and directors in the audio channel.

     "Sun Honglei turned on the landing gear with the fastest speed. It was 0.5 seconds faster than Luo Yiming." Zhao Xiang said.

     "He did... here." The foreigner coach said in Chinese with excitement.

     The whole process of falling down is still very leisurely.

     Qiao An is not nervous at all.

     This is naturally because of Luo Yiming's superb skills, and she looked at Luo Yiming, clinging to his side, like a little woman.

     Maybe it is because there is one more Luo Yiming around, Qiao Yan has no fear in her heart. This is the first time she has entered the entertainment industry since the beginning of history, and the first time she did not feel that fear.

     Luo Yiming is indeed the man who brought her a sense of security.

     "Qiaoyan is ready, be serious, we are about to land."

     Luo Yiming controlled the joystick, and they controlled the falling speed relatively slowly. When he landed immediately, the piglet behind, Huang Lei, and the others would also land.

     Qiao Yan said: "Well, I'm ready, how to do it when we go down?"

     Luo Yiming said: "There will be a certain amount of dive potential when we go down. We need to run for a short distance. You can just follow my rhythm."

     "Ok."With a rush, Luo Yiming's feet first stood on the ground, and then Qiao Yan also stepped on the ground. Luo Yiming ran forward and Qiao Yan also jogged.

     After successfully closing the umbrella and putting away the device, Luo Yiming reached out and helped Qiao Yan's waist, and the two finally stopped steadily.

     "We succeeded." Qiao Yan looked at Luo Yiming with a smile.

     "En. The challenge is successful, let's make a cooler action, or be a superman?"

     "Okay." Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan raised each foot as they said, and their hands rushed to the blue sky. They just made a super cool gesture, and the next second they rushed towards them. .

     It turned out that Little Pig didn't control the direction well. After he unlocked the parachute jump, the remaining potential could make him rush towards Luo Yiming who had just unlocked the device.

     Luo Yiming is still a superman, this can be too late to dodge.

     With a bang, the pig ran into Luo Yiming's arms.

     Luo Yiming, who was standing on one leg, was very difficult to resist. With that, Luo Yiming ran into Qiao Yan.

     The huge potential energy pushed Luo Yiming, and he overwhelmed Qiaoyan who was too weak to stand up to the wind.

     The head got into Qiao Yan's arms.

     The little pig fell to the side. When the camera captured Qiao Yan and Luo Yiming, it was more or less a bit… embarrassing.

     "Haha, handsome in only three seconds." Qiao Yan covered her mouth.

     Luo Yiming hurriedly got up and pulled Qiao Yan up: "It seems that you really have to be low-key."

     "Little pig, apologize!"

     "Is there a mistake?" Little pig bumped into someone. He didn't want to get up, not only did not apologize, but also said with a grin: "Yi Ming, you have to thank me.""Our very picky Qiaoyan beauty, you are full of hugs, I created such a good opportunity for you, don't you thank me?"

     Luo Yiming was speechless.

     He does not excuse.

     He knew that, moreover, Piggy might really be driving.

     The six stars have all completed the task of jumping off the plane, and what they see now is the black forest in the Qianlin Seascape of the outlying island.

     The director and the program team have been waiting for a long time at the location of the black forest where they landed.

     Seeing that Luo Yiming and other stars landed smoothly, director Zhao Xiang stepped forward and said: "Welcome to the black forest of Linhai. First of all, congratulations to you for overcoming your psychological obstacles and completing the challenge of skydiving."

     "I think everyone has experienced cruel skydiving and must have confidence in themselves. Then facing the next official task, we will not be disappointed."

     "Now that everyone has arrived, let's start today's official mission."

     "What, the official mission?"

     The six stars are as tired as dogs, thinking that the director team will arrange breaks, or food, but listening to the directors, it seems that they have misheard.

     The formal task, could it be said that the task just now is a joke.

     Is it a low-level task?
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