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325 Chapter 321, Shampoo Qiaoyan, Overnight (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The entire outlying island scenic area is surrounded by water on three sides, and the only place to enter the scenic area is the highway.

     Luo Yiming, Xiaozhu and Qiaoyan left for half an hour before coming out of the forest.

     But this is farther from the women's hole.

     However, here was really close to the water source, and as he continued to move forward, Luo Yiming could vaguely hear the sound of water splashing.

     But the sound is not far away, but it goes towards the mountain but runs to death the horse.

     Along the way, it was accompanied by the barking sounds of some mountain dogs.

     To be honest, Luo Yiming there's some left strength, he can support, but Xiaozhu and Qiaoyan feel hungry more and more.

     At noon, they just took half a pack of instant noodles to satisfy their hunger, and after consuming a huge amount of physical energy, now they guessed that they could swallow a bun raw.

     "Yi Ming, I can't do it anymore, I want to rest." Little Pig said.

     "The little pig, Qiaoyan, you guys wait for me, let me look ahead."


     Luo Yiming headed forward alone, on the way near the outer water source, Luo Yiming picked up a few plastic water bottles and packed them into his backpack.

     Fortunately, Luo Yiming also found a thick wrist cable. The outlying island scenic spot itself penetrated other waters. Considering that it might be useful, Luo Yiming put it in his backpack.

     In the jungle, apart from looking for food, building shelters, and resting time, only one kilometer of mountain roads can be walked a day. This task set by the director, Luo Yiming now obviously knows that it is impossible to complete.

     But the shooting does not have to be completed in one day, especially the highlight of variety shows, which is to toss the guests.The worse the guests play, the higher the ratings of the show.

     Luo Yiming designed the plot for this episode. Luo Yiming felt that the next story would be the climax of the Unlimited Challenge episode.

     Qiao An and Xiao Zhu sat where they were waiting.

     Food and water have been consumed, but looking back, it seems that he has only walked a few hundred meters of the forest.

     If there was a bit of passion at the beginning, the passion of the two has been wiped out at all.

     Look up again, the road is far, the mountain is higher, but the water is not visible at all.

     The food, except for a few dog barks in the distance, did not see a chicken.

     This can be tolerated without food, without water, it is definitely a pill.

     Compared to Luo Yiming, he was a bit more confident, and Xiao Zhu's mentality had collapsed.

     Just then, Sun Honglei's phone came in.

     "Little pig, where are you now, have you found the water source?"

     The situation of Huang Bo's team was even worse. The three boys, the Top Gun at first, were defeated by a series of obstacles in the jungle before long.

     Sun Honglei was not talking and laughing, Huang Lei looked serious.

     Huang Bo also couldn't raise any interest.

     No topic, hungry and thirsty, Sun Honglei thought of taking refuge in Luo Yiming.

     "We haven't found it yet...but we can hear the sound of running water. It should be very close. Yiming has already gone to look for it."

     "Do you have any food?" Sun Honglei asked.

     "Eat, I saw a pheasant on the road. You can eat it if you catch it.""There are chickens to eat, that... great, no, I'm going to find you, Xiaozhu, can you wait for me a moment, tell me where you are, I want to go over."

     "We are downstream..."

     The little pig told Hong Lei the truth, and Sun Honglei only realized later why Luo Yiming in front had gone downstream.

     They must have prepared enough water and food to complete the big task.

     Sun Honglei said: "Huang Lei, Xiao Bo, are you going downstream?"

     Huang Bodao: "We are not going. We can also Mission Completion on our own."

     Sun Honglei disdain: "Bringing, you can brag. Then I will go eat chicken."

     Sun Honglei separated from Huang Bo and Huang Lei. Seeing Sun Honglei disappeared, Huang Lei sighed: "Bo, maybe our idea is really simple. If we go on like this, we can hold it without food and water, but at night Sleeping is troublesome."

     Huang Bo looked at the surrounding environment, and the humidity here was enough to torture people at night.

     "Bo, now, our mission is to stop, find some firewood, and prepare to spend the night."

     Huang Lei took out the magnesium bar: "We can light a fire here, and the night will not be wet. After this night, we will go directly to the women's cave tomorrow."

     Huang Bo and Huang Lei did not choose to go downstream. They still proceeded according to the map, but they had to prepare in advance for the arrival of the evening.

     Xiaozhu went to pick up Sun Honglei, and Qiao Yan went to make peace with Luo Yiming.

     He Qiaoyan insisted on walking for more than 20 minutes, and Luo Yiming finally laughed.

     It turned out that there was only one brook that suddenly opened up.There are many puddles under the rocks, which are rainwater that has been hoarded.

     When Luo Yiming saw the water source, his eyes were naturally golden. He rushed over and squatted down, dipped a little water with his hand into his mouth.

     But... he vomited out: "No, this water is too salty. It should be mixed with salt water from other waters. You can't drink it!"

     Qiao Yan was also very thirsty. He thought he had found a source of water. When Luo Yiming such a saying, he immediately showed a disappointed expression.

     "It doesn't matter, Qiaoyan, seeing the puddle means that the water source is not far away, and we can have water to drink right away."

     "In addition, there are pheasants nearby. I will give you a chicken when the time comes. Let's eat chicken at night."

     "I knew that we could." Qiao Yan smiled, this desert island survival, adventure and challenge variety show, if you can still eat chicken, it would be too pleasant.

     She was fortunate that she had followed Luo Yiming, so she was able to live like a princess. Although Luo Yiming had not fulfilled it now, Qiao Yan believed that he could do it.

     Luo Yiming is serious and determined.

     Next, he walked and searched. After half an hour passed unconsciously, Qiao Yan was too tired to walk. As the captain, Luo Yiming simply picked her up.

     Lying on Luo Yiming's thick back, Qiao Yan felt extremely happy, and Luo Yiming's hand was wrapped around Qiao Yan's thigh, and there was also a strange feeling.

     The adventures of men and women sometimes have a little strange feeling.

     Luo Yiming also began to understand why men and women in the entertainment industry are willing to love to come and love, because they are all "excellent" in appearance, two outstanding people are the easiest to attract each other, an impulse is an affection."It seems there is a water source in front."

     Carrying Qiaoyan on his back, Luo Yiming made a sound in the next second. It was he who found water seeping out on a cliff, and asked Qiaoyan to come down first, and Luo Yiming then leaned forward directly.

     He tasted it with his fingers, and a smile suddenly appeared on his face: "Qiaoyan, this water is sweet and delicious. It is fresh water. We have found the source of water!"

     As soon as he said this, Qiao Yan's pale face suddenly became happy, she immediately rushed over to taste it, and then a smile appeared on her face: "It's Danshui, Yiming, we have found the water source, and we succeeded."

     "We are the first step to success. We have found the water source, and now we are storing enough water."

     "Store water, I have a bottle."

     Qiao Yan just said to take out the big bottle, but she found out when she flipped through her backpack. Because the empty bottle took up space, she threw it away.

     "...There are no more bottles."

     "It's okay. I have."

     "But how does the water flow into the bottle?" Qiao Yan puzzled.

     Luo Yiming smiled and took out the rope and water bottle. He removed a thinner rope from the thick rope and tied it to the cliff wall to let the water flow down the rope.

     Then attach a mineral water bottle under the rope so that the water can flow into the bottle through the rope.

     "Wow, you can catch water like this?"

     "Of course. The spring water in this mountain stream is actually the most natural and clean. You don't think they are unclean, do you?"

     Qiao Yan hurriedly said: "No, I like this kind of spring water." When you experience that kind of thirst, that kind of thirst, and being able to find water, it is already a great happiness.The water in the crevices of the rocks seeps out very quickly, just by fixing the bottle, there is a bottle of water in the bottle.

     After flushing the bottle, Luo Yiming continued to receive water.

     "The sky is going to darken soon. I think we might be staying here tonight, Qiaoyan, you should find a place to drink some water and take a break ba. I will build a shelter and then find some food. ..."

     When the water was found, only food and shelter were left. Luo Yiming just heard the pheasant's call again. He felt that this was the gift package of the program group.

     So the food...for the time being, he no need to be worried. He wants to find a place to build a shelter first, and get the living place in the sun, so that he won’t be afraid of being too cold at night.

     "We really want to... stay here for the night?" Although Qiao Yan thought about it, she still showed a hint of shyness and embarrassment. She used to spend the night outside during filming before.

     But at that time, the program team will give a tent, but according to the current situation, this episode seems to be out of play.

     Besides, how do you sleep with Luo Yiming?

     But if you are not with him, you will definitely be afraid.

     Qiaoyan likes Luo Yiming.

     Although this is a variety show, but sleeping with Luo Yiming, Qiao Yan still jumped up.

     She didn't dare to think about it anymore. She felt that everything would be done, so she simply found a cool place, took out a water bottle and took a few sips with confidence, first take a break.

     After separating from Qiaoyan, Luo Yiming looked for a moment nearby. The terrain here is relatively simple, with rocks not far away.Luo Yiming plans to build a shelter under a protruding rock, which can not only block part of the wind, but also won't be too cold at night.

     As the behind-the-scenes director, Luo Yiming knows that the director team will never let everyone live indoors at night. It is estimated that the most difficult task in the first period will be to survive tonight.

     And as long as he has survived this night and has enough water and food, Luo Yiming will be able to find the women's hole tomorrow the fighting spirit aroused by the first roll of drums.

     There are bamboo and palm leaves in the forest. These all are good materials for building shelters. The knife of the program group is a machete with a blade length of half a meter. This is used to cut things.

     It is also easier to use it to chop these bamboos. After Luo Yiming decided, he ran into the jungle and quickly chopped down five or six bamboos with thick arms.

     Dragging the bamboo to the edge of the rock, Luo Yiming chopped it into several sections, and then tied them with the thin ropes removed from the cable to form them into the shape of a tent. Soon a shelter frame appeared in Luo In front of Yi Ming and Qiao An.

     Put some branches and leaves on top, and a simple shelter is completed.

     Luo Yiming clapped his hands and said with a smile: "Qiao Yan, come here to rest. I'll get some hay. You can sleep directly in it after a while, and then I'll find something to eat."

     After Luo Yiming got it right, he called to Qiao Yan not far away. The latter saw Luo Yiming who had been busy, and finally built a successful shelter.

     She laughed, and her heart was instantly warm.

     "I'm going to find something to eat now, will you take a break?"

     "No." Qiao Yan suddenly grabbed Luo Yiming's arm and said softly: "I will go with you."Luo Yiming was going to find hay and food. Qiao Yan had been upset for a long time. She decided to find food with Luo Yiming.

     Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan's energy recovered again, but the eldest brother who was shooting the portrait next to him was as tired as a dog.

     Although he can leave work for half an hour, he has no strength to follow him for a long time.

     Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan were still looking for food, hay, and his mentality exploded first.

     I was exhausted with the shooting, and after communicating with the director team, the camera was changed in advance, and the second cameraman was dispatched to continue following Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan.

     Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan were downstream and successfully saw the chickens. A new round of challenges began. Luo Yiming rolled up his sleeves and attacked the chickens.

     There were seventeen or eight pheasants prepared by the program group, but in Luo Yiming's raid, none of the chickens were caught, and they all scattered all around.

     "Yiming, I finally see your weakness, you can't catch a chicken."

     Luo Yiming refused: "Who said I can't catch chickens, I'm a little expert at catching chickens. Come again."

     Luo Yiming stared at a chicken, guarding it firmly, seizing the opportunity, squatting halfway, and slowly approaching with open arms.

     "Gluck..." Luo Yiming finally rushed over, but there was a chicken feather in his hand, and the chicken flew out on his arm.

     After Luo Yiming threw himself down with a dog-eating action, with a feather in his hand, Qiao Yan chuckles and laughs.

      "All right, as soon as we can't catch it, we won't eat chicken."

     "...Qiaoyan, there is a chicken under your feet."It's strange that after Luo Yiming lost his hand, a chicken was delivered to the doorstep. The chicken was at Qiao Yan's feet, admiring the ball head of the red lace on Qiao Yan's feet.

     "Look at me..." Qiao Yan evil smile, holding her hands up, the next second, she kills directly down.


     Qiaoyan was caught, but the chicken was very tenacious and escaped in the middle of Qiaoyan's palms. Qiaoyan was a little panicked and wanted to catch again.

     But I saw a pair of hands in the air, already tightly controlling the chicken.

     "Great, we caught it, we caught it." Qiao Yan was very excited, but the chicken was terrified. She was scared to pee, and the shit pulled out of her ass and fell on Qiao Yan's head with a click .

     "Oh, what? Yiming, what do you think you did?"

     Qiao Yan quit, small fist one after another beat Luo Yiming.

     "I didn't pull it, it's it. You hit what am I doing." Luo Yiming held the chicken, did not dare to move, and let Xiaofen punch himself.

     "It's not scared by you yet. What a smelly shit, it's clear that you are responsible to me."

     "Okay, okay, I'm responsible for you, I'm responsible for you, OK, let's tie the chicken first, and I will get you some water to wash your hair, OK?

     Qiao Yan pouted and said, "You'd better wash it thoroughly for me."
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