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343 Chapter 339, Luo Yiming Is Starting To Fight Back (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     In the hotel room, Zhang Dongming's fist was very hard, but it was soft and weak when it hit the bed.

      From the very beginning of the inspirational chanting, Unlimited Challenge seems to be different from his show.

      The setting of chicken soup for the soul gives the show a sense of loftyness. Compared with the limitless challenge, the guests appeared at the beginning, lacking a spiritual guide for the show.

      Promos and tidbits of Unlimited Challenge, their route is to challenge the high difficulty Quest.

     Infinite challenges and more energy are placed on female stars, the difference between the two is obvious.

     "This seems to be different from our program." After Zhang Dongming's heart was spoken by the people below, Zhang Dongming punched out and hit the bed.

     Seeing the boss angry, Zhang Dadong said hurriedly: "Boss, don't worry. I see their cameras and equipment are not that good. As a new team with no experience in shooting big movies, their variety shows are definitely not as clear as ours. ,profession."

     "I have more confidence in our program."

     Li Dezhi said: "Mr. Zhang, in fact, in the context of the promotional film, Luo Yiming's strengths, but we have to look at the actual content."

     "Yes." Zhang Dadong echoed: "We have to pay attention to his next content. We have to see where their highlights and the bottom line are..."

     Zhang Dadong is very confident, he has not been knocked down.

     This is just the first unit of Unlimited Challenge.

     He wants to look at the whole part, see the weakness of a trace of plagiarism, and then pull it out and enlarge it.Attack with one point, like a poisonous snake, kill the opponent with one blow!

     After CCTV's Unlimited Challenge began, it spread quickly to major schools in Beijing. In a female dormitory of Media College, a sandwich fan turned on the TV.

     "Hurry up, Hurry up, the new program of Director Luo is premiering today! The circle of friends is crazy, saying it's very beautiful!"

     "Huh, lie! Where can you see the CCTV variety show? It's all network news and focus interview types of variety shows! Why don't we look for it online."

     "Don't look at it! I'll watch it myself. Will there be any mistakes in Director Luo's program?"

     "Director Luo, is that the handsome and tall male host?"

     "Yes, that's the male host of the reader, don't you say he is handsome? Are you interested now?"

     As soon as the sandwich girl said, the other girls all gathered.

     On the TV, the time war has already begun. The Xtreme Three Stupid and the Xtreme Three Spirits meet for the first time, and Luo Yiming changed his original image.

     His humorous and witty side shows extreme saturation.

     And Xiao Zhu and Sun Honglei were wandering around by an unlocked box, and they laughed so much that everyone was almost angry.

     "Ha Ha Ha Ha! This ugly man also said he was King Yan, so shameless! He didn't know that Luo Dao next to him was King Yan."

     "This Sun Yan Wang LMAO, he is holding a box and counting on the side of the road. It's so stupid!"

     "I'm grinning, Luo Yiming completely subverted my imagination! The programs he hosted before were very inspirational and positive. Today, he is also a big tease!"Heehee haha laughed uncontrollably in the bedroom. None of them thought that this variety show was so attractive.

     The students in the dormitory next door who didn't have a TV would come over to watch the laughter. Every two or three minutes, there would be a collective burst of laughter.


     National Sports General Administration Training Base, athlete rest center, athletes who have no training mission today agree by chance gather together, watch the CCTV comprehensive channel.

      In Unlimited Challenge, there is a program specially produced for athletes.

     Table tennis, badminton, women's football, and diving are all traditionally advantageous events in China.

     Luo Yiming's Unlimited Challenge brought together these outstanding athletes and launched a duel with the Unlimited Challenge brothers.

     The premiere of Unlimited Challenge is also a CCTV program, and the General Administration of Sports is also very face-saving for everyone to enjoy.

     The badminton team is headed by Lin Dan, and the table tennis team is headed by Wang Hao. After watching the half an hour program, everyone's faces were swollen with laughter!

     "Hahaha! This show directed by Luo is really good-looking, I don't know if our episode will be the same."

     "Sun Honglei, Luo Yiming, Huang Bo, the three of them are really funny! They are the best comedians in China!"

     "Director Luo is really beyond expectation, subverting my imagination! And Sun Honglei is also, the original role in the play, he gave people a kind of tough guy feeling, but in this show, he is clearly a funny man !""That's right." The diving team also said: "In fact, it is not only the two of them, I think it is also a highlight. I used to think that she is the kind of big star who does not eat mundane affairs, very idol drama. But on the show I feel that she has a very good personality and is very grounded."

     The men on the diving team secrete hormones, and the women’s football players are unhappy, saying: "Huh, I still think our Luo guide is the most handsome and best-looking! Online appearance, online IQ, it is a goddess harvester!"

      Unlimited Challenge Everyone has a lot of fun watching, but the pressure will follow.

     They are all world champions, and everything will be treated as a game.

      Unlimited Challenge and Infinite Challenge are in the arena. It is obvious in this issue that Unlimited Challenge has completely defeated the opponent's non-offline meat selling program.

     However, the style of their episode is not the same as this one, and the world champions will also worry that they will not be able to add energy to Director Luo's program.

     The athletes of the General Administration of Sports don’t know that compared to the previous two episodes, Luo Yiming’s magic weapon to win, he prefers the Unlimited Challenge after the third episode.

     The first two episodes were entertainment, variety shows.

     But after the fourth period, each period is to experience a kind of profession and reflect a different kind of challenge.

     That really gave this show a spirit.

     Then it really promoted the Unlimited Challenge, the challenge is impossible, this is the slogan of fate.

     In other words, as long as the Unlimited Challenge in the first two issues can surpass the "Unlimited Challenge" results, Luo Yiming is fully confident to abuse his opponent.At the same time, TV friends all over the country have paid attention to the Unlimited Challenge of CCTV Variety Channel!

     Some netizens who can't see the TV received other people's online videos, and even complained about why the Unlimited Challenge did not have a simultaneous live broadcast online.

     Also, why not on CCTV Channel 1?

     Although there is no simultaneous broadcast on the Internet, while CCTV is broadcasting, there are still some people who specially send videos up in major forums.

     Hot refreshing discussion.

     Some domestic barrage websites have seen business opportunities.

     A program that broke out suddenly caused an up of the chicken fishing website to enable instant play technology, and the television program that CCTV was broadcasting was hacked.

     By sending barrage to netizens, it attracted tens of thousands of fans.

     Internet hotlinking is normal. Suddenly a program went viral on the fishing chicken station, and the other stations quickly followed up after ten minutes.

     Hundreds of thousands of fans directly maxed out this program with the videos and live files of, and Unlimited Challenge made it to the top of the homepage list for such domineering!

     The editor on duty at the chicken fishing station just dozed off, and then woke up he was about to cry.

     How is CCTV’s Unlimited Challenge featured on this homepage?


     The panicked editor on duty hurriedly called to report to the leader. If he irritated the CCTV boss, he would definitely die miserable if he sue you.

     After all, the fishing net is the source of everyone's reprint.

     "Boss, someone at our station steals CCTV programs, what should I do?"

     The leader of the fishing website is resting at home.

     The editor faintly heard a lot of laughter on the phone, and it was the leader's family who was sitting around watching the Unlimited Challenge.Maybe it was too happy to watch, the leader blurted out and made his debut: "Is the stolen Unlimited Challenge?"

     The on-duty editor said: "Exactly! Do you want to remove it? currently already No. 1 on the homepage hit list."

     "No need to withdraw, just broadcast."

     "I think CCTV will not care about us for the time being. This show is too good to watch and must be promoted vigorously. Let me put it this way, I still want to watch the show."

     "Well, I understand...I will follow up closely..."

     Hanging up the phone, the editor on duty rubbed his temples, and the leader said to promote vigorously? Did he take the wrong medicine?

     Can CCTV programs be stolen? Will steal the gains do not make up for the losses?

     However, he is a small soldier, since the leader wants to follow up, he will follow up.

     Open the background software, this hot video has turned against the sky, 240,000 netizens watched it online, and more than 50,000 comments were made!

     I couldn't help but opened the editor. After watching for a minute, he was fired up by Luo Yiming's chanting.

     Which man does not want to challenge.

     Not challenging.

     Challenge is impossible, conquer the blue sky, sea, desert, conquer some extremely harsh environments.

     Experience those unknown jobs!

     Understand the bitterness behind some people!

     What is the limit is a place that you don't usually explore. The show gave so much excitement as a person, a primitive wildness.

     He was conquered by the positioning and spirit of the show.

     Next is the main text program. From start to finish, the editor didn't close his mouth, his facial muscles were sore with his smile.He wanted to fast forward and keep up with everyone's progress, but he was reluctant to delay. He didn't want to miss a detail in his heart.

     Netizens see the progress on the Internet more than 30 minutes later than CCTV TV, but they prefer to watch the webcast, because there will be a comment window under the webcast, and everyone can express their real-time opinions as much as possible.

     In this way, there is a joyous atmosphere for the whole people to watch variety shows.

     And all the friends who watched the variety show gave their praises to Unlimited Challenge. For the first time, they discovered that CCTV's variety show can be watched!

     "Too inconceivable!"

     "Except for CCTV readers, I haven't watched other variety shows. This is the second one."

     "Unlimited Challenge? It ruined my Three Views! CCTV, this show is going to take off."

     "Conscience show. My parents are laughing crazy while watching TV in the living room... Oh my God, they have never been so happy. This CCTV variety show is simply amazing?"

     "In fact, I have to thank Director Luo. I really love Director Luo. After reading the readers, another masterpiece!"

     "CCTV’s chicken soup for the soul drank too much, but this time, this thick bowl of chicken soup for the soul didn’t force me to drink, it’s the first time I was pleased to (do sth, idiom) to drink!"

     Netizens have been refreshed by CCTV's three views. CCTV, which is always stern, can achieve such a grounded and beautiful variety show, it is really amazing!

     Many people watched the video, scanned the information and the forum, and soon Unlimited Challenge became a hot search term on the Internet. After only four hours, the Unlimited Challenge reached the top of the Ferry search!The high rating of 9.65 points makes many people waiting to see this variety show dumbstruck!


     In the premiere hall, Director Zhao Liyong insisted on seeing the end.

     Luo Yiming finally successfully rang the number 12 key, using his wisdom to win the final victory.

     His victory also tells everyone that some things can't just look at the surface, but can also succeed in adversity.

     In good times, it is easier to capsize.

     Less than final moments, who doesn't know at all what the result is.

     Only by not giving up and working hard with the spirit of Unlimited Challenge can you reverse your destiny and finally successfully realize your ideals.

     Zhao Liyong can understand the philosophy of life, but more viewers like this kind of contrast, this kind of contrary to expectation and the variety show surprise.

     This program is amazing.

     In this show, the script is very light, and it is more of the expression of natural feelings. It is indeed so, extremely real!

     After the show was broadcast, the stars in the hall, including the team members, stood up and applauded, and everyone cheered for the Unlimited Challenge!

     Luo Yiming thought about the success of Unlimited Challenge on a date, but when this day came, he still seemed to be dreaming!

      has to say, Unlimited Challenge has faced too many difficulties. In 2007, making such an outdoor variety show also overcome many problems.

     Finally, after landing, today's ending, now it seems to be a good one.

     "Congratulations to Director Luo! You have launched another wonderful variety show!""Congratulations, Yiming, now it seems that Unlimited Challenge is different from that infinite challenge. I think you slapped the other person in the face."

     "That rubbish show can't be compared with ours." Hu Tian is still holding a grudge against Li Dezhi. If it weren't for him, the show would have been broadcast last week.

     But at the same time, I also want to thank him, otherwise, the show will not be fine-tuned to make the whole show smoother and better.

     "I think our ratings must be explosive, right?"

     "I think it can break the national ratings record for CCTV variety shows."

     Luo Yiming was quickly surrounded by friends, and the other five artists stood on the stage giggling. They only knew one thing that the show was hot, they would be popular!

     "After this episode of the program is broadcast, our Unlimited Challenge will prove oneself pure, drawing a line from that infinite challenge. Next, we have some left things to do."

     "Hu Tian, Xiaoxue, have you found all the materials I want you to organize?"

     Hu Tian and Xiaoxue the past few days are collecting information about Li Dezhi's work in Shangteng, including the last time he and Xiaoxue ran the market together to pull the celebrity files.

     Many celebrities expressed their willingness to testify for Luo Yiming. Li Dezhi was once in charge of Unlimited Challenge.

     "We are all sorted out."

     "Okay, I think it's time for everyone to know the truth!"

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