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330 Chapter Three Hundred And Twenty Six
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Happiness came too suddenly, but it was also mixed with a lot of helplessness and regret.

     The man who carried the whole family was crying like a child at the moment. He most needed the comfort of his wife, dad and mom.

     But as dear ones, who can feel better in their hearts!

     Luo Yiming walked over and patted Chen Baoliang on the shoulder: "Baoliang, I think sometimes, I still have to go home and have a look."

     "Cherish the days when we get together, cherish the time when we can be with our children."

     "In fact, dad and mom don't need much money from you, just hope you can stay with them more."

     "How cute is Hao Hao, he grew up very quickly, and in his childhood, he needed the company of his parents most."

     "Maybe your hard work now can give him a bright future, but you will never be able to give him a happy childhood. You are right."

     Chen Baoliang nodded: "Un."

     "Haohao, dad and mom love you. Don't let dad and mom feel sad, they will promise you and come back to accompany you soon."

     Hao Hao seemed to understand, he grinned and smiled.

      "All right, the family get together, let's not talk about the unhappy things, come, eat, taste my craft."

     Luo Yiming asked everyone to move the chopsticks. After the haze on Wang Jing's heart dissipated, she first picked up the chopsticks and clamped a piece of meatballs, and said, "Who made this dish, it's so delicious."

     Qiao Yan pointed to Luo Yiming and said, "Yiming did it. His craft is really good."

     "You try this fish." Luo Yiming said enthusiastically.

     Chen Baoliang went to the assassination at this time and immediately fed it to his son.After his father fed a few mouthfuls of food, Hao Hao stopped resisting.

     When Chen Baoliang held his son in his arms, a happy smile appeared on his face.

     With a hug, my father stopped crying, but mother's eyes were full of sparkle.

     Fortunately, the fate of the meridian link can always break the barrier of distance and make up for the lack of companionship.

     Otherwise, she will have greater regrets.

     "Bao Liang, shall we take a family portrait?"

     "Look at that place, we have specially arranged one region/place to give you a family portrait."

     "it is good."

     With the completion of the family portrait, the first half of the third phase of Unlimited Challenge has already been completed.

     Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan feel particularly happy that they can help Baoliang realize their family reunion wishes.

     In Chen Baoliang's plan, perhaps, he felt that it would take two years to see his son. They hadn't thought to arrange this meeting.

     For the children's future, they desperately went for it.

     Luo Yiming told them with actions that in fact, companionship is often more important than making money.

     After the shooting in Bulgaria, Luo Yiming returned to the capital, still not free.

     The liaison work on CCTV is still in communication, and Luo Yiming and the other five mcs from Unlimited Challenge started the fourth phase of the normal shooting.

     The other four mcs are relatively relaxed. Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan have just finished shooting in Bulgaria and entered the fourth phase, which is really a bit tired.

     But in order to sprint and go online in mid-May, Luo Yiming also hopes that he can do more.The filming of the fourth phase was still carried out at Guanyuan's own base.

     The six mcs are in place, and they have already changed into the clothes they need to wear for recording today.

     "Everyone, the theme of our issue is Successors. Today we are going to fight for gold!"

     The director group was on the opposite side. The six MCs heard the battle for gold and knew that it was another journey of battle of wits and bravery.

     "I have entrusted Lawyer Zhao to take care of everything for me. He will guide you to complete the tasks that your heirs need to complete."

     "Fatty Zhao again?" Sun Honglei sarcastically said directly.

     When Zhao Xiang appeared, he didn't care about Sun Honglei's provocation, dressed in a doctor's uniform, walked to a bookcase, and then put a book down.

     Following Zhao Xiang's movements, the bookcase behind Luo Yiming and the others slowly opened.

     "Wow, it's amazing."

     "There are institutions."

     The six turned around at the same time.

     "This is a hidden vault." Zhao Xiang Cynical introduced.

     Sure enough, after the door of the mechanism was opened, a large pile of gold bars appeared on the platform not far away.

     "Gold bars. With so many gold bars, I have made a fortune." As he said, the six of them ran over. After standing still, they reached out to take the gold bars.

     "Wait a minute, there are words on it?" Luo Yiming picked up a gold bar and read: "If you want to get a gold bar, you must bear its weight."

     On the gold bar, the words shining brightly, everyone has also noticed this.

     "I think we shouldn't be able to take away the gold bars casually. There must be a trap in the program group." Huang Lei, the fortune teller, spoke.Sun Honglei said: "Human beings will die for riches just as birds will for food, I don't care about any traps. If you give me gold bars, I only worry about whether it is true or false."

     This guy took a bite directly.

     "I can't bite, I think... it's true, it should be." Sun Honglei said with a fan.


     "Each of the gold bars in it represents the assets of the father of 100 million yuan."

     As soon as Zhao Xiang finished speaking, Little Pig screamed.

     "The old man is so rich."

     "The old man used to be rich and must have money."

     "The next thing I pushed up is the old man's favorite food. There are six servings, one for each person. Whoever finishes eating first will be the first to go in and get gold bars.

      When the staff member pushed up the food, Luo Yiming put his hand on the lid and found that the lid... is still hot.

     Needless to say, this food is definitely not so easy to eat.

     The scariest thing is that there are gloves next to him. Luo Yiming's head is already in the fantasy program group to feed them.

     "It's so hot probably not alive." Luo Yiming swallowed, deliberately scaring.

     "It's hard to say, you'd better wear gloves and be careful when it pops out when the lid is opened." Huang Lei said to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster.

     "It can be opened, three, two, one, start!"

     Zhao Xiang gave an order, and six people opened the lid at the same time.

     "Roasted sweet potatoes?"

     "What I thought it was, the old man is really simple." Luo Yiming's mouth twitched slightly, jokingly.

     "The favorite thing to eat for earning more than 10 billion is roasted sweet potatoes. This is no one." Sun Honglei said.Roasted sweet potatoes are not the same size, there are big and small, mainly depends on luck.

     Sun Honglei's luck was not so good, he got the biggest of the six.

     Just when the other five people were still struggling with what way to start, Qiao Yan on the side had already started his own performance.

     She only saw her holding the sweet potato, peeling the skin, and stuffing the roasted sweet potato directly into her mouth, as if the temperature of the roasted sweet potato was not the same at all.

     Everyone knows that bridge anthracene is a big foodie.

     Luo Yiming tried it, but he couldn't do the Qiaoyan way, he could only eat slowly.


     The first one to go in to get the gold bar was Qiaoanthrene.

     The little pig was lucky, the roasted sweet potato he got was relatively small.

     After the piglet finished eating, Luo Yiming also finished his roasted sweet potatoes. He would be the third one to enter the vault to get gold bars.

     Wiping his mouth, Luo Yiming looked at how many sweet potatoes Sun Honglei had left.

     Otherwise, luck is sometimes part of the strength, the first three people have eaten, but Sun Honglei still has half of the sweet potatoes left.

     "I can't just eat like this." The witty Sun Honglei glanced at the second limiter next to him, he of course not just accept his fate.

     Seeing that Zhao Xiang didn't look at him, Sun Honglei furtively broke his remaining half of the sweet potatoes, and quickly threw them into the plate of the piglet who had finished eating.

     After throwing it away, Honglei Sun threw the remaining sweet potatoes directly into his mouth, rolled the eyes and swallowed the sweet potatoes.

     "I'm done.""Okay, Sun Honglei is fourth."


     Is this all possible?

     Luo Yiming simply admired Sun Honglei, but Zhao Xiang didn't notice Sun Honglei's small actions, which allowed Sun Honglei's trick to succeed.

     The rest are Huang Lei and Huang Bo.

     The two of them are simply trying to eat slowly to the extreme, saying it is a competition, rather than eating food.

     Luo Yiming really doubted whether the two of them had not eaten breakfast yet, so he took this opportunity to have breakfast.

     "Well, yes, anything else?" Huang Lei had a taste of his mood.

     After eating, I still want it.

     Finally, the fifth one to enter the vault is Huang Bo, and the last one is Huang Lei.

     "Yes, the first one to go in is Qiaoyan, you can go in and pick gold bars."

     Under the threat of several other people, Qiao Yan walked into the vault full of smiles.

     "Qiaoyan, I can tell you, don't take too much, leave us some, or we will grab all your gold bars..." Sun Honglei looked at Qiaoyan threateningly.

     Qiao Yan directly ignored Sun Honglei's words. At present, the gold bars are nothing but clouds.

     "How to handle?"

     Coming to the vault, Qiao Yan faced the gold bars in front of yourself, and began to struggle inside.

     Just now, the threats or pleadings of several other people suddenly appeared before Qiao Yan's eyes.

     But don't take it, this is not in line with your own guidelines.

     This is gold bullion!

     "Well, I'll just take a little bit."

     After Qiao Yan opened the box, he began to carry the gold bars.

     "One, two, three, four..."Qiao Yan took the gold bars and counted how many gold bars he took.

     "What's the situation!"

     Outside the vault, the other five people could hear Qiao Yan's screams.

     Outside the door, Luo Yiming and their ears turned up, and they wanted to know what the matter happened inside.

     "I heard, Qiao Yan took too much gold bars, and the box couldn't close." Huang Lei said with a smirk.

     Inside the vault, Qiao An dazed stared at the box in front of him.

     "Hey, who designed this box? I only take how many, it won't close."

     Qiao Yan could only gritted his teeth and took out some gold bars from the box, and put the reluctant to part on the table.

     Now the box can finally be closed.

     Qiao Yan carried the box.

     "This is a bit heavy." Qiao Yan felt it, feeling a little strenuous.

     After cutting out another piece of meat, Qiao Yan took the box and left directly through the back door.


      "All right, the second person can go in."

     Zhao Xiang signaled that Little Pig could go to the vault to get gold bars.

     As soon as the vault door opened, Luo Yiming and the others saw that the gold bars on the table were much less.

     "I can tell you, the bridge anthracene hasn't taken less, you see, this gold bar is a lot less."

     Huang Bo rolled the eyes and said.

     Huang Bo said this in order to focus everyone's attention on Qiao Yan.

     Especially Sun Honglei, if you want to grab the bridge, go ahead, don't cause us trouble.

     "I entered."

     Xiaozhu and Luo Yiming said hello.The door of the vault slowly closed.

     "I think people have to be content, so I don't think I can take too much gold bars." Little Pig looked at the camera blankly and introduced.

     "Well, my lucky number is seven, then I will take seven gold bars."

     The piggy loaded seven gold bars, and after closing the box, he picked it up and felt it.

     "This will not delay my action."

     "The place of right and wrong will stay soon, flash." The piglet took it and left directly through the back door.


     Luo Yiming went to the vault for the third time to get gold bars.

     "Yiming, let's not be too greedy. You have to know that there are so many people behind you." Huang Lei looked at the gold bars in front of him and tried to persuade him.

     "Don't worry everyone, do you still do not know my character? I will never be greedy."

     Luo Yiming waved his hand and walked directly into the vault.

     "Guess how much Luo Yiming will get?"

     Seeing that Luo Yiming had entered, the few people who hadn't got the gold bars started to discuss.

     "From what I know about Yiming, he is definitely not the kind of avaricious and insatiable person, don't worry." Huang Bo said confidently.

     "It's hard to tell." Huang Lei said with a smile.

     Sun Honglei said: "Xiaobo, I think Huang Lei is right this time. After the door is opened, I will know if it is avaricious and insatiable. I'm really not sure now."

     Inside the vault, Luo Yiming never thought about how much gold he wanted to get.

     In terms of how much gold bullion you take now, it doesn't mean it's yours. On the contrary, it's the wit fight behind. It would be more fun without the ties of gold bullion.But if you don't take it out like this, then what else to play.

     Luo Yiming counted casually, took a few gold bars and put them in the box, and then began to think about other things.

     Luo Yiming looked at the surrounding environment.

     His eyes lit up, and then he climbed onto the platform where the gold bars were placed.

     "Hehe, how fun this game is if you don't scare them."

     Luo Yiming smiled strangely, and the next second began to work hard.

     After a while, he put all the gold bars left on the table on the upper beam.

     Outside the vault, Huang Bo and the others heard the sound of ding ding dang dang inside.

     "I'm talking about it, you have to wait until the door opens to know what kind of person it is."


     "Listen to the sound, this kid moved a lot."

     "So black-hearted Luo Yiming."


     Luo Yiming hid all the gold bars with great difficulty, and left through the back door with his suitcase.

     "Sun Honglei, next you can enter the vault to collect your gold bars."

     Sun Honglei felt that Luo Yiming should not have much left, so he could take all the rest.

     Thinking about it, the door of the vault slowly opened.
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