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335 Chapter 331, New Variety Show Masked Singer (first More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

For the tenth and eleventh periods of Unlimited Challenge, the crew came to the hometown of Qiaoyan and Xiaozhu to start recording. After the two programs were recorded, the Unlimited Challenge only left the final battle.

     After recording the eleventh episode, Luo Yiming did not return to the capital with the army, but rushed to Xiangjiang to meet with Luo Xin, the director of Mango Channel who was recruiting singers in Xiangjiang.

      This period of time, Luo Xin was waiting for Luo Yiming’s music variety show. He knew that Luo Yiming had been preparing for CCTV’s Unlimited Challenge throughout April, and Luo Xin did not bother him.

     Right now, when the finale is about to end, Luo Xin went to Taipei and Hong Kong in advance to invite capable singers to help out this powerful music program.

     Regarding the format of the show, Luo Yiming briefly mentioned it once with Luo Xin. That is the second music variety show Luo Yiming wants to produce. He is no longer inviting some new singers to present it in a talent show.

     But mature musicians, singers compete on the same stage to defend the honor of a musician.

     Moreover, Luo Yiming repeatedly emphasized that he still has a major easter egg in this music show.

     Luo Xin has always been looking forward to it. After he decided on a singer's intention to participate in the show in Taipei, the second singer in Xiangjiang had closed doors.

     When meeting Luo Yiming, Luo Xin wanted to fully understand Luo Yiming's new music variety show ideas and ideas, so that she could better invite singers.

     Because of the singer resources accumulated by China's good voices, the second column that Luo Yiming intends to create is the former King of Mask Singer of Jiangsu Satellite TV.The King of Mask Singer in Luo Yiming’s memory originally came from Jiangsu Satellite TV, but in fact, King of Mask Singer is a music Reality TV Show created by MBC.

     Participants bring special masks with hidden status. Regardless of age, gender, occupation, or seniority, they will be determined by singing! The audience can guess who the singer is while listening to the song has become a major feature and highlight of the show.

     Whether it is Jiangsu Satellite TV or MBC, the core concept of King of Mask Singer is absolutely the same.

     The difference is in the details. MBC’s listening troupe is composed of 99 public judges and nine artists.

     Jiangsu Satellite TV is a public review plus four resident tutors. In addition to the permanent resident, Jiangsu Satellite TV also set up off-site guest guessing and evaluation to allow off-site stars to participate.

     Compared with South Korea's MBC version, Luo Yiming feels that the model of Jiangsu Satellite TV is more grounded.

     Luo Yiming also has his personal opinion on why he chose this column in the end.

     One is Roaring Across the Horizon of China's good voice, let him know that some new singers may not be as good as those mature singers in the circle.

     The two compete on the same stage, and the sparks are even more explosive.

     What's more, if many new singers who sing nicely sing nice songs in the program, it is more likely to cause an explosion in the program.

     Just like Zhang Jie, he won the title of China's good voice, whether in terms of attention, topicality, or appreciation, he surpasses mature singers.

     Luo Yiming very much hopes that his second music variety show will lead the audience into a bizarre and motley music world.

     As a rebirth, Luo Yiming has a lot of singer resources in his mind.These singers may be unknown now, but they have all entered the first-line singer echelon in their previous lives.

     If I rely on far-sighted to push them to the stage of Masked Singer. I am afraid that the burst of musical energy will not lose to the good voice of China.

     Two days ago, the King of Mask Singer plan was sorted out. Luo Yiming asked Luo Xin to go to Taipei and Xiangjiang to invite two singers, but I heard Luo Xin did not invite one of them, Luo Yiming more or less a bit Disappointed.

     At the beginning of the establishment of King of Mask Singer, Luo Yiming thought of several suitable candidates.

     The staff of the guessing group must have entertaining spirit and a certain degree of professionalism in music. In Xiangjiang, Luo Yiming thinks that Eason is very funny, and his feeling is more suitable for the guessing group.

     In addition to teacher Eason, Zhou Jielun and Luo Yiming also wanted to invite.

     Today, the Mango Channel has motivated Zhou Jielun, a musical talent to participate.

     However, if Eason was not invited, Luo Yiming's heart was unavoidable.

     Because of the one below, he also wants to invite through Eason, and this singer will make the show produce a high-cold contrast effect of "not eating mundane affairs".

     That's right, the person Luo Yiming wants to invite is Wang Fei, the queen of singing who just retired last year and intends to return to life.

     Therefore, Luo Yiming was so determined and persistent to invite Wang Fei because he knew in his previous life that Wang Fei was not the type of housewife willing to be behind the scenes.

     She sang again in 2008 after retiring, and in 10 years she officially returned as a legend in the Spring Festival Gala.

     It is worth mentioning that in 2008, Wang Fei performed again at the Wenchuan Earthquake Relief Party, and Chen Yixun sang with her.After their comeback in 2011, Wang Fei and Chen Yixun reunited again and sang the theme song "Because of Love" that carried love to the end.

     The producer of this film was precisely her husband Li Yapeng at the time.

     From the frequent cooperation between the two, we can actually see that Wang Fei and Chen Yixun have a good relationship with good friends, and the two are both artists of Chen Jiaying, in fact, they have known each other as early as 2005.

     Luo Yiming knew that if Eason was moved, Wang Fei might also agree to be a guest show.

     However, Luo Xin was unfavorable, and now it looks a bit difficult.

     On the day of their stay in Xiangjiang, Luo Xin and Luo Yiming got a call from Chen Yixun’s agent, Chen Jiaying, through their friends, and carried out a ten-minute conversation with other party.

     The other party did not refuse, but also did not agree.

     On the phone, Luo Yiming's request to meet the other party was also ruthlessly rejected. This somewhat made Luo Yiming feel that the possibility of getting to Eason was very small.

     However, he there is still one way, this is also his wonderful move to rise from the dead!


     On the flight back, Luo Yiming told Luo Xin the idea of the second music variety show he was going to create.

      King of Mask Singer is about listening to music without seeing him.

     Every singer guarantees a great sense of mystery.

     Compared with the swivel chair of China's good voice, it is more interesting and dramatic.

     Luo Xin looked super excited after listening.

      The whole idea of King of Mask Singer surpassed the good voice of China.

     From details to details, Luo Yiming planned King of Mask Singer to have no problem.In terms of operability, China Good Voice's stage can continue to be used. In addition to slightly remodeling the scene, the hardware to be prepared is the singers' masks and music materials.

      Before then, we still have to find four guests to form a guessing team.

     Luo Xin said that after returning to Changhua, he will step up to contact the instructor singer, and the other singer selections of King of Mask Singer, the form of music competition, and the stage construction are all handled by Luo Yiming's production team.

     Everything went extraordinary smoothly.

     During this period, Luo Yiming also successfully recorded the final battle with the Unlimited Challenge team.

     At the beginning of May, the recording work was completed, and after about a week of editing, the first season of Unlimited Challenge will be sent for review, and the files will go live to meet with the audience.

     The infinite challenge of entertainment art film and television After some be secretive revisions and a strong public opinion offensive, it passed the final review in early May, and the other party will broadcast the first episode on May 7th.

     It was finally ahead of Luo Yiming.

     Zhang Dongming and Zhang Dadong are brewing a torn and forcing battle, and defeating Luo Yiming is the most tacit agreement between them.

     As for the cards in their hands, they also think it is enough to kill Luo Yiming and Unlimited Challenge!
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