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341 Chapter 327, Wow Kaka, Li Sisi's Little Gift (recommendation Ticket Requested)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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It was almost coldest in January in Shijiazhuang, and there had been a few snows one after another. In the pure white snow, the city was temporarily washed away from the grease, and the children would be in front of the door in the morning. The thorns on the ice bridge were slippery. They ran far away, spread their arms, and glide across the ice under their feet, feeling like they were flying in the sky.

     Spring is green and full of hope, but winter also has his fun. People who don’t like to go out often like to use the television program to kill time this time.

     Jiangyang’s I want to sing with you is coming to an end. The new program created by Hesheng TV is called King of Mask Singer. Recently, not only the new program of King of Mask Singer, but also I Am a of Mango Channel Singer will also be broadcast soon.

     Regardless of whether it is from the celebrity position or into the promotion, before the 20th, the momentum of my song will be stronger, advance singing loudly, Naying from the mainland will participate in my song, Yuquan group will participate in my song, Xiangjiang singer Chen Xiaodong will participate I also invited Malaysian singers to make my song into a cross-strait, or even an international-level singing convention. Compared to the scale of my song, King of Mask Singer was doing secret work. Before 20 , Jiang Yang did not even allow to expose several judges, which made King of Mask Singer's influence like dead trees and dead ashes, and it was completely unknown.

     But on the evening of the 20th, Jiang Yang communicated with Taipei Entertainment Godfather Wang Weizhong that when he wanted to invite several singers to participate in the show, Wang Weizhong notified all the star singers in his circle.The singers Wang Weizhong knows are not inferior to Mango Channel. He recommends them like Luo Dayou in Taipei, Qi Qin, Yu Chengqing, Ren Xianqi, Zhang Yu, Wu Bai, Zhang Xinzhe, and Xiao Yaxuan all paid attention to King of Mask. Singer.

     Everyone's recommendation, hot chat, not for anything else, is to help Wei Zhong pull up this show, and know that Jiang Yang may be the number one host in Taipei in the future, and the stars who are bound to make friends are also on their necks. , Want to help Jiangyang platform.

     And Taipei Number One Beauty Xiao Qiang, who is also a singer, was also recommended by Wang Weizhong. She can go to King of Mask Singer to show her singing voice. After all, in Taipei, Xiao Qiang, the number one beauty, is famous for her outstanding looks and figure, and King of Mask Singer is likely to highlight her singing voice.

     Jiang Yang couldn't think of it. Wei Zhong didn't just help him fix the little guys like Xu Jiaying, Xiao Jingteng, Fei Yuqing, and even Xiao Qiang decided to meet Jiang Yang and have a deep chat with him next time he returns to Taipei.

     When Jiangyang arrived in Shijiazhuang, the snow last night had just ended. In the morning, Shijiazhuang wrapped in silver and white snow was very enchanting.

     Because of the severe cold weather, some of the snow on the branches have already hung their ice skates, stepping on the rustle of snow, and the aunts sweeping the floor are drawing a way for the citizens.

     It was Gu Tao who came to pick up Jiangyang. Seeing Jiang Yang's return, Gu Tao's face was unspeakably excited.

     Because, from last night to today, the popularity of King of Mask Singer has suddenly risen. Not only has it become a hot search on major websites, the media has also changed the direction of the wind, and the same caliber said that the King of Mask Singer of the River Province Satellite TV may be Become a dark horse again, this time, it will defeat I Am a Singer and officially overtake the mango platform.The media dared to speak this way, of course, it was not wind from an empty cave. Taipei singers praised King of Mask Singer like a solitaire, Xiangjiang Chen Yixun, Joey Yung, and Tingfeng Tse took over and preached in Xiangjiang. Half of the entertainment industry supports this program. The media have realized not a common chord of King of Mask Singer this time.

     After the warm-up day yesterday, Jiang Yang faced such a great situation when he got off the plane, and he was also somewhat surprised.

     But the situation is good. He must take advantage of the opportunity to let King of Mask Singer fly. While Jiang Yang notified the singers to officially record the first episode of the show, he also asked other team members to rush to several big cities to promote. On the 22nd, Xia Zhiguang, a boss who came to Shijiazhuang from Zhejiang Province, gave Jiangyang even greater support.

     He invested 10 million and named King of Mask Singer, and the product named by Xia Zhiguang is his clothing brand, Peacebird.

     Speaking of Xia Zhiguang, when I wanted to sing with you, he wanted to get to know Jiang Yang. After all, naming and promoting his clothing brand was only incidental. Xia Zhiguang's team at King of Mask Singer arrived in Zhejiang Province and understood When Jiangyang's current needs were met, he generously gave out 10 million, and he wanted to watch Jiangyang's show and hit Mango Channel. He didn't think that Mango Channel's music program could surpass Jiangyang's.

     He felt that King of Mask Singer was Jiang Yang's second trump card.

     With this over 10 million yuan and 20 million yuan in sponsorship investment, King of Mask Singer no longer has the fears of trouble in the rear. Jiang Yang and his team will regain their focus, and they can get rid of their arms. .

     On one side is Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain, which is unstoppable for climbing and facing the water. On the other hand, I Am a Singer, Long Mei and Zhang Xiaohui are a bit embarrassed.Naying, Yuquan’s stalking is used too much, and the time is too long, and the audience’s expectations are reduced accordingly. On the King of Mask Singer, the singer’s identity is hidden, the four major judges are faintly discernible, the whole Xiangjiang, Taipei applauded The situation naturally gave the most powerful support to this program.

      there is still one The news is that Jiang Yang promised to record I Am a Singer because he was grateful for Long Mei's value. However, because Jiang Yang had come to host the work of Kangxi, he told Long Mei again that he would go to my song by himself, and may only be able to participate in the final replenishment. This is also equivalent to the previous I Am a Singer. , Jiang ** would not have gone.

     Zhang Xiaohui thought it was Jiang Yang deliberately. He didn't cooperate with the show and was completely blind and arrogant. Zhang Xiaohui and Jiang Yang were not friendly at first, and she took this opportunity and she took this opportunity and removed Jiang Yang's qualifications without authorization.

     But because of the previous publicity work, the player of Mango Stage I Am a Singer had Jiang Yang. This withdrawal was interpreted as being stingy by the outside world. Because of the popularity of King of Mask Singer, he wanted to suppress Jiang Yang. .

     Zhang Xiaohui couldn't think of her move, I Am a Singer add hail to snow.

     After a fight openly and maneuver covertly, the mango station has no time to adjust. On the 26th, the first phase of I Am a Singer is about to go to war.

     The production team of Mango Terrace, with the remaining thoughts, believes that with the foundation of Mango Terrace So many years and the guarantee of the audience, it can still defeat King of Mask Singer.

     The recording of King of Mask Singer was completed a few days ago under the tacit auspices of Jiang Yang and Tian Yuan, and the cooperation of Chen Yixun, Zhou Jielun, Han Hong and Lin Junjie also made the show joke from time to time.And the sense of suspense and curiosity to guess who the singer is, has always led the audience.

     On the 26th, what Jiang Yang can do now is just waiting for the premiere on the 26th. Who is it is even better. The answer will be announced when the confrontation between the two programs is first broadcast.
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