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342 Chapter 338, Two Programs With Different Styles (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

After the attack, Li Sisi rushed into the yard, and with this intimate action, the original window paper between Luo Yiming and Li Sisi was torn.

     I want to chase inside and abuse Li Sisi's mouth. This time, the call of Director Zhao Liyong of CCTV showed up.

     "You mean, you want me to go to the CCTV conference hall now?"

     Picking up girls seems to be impossible. The former said on the phone: "Yes, tonight Unlimited Challenge will premiere, and the creative staff will be present."

     CCTV attaches great importance to Unlimited Challenge. As a producer, Luo Yiming is not easy to refuse.

     "All right, then I will rush over now."

     Li Sisi is also a member of CCTV. After talking to Sisi inside, the two went to the TV station together.


      This time, in a hotel room, Zhang Dongming was sitting with a few people smoking a cigarette, the ashtray was full of cigarette butts, the exhaust fan was buzzing, and several people were talking.

     Not only Zhang Dongming, Zhang Dadong, Li Dezhi, but also a few key members of the entertainment and variety show department are there.

     Tonight is the day when CCTV Unlimited Challenge will be broadcast.

     Entertainment Arts previously discredited Luo Yiming's program, and CCTV sent a special warning letter a few days later, but Entertainment Arts Film and Television was not afraid.

     What supported them was that they insisted on Luo Yiming's plagiarism.

     In the first issue of the Unlimited Challenge, whether this plagiarism is established or not, they have to watch the show to know.

     Everyone was waiting, and Zhang Dongming smiled at the corner of his mouth: "I have already told the media, as long as their plot is similar to ours, that is to say they plagiarize!"

     "As long as the matter is settled, I can bring Luo Yiming down."Li Dezhi said: "Boss, do you really want to play so hard? You It should be noted, our opponent is CCTV, you must be cautious!"

     Zhang Dongming laughed instead: "Xiao Li, you are in a misunderstanding. CCTV now warns us that they still believe in Luo Yiming, but if Luo Yiming copied our program, then CCTV will not be talking to Luo Yiming. One team. They become victims."

     "It will only condemn Luo Yiming, and the latter will become the target of disdain."

     Zhang Dongming said deeply: "The only thing I worry about now is that Unlimited Challenge is not the same as our unlimited challenge. Moreover, its ratings are higher than ours. That would be more embarrassing."

     Zhang Dadong laughed haha, and said, "Boss, you are too high to see Luo Yiming. The ratings of Unlimited Challenge will definitely not exceed 2.5. It is definitely lower than us."

     Zhang Dadong watched Mr. Zhang look at himself and said with confidence: "Because we dare to broadcast content that CCTV can't broadcast. Although the radio and television has asked us to rectify it, our variety shows are still very interesting.

     His first episode of Time War, let the guests play Shiatsu, play water fights, and play wet games such as bubble gun shooting.

     In the second phase, it is a direct swimming competition, playing a bikini competition, under the high-definition camera, the audience can even see every detail be very clear about sth!

     This is naturally very attractive.

     Zhang Dadong hummed: "I guess "Unlimited Challenge" must be a boring fake big political show!"

     "Manager Zhang is right, Luo Yiming's Unlimited Challenge won't look good." Everyone followed to express their opinions.Dragon TV's "Unlimited Challenge" is an imported Korean variety show. The stars invited are all big names in the entertainment industry. The Korean team and Zhang Dadong acted as producers. They know the rules of the game in the TV circle better.

     That's why he has such confidence.

     Furthermore, CCTV has also broadcast some variety shows, but its variety shows are relatively regular and seem boring.

     Luo Yiming is very talented, but on CCTV reality show, he will definitely hit the street to death.

     After listening to Zhang Dongming, he proudly said: "Luo Yiming is the one who planted trees, we are the ones who enjoy the shade!"

     "Luo Yiming created the genre and how is it? Setting the benchmark and how is it? The star reality show, we have not done it first."

     "He is a loser."

     "Hehe, our show must be better than CCTV's. I can guarantee that Unlimited Challenge is another doctrine variety show! Luo Yiming, he just produced a few singing shows, he thought he was Unmatched Under the Heaven?"

     "He really looks at himself too highly."

     "Yes." Zhang Dadong naturally exhaled with Zhang Dongming: "Luo Yiming's theme is actually one hundred loopholes, and he hadn't thought for many things."

     "We explored under this theme and added a lot of interesting game links. This time we not only stepped on CCTV to reach the top of similar programs, but also used the new program to beat Luo Yiming."

     "After tonight, those viewers who are full of expectations for him but come back disappointed will definitely be snatched by us, and the audience rating of the next issue will definitely skyrocket!"Zhang Dongming nodded: "It must be so, but I am looking forward to it. We can have much more ratings than them tonight!"

     Zhang Dadong said: "At least 0.5 points."

     Li Dezhi was silent later. To be honest, if the Unlimited Challenge program was really ugly, he would feel a little guilty. After all, he stole Luo Yiming's show theme.

      the thief cries thief, he actually doesn't want to push Luo Yiming to the cliff, but he is a small person, what can he control!


     It's not just a bunch of people in entertainment, film, and television that think Unlimited Challenge will hit the streets.

     The views of the media are not very optimistic about Unlimited Challenge.

     Originally, Infinite Challenge was the introduction of Korean variety shows. Others' variety shows were in the front. Luo Yiming later produced Unlimited Challenge, which caused plagiarism, and it was not unexpected.

     Everyone has this awareness and it has had a bad influence on Unlimited Challenge.

     Not to mention this influence, the guest lineup of Unlimited Challenge is relatively weak when it comes to programs alone.

     CCTV's Unlimited Challenge is composed of five big men and one girl, which is rather monotonous.

     Dragon TV is three men and three women, pairing up to challenge missions and playing outdoor games, which is more fun.

     And CCTV is dominated by presenters and some unpopular stars, except for Luo Yiming's high value and a lot of ugly people.

     Dragon TV focuses on Movies Celebrity Handsome Men and Beautiful Women, especially actresses, who have good figures and good looks. The first and second phases were shot in Sanya.

     Surfing at sea, rock climbing, yachting, high-end atmosphere!

     Bikini and swimsuits attracted a lot of ratings.When Luo Yiming and Li Sisi arrived in the stage.

     CCTV held a program premiere in the International Conference Hall.

     They invited some official media and celebrities to participate, a bit like a movie premiere, rather strong.

     The celebrities and their families who participated in the first filming are all invited, and most of their friends in the circle are also invited. There are big celebrities in the music and film industries.

     This time the CCTV premiere is to prove oneself pure, to be able to make such a big battle, and CCTV trusts Luo Yiming.

     For the media and celebrities, they just take a night off, watch TV, and attend a cocktail party.

     So as long as there is time, many stars in the capital will come over.

     The media is mainly the official media of CCTV, and there are also counterparts, representatives of satellite TV media in various places.

     First-line satellite TVs such as Mango and Blueberry all send people to participate. They learn from the big brother CCTV and accept the teachings of the big brother.

     After Luo Yiming took the seat, the atmosphere began to become more subtle.

     Some media present also wanted to plagiarize materials firsthand. Whether CCTV's Unlimited Challenge and Dragon TV's Unlimited Challenge are the same program will be known in a moment.

     At 9 o'clock in the evening, the show officially started in anticipation.

     Luo Yiming sat with some friends in the entertainment circle, everyone stopped chatting and looked at the big screen.

     The advertisement countdown ended, the screen went black, and suddenly a light flashed, as if the sun had tore through the darkness. One person opened his eyes and the screen gradually lit up. Luo Yiming wearing Special Equipment appeared in the lens.He stood on the top of a high mountain, closed his eyes to meet the Rising Sun, and spread his arms.

     Cheerful music sounded, and the aerial camera revolved around him. At this time, the audience saw that he was strapped to a set of huge hang gliding equipment.

     The wind moved the huge wing-wind net bag, almost taking him to the sky.

     The camera zoomed farther and farther, and at the end, he saw his one person running, rushing down the hill, and then taking off!

     "Challenges make life full of fun; overcoming challenges makes life full of meaning."

     "There are no great people in the world, only great challenges that ordinary people meet."

     "The challenge in life is not to bring you to a standstill, but to help you discover yourself."

     "If you never take up the gauntlet, you won't feel the excitement of victory."

     "So take up the gauntlet, so that you can feel the joy of victory."

     After the sound, Luo Yiming's camera switched, and the next second was a person swimming in the sea. He was swimming in the sea, his body constantly fighting against the splashing waves.

     "Take a risk! The whole life is an adventure. The one who goes the farthest is often the one who is willing to do it and is willing to take risks."

     In the next shot, Huang Lei roared vigorously, his face covered with mud and sweat, and he was completely dressed in sanitation.

     Chen Qiaoyan stared at the Wanzhang Canyon and yelled in fright.

     However, she completed the final high altitude challenge.

     "A challenge is an opportunity to prove your ability to yourself and others."

     "If a person does not want to go beyond the environment, he can't do What's the big deal.""I succeeded." Afterwards, Sun Honglei cried and laughed, and Xiaozhu screamed hard with veins exposed.

     "The challenge is impossible, I succeeded."

     The crowd ran in the heavy rain, thumped in the muddy water, roared in front of the oil well sprayed with crude oil, and cried in the coal mine.

     The six people supported each other, clenched their fists together to encourage each other, shouldered the punishment of the cold and cold rain together, and enjoyed the joy of victory together, with laughter, tears, and more courage!

     The first promotional video was filmed two months ago. I went to Thailand’s uninhabited islands to shoot the scenes, went to the Northeast to be exposed to the oil rain, and went to the Xishan to squat through the coal mine pit.

     The muddy ground is hard to find. It is a field borrowed by the State Sports General Administration, and a large truck of water is poured into it.

     Luo Yiming is serious about making the show. He spliced these shots together and delivered the images he wanted to shoot in the 12th issue of Unlimited Challenge to the audience through this kind of shots.

     Luo Yiming wanted to burst the audience's expectations in the first issue.

     Indeed, audiences who don't know the inside story are silly!

     The scenes of tormented stars and challenging scenes in the show really make people look very exciting and enjoyable.

     What show is so tossing about?

     Star at what time is so miserable?

     The most frightening thing is there is still one hanging from a building of several hundred meters to act as a spider man and to wipe the glass.

     Even the professional dare not take this kind of work, and the external wall cleaning job, they star to challenge?

     There is also oil rain. Who can bear the black oil on your body?But this thing is different in the eyes of petroleum people, it is success, joy, and sense of accomplishment!

     This is also a spirit, a transmission of correct values.

     The most rousing thing is that with regard to the challenge, there is a motto that fills the audience with chicken soup.

     It makes the show very interesting!

     In the weakening of the main melody, six arms are held together, and five men and a girl solemnly swear to the camera: "Starting from today, I officially become a member of "Unlimited Challenge". In the next challenge, no matter what Never give up any untold dangers and difficulties, and promise to complete the challenge!"

     "Ordinary life, challenge is impossible!"

     "Unlimited Challenge, this is fate!"

     After these two propaganda slogans were shouted out, the audience collectively applauded and cheered, full of endless expectations for this show!

     "Not bad not bad, when it was officially broadcast, it felt much better than when it was recorded. It can be seen that the editing team has done a lot of work." CCTV's assistance team is expand my horizon.

     Because the official version of the first episode of the program is much more beautiful than when it was recorded.

     "..." Luo Yiming was also satisfied, but he remained silent.

     "Yiming, your new show is positioned so great, it looks very interesting!" Liu Yan also came to send her blessings today. Seeing the beginning of the new show, she patted Luo Yiming on the shoulder, expressing that she was quite impressed. interest!

     Teacher Gao Xiaosong said unhappily: "Yiming! Why don't you call your brother me to participate in such a fun show? I am a very humorous and challenging man. I can come for all your tasks!"Sun Honglei said: "Teacher Komatsu, it may be really inappropriate for you to participate, because your appearance is not as high as mine."

     As Sun Honglei was talking, there was a picture of him saying that he was the King of Unlimited Challenge Yan, but the program team deliberately put on Luo Yiming's cool and handsome shots in the show for comparison.

     Yan Wang Sun Honglei was dead.

     Then, the show officially began. The six artists chose the way to wake up their friends by throwing darts, and suddenly the show entered a funny scene.

     Everyone in the premiere hall was laughing. The previous promo was so exciting and humorous. It really surprised everyone and liked it!

     The time war has not yet begun, but needless to say, this show must be popular with the audience.

     Because it is novel enough, the production is particularly delicate, and the six guests have no celebrity stand, very close to the people.

      The layman simply enjoys the show, and friends in the entertainment circle are talking and laughing. the connoisseur recognizes the artistry, and I think it's also very good.

     The TV media on the scene, while agreeing with this program, also want to see if there is anything similar to Infinite Challenge.

     At least for now, this Unlimited Challenge and Unlimited Challenge are completely two programs with very different styles.
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