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344 Chapter Three Hundred And Fortieth, Entertainment, Film And Television Variety Show Was Cut (see Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     Everyone hadn't thought, the first article on the official website after the Unlimited Challenge was broadcast was a solemn statement on the challenge of recent entertainment film and television that he copied unlimited challenges.

     Instead of chasing the wind and clutching at shadows, Luo Yiming put out a real hammer. Of course, the victim was Li Dezhi.

     Luo Yiming once gave him an opportunity.

     Luo Yiming could only kick Li Dezhi out for the reputation of the bodyguard company.

     When the article on the official website came out, CCTV Big Brother used his media power to launch a wave of offensive. For a while, this article quickly covered the entire network.

     Because of the conclusive evidence, Li Dezhi simply has nothing about it opportunity to argue.

     In addition, the fact that Li Dezhi was once at Shangteng entertainment company has been seen by many viewers.

     Therefore, when Entertainment Film and Television tried to quibble, their company immediately issued a response several hours later.

     Make a clear distinction with plagiarists like Li Dezhi.

     However, entertainment companies naturally emphasized that their infinite challenges are the masterpieces of the Korean team and Zhang Dadong. Since Li Dezhi entered the company, he has been playing field affairs and doing the work of "moving the table and lifting the bench".

     No substantial participation in the production of the program.

     The program team also did not adopt any of Li Dezhi's opinions, and the entire infinite challenge had nothing to do with Li Dezhi.

     Entertainment, film and television, of course, must try to prove their innocence and justify themselves, but ordinary people are not fools and will not listen to his side words.In Shang Teng Jia CCTV and entertainment art, the interpretation of entertainment art film is a bit far-fetched, and the wind reviews are also very unfavorable to him.

     Fortunately, watching the two variety shows does not matter much.

     This saved him for a while.

     At the end of such a farce, Zhang Dongming did not bring down Luo Yiming. On the contrary, in this duel, the stocks of entertainment film and television were affected.

     For a time, many investors dumped the stocks of entertainment art and television. The No. 1 Film and Television Company in China started to show signs of decline.

     However, at least, they defended the final battlefield, Zhang Dongming and Zhang Dadong's approach they think solved all the trouble.

     As everyone knows, Luo Tangji, who was kicked out by them, was offered as a guest by Luo Yiming.

     On the second day, in the VIP reception tea room of Guanyuan, there were professional Peking opera actors singing on the only stage not far away that had not been remodeled.

     Here, Luo Yiming served Li Dezhi a cup of tea and looked at Xiao Li with a smile.

     This play sings a traditional Peking opera to use the eastern wind.

     This play tells that Zhuge Liang expects that the east wind will come down on Jiazi day, because he used the opportunity of visiting the disease to suggest to Zhou Yu that he could borrow the east wind.

     Zhou Yu built an altar platform for him on Nanping Mountain, Zhuge Liang took the stage to "practice", and the east wind came as expected.

     Zhou Yu was jealous of his ability and sent generals to chase after him. Zhuge Liang had been prepared for a while, and returned to Xiakou under Zhao Yun's response.

     Listening to this play, Luo Yiming is wine-lover's heart is not in the cup.

     "This play is called to use the eastern wind, have you heard it?" Luo Yiming asked lazily after listening.Li Dezhi was still in the mood to listen to the play, but when he saw the play of to use the eastern wind, he understood Luo Yiming's intention after seeing the joke on the side.

     Li Dezhi lowered his head and was silent.

     "Are you shocked by this incident? Are you still blaming me in your heart?"

     Li Dezhi didn't blame Luo Yiming, he felt that he owed Luo Dao from start to finish.

     "No, no. I am sorry for you."

     "Drink a cup of tea, and suppress your shock." Luo Yiming raised his hand to invite.

     Li Dezhi awkwardly picked up the teacup with his awkward hands and drank tea with trembling. As soon as he entered the mouth, he vomited out: "It's bitter."

     Luo Yiming as it should be by rights: "Of course it is bitter. If you don't drink bitter tea, you want to taste sweetness, how can it be! Take another sip."

     Li Dezhi pinched his nose and took another sip.

     "Little Li. A little bit of sweetness is coming back now, right?"

     Li Dezhi really felt a hint of sweetness on the tip of his tongue.

     "You will have the sweetness only after you have tasted the bitterness. This is called bitterness finishes, sweetness begins. Now you should know how to walk the road behind."

     On Li Dezhi’s face, he was extremely painful and regretful. If it’s possible re-selects, he would not be killed with Zhang Dongming, Zhang Dadong this kind of person wallow in the mire with sb.

     "I understand."

     "Xiao Li, I didn't send that statement to ruin you, on the contrary I will help you again."

     "Now that the truth is revealed, you should be more relaxed."

     "Despite the impact on you, you will worry that other companies will not want you, but you can rest assured that I can still invite you back. You can also let you do your previous work."Li Dezhi was a bit unbelievable. He heard it, be on tenterhooks and looked at the former: "Really?".

     "Of course, but you have to do something for me. This is how I look at you as a human being and your conduct. I am especially fond of this."

     Yeah, Li Dezhi knows that it's not that simple. He faintly knows what Luo Yiming wants him to do.

     But Li Dezhi had no reason not to help Luo Dao. He owed Luo Dao.

     "You mean, you want me to tell Zhang Dadong's copy of the Unlimited Challenge theme?"

     "Yes. This matter also involves returning Zhao Xiaoying's innocence. So you have to do it."

      To use the eastern wind, Zhuge Liang’s cleverness lies in considering his retreat. But Li Dezhi is now Thrown Into Prison, he wants to have a future in this circle, he can only cooperate with Luo Yiming.

     Li Dezhi thought for a while, he was nodded.

     "Director Luo, don't worry, I will expose the ugly features of Zhang Dongming and Zhang Dadong."

     After confirming this matter, Luo Yiming called Zhao Xiaoying to the Guanyuan again.

     Zhang Dongming framed Zhao Xiaoying. The whole story stems from Zhang Dongming's unspoken rules for Zhao Xiaoying. Luo Yiming hopes that Zhao Xiaoying can speak up.

     To expose the truth.

     Shangteng Entertainment Company will also issue a notification that Zhao Xiaoying, the former entertainer of the Entertainment Film and Television Company, chose to leave Entertainment Arts because he could not bear the harassment of Zhang Dongming.

     As for the theme content that takes away the infinite challenges of entertainment, film and television, it is completely nonsense.

     This statement and Li Dezhi’s statement are the second and second chapters. With these two statements, Luo Yiming believes that the entire incident will appear as the water recedes, the rocks appear....

     For three consecutive days, the homepage of the Diaoji website has been promoting CCTV Variety Channel programs!

     Luo Yiming is also discussing at this time whether to open an online live broadcast in the third edition of the Unlimited Challenge.

     The target partner is naturally the previous Sohu video.

     Luo Yiming suggested that CCTV did not reject it.

     Luo Yiming immediately negotiated with Souhu Video about the copyright of the Internet. For 100 million, Souhu Video obtained the exclusive broadcast rights. Starting from the third issue, the only legal copyright of the Internet belongs to Souhu Video.

     Reprinting and hotlinking of other video sites are illegal.

     This collaboration, Roaring Across the Horizon, has broken the hearts of some small websites.

     Before the third issue, and other websites were also desperately earning these popularity.

     Quite a lot of new netizens enter the videos of these small websites, and they are inexplicably surprised. This Yangma variety show is unspeakably wonderful.

     Compared with the infinite challenges of the domestic first reality show variety show, netizens also found that this variety show is actually arranged earlier than the infinite challenge.

     Including shooting earlier than that show.

      Genuine is the first outdoor reality show variety show in China.

     After watching the first issue of Unlimited Challenge, the voices of overwhelming majority netizens are: "You must follow the next issue!"

     When some netizens knew that this variety show was still Luo Yiming's masterpiece, they didn't say anything.

     Cow ben.

     Luo Yiming is a genius in the field of variety shows.

     It is a fool to say that Luo Yiming copied it.Relying on his genius variety show production ability, relying on the past that he has repeatedly created variety show ratings myths.

     He how can it be to copy a rice bucket team that has just entered the field of variety production.

     The popularity and praise of the entire network has long sent Unlimited Challenge to the forefront of search in major Web Portals.

      This time, the ratings of the first issue of Unlimited Challenge are finally released.

     With the latest updated data, the ratings for the first issue of Unlimited Challenge have reached a terrifying 3.5, which is the data of Fifty City!

     If you change to Baicheng, there is basically no pressure to break through 5.

     Moreover, this is not CCTV Channel 1 with a coverage rate of 100. CCTV's comprehensive channel actually has a coverage rate similar to that of rival satellite TV.

     At that time, the ratings for the same time period of each David only hovered between 22.5.

     The ratings come out, If Gods block, kill the Gods, if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas, it undoubtedly proves that the Unlimited Challenge has succeeded!

     People-friendly content, subversive images, creative models, unpretentious acting skills, and six down-to-earth guests conquered all of China!

     With the Unlimited Challenge fire and the closeness of major media, the striving to improve relationship between CCTV and Luo Yiming has deepened, and the crusade against entertainment, film and television has also begun like wildfire.

     First, the Beijing Entertainment News’s exclusive interview with Li Dezhi revealed that he was used by the other party from leaving the company to joining the entertainment film and television.

     Then in Entertainment Entertainment Film and Television, he handed over the twelve issues of Unlimited Challenge's theme content to entertainment companies. Entertainment Arts stepped up to copy and plagiarize the theme of Unlimited Challenge and successfully launched before the broadcast of Unlimited Challenge.In the end, when things came to light, Entertainment Film and Television kicked themselves away to draw a clear line.

     During the broadcast of the program, Li Dezhi produced a lot of evidence to prove that the themes of the 12th issue of Infinite Challenge were based on the theme draft of Unlimited Challenge.

     After the broadcast, Entertainment Film and Television falsely accused Unlimited Challenge of plagiarism and was forced to rectify the Unlimited Challenge program and delay the broadcast.

     When the whole thing was restored, as the water recedes, the rocks appear, the report that night was broadcast, which caused the media and the entertainment industry to controversy.

     Entertainment art film is a tycoon in the domestic film and television media industry. In the entertainment industry, there is no entertainment company at all, and media companies dare to start with entertainment art.

     However, Jinghua Entertainment, Li Dezhi, and Shangteng Entertainment Company did not hesitate to join forces this time.

     Luo Yiming leaned back on CCTV and held the truth in his hands. He was naturally full of confidence.

     When Yuyi Film and Television faced collective attacks on the Internet and had not yet figured out a countermeasure, Zhao Xiaoying once again told CCTV's one-week entertainment program that she had run away under the unspoken rules of entertainment.

     She chose Shangteng and entered the Shangteng entertainment company. She was just a mess at the beginning. It was basically impossible to master the content of the show.

     The so-called signature of the theme content of the show that the entertainment company took out was what she thought was a resignation.

     Used by the other party!

     Zhang Dongming couldn't think of how Zhao Xiaoying could provide the call records of the two that night.

     This record, in fact, was also obtained by CCTV using organizational relationships.

     With this call record, Zhang Dongming of Entertainment Film and Television has ten mouths and can't explain clearly.Luo Yiming's combination of punches, the entertainment film and television that he played were not capable of parrying.

     And this plagiarism storm, the ultimate loser, is undoubtedly entertainment film and television.

     Infinite challenges public praise plummeted. An unnutritious and revealing show was ordered to be taken off the shelves after the plagiarism rose.

     Infinite Challenge has only been broadcast for three episodes, and can no longer meet with audience friends.

     The key point is that after being removed, what is hiding the sky and covering the earth on the Internet is the voice of cheering and celebration.

     However, after suffering a few stars, they followed the scapegoat and became the funeral of this show.

     Compared to the unlucky star of Infinite Challenge, several MCs of Unlimited Challenge are completely popular.

      On the fourth day after the broadcast of Unlimited Challenge, a week of entertainment interviewed passers-by in the hottest neighborhood in Beijing.

     The reporter’s question is which guest in the Unlimited Challenge do you like best.

     A girl in her twenties who was stopped said: "I like Hong Lei the most! I think his image has changed a lot! Before, I thought he was a tough guy, now he looks like a super cute Husky!"

     The aunt carrying the food basket laughed heartily and said: "Huang Lei's kid is very good and has a high IQ. If you are looking for a son-in-law, you should look for Huang Lei."

     A wave of middle school students were interviewed, and of course they liked Luo Yiming the most!

     "Brother Luo is my idol, I will definitely look for someone like him when I find a boyfriend!"

     "Luo Yiming has always been a favorite of me. Every one of his shows is very good. I love him so much."

     There are also those who like other guests. In short, the six mc, the first episode of the program has earned a good popularity.After CCTV rebroadcasts it many times and other shows take turns, the six guests will surely be the hottest traffic stars nowadays.

     In addition, the official Weibo of Unlimited Challenge has also been sought after. Netizens left messages saying that the thick chicken soup is delicious, and hope that CCTV can put aside the past shelf, and the quality of future programs must be guaranteed, and the better!

     Of course, some people criticized the Reality TV Show model.

     But anyway, this is a good start. When there is a dispute, there will be ratings. What you want is exposure. The more people you know, the more people you like. As long as the growth rate of fans is much faster than that of the sunspots, that's enough. .

     CCTV has brought a refreshing breeze of innovation to the domestic television industry, and people have discovered that the original variety shows can still do so.

     Those TV stations that had never thought of doing outdoor variety shows in this way are beginning to think about how to follow the trend.

     Everyone saw that Luo Yiming succeeded.

     This old driver has set an example for everyone. Now it is the arrival of the outdoor reality show variety show era. I did it. Will your local TV station follow?

     Not with?


     Litchi TV clicked, swiped the card, and planned to launch our challenge. One person in the car.

     Still not following? drop! Mango TV followed by swiping the card to launch a reality show star challenge, two people in the car.

     In hesitation, drop! Blueberry TV swipes to board the car.


     These local satellite TV big guys have followed in the footsteps of the CCTV big brother, following the old driver Luo Yiming, who else would not follow?

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