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327 Chapter 323: Where Are The Children's Parents (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Luo Yiming knows that Xiao Zhao is from the countryside and has simple and pure emotions. Such girls are actually very popular in variety shows. The content of his third issue is precisely to find such a heroine.

     The actor, Luo Yiming, still wants to choose a fighter who is far away in Shuwei's hometown.

     After specializing their identities, they used sincere emotions to create a different Unlimited Challenge.

     He writes mainly on the table.

     What Luo Yiming needs Zhao Xiaoying to do is to perfect the plot within the framework.

     Luo Yiming did not write the script like a TV series, but retained the guests' own characteristics.

     Let them team up to participate in different tasks, while giving everyone space in the story.

     In the third episode of the program, Luo Yiming is to fulfill the dreams and convey love for some Special Class people.

     After giving the table to Zhao Xiaoying, Zhao Xiaoying who returned to the tent at night looked at the table and studied it carefully.


     The next day, the daytime program group first set the scene, restore the progress of yesterday's shooting, to add some program gimmicks and laughter.

     After the night came, Luo Yiming and other members started the second phase of supplementary recording.

      This time was also a temporary addition of lines. With the book carefully prepared by the director team, it was really easier for everyone to record.

     A smooth conclusion, everyone ushered in the break time ahead of time.

     Finished the shooting of the outlying islands in Thailand. In the Women's Cave, six mc spent a loving night.Everyone united together, overcame the cold of the night, singing and dancing, and completely forgotten the cruelty of survival on an uninhabited island.

     Pack your bags and return home the next day.

     Because the two episodes of Uninhabited Island Survival were compressed into one episode, Luo Yiming had to reprocess the original fourth episode and make the content of the third and fourth episodes.

     The first thing Luo Yiming did when he returned to Beijing was to go to Director Zhao Liyong. This third phase of the increase in content, Luo Yiming, with the resources in his hands, is still not realizable.

      This time, the face of CCTV's big brother is very important.

     Sitting in Zhao Liyong's office, when Luo Yiming told Zhao Liyong about what he wanted in the third period, the latter began to contemplate briefly.

     Luo Yiming and CCTV assisted the team to go to Thailand for this period of time. Zhao Liyong was in Beijing, and he also heard the endless challenges of Dragon TV. He Yuyi will be scheduled for April 29th.

     The broadcast of the first issue of Infinite Challenge begins on Sunday.

     Originally, according to Luo Yiming's normal shooting speed, Unlimited Challenge will also be successfully launched in May.

     But with such adjustments, the online time may have to be pushed back.

     "Yiming, I don't think you need to compress it. Our assistance team feedback that the program is OK. Do you... have to change it?"

     "for sure."

     Luo Yiming handed the station book to the former: "Director Zhao, this is my third edition of the station book. I don't know what you are worried about, but you absolutely no need to be worried that there will be embarrassment in viewing this episode."

     "I can also say responsibly, as long as it reaches the 80 percent I expected for recording, the top spot in the third period will be a ratings**.Zhao Liyong brought the Taiwanese notebook, but he didn't read it.

     He raised his head, he didn't intend to say it, but Luo Yiming was so determined, Zhao Liyong had to frown, "Yiming, I don’t doubt your production ability. But you don’t know, Dragon TV’s shooting is about to be completed, they already ****Preliminary audit preparations are done over there."

     "If the review goes well, their infinite challenges will be broadcast at the end of this month. However, our CCTV programs of the same type are still... in labor, and the leaders above are also urging them."

     Luo Yiming ridiculed, suddenly he became serious, "Director Zhao, so you are worried about this?"

     Zhao Liyong helplessly: "Yi Ming, you have heard the rumors from the outside world. Everyone said that your program was plagiarized from him. I believe you. But if he really broadcasts it first and the content is similar, it is difficult for us to tell. of."

     "After all, our theme is the same!"

     Li Dezhi took away the theme of Unlimited Challenge at the beginning, which is also the current weakness of Unlimited Challenge.

     This rib was pinched by others.

     Nowadays, the entertainment company has used his entertainment power to spreading rumor wantonly outside, which makes CCTV passive.

     Ha ha.

     Luo Yiming looked at Director Zhao and said, "Then what do you mean?"

     "I...I can check his progress through the radio and television and ask him to postpone the broadcast. Then you coordinate the shooting time and try to put the show online in early May." Zhao Liyong showed a sophisticated smile, "I want this , We broadcast first, they are the party facing the pressure of public opinion.""No." Without thinking, Luo Yiming directly declined, "Director Zhao, if I give up the quality of the show for speed, then I think I will not cooperate."

     "You should know my character."

     "The quality of the show is my bottom line. In fact, I don’t care about unlimited challenges at what time broadcasts and comments from outsiders. I just need to follow my shooting schedule and shoot the Unlimited Challenge I want to produce. enough."

     Zhao Liyong's face sank and was extremely embarrassed, but he also had this mental preparation: "Then...then you expect to shoot at what time? We can't be too late."

     Luo Yiming thought for a while and said, "If the shooting is normal, it will be in late May. Of course, if Director Zhao is able to provide sufficient resources, you can advance to mid-May."

     Luo Yiming also has his plans for other variety shows. His music feast will be launched at Mango Channel in the summer.

      In fact, the Unlimited Challenge must be completed in May.

     In the case of maintaining quality and quantity, his and Zhao Liyong's goals are the same.

     "Okay, what do you need me to help, you say..."

     Zhao Li is always anxious, not because of the pressure from above.

     After the death of a good Chinese song, after the main launch of Luo Yiming's Unlimited Challenge, CCTV is ready to rely on this show to rise from the dead.

     However, the spoilers of Dragon TV and entertainment made him feel like sitting on pins and needles.

     It's unpredictable whether the ratings will break four.

     If the broadcast time is too late than the other party, this will first lose.Speaking of the difficulties he faced, Zhao Liyong promised to help him solve it as soon as possible, and Luo Yiming temporarily gave Xiaoxue the responsibility of liaising with CCTV.

     Xiaoxue divides part of the other work to classmate Xiao Zhao.

     Rescue soldiers were moved from Director Zhao, Luo Yiming returned to Guanyuan, and gathered six PD and Xiao Zhao students to make overall preparations for the third filming.

     In this episode, except for Director Zhao's story that has yet to be notified, the rest of the plot has been planned before.

     This content means going abroad to send the love of mother and family to the son who works outside.

     My mother is worried that in China, more than three million people go to work abroad every year, and China is also ranked second in the world for the number of migrant workers.

     Working in a foreign country is different from that in China. You may not go back once a year.

     Luo Yiming's program in this issue is to send warmth to these ordinary people who work abroad.

     The family contacted this time was Chen Baoliang's family at the Bushui Cultural Center in Qingtian County, Lishui, Wenzhou.

     Chen Baoliang and his wife Wang Jing have been away from home for more than two years and they are cooking Chinese food for their guests in Bulgaria.

     Chen Baoliang's dad and mom stay in Qingtian's hometown, and the couple there is still one baby who is more than one year old and three months old.

     Liu Baoliang, Wang Jing and his wife in Bulgaria have not returned home for a long time. Although Chen Baoliang is a chef, he has not tasted the Qingtian cuisine in his hometown for a long time.

     Luo Yiming's task this time is to send the couple the taste of missing their mother the most.And Si'er's eager mother also hopes to give the taste of home to his son who works in a foreign country. She will prepare his favorite mother's mountain flour dumplings for her son.

     In the third edition of Unlimited Challenge, the six mc will be divided into two groups, one group is going to take part in the task shooting arranged by CCTV, and the other group is going to Bulgaria to perform the task of sending love.

     After Luo Yiming coordinated the time of the six mcs, Huang Lei, Huang Bo, and Sun Honglei could not go abroad because they had other jobs recently.

     Xiaozhu also hosted other programs in Taipei. Finally, Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan performed this mission to Bulgaria.

     The remaining four people are waiting to participate in yet another task.

     After finalizing everything, the crew first contacted Ding Xia, the proprietress of the restaurant Chen Baoliang, an informant in Bulgaria, to confirm this mission.

     Then, the crew contacted Chen Baoliang's parents and communicated some details of the show.

     The two elderly people learned that the program team was going to send love to their sons and daughter-in-law. Of course, they were seriously happy. After the Taiwanese book was confirmed, Luo Yiming, Qiao Yan and the program team went to Zhejiang in the early morning of the third day. Qingtian.

     Qingtian is a kilometer away from Bulgaria in Germany. At around seven o'clock in the morning, Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan got off the plane.

     From the moment of getting off the plane, the third Unlimited Challenge recording has already begun.

     Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan have cooperated many times, and the two of them are partnering together at the moment, which is especially warm.

     "Are we going to fight together again?" Qiao Yan looked at Luo Yiming.

     "Yes, we went further this time, Bulgaria, let's go."Riding in a taxi provided by the local driver prepared by the program group, the first stop for the two was Qingtian County.

     After two hours of trek, the two got closer and closer to their destination.

     The side-by-side vehicles that followed the shot were taken to the camera, and Luo Yiming asked the driver.

     "Master, I heard that there are many people working abroad here, yes or no?"

     The honest driver smiled and said, "Yes, Qingtian mainly works abroad."

     "Spain and Italy are the most. There are more than 500,000 people here, and more than 300,000 people are abroad."

     "That's not 3-February. Everyone goes to work abroad, so have you been abroad?" Qiao Yan asked.

     "I have been there for six or seven years. My elder child was seven or eight years old when I went, and my youngest child was just born.

     Qiao Yan feels inconceivable: "Then you don't want children anymore?"

     "I must be homesick!"

     "But there is no Is there any way. The family's financial situation is not good."

     "Just want to work abroad, do you want to make some money."

     The driver’s words are true. Qiao Yan’s living environment was not good when she was young. She can understand, "Well, although I don’t have children now, but I think I will love her very much after I have children. If I leave for so long, I will definitely Going crazy."

     Luo Yiming said: "It seems that you like children very much, so quickly find someone to marry yourself?"

     Qiao Yan looked at Luo Yiming, silent, and then looked out the window.

     Not long after, the car arrived in Qingtian. Surrounding this small county town, there is a beryou road, and there are many houses on both sides of the beryou road.There are ring-tile houses and small red brick buildings. The small buildings are three or four stories low, but there are seven or eight stories high. The high-rise red brick buildings look very beautiful, while the brick buildings are very The dilapidated and put together pictures are not coordinated.

     The Bushui Cultural Center is the tallest landmark building here. Chen Baoliang’s house is next to the Cultural Center. This building has only five floors. Chen Baoliang’s house is on the second floor. Luo Yiming is holding the suitcase commissioned by the program team and Qiaoyan. Go upstairs.

     "It should be this one, the second floor."

     Qiao Yan said: "The address written is this, then we knock on the door."

     Qiao Yan reached out and knocked softly twice, and someone inside soon opened the door.

     It was an old man who showed his face, with a baby in his arms.

     "Hello, uncle, are you Baoliang's father?" Luo Yiming had a picture of the old man and recognized him at a glance.


     "Is this Baoliang's child?"

     "Yes, his name is Haohao, Chen Jiahao." The old man said proudly.

     With that, another old man came, and she welcomed Luo Yiming, Qiao Yan and the cameraman into the room.

     "Are you Bao Liang's mother? Good auntie." Qiao Yan greeted with a smile.

     "Hello, come and sit here." Auntie hurried to bring water to the guests, and Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan would sit on the sofa at home.

     This house is already an old house. Except for the sofa and the coffee table, there's nothing about it. There's no decent furniture.

     It can be said that it is very simple.

     After the aunt brought the water, she also sat down.

     "Uncle, do you agree when Baoliang goes abroad?" Luo Yiming asked."Of course I agree with Baoliang going abroad," said Chen Guobiao, Chen Baoliang's father.

     "Then go to such a far place, don't you worry about it." Qiao Yan always thought that if he went to work abroad, the old man would disagree, and his answer surprised him.

     Chen Guobiao said quickly, but it didn't mean that he was happy in his heart. He was hesitated and said: "The two of them will go together. I...I'm relieved."

     "I think the child is still young, how old is he?"

     "One year and two months." Chen Baoliang's mother Zhou Aixia said.

     "They come back few, have they seen it?"

     The old man was obviously a little sad at this time, and he paused before saying, "His father has never seen him."

     "His mother... left forty-five days after giving birth."

     "Just breast-feeding for forty-five days before going out?"

     Chen Guobiao was silent.

     He also knows that this is cruel to children

     "Can he know Dad?" Luo Yiming might ask Bao Liang in his heart. This is your parents, your child. You haven't seen him born, you haven't seen him catch Zhou, what it was like when he was one year old.

     Don't you feel owed?

     He asked the child's grandfather.

     Chen Guobiao looked at his wife Zhou Aixia and smiled bitterly, both of them were speechless.
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