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329 Chapter 325, The Resistance Of Loved Ones (this Chapter Does Not Cry And Refund)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Haohao, we pack you up and pretend to be dad and mom, okay?"

     Luo Yiming squatted down and asked the baby.

     Qiao Yan first replied for Hao Hao: "No, Hao Hao said, this box is uncomfortable. Come on, Hao Hao, put this in for Dad."

     Qiao Yan handed Hao Hao a packet of snacks, Hao Hao took it, and cleverly packed dad and mom into the love suitcase, and smiled with warmth.

     Pack the things, and the filming at Chen Baoliang's home in Qingtian County ends.

     Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan next took the car to Wenzhou Airport, then to Beijing, and then from Beijing to Frankfurt Airport in Germany.

     When they flew to Frankfurt, the time for the two to transfer to the plane was running out. Hurriedly checked the ticket and entered 1428, Sofia, C14.

     When they got on the plane, the two of them sighed in relief.

     "We have to sit for more than two hours when we change planes." This time of Unlimited Challenge, going to Bulgaria is arguably the most tiring time for the entire crew.

     What I saw before me was Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan entering the country, but certainly not only the two of them accompanied this time.

     The screenwriters, directors, and photographers of the crew, and others, all came this time.

     The director group go to war is just to be able to shoot the third phase of the Unlimited Challenge with the desired effect.

     "Qiaoyan, we have something in our box. We will prepare some other dishes when we go."

     Qiao Yandao: "There are mountain flour dumplings, Steamed Pork Pressed Over Vegetables, and taro."

     "There are duck tongue, spicy strips, and wolfberry."

     "Yes, there are chicken legs.""Things are a bit lacking." Luo Yiming looked up and thought, and said: "We can cook a fish when we go."

     "Get another Four Delights Meatball and prepare them a great dinner."

     Qiao Yan said with a grin: "Okay, we want to give them a surprise for the couple."

      Over two hours of the flight, Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan fell asleep on the plane unconsciously, and when they woke up, they had arrived in Bulgaria smoothly.

     Ding Xia, the owner of the Chen Baoliang restaurant, has been waiting for a long time.

     "Hello, hello, I am Luo Yiming."

     "Hello, this is Ding Xia."

     Ding Xia is in her thirties this year. She is a successful businesswoman. She is also from Wenzhou. She came here to do business ten years ago.

     "Sister Ding, Qiao Yan and I came together this time. We also brought greetings from dad and mom. We plan to surprise Baoliang tomorrow. Are you okay?"

     Ding Xia was the informant on this mission. She smiled and said: "I have no problem. I can let them get off work early tomorrow."

     "Okay, but don't let them know."

     "Don't worry... how do we arrange today?" Ding Xia asked.

     "Let's go to see their dormitory first and arrange the layout of the dormitory."

     "Let's go then." Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan got into Ding Xia's car.

     The crew went to Chen Baoliang's dormitory together.

     "Can you cook in the dormitory?" Qiao Yan asked casually in the car.

     She actually thinks that it must be possible.

     "You can't cook in the dormitory now."


     "You can't cook in the dorm!"

      thunder from a clear sky.Luo Yiming's ass couldn't help but moved away from his seat. They also planned to cook for Chen Baoliang at home, but this plan went bankrupt.

     "There is no stove in the dormitory. I don't know you are still cooking." Ding Xia looked at the former innocently.

     Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan became worried, and they were thinking about what Chen Baoliang's dormitory looked like.

     I feel the different western culture here in Bulgaria, the western style of romance, and the slow-paced life, giving people a relaxing enjoyment.

     After driving the car for more than 20 minutes in the block, a group of people came to an old community of some years.

     "This is their dormitory, the old house."

     After Ding Xia got off the car, they led the way in front, and Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan looked around the environment here.

     "'s good."

     "I don't think how old it is."

     "This is the first house my husband bought more than 20 years ago."

     Talking while walking, a few people came to the elevator, Ding Xia pressed the elevator, Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan entered the elevator.

     The strange thing is that after the elevator came in, the door was not closed at all.

     "Ah, why is there no door to this elevator."

     Qiao Yan said in surprise.

     "This is the door." Ding Xia said super calmly.

     "This is the door? Oh my god." Qiao Yan was a little faint, she immediately grabbed Luo Yiming's arm and curled up in fear: "I'm doing this kind of elevator for the first time."

     Luo Yiming had never built such an elevator before. The key point was that after the elevator started, all they saw were the doors of each house.

     It is not the elevator door."Sister Ding, which floor are we on, the first time I see an elevator, I feel dizzy."

     "Fifth floor, we will be here soon."

      After "dīng" sounds, the elevator stopped, Ding Xia pushed forward with her hand, just like opening her own family's door, and then she arrived at the dormitory.

     Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan were stupid again.

     "We're here, this is their dormitory?"

     "Wow, just push like that and you're there? Driving the elevator is like opening your own door?"

     Qiao Yan and Luo Yiming have heard of the legendary elevator entry, but...this seems to be more aggressive than the elevator entry.

     Enter this dormitory.

     The living place environment of Chen Baoliang and the others is a little worse. In the two houses, the living room outside is a transitional corridor, and the bedrooms inside are no more than ten square meters.

     A simple bed, two wooden stools, no more furniture and appliances.

     Not even the most common TV set on the wall.


     "What do you think about the layout of this place?"

     Luo Yiming shook his head: "This place to eat...There is indeed a problem."

     Qiao Yan said distressed: "Whether you have a reunion dinner or a party, you have to have a decent atmosphere. There is no stove here, and the place is so small, it may really not work."

     Luo Yiming looked at the proprietress, and now, he can only draw on the spot.

     "Sister Ding, we are going to prepare a dinner for Baoliang and his wife. We need to fry some dishes. Then, can we borrow your kitchen and bring it back for them to eat."

     Ding Xia said readily: "Of course it can."

     "Okay, let's go to the market."The nearest market here is the Yakri Super Fresh Market, located two kilometers away. There is a large supermarket next to it. After Luo Yiming and Qiaoyan arrived at the market, not only did they buy food, Luo Yiming also chose some decorations.

     Luo Yiming didn't let go of the atmospheric decorations. Chips, flowers, ribbons, including red festive tablecloths and bed cloths, Luo Yiming purchased.

     After the big purchase, he borrowed Boss lady's kitchen, Luo Yiming fully displayed one's capabilities, burned a fish, a meatball, as a result, and had a table of dishes for the evening party.

     He hurried back to Chen Baoliang’s dormitory, decorated all the things he bought, and posted all the photos that he took to a prominent place on the wall. After the final arrangement was completed, Luo Yiming watched the room full of glitter and bright things. ,Laughed.

     "This way the room is much warmer."

     Qiao Yan said: "Actually, I should buy them a TV."

     "..." Luo Yiming thought, he also felt that everything is fine except for one small defect is that there is no TV on the wall.


     "They already got off work."

     "Okay, are they already leaving?"


     The couple who just got off work walked out of Ding Xia's restaurant.

     The unknowing couple held hands and boarded the bus, as usual.

      After 20 minutes, they returned to the community.

     Seeing that Chen Baoliang and Wang Jing were about to get home, Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan who were waiting in the corridor became more excited.

     "I'm a little nervous, how about you?" Luo Yiming looked forward to this meeting, but in his heart, he was unspeakably complicated."I am also kind of, exciting moments are coming soon."

     Just then, the door opened.



     Bao Liang opened the door first, and when he saw Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan at his home, his face was slightly shy with surprise.

     "Why are you here?"

     "Hello there."

     "We are here to send you love."

     "Come in."

     Qiao Yan and Luo Yiming are behind Baoliang and Wang Jing.

     The couple walked into the house, and the next second, they were stunned.

     The room was shiny, the bed and the table were covered with red silk, and there was a TV set on the wall.

     The walls are full of photos of dad and mom, children and themselves.

     "How is it, are you satisfied?"

     "I hope you like it."


     Bao Liang recovered his wits, he touched his face, everything in front of him made him feel like he was in a dream.

     "Many of these dishes are your favorite, come and try."

     Mountain flour dumplings, chicken drumsticks, Steamed Pork Pressed Over Vegetables, fish, taro, meatballs, delicious dishes made Chen Baoliang wonder what to say.

     "So many dishes, you choose the same."

     Picking up the chopsticks, the first chopsticks, Chen Baoliang, is the mother's mountain flour dumplings.

     "This one."

     Bite the mountain fungus dumplings, the taste is home.

     It is a nostalgic love for family and love for mother.

     He continued to clamp the second and third chopsticks, and the three dishes he clamped were all made by his mother.

     "Bao Liang, your mother made all the dishes you picked."Chen Baoliang is nodded, and his mood is very complicated.

     "Bao Liang, all these things are arranged by us, including the things in this TV."

     Luo Yiming turned on the TV, and the recorded video of their home in Baoliang, Qingtian County, was shown on the TV.

     "Bao Liang, you should be obedient outside and be diligent."

     "Helping the boss to work hard and earn money back, I can take care of my children at home." The first one is the image of my mother. Chen Baoliang feels terribly uncomfortable seeing her mother's aging face and the white silk on her head.

     The second is the picture of Dad holding Haohao.

     "You two take care of your body outside."

     "Healthy body ."

     "Jia Hao, call it Dad."

     Luo Yiming entered the camera, he teased the baby and Hao Hao smiled sweetly.

     Bao Liang's eyes have begun to blur at this time, but the joy in my heart cannot be hidden.

     "Sorry, I'll go to the toilet."

     Qiao Yan left the banquet. After walking secretively to the corridor, she smiled conspiracy at the camera.

     "Seeing this short video, do you feel homesick? Do you think about dad and mom? Do you also want to hurry home one day and have a look." Luo Yiming asked.

     Chen Baoliang was repeatedly nodded, but speechless for a while.

     "Mom also hopes that you can go back to see them and see the children."

     Bao Liang still repeatedly nodding, what he remembered in his mind is childhood, he told his mother, I grew up making money to support you.

     However, my mother is old, but he is far away in foreign lands and places...My mother is over 60 years old this year, and he doesn't know that at what time can he fulfill his promise.

     "Or if you succeed one day in the future, you can just bring dad and mom here."

     "Bao Liang, right?

     "Yes." Bao Liang said firmly, an emotion surging in his heart.

     At this moment, Chen Qiaoyan took Zhou Aixia's hand walked in.

     Mom walked with unhealthy steps, small steps by small steps, walking lightly, but her face was always smiling.

     She was finally able to see her son, and she was naturally happy.

     Chen Baoliang turned his back to the door. He and his wife did not hear any sound. When Luo Yiming pushed their shoulders and motioned to look at the door, Chen Baoliang and Wang Jing turned their heads.

     When the two saw their mother coming, the tears of forbearance in Chen Baoliang's eyes were no longer unable to control at this moment, and suddenly came out.

     He wanted to scream his mother, but he was choked!

     When Zhou Aixia saw her son and daughter-in-law, she walked over, hugged her daughter-in-law, and pulled her son Baoliang into her arms.

     She is old, there's nothing about it strength, but this hug, she is full of strength.

     She clapped her hand on Bao Liang's back, and it was a mother who was telling her thoughts of separation.

     The three of them huddled together in the next second, their emotions could no longer be restrained, and tears spurted out.

     The three were sobbing and crying, but the camera could only see their trembling backs.

     The distance of 7852 kilometers prevented them from seeing each other. At the moment of reunion, the hug is precious.

     Qiao Yan's tears also came down.She thought of her mother, and of childhood, her mother had also protected herself, although now she and her mother are separated.

     "So moved."


     The three cried together for a minute, Zhou Aixia and Wang Jing kept wiping tears for Bao Liang.

     Zhou Aixia sat between Baoliang and her daughter-in-law Wang Jing. After the three cried, they talked about the family routine. At this time, another person came from outside the door.

     It's Bao Liang's father, he is coming with baby Haohao.

     Chen Guobiao's face was already full of tears, and Baoliang's wife Wang Jing saw her son, and rushed over with excitement, and hugged her child.

     "Mom hug, mother hug."

     Wang Jing kept talking, but Hao Hao didn't have any surprises on her face, she was blank.

     Hao Hao was looking for her grandma before she hugged her for a few seconds, and Zhou Aixia would hug Hao Hao.

     Luo Yiming was moved and said: "Just expressing these dumplings and vegetables is not enough to express our feelings, so we decided to take dad and mom with our children."

     "Thank you, thank you." Wang Jing's tears were still on her face, but her eyes kept looking at Haohao and her own son.

     On TV, this will again show Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan in Qingtian and boarding.

     At his home in Qingtian County, Haohao, who was still unable to stand firm, held on to the suitcase and put all the things for dad and mom in the suitcase.

     He also took photos of dad and mom to see.

     Then, Hao Hao took the plane with everyone. Grandpa hugged him, Hao Hao slept in his arms, and the environment on the plane was not good.Haohao's bumps along the way, came all the way to see his dad and mom, to surprise his parents, this will be broadcast through the TV, Chen Baoliang and Wang Jing's tears have burst.

     "Haohao, come, dad give me a hug."

     "Well, dad give me a hug." Zhou Aixia said.

     "Dad give a hug." Chen Guobiao said.

     "Give me a hug for my father." Grandpa and grandma said three times, and grandma took Haohao away, but Haohao in her grandma's arms was resisting, he kept turning his head away from his father.

      in his eyes, this man is strange, this is only the first time he meets this man.

     "Hao Hao, dad, dad give you a hug, okay?" Bao Liang continued looking at Hao Hao longingly.

     However, in the next second, Hao Hao cried.

     "Wow, wow."

     Hao Hao hid in Zhou Aixia's arms and hugged her tightly.

     "He, he doesn't want me anymore."

     "He doesn't want me anymore!"

     The tears that have been stopped don't have any anymore. The resistance flowed down. For a father, the resistance of his relatives made him suffer.

     He knew that the missing companionship could not be exchanged for money.

     He was guilty and sad, and he wanted to slap himself in the face.

     But he has no choice. If he doesn't, he will give his children happiness and future.

     Covering his face and lowering his head, Chen Baoliang could no longer pretend his strength in front of the camera.

     He cried so loudly.

     "Oh, ah...oh."

     His body was trembling, and a man finally could no longer be so strong, pretending to smile and pretend to be strong like that.Chen Baoliang's sadness made Wang Jing feel as if it had happened to oneself. She understood her husband, hugged him and said: "That's not it, no. The baby doesn't want you, the baby doesn't want you!"

     Hao Hao continued to look at his father and mother, watching them crying, he also started yelling, but there were always doubts on his face. The two people in front of him were still strangers...
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