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345 Chapter 341, I Will Hug Him (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     Reality show variety shows certainly have his charm, but as a prophet in his previous life, Luo Yiming understands that reality show variety shows can produce the desired effect by not summoning traffic stars.

     Luo Yiming has also been preparing for the Unlimited Challenge for more than half a year, especially the construction of the camera follow-up team, which is a test of shooting technology.

     Dragon TV’s infinite challenge is to use the camera of the entertainment film and television film production team before reluctantly shooting the show. Switching to other TV stations, and now getting involved in this field, they are basically finished.

     Luo Yiming's more recognized variety show, running man, longing for life, the idol of the first season of Mango Channel is here.

     But at this stage, these three variety shows are not suitable for launch.

     Runners have too demanding photography skills. In the famous brand battle, they have to be athletes with the photography teacher, and the technical requirements are too high.

     The longing life, this variety show is too salty, although Huang Lei is a good cook in the entertainment circle, but other stars are not suitable candidates.

     In the entertainment industry at this stage, such a reality show variety show is not the time yet.

     Then there is the first season of Mango Channel’s idols. The small flowers in mainland China have not yet risen. Hong Kong and Taiwan artists are not too cold.

     Luo Yiming decided not to touch the reality show variety show this year.

     Because of this, he agreed to cooperate with Mango Channel King of Mask Singer.

     Continue to prepare for the King of Mask Singer, at the same time, the second and third Unlimited Challenges continue to bomb the entertainment industry.Luo Yi clearly saw that this show was not as exciting as the previous life shooting, but in this terrible 2007, such a Reality TV Show still embodies a strong vitality.

     On June 11th, the fourth issue of Unlimited Challenge was broadcast in the expectation of the audience.

     Compared with the fragility of the previous three Unlimited Challenges, Luo Yiming likes the fourth program very much.

     Compared with the previous three Unlimited Challenges, Luo Yiming is not only one of the mc, but also the director and producer behind the scenes.

     In this issue of Unlimited Challenge, Luo Yiming is only the director in the first unit.

     Only Huang Bo, Xiaozhu, Sun Honglei and Huang Lei participated in the recording.

     This episode is the story of the soldier Xue Wen and her girlfriend Huang Lingling at the Xinjiangbai Haba Border Station.

     For this episode of the program, Luo Yiming also specifically asked Director Zhao Liyong of CCTV to help and contacted Yuanzai Xinjiangbaihaba Border Station.

     He just wanted to capture the hard work of border guards and the simple love of border guards.

     Sun Honglei and Xiaozhu rushed to Xinjiang first, and Huang Bo and Huang Lei also made contact with Xue Wen's girlfriend, Huang Lingling.

     After the preparations were ready, Luo Yiming and the two members of Unlimited Challenge went to Xinjiangbai Haba together to start the shooting mission of "Send Surprise".

     As the forerunners, Sun Honglei and Xiaozhu flew by plane and then transferred to the car to reach the beautiful Bai Haba.

     Baihaba Village is located in Habahe County in the Aletai Region of Northern Xinjiang, close to the Kanas Scenic Area. It is a small village inhabited by Kazakhs and Tuvas.The village is full of quaint wooden house buildings, with rivers and trees next to the village, and several seasonal small snow-capped mountains behind it. In autumn, the leaves in the village are golden and brilliant, like a fairy tale world.

     In the evening, at sunset, the snow-capped mountains on the opposite side were red, presenting a rare and spectacular natural scene.

     Baihaba is the "first village in the northwest", close to the border, and the Baihaba border station is on the side of the village, stationed on the border line.

     The winter in Baihaba is very long, starting from November, it will reach above zero at night, and freezing will appear.

     Almost from October into winter, it will last until April. Because of the harsh freezing environment, the border soldiers here wear cotton-padded clothes and trousers and thick cotton caps all year round.

      Despite this, frostbite scars will appear on their faces.

     It's May, and it's still relatively cold here, and the trees are bare, and it seems that it hasn't eased from the rhythm of winter.

     And the spring here has never been here.

     Sun Honglei was wearing a long trousers and a long coat, but he still couldn't hold it with the chilly wind.

     "It's so cold here. I should have brought a cotton coat."

     Little pig said: "I think it's okay."

     Piggy and Sun Honglei's equipment is similar. Sun Honglei glanced at him and smiled: "I forgot, Piggy, you are a pig. Pigs carry more cold."

     "Let's come...Red Thunder, pigs are not resistant to freezing, okay."

     "Let's find Xue Wen first."

      "Oh?" Sun Honglei didn't expect that Xiaozhu became so dedicated and said: "You are right, look for Xue Wen, I think there is a sentry box in front, go ask."The border soldiers on guard came out of the pavilion and enthusiastically led the two to the border post.

     Sun Honglei and Xiaozhu also met Xue Wen as they wished.

     Xue Wen is young, in his twenties, with a round face, a height of about 1.73 m, and a simple and honest look. He smiles very warmly.

     The most impressive thing is that, like the soldiers, his face was a bit red from the cold, but for them, this kind of red is a medal.

     Because time is running out, this task is for Xue Wen to prepare surprises for Huang Lingling.

     After Sun Honglei sat down, he directly inserted the subject: "You also know what the purpose of our coming today is. I want to listen to it first, that is, what you want to surprise for this marriage proposal. What do you think and prepare."

     Xue Wen thought for a while and said: "Frankly, I am not a romantic person, and I don't have much experience of chasing women. My girlfriend is still my junior high school classmate."

     Little Pig asked: "How many years have you talked about?"

     "Four years."

     "You probably see her several times a year."

     "Just once." Xue Wen speak frankly.

     At this time, Piggy's eyes are rounded, and he is inconceivable.

     "just one time?"

     "Look at how bad you are." Sun Honglei sarcastically looked at Xue Wen carefully: "Just once, do you usually send messages to him after get off work?"

     Xue Wen shook his head: "The troops are not allowed to play with mobile phones. Generally, we hold a military line mobile phone to call her. Sometimes we go out to the border scene and there is no signal in many places."

     "It's okay in winter, he has a signal in the company.""It's summer because it's going up the mountain, there is no signal, and she can't contact me."

     Both Sun Honglei and Little Pig were silent.

     After a while, Little Pig said: "Then this relationship is really not easy. First of all, I would like to pay tribute to your border guards."

     Sun Honglei said: "Please be respected by me."

     Sun Honglei bowed deeply and Xue Wen hurriedly stopped him: "It should be, this is what we should."

     Sun Honglei and Xiaozhu nodded are so easy to say. For this responsibility, both Sun Honglei and Xiaozhu have to help Xue Wen propose successfully.

      "All right, then we must prepare well and surprise her. You have nothing about it, can you sing?"

     Xue Wen shook his head again, he was in the army there's nothing about it opportunity to develop a hobby.

     In addition to horse-riding patrols, push-ups, sit-ups and other exercises to increase body resistance, it seems that there is really nothing else.

     "Does horseback count?"

     Sun Honglei thought for a while, it would be cool to propose marriage on a horse.

     "You can ride a horse, do you have a stable?"


     "How many horses are there on your side?"

     "More than thirty horses." Xue Wenhui reported.

     "Okay, take us to see."

     While going to the stables, Xiaozhu was chatting with Xue Wen.

     "Didn't Lingling work in Beijing? Huang Bo, Huang Lei and the others are on the way to pick her up now. Don't worry, hasty men don't get to eat hot tofu."

     Seeing a circle in front, the pig stepped forward.

     Xue Wen grabbed him: "I'm not in a hurry, Little Pig, here are all sheep."Sun Honglei smiled and said: "I see Xiaozhu, you are anxious, horses and sheep are not divided."

     The little pig akimbo said: "We, pigs, horses and sheep are all in the same family, ah, What happened?"

     "There is a horse in front. Little pig, our horse must not go behind the horse butt."

     Little pig, cautious and solemn get up, and don't know the family he just mentioned.

     "Can I ride it?" Sun Honglei saw the horse and immediately became energetic.


     "Little pig, don't you know how to sing? Bring me a song that rides a horse." Sun Honglei said with great enthusiasm.

     "Okay. Brother Jun, get on the horse!"


      Princess Huan Zhu's classic song should be sung by a little pig. Xue Wen led the horse, and Sun Honglei said "drive, call", it seemed like something was going on.

     The three people walked their horses to the village committee. The next step they had to do was to modulate the audio equipment at the village committee.


     Xinjiang Atele Airport.

     Luo Yiming was sitting in the car behind. The car in front was Huang Lei, Huang Bo and the heroine Huang Lingling.

     Huang Lingling has been working in a cultural company in Beijing. She is working in the back office, and the salary is not high. At night, she also writes short stories part-time online.

     It can be said that Huang Lingling is a house girl except for going to work.

     She and Xue Wen were junior high school classmates, and they had a good relationship with each other when they were in junior high school.

     After Xue Wen became a soldier, the two decided to get along at a Classmate Meeting. Over the past four years, they have been together less and more, but their relationship has been very good.

     In the car, Huang Lei, the big brother, has been taking care of Huang Lingling's mood."It's cold here."

     "We have to take a period of time car."

     Huang Bo said: "This bumpy road is no less than Journey to the West."

     Huang Lingling smiled nodded: "I always knew it was cold here. Fortunately, I bought him clothes."

     "You bought him clothes, why did you bring a headset?" Huang Bo was curious.

     "They patrol and ride horses, they can only listen to music without other entertainment. So this should be useful!" Huang Lingling said softly.

     Huang Lei sighed: "It's great. Xiaoling, there is a boyfriend next to him. On weekends, he can go shopping, eat and watch a movie.

     "Xiaowen is so far away from you, the only contact is the phone."

     "Sometimes, if the mountain is closed, he may not see him for a few months, and he will not be able to contact him by phone.

     Huang Lingling was touched in her heart, and slowly opened her heart: "In fact, I feel that this is what I am particularly wronged. But...I also understand him."

     "So, I admire you very much. So many years, it's rare that you two can still walk together."

     "I think this is also a kind of tempering for your two feelings."

     "It is with this love and persistence that will make you cherish this hard-earned feeling even more."

     Teacher Huang Lei’s chicken soup for the soul, Huang Lingling’s mood really improved, and in Huang Lingling’s heart, why can she persist in this feeling.

     It's because he thinks Xue Wen is very kind, and his love is pure.His love is something that doesn't have any impurities in it, and she will devote herself wholeheartedly to you, this kind of person, she feels worthy of entrusting her life.

     Communicate with Luo Yiming and arrive in the evening. Here, Sun Honglei and Xiaozhu led the comrades in the field to arrange the proposal.

     The props brought from the market will come in handy.

     The balloon hung in the doorway, the blue tube coiled into an outer circle, the green tube still coiled into a circle, and in the middle was a channel composed of two red tubes. After the girl walked in, she was in the center, and it felt like she was there. The center of the universe.

     After the scene was set up securely, Sun Honglei used his role as an actor to guide his brother Jun to marry him. Xiaozhu used his actual combat experience to guide him, and they tried to move the heroine.

     "Yi Ming, our nearby prepared almost there, everything is ready, all we need is an east wind, how long will you have to arrive?"

     After Sun Honglei arranged it, he called Luo Yiming.

     According to the original plan, it was a two-hour journey, but Luo Yiming was about to reply when the car in front had a problem.

     "Director Luo, the car is stuck in a mud ditch. We are afraid we won't be able to make it at night."

      In Emergency Situation, Luo Yiming also had to hang up with Sun Honglei first.

     It was difficult to travel at night. Although it took half an hour to get out of the ditch smoothly, to ensure safety, the speed of the entire team dropped.

     This landing can only reach the post at dawn.

     Sun Honglei's plan was ruined.

     At the post, everyone was disappointed.

     Little pig said depressed: "Xue Wen, we feel sorry for you, all the things I prepared are not used anymore.""Originally, Huang Lingling came to see you all the way, this romantic marriage proposal is worth remembering for a lifetime."

     Xue Wen was also silent.

     He hopes to give Huang Lingling the best.

     Sun Honglei said: "It's okay, no, we still use horse formation."

     "Yes, it would be romantic to propose right away, and it would be more in line with the temperament of our soldiers.... Then let's prepare the horse." Little Pig said.

     "How many flattery can we use?"

     "Eight horses." said the military brother in charge of horses.


     "Where is our horse most beautiful when riding out? Find the most beautiful and most beautiful angle."

     Xue Wendao: "The cliff edge, I think the cliff edge is particularly beautiful."

     "Okay, then we are there."


     After a night of exhaustion, Luo Yiming and his party finally arrived at the Xinjiangbai Haba border post.

     Huang Bo got off the car and joined Sun Honglei and the others, and Huang Lei stayed in the car to stabilize Huang Lingling.

     "Have you ever thought about Xiaowen seeing your first reaction?" Huang Lei asked.

     "He should be very calm."

     "Will he blush?"

     Huang Lingling said: "No."

     "Does he have tears in his eyes?"

     "will not."

     "Will he hug you?"

     Huang Lingling would be a little excited, and said: "I think I will hug him."

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