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323 Chapter 319, Clever Women Can Hardly Cook Without Rice (recommendation Ticket Requested)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Zhao Xiang saw almost there everyone had digested, and said: "That's it, because our final Quest Location today is the Women's Cave on the outlying island. The black forest is just a small attraction in the Krabi scenic spot.

     "So, we now need to go through the black forest to reach the women's cave in the outlying island scenic spot, where we gather."

     "Today, your first mission judged that the six of you, according to the group just now, whoever reaches the women's cave in the outlying island scenic spot wins."

     "Because you all completed the parachuting task just now, after arriving at the Women's Cave, you can all get a sumptuous dinner prepared by the show crew."

     "And the first to reach the women's cave will be provided with three sleeping bags and a tent, and the group that fails will have to solve the sleeping problem by themselves."

     "Nani, do you want to play so hard?"

     "The only winners are sleeping bags and tents. Didn't you go to a five-star hotel to sleep?" Sun Honglei had never heard of it, and he still slept in a barren mountain and old forest.

     Moreover, it has to be won.

     "Yeah, how come there should be a hotel? Do the winners sleep in the tent outside, and those who lose don't have to sleep?" Little Pig said.

     "Those who lose live in the women's hole." Zhao Xiang said.

     "Wow, doesn't this want us to return to primitive society?" Little Zhu said.

     "The inside of the cave is so dark and humid, how do you sleep?" Qiao Yan said dissatisfied.

     "You can find some firewood in the forest and use drilling wood to make fire to light the firewood for heating and lighting." The program group's answer once again made everyone face full of black lines.

     "Brother, drilling wood to make fire?""Are you really kidding?" Luo Yiming pretended to be unaware: "You tell me, why not use a lighter."

     The program group looked serious: "No."

     "Dear guests, the program of Unlimited Challenge is to test everyone's extreme spirit."

     "You must be reminded that you can only cooperate with us, otherwise your dinner will also be cancelled."

     "Now that the task is officially released, each group of guests must arrive at the same time to count. If there is an injury or other reason, a guest calls the rescue team, then this group has given up the game."

     "How do I feel that the program crew has dug a hole again? Did you arrange a trap along the way?" Huang Bo asked alertly.

     "Bo, according to the routine of the program group, this section of the road is definitely not easy to follow. Moreover, the tools I brought have been confiscated, which is even more difficult. I estimate that we will spend a period of time."

     Huang Lei sighed. He felt that he should insist on bringing tools.

      Unlimited Challenge, if it is said that jumping is only one prelude, now the show has officially started.

     As everyone thought, the Black Forest had already set up obstacles to the game.

     Although there are no annoying beasts in this scenic spot, Luo Yiming and the scenic spot have to carry out an adventure experience in the early stage.

     The scenic spot got this piece of wood after putting on makeup on the pigs in the village from other places.

     Not only are there pigs, they also made pheasants, which increased the obstacles of the game.

     I believe that the six stars will not be so smooth in the process of crossing the forest.Zhao Xiang had expected the show to be good for a long time, but for the six stars, except Luo Yiming, the others really didn't know what they were about to face next.

     "I said the director, you have confiscated the tools of Brother Huang Lei. When we walk in this black forest, at least give us something?"

     "I remember, you said that the program team prepared something for us, you better not lie to us. Otherwise, we will collectively... strike."

     Luo Yiming spoke very emotionally, and Sun Honglei immediately agreed: "Yes, Yiming is right. If we don't give us food, we will not leave."

     "Brother Honglei, how do you know how to eat? Eat, we are in the women's cave, and the program group will have a rich dinner waiting for us. What we need is some practical tools."

     "..." Sun Honglei said, "I think I can go on the road if I am full."

     Huang Lei smiled and said: "Honglei, let's not rush to eat. I also think that the program team should give us some tools that help the forest. For example, compasses, flashlights, mosquito repellents, these are very important."

     Zhao Xiang stopped listening to everyone's discussion and said: "All right, in view of your requirements, and in order to reflect the humanization of our program group, our director group has specially prepared some items for you."

     Seeing that the director was prepared, everyone was relieved.

     Sun Honglei said: "The director group is still considerate and meticulous."

     Huang Bodao: "These things should be useful, and they are all useful."

     "Thanks to the director team, we blamed you." Xiaozhu Le said with a smile.

     Qiao Yan said: "Then what about our things, give us quickly.""No." When the stars said in full swing, the director team interrupted: "Dear guests, you have misunderstood, these things are not yours."

     "It should be said, except that we will give everyone a backpack, you can only choose two of the other things, and you can't take the rest." The director continued.

     "Moreover, you can't discuss each person, so choose one by one."

     "First of all, Luo Yiming your group."

     With that said, the director team took out ten sets of items and placed them behind a curtain.

     Among the items in each group are tents, instant noodles, water, pots, compasses, knives, metal cups, magnesium bars (tinders), flashlights and watches.

     "The program group is a pitfall, everyone must choose well, and strive to not duplicate the same." Huang Lei said.

     Sun Honglei grumbled: "You can't take both, you can only take two, and this breaks the rules."

     Things are placed behind the curtain, what everyone doesn't know at all.

     After hearing the words of the director group, the guests began to complain.

     "We protest, we strongly protest, at least, we have to get three pieces each."

     As Qiao Yan said, she looked at Luo Yiming. She knew a little bit that it was invalid to protest with the director group. At present, she still takes some time to consider what is more reliable.

     Near Luo Yiming, Qiao Yan asked in a low voice: "Yiming, what do you think we should take?"

     Since this show is Luo Yiming's director, naturally, Luo Yiming knows a little.

     It's always right to follow him.No matter what he takes, Luo Yiming is sure to safely take Qiaoyan and Xiaozhu to their destination. Without even thinking about it, he said directly: "Just take what you need first."

     "En." Bridge anthracene nodded.

      "All right, Yiming, you group first."

     "Then I will take it first."

     After Qiao Yan walked to the director team and led away the backpack, he pulled the opening cloth and entered the back.

     Seeing that there is still food on the table, Qiaoyan is quite excited. There are five packs of instant noodles in big bags, which can solve everyone's eating problems.

     Instant noodles need water. Qiaoyan ignored the others and chose instant noodles and a large bottle of mineral water.

     Piggy came next, he saw the food and said: "I guess Qiaoyan must choose to eat, then I will get water and a flashlight."

     The piglet went out carrying water and a flashlight, and when he went to the place specified by the director group, he saw Qiao Yan also took the water, and the instant noodles and laughed.

     "You also took water."

     Qiao Yan said: "Yes, I thought you would choose pot and matches, so at least we can eat instant noodles first."

     The little pig was lost and said: "The program group is a pit, I was going to get some supplies, but I forgot all of the food.

     "Two big buckets of water, we can soak our feet at night."

     After the two took it, it was Luo Yi's turn. After he took the backpack, he saw the food and water set by the director team, and he knew something was wrong.

     Xiaozhu and Qiaoyan must have taken the food, but the food is really not very useful.

     Flashlight, this is very important, it is necessary for walking at night, Luo Yiming's hand retracted as soon as he reached out to get it.It seems that fire is more useful than a flashlight. Thinking of this, Luo Yiming turned to take a magnesium bar.

     "Get another knife."

     Luo Yiming has selected it, and Qiaoyan and Xiaozhu are excitedly looking forward to it here: "If Yiming comes with a pot and magnesium bars, our instant noodles will be lost."

     "I think I will."

     As soon as the voice fell, Luo Yiming appeared.

     He was holding a knife and a magnesium bar. When the piglet saw it, he fainted: "I took the magnesium bar, but...why, did I take a knife?"

     "Hey, there are magnesium bars, noodles, and water. Without a pot, I can only chew instant noodles."

     Luo Yiming looked at what the two of them chose, and he was not surprised at all: "I didn't take the magnesium bar for cooking noodles. The knife would also be useful, but if you want instant noodles, the next class may have a pot."

     The team next door has already started to choose. The first one who went in was Xtreme Yishou, Yan Wang Sun Honglei.

     He was so hungry. After seeing the food, he took the instant noodles without the slightest hesitation, but when he got it, he immediately regretted it.

     To the camera said with a chuckle: "Instant noodles, Huang Bo and Huang Lei will definitely take it, so I have to surprise them both."

     "I take the pot, and, water."

     After the selection, Sun Honglei looked at the camera proudly: "Whether Yan Wang's IQ has exploded? Is it surprising? Do you think your director group's plan is going to be ruined? You will see the three of us eating instant noodles later."

     Sun Honglei came out from inside to another designated area of the director.Huang Bo will enter this time. He took the flashlight for the first time without the slightest hesitation, then looked at these things and said: "I'm a little hungry, noodles and water, the fool Hong Lei must have chosen, that is, I need a pot. I Take another pot."

     Huang Bo went out excitedly, planning to celebrate with Sun Honglei.

     When he arrived at the meeting point, he saw a big pot in front of Wang Yan, and then he was holding a pot. He snorted and sprayed directly: "I said... Hong Lei, why are you holding a pot?"

     Wang Yan was angry: "You big idiot, you don't have to think about it. I took the pot, you still take the pot, you can't take noodles."

     "How to know you idiot also took the pot, according to your IQ, you should take the noodles."

     "A boneheaded teammate can do you more harm than the most formidable opponent. I...I don't hesitate to say that you can only watch Huang Lei."

     Huang Bo was stunned by Sun Honglei, then he looked at the two big pots they chose, and said helplessly: "Shall we boil water and drink?"

     "Special meow, boil the water and tell me where there is fire!"

     Huang Bo completely fainted.

     After the two elections, it is the turn of the Unlimited Challenge military division Huang Lei.

     He started the calculation before he even entered the room.

     "There must be food behind this screen. Honglei and Xiaobo must have eaten, water, bread or instant noodles, but that's okay, I am also hungry. use."

     "I will definitely choose what they didn't choose."

     God operator Huang Lei got all the guesses.

     The program team can not help but want to give him a wow exclamation.

     Then, Huang Lei entered."Sure enough, I guessed it. There is water and noodles. There are also pots. Someone must have carried the pot out of these two. The noodles and water should also be taken. I think I must have not taken this."

     Huang Lei grabbed a magnesium bar: "This is for making a fire, and it's still useful at night, so that our food will be saved."

     "If you have food, you have to choose what you need in the forest."


     Huang Lei got the flashlight and said, "In fact, there are many choices, but they are more useful than compasses, mosquito repellents, and flashlights. They definitely didn't have them, so I took a flashlight."

     The filming director didn't know, but the staff member next to him knew that Huang Bo had a flashlight.

     The fortune teller initially created a posture under my control, but...


     Seeing Huang Lei's appearance, with a flashlight in his left hand, Sun Honglei smiled crookedly, "Bo, look, what is Huang Lei's left hand."

     Huang Bo also fainted.


     The things he took before were blocked by Sun Honglei's prank.

     Huang Lei didn't know, he said: "You also took the flashlight? What else did you take, did you take the water and noodles? I know you will definitely choose food."

     Sun Honglei said: "Dangdangdang, announce the answer."

     Sun Honglei flashed himself, two big black pots, a big bucket of mineral water, and then...

     "Flashlight? You guys have flashlights too."

     "Two pots, one bottle of water, where's the noodles?" Huang Lei roared.Huang Bojijie's stopped/stood: "We still want to ask you about your face. Fortunately, you are a fortune teller. I took the flashlight, and you also took the flashlight. Look, two flashlights need to bridge?"

     I took Huang Bo's flashlight, turned it on with my own, and the two lights crossed.

     Sun Honglei smiled: "You all say I'm stupid. Actually, I think you two are really stupid."

     "I think you will get noodles, impossible ah. We...this is being tricked by the show team."

     Huang Lei said: "I don't know what they chose. If they have a face, we can combine with them."

     Huang Bo called Yiming at this time: "Yiming, what did you choose? Our idiot, Hong Lei, chose two black pots. I took water. We are poor...noodles. Can you change it? I can give you a pot."

     Luo Yiming glanced at the selection of his team, "We have noodles and water, pot."

     "That's great!"

     "But we only have five packs of noodles. It's impossible to change it. Let's... eat together."

     "Yes, we are playing today, but we can cooperate and have a meal first."

     The two teams don't care about the rules of the director group. The rules are dead. People are living, so they have to eat and go on the road.

     Six people, with great difficulty, found firewood and lit the flame, but the belly of six people under five packs of instant noodles did not eat much at all.

     It won’t take long before it is consumed.

     The food and water were basically unable to persist until the end of the game.
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