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331 Chapter Three Hundred And Seventh
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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"What, there are no gold bars?"

     "..." When the other MC saw this scene, they were also confused.

     They clearly remembered that when Luo Yiming entered, there were still a lot of gold bars on the table.

     Why is there no one left after a while?

     "There must be something strange..." Sun Honglei walked into the vault, and then leaned over his body coolly. The vault door didn't know if it was convulsions or something, and it was not closed like before.

     A door not move a single jot, it seems to be shocked by Sun Honglei's appearance.

      With great difficulty closing the door of the vault, Sun Honglei glancing to left and right walked to the side of the gold bar.

     "I don't believe Yiming that he can take away so many gold bars, it must be hidden by this companion pitted."

     Sun Honglei now feels that his IQ has exploded, and everything is within his expectations.

     Sun Honglei narrowed his eyes and looked carefully from bottom to top.

     Because the beam was too high, Sun Honglei decisively stood on the platform next second, and looked at the beam.

     "Ha Ha Ha Ha, shall I just say it! I can't hide anything from my eyes, look! What is this."

     Sun Honglei took a gold bar from the beam.

     "It's clear and clear, Old Sly Fox(es) is talking about you, you take the gold bars, and you hide the remaining gold bars. It's too bad for you."

     Sun Honglei pointed at the camera and began to condemn Luo Yiming's behavior.

     "Well, I'll take three yuan."

     Sun Honglei's brain is thinking fast.

     "If I bring three yuan, it will be very light. We can grab someone else later.""Qiaoyan, don't blame me...Who told you to take so much." Sun Honglei said with a smile.

     "Also, I will cover the rest. Yes, they won't be able to find it if you cover it up." Sun Honglei said mischievously.


     Both Huang Bo and Huang Lei had very high IQs, and they quickly picked up their gold bars.

     After receiving the gold bars, everyone reunited at the gate of the Guanyuan Garden. They all took the bus to rush to the next recording location, Fragrant Hill Park in Beijing.

     When the car is moving, everyone is also paying attention to the boxes of other MCs, because the gold bars are inside the boxes, in fact, no one can determine the amount of gold bars.

     But in the consciousness of the other five MCs, at least the amount of gold bars taken by Chen Qiaoyan was quite a lot, and everyone was also targeted by Qiaoyan as a "robbery".

     "Please hand over your money. You need to trade with the gold bars in your hand, and your gold bars can only be traded between brothers."

     At the foot of Xiangshan Park, Zhao Xiang said with a smile.

     He carried a bag and began to collect the money that everyone was carrying.

     "You still need to charge us? The show crew is so stingy?" Qiao Yan said.

     "I think we should trust each other more!"

     Huang Bodao, he wanted to deal with the program team, obviously Zhao Xiang would not give him a chance.

     "Huang Lei, don't you have a dollar?" The director team didn't believe in this divine calculation.

     "I really didn't..." Huang Lei shook his head.

     "You don't have money to hide in your shoes, right."Zhao Xiang asked the staff member to take off Huang Lei's shoes, but Huang Lei had no choice but to take off his shoes. Sure enough, he took out the money in the soles of his shoes.

     "Huang Lei, Huang Lei, you are really amazing, you actually put the money in it, it seems that your wife is very strict with you."

     It was Luo Yi's turn to understand.

     He took out money in every pocket and called others to call the local tyrant.

     "Yiming, you bring so much money when you go out."

     "I brought the money, but I didn't want to wait a while for you to buy water for you when you are thirsty, and buy food for you when you are hungry, do you think it is easy for me?

     "But now, they are about to confiscate it, I also can't do anything about it." Luo Yiming pretended to be kind to pull the camp, and the other MCs were almost cheated by him.

     In Xiangshan Park, the program group put five keys, corresponding to five modes of transportation.

     After hearing Zhao Xiang's announcement of the start, Little Pig rushed out.

     His goal is to put the pinnacle key in the highest place.

     "Hey, Little Pig, he runs too fast."

     Behind the pig, Luo Yiming and the others got together to discuss the running pig.

     No way, this guy is like a wild horse running off the rein, and the cameraman behind can't keep up.

     "You can find the key first, and I will follow the little pig to take a look."

     Huang Lei looked at Little Pig and said.

     He felt that the pinnacle key should be the best of these keys.

     But he can't run the pig, simply follow behind, and find a chance to fish in troubled water.


     At the foot of the mountain, Luo Yiming and Qiao Yan stayed there.

     Qiao Yan, a girl, must find an alliance.words exceede 5100Sun Honglei saw Huang Bo behave like this, so he did so, and he slipped away with haha.

     Qiao Yan just came over.

     The aunt yelled: "Little sister, they ate the cones and said you give money."

     "What? Auntie, you are not mistaken, why did I give them money when they ate."

     "You... what are you doing."

     "Bullying people, can't be so obvious." Qiao Yan looked at Huang Bo and Sun Honglei who had escaped innocently. Why did she get hurt every time.

     "Auntie, look like this. Both of them are bad guys. I don't have any money here. I'll ask them for money for you..."

     After Qiao Yan finished speaking, she ran away immediately while her aunt hadn't spoken.

     Luo Yiming saw them all by the side.

     Seeing Sun Honglei, Huang Bo, and Qiao Yan all slipping away, Luo Yiming slowly walked over.

     Luo Yiming took a closer look at the contents of the freezer.

     The corner of his mouth is lightly smiled.

     Sure enough, as expected, in addition to cold drinks in the freezer, there is still one infinite challenge sign box, which contains the key.

     "Look at what you want to buy."

     Seeing Luo Yiming, the aunt hurriedly promoted own family's cold drinks.

     "I want this."

     Luo Yiming pointed to the key box inside the freezer.

     "This is not possible, this is not for sale."

     Seeing that Luo Yiming wanted the key box, the aunt shook her head and said.

     "Why not sell it, why not sell it."

     Regardless of the aunt's objection, Luo Yiming directly reached out and took out the key box, and then ran away under the wind.Luo Yiming took the key and walked directly to the garage where the vehicle was stored. He had to see what vehicle the cold key he got corresponds to.

     With a click, Luo Yiming opened the garage door excitedly.

     However, the imaginary means of transportation did not appear. Luo Yiming only saw a transportation card placed there.

     "Your sister, are you kidding me?"

     Luo Yiming a look of sluggishness.

     It’s a good luxury car. If it’s not possible, a regular car is fine. Here is what does it mean for a transportation card.

     "My life is so bitter?" Luo Yiming looked at and took photos, and the cameraman also said that this vehicle is not good.

     No, you must find another key.

     Luo Yiming stuffed the traffic jam into his pocket, and then closed the garage door.

     But as soon as Luo Yiming closed the garage door, he saw Huang Lei coming free and unconstrained.

     He didn't know what thing he was still swollen in his arms.

     "Brother Huang Lei, what's in your arms."

     Luo Yiming's eyes are very sharp. Huang Lei is smart in the extreme challenge. Huang Lei must have guessed what he can think of.

     Therefore, he may Plentiful Rewards.

     "I am, but they are all good things." Huang Lei looked at Luo Yiming and said.

     "Yi Ming, you didn't find the key."

     Luo Yiming dazed for a moment and touched his chin.

     "No, I didn't find anything after searching for a long time."

     "Really. You didn't lie to me?"

     Huang Lei looked at Luo Yiming's expression seriously."No." Luo Yiming also gave full play to his acting skills now, proving his "innocence" with his innocent eyes.

     "Well then, I'll give you a key, but you will help me deal with other people later how is it?"

     Huang Lei's decision was also deliberate.

     I found three keys in total, but I can't use that many. It's better to give this key to Luo Yiming, so that I can have one more ally.

     "Let me see first."

     Huang Lei should first see which of his three keys corresponds to the best means of transportation. Of course, he should keep the best for himself.

     "I'll take this. I can give you one of the two remaining."

     Huang Lei opened his garage while talking.

     "I'll go, this gap is too big."

     The garage door suddenly opened, and Luo Yiming felt ashamed when he saw it.

     How can this gap in life be so big.

     I painstakingly found the cold key, but there was only a 150 yuan transportation card in it, and the garage was actually a luxury Bentley.

     "Brother Huang Lei, gave me this key, right." Luo Yiming ignored his face, and said with a smile beside Huang Lei.

     "What are you thinking! How can it be! How can there be such a good thing."

     "Come on, give this to you."

     Huang Lei opened the yet another garage and after seeing the vehicles inside, he handed the key to Luo Yiming without the slightest hesitation.

     "Don't, Huang Lei, this is too big a gap, I just use this vehicle."In the rustling wind, inside the garage is a scooter.

     Luo Yiming's face was bitter, with a reluctant look. The impossible to get rid of in his mind was the Bentley.

     "Is this bad?"

     "A bit." Luo Yiming seek truth from facts.

     "Do you want the taxi ticket?"

     Huang Lei also opened the last garage and asked.

     "I don't want it, Huang Lei, let's discuss about the Bentley."

     Huang Leineng didn't know what Luo Yiming was thinking. He smiled: "One is clear. I know what you are thinking."

     "Well, I can't bear to ride a motorcycle. Come with me. Let's make a Bentley together. But you must remember that you must stand in line and be on my side later.

     "Of course, Brother Huang Lei!"

     Luo Yiming began to show his loyalty to Huang Lei. Do you play games? How comfortable he can come from? As for betrayal and not betrayal, it also depends on the story.

     Luo Yiming has his own means of transportation, and he definitely wants to pull the bridge.

     "Come here, come here, Qiaoyan, have you found the key?"

     Luo Yiming has determined to act with Huang Lei.

     However, the two of them did not leave immediately. Huang Lei still had two keys in his hand. Huang Lei wanted to sell these two keys to attract more allies to stand on his side.

     It just so happened that Qiao An had been in alliance with Yiming before.

     "I haven't found it yet, did you two find it?"

     Huang Lei said: "Qiao An, actually a few of us, I know you have the most gold bars, but if you want to get gold bars, you must bear its weight.""You are a girl, with so many gold bars, the game behind may not be fun. We are willing to form an alliance with you. When you need your gold bars, I hope you can contribute generously."

     Huang Lei flickered Qiao An, it must be Zhang Fei eating bean sprouts.

     In a couple of sentences, Qiaoanthracene was biased by Huang Lei.

     "I'm not nothing serious, so Qiaoyan, I'll give you a key, but you have to stand on my side and help me behind, how is it?"

     "Yes." Qiao Yan was nodded happily.

     But Qiao Yan looked pure and kind, but she didn't think so in her heart. She could take so many gold bars, she must want to win.

     She is going to get the key first, as to whether she will stand on Huang Lei's side in the future?

     This kind of thing Who knows ne, it depends on the situation.

     "Okay, here is the key for you."

     Huang Lei took out a key and handed it to Qiao Yan.

     "Qiaoyan, remember what you said, you now are my side."

     Huang Lei and Luo Yiming took a look, and got directly on the Bentley. They left Xiangshan Park and rushed to the next target location.

     Either way it is the best key, Bentley also provides a full-time driver.

     There is still one taxi ticket in Huang Bo's hand, and Luo Yiming there is still one transportation card has not been sold.

     No way, no one came after waiting for a long time. Qiao Yan had already set off on her scooter, and Luo Yiming would fall behind if they didn't leave.

     When Sun Honglei, Xiaozhu, and Huang Bo came over, four of the five garages had been opened, and only one garage remained.The key to this garage is in Sun Honglei's hand.

     This key was deceived by Sun Honglei from Xiaozhu.

     Huang Bo, on the other hand, is brazen faced behind Sun Honglei and Xiaozhu, and wants them to bring themselves.

     "Hong Lei, Xiaozhu, the relationship between the three of us still need me to talk about it? This must bring me, otherwise I don't know either how to go."

     Huang Bo did not expect that he would end up like this.

     "Don't think about this, you hurry up and find another way, don't follow me."

     Sun Honglei and Xiaozhu opened the last garage, and there was an SUV parked in the garage.


     "Yes. This car is pretty."

     "Little pig, get in the car! If we don't leave, we will be behind."

     Sun Honglei and Xiaozhu got into the car and drove away.

     Leaving Huang Bo alone in the Xiangshan Park, the river flows in grief.

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