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347 Chapter 343, The First Issue Of The King Of Masked Singer (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

June 29, Friday night, tonight happens to be a full fifteenth moon.

     The audience did not go to bed early. This week, a music program started.

     Awang is a Hakka. He was in your province. He first met Luo Yiming on Mango TV's shiny new anchor. Then, after watching his big name at school, he became Luo Yiming's diehard.

     Today, Luo Yiming's fifth variety show, and also his second music show, starts broadcasting. He is waiting for Luo Yiming's new show to go online.

     He Miao is a game madman. It stands to reason that he is playing Warcraft at this time, but Luo Yiming has already risen in their school and has become a topical figure among the girls.

     If He Miao doesn't pay attention to him, he will be disgusted by his girlfriend, so he will follow him step by step.

     Tonight, the TV channel also switched to Mango TV early.

     Not only are the audience watching and waiting, but friends in the media also enjoy sth and never tire of it and wait for the show to start.

      The current publicity of King of Mask Singer's festival is not as hiding the sky and covering the earth as other shows. This time, both the Mango Channel and the Shangteng production team are very low-key.

     This is related to the King of Mask Singer program. Its purpose is not to show people in true colors, to be good at singing, to keep secret in celebrity positions, and of course doesn't have any tracking.

     However, the media are keen on who participated in the show.

     At least, the true features of the four judges will be announced immediately. I don’t know, whether it is true or false that the popular “cross-strait three places” stars will gather.The night was getting late. As the old partner of King of Mask Singer's Peacebird costume, the Yang family sat in front of the sofa after dinner, eating melon seeds and peanuts, looking forward to it.

     Five minutes before half past nine, the King of Mask Singer program began to uncover the mystery, and a masked man appeared on the screen holding a microphone.

     The music for the back view is the victory made by tostepsfromhell music company.

     This is also the most shocking music when the previous King of Mask Singer unveiled.

     After the logo freezes for three seconds, the screen is switched, and another wave of music is directly turned over, exploding the scene.

     "That is a magical way to heaven."

     "Take us into the world...Heaven."

     The loud and loud singing voice gave a strong special effect, that shocking and clear effect, I feel like watching the blockbuster again.

     The first person to sing was wearing a mask, but her voice was very recognizable, so the audience immediately guessed that the singer was Han Hong.

     The melodious music brought the audience the ultimate enjoyment. Sure enough, the singer took off his mask. Han Hong said in the picture: "This is the summer of 2007. Mango TV's strong program, King of Mask Singer, I am King of The Mask Singer guessing panel judges Han Hong."

     Han Hong finished the screen switching.

     "The wind here is sticky, sticking to the thoughts of passers-by, when the rain comes here, it becomes a thread, entwining our nostalgia in the world."

     "It's Lin Junjie, I love listening to him singing."

     Jiangnan became popular all over the country in 2007, and you can hear this song on great streets and small alleys.

     Lin Junjie, a young music student, grew rapidly and became a new star in burn your hand, feel the heat.Although he was wearing a mask, the audience could still guess his name. At this time, Lin Junjie had already taken off the mask as an impatient.

     "Hello everyone, I am your favorite JJ Lin Junjie. This summer, I will participate in a brand new music competition program, King of Mask Singer."

     "Too handsome, King of Mask Singer is too explosive."

     "Wow, all JJs from Xinjiapo are here. Luo Yiming is going to play the big one this time, so Wang Lihong and Zhou Jielun are still far away?"

     In 2007, Lin Junjie, Wang Lihong, Zhou Jielun, and Luo Zhixiang were among the newly emerging music families. In Taipei, the mainstream music scene in Hong Kong, they were the most fanatical newcomers.

     The influence in the Mainland has not been allowed too much.

     Not to mention Han Hong's popularity, but Lin Junjie definitely let King of Mask Singer's coffee position rose a grade.

     "Who else is there?" The audience in front of the TV couldn't wait to get into the TV. The next second, the sound came in again.

     "Should we lay down the heavy shell..."

     Just one sentence, everyone can't stand it anymore.

     Zhou Jielun, Zhou Jielun, Zhou Jielun...

     A girl watching TV on the sofa slammed up and knelt directly in front of the TV, as if holding a Buddha, holding Zhou Jielun on the screen in her palm.

     "Should I... look for where there is a blue sky? It floats gently with the gentle wind, and the wounds that have gone through do not feel pain~"

     The third screen switch was frozen in front of a Black & White piano.

     Zhou Jielun wore a mask, which was his look in the Green Hornet in his previous life, and the makeup of this mask was specially customized by the director team.

     It's him, that's right.Among the audience, some people couldn't help but yelled out, if the front coffee position might be a bit in midair, but with the strong joining of Zhou Jielun, King of Mask Singer immediately became a popular cloud zone in the entertainment circle.

     This show will definitely float, and will definitely become another coordinate of the music variety show!

     At this time, Zhou Jielun removed his hands on the keyboard and took off the mask. It was really his that moment. In many parts of the country, young female audience members celebrated with their hands.


     The growth of superstars is such a trick. Zhou Jielun's music has indeed opened an era, and 2007 was when he was digging.

     In the shot, Zhou Jielun smiled and said: "This summer of 2007, let us blow your ears with music. I am Zhou Jielun, the judge of the King of Mask Singer guessing panel. With the King of Mask Singer I joined, it will show you a good look. !"

     The picture of Jay Chou disappeared.

     The screen has a deliberate pause in the middle.

     "Too awesome."

     "I have invited my favorite Zhou Jielun."

     "Who else?"

     "I'm looking forward to it!"

     The audience in front of the TV has already fried the pot, and the three big coffees have already revealed their faces. The audience knows that according to King of Mask Singer's publicity, there will be another judge.

     Today, Zhou Jielun is from Taipei, Lin Junjie is from Xinjiapo, and Han Hong is the "first sister" in the mainland.

     Then the two sides of the strait are the only difference between Xiangjiang and Omen. Compared with Omen’s lay down the flag and still the drums in the entertainment industry, this singer should belong to Xiangjiang.

     The audience is guessing, and also wondering, who will come from Xiangjiang?

     Is it from Four Great Heavenly King?Or the new generation king?

     At this moment, the fourth picture appeared on the screen.

     However, in the fourth picture, not just one person, but two masked men.

     Two people, combination?


     Water Wood Years?

      Power Station?

     In just a few seconds, those imaginations were all shattered, because after the two opened their voices, the songs they sang in a low voice were eliminated.

     Those who are familiar with this song know that it was created by Luo Yiming for Chen Yixun.

     They had a wonderful collaboration in Chen Yixun’s concert.

     So, the last review is Chen... Yi... Xun?

     In 2007, Chen Yixun was the absolute king of Xiangjiang. Compared with Zhou Jielun's flying after 2007, Chen Yixun became popular in 2007.

     As soon as the two of them sang the eliminated songs, they immediately reminded everyone that one of them was eason and the other was...Luo Yiming understood.

     Exploded, exploded.

     Absolutely exploded.

     "Is Yiming still the fifth judge?"

     "It's possible. With his current knowledge in the music industry, I think he can be a right and proper judge?"

     Netizens are discussing, but many professional musicians are still skeptical of Luo Yiming as a tutor.

     After all, he has always belonged to a cross-border existence in the music circle.

     His old profession is the host and the director of variety shows.

     Although he won the Best Mainland Song Award from Pepsi Cola, with New Drunken Beauty, the new Peking Opera had a short-term glory.

     But in the end, he did not make greater achievements in the music circle.Pepsi’s Music Billboard, because he is the spokesperson of Pepsi, also a great decline.

     Many people don't like Luo Yiming as a judge, but more people want to see Luo Yiming demonstrate extraordinary talent on the road of music.

     The eliminated songs were performed perfectly by the two.

     After singing the chorus, Chen Yixun opened his face and said, "Hello everyone, this summer of 2007, I will accompany you to play music. This is the broadcast scene of King of Mask Singer. I am the judge of King of Mask Singer. Eason Chen Yixun."

     After Chen Yixun's face was unveiled, the audience's vision turned to "Luo Yiming."

     He wears a mask and is about 1.8 meters tall. He must be Luo Yiming.

     Everyone is looking forward to Luo Yiming's unveiling.

      King of Mask Singer, many viewers, the factor of very large part, also depends on Luo Yiming.

     However, Luo Yiming at this moment did not respond, and stood in place blankly.

     Every action on the stage, the backcourt is paying attention, and a boy in the backcourt has sweaty palms. Is it because Yuan Chengjie is nervous?

     Chen Yixun said: "Standing next to me is the host of King of Mask Singer."

     "Luo Yiming, Luo Yiming..."

     At this time, the audience called out Luo Yiming's name, but the host standing on the stage was still indifferent.

     In fact, Yuan Chengjie behind the mask was a little nervous, he was a little bit unable to hold the scene.

     After all, the audience shouted the name of the boss and regarded him as Luo Yiming, but he was not!

     This to put Zhang's hat on Li's head, Yuan Chengjie was somewhat worried that he was not good at hosting and let down Luo Yiming."Please be quiet, everyone." Finally, after the director's encouragement came from the headphones, the man said lightly and stopped the voice in the audience.

     "you can!"

     Luo Yiming did not participate in this issue, but he was doing the psychological counseling of Yuan Chengjie behind the scenes.

     "Yuan Chengjie, since everyone regards you as me, you can imitate me based on your memory. The most important thing for me is self-confidence!"

     As the host, Yuan Chengjie’s original sound has been processed. At this time, the audience obviously can’t tell who it is, and subconsciously still regard him as Luo Yiming.

     it is good!

     Secretly said something good.

     Yuan Chengjie imagined herself as for oneself idol Luo Yiming

     He opened his mouth, "Hello everyone, this is the first season of King of Mask Singer in the summer of 2007. Every singer, including me, came here wearing a mask. I believe you all sensed this music program. s difference."

     "That's right, King of Mask Singer, sings with a mask and shows people with voice. This is a stage where you can use voice PK and music competition."

     "The singer who comes to this stage, no matter how brilliant you were before, how ordinary you were before, as long as your voice is enough to move people, sound good enough, and win the favor of judges and audiences, you have a chance to become a singer."

     Yuan Chengjie worked hard, and he told himself thousands of times that he could not shame the boss, so he appeared very domineering.

     "Okay, just do it! Yuan Chengjie, you can!"

     Not to mention seeing his own shadow from Yuan Chengjie, after restraining his psychological panic, Yuan Chengjie did enter the state.Yuan Chengjie found the feeling and was more relaxed: "The first duel of King of Mask Singer will begin immediately. This show has a great music scene as a guest commentator. Each issue will have six masters from the music circle playing here. ."

     "King of Mask Singer, requires every singer to put on a mask and impress the audience with his voice. The winner of each issue will be able to achieve a glorious reveal here.

     "The unveiled singer will be the super king of the first season of King of Mask Singer in the final finals."

     "To reiterate, King of Mask Singer absolutely only judges success or failure based on music. When you come here, it doesn’t matter your previous achievements in the music circle. The singers participating in the competition stand on the same starting line, who is stronger and who is weaker, only music can Compare."

     "Thank everyone for your company, we must work hard. Now, let us welcome the four superstar judges to shine...come on stage."

     Yuan Chengjie succeeded, no one saw him behind the mask, his forehead and face were dripping with sweat.

     However, he did not disappoint Luo Yiming, he did.

     Yuan Chengjie’s host smoothly pushed the show to the next climax.

     In the initial publicity introduction, the four judges have already appeared, and as they settled in the judging area, they chatted with each other.

     Yuan Chengjie returned to the stage again.

     "Next, please open your ears and start our musical journey today!"

     In the first episode, among the six singers, apart from Wang Fei who is more famous, Xue Zhiqian, Jia Qing, and Liu Wei are all new musicians, and Zhang Zhaoshan is not even a newcomer.

     A few days before the show started, Zhang Zhaoshan didn't think about what mask and title to use for King of Mask Singer.Luo Yiming suggested that he be called Anonymous. The mask is an X painted on a plain white mask. The X represents so-and-so, and at the same time it can be regarded as a negative.

     On the way to music, Zhang Zhaoshan is the only one chorus singer and has participated in some competitions, but because of his ordinary appearance and too old age, he could not successfully turn around to the scene.

     This mask suits him well.

     With this mask, he felt a lot of power in his body.

      This stage is most suitable for a singer like him. If he can win the honor, it will definitely make the show and himself successful.

     This is the same for Xue Zhiqian, Liu Wei, and Jia Qing.

     In addition to them, Luo Yiming also arranged a not-so-famous, but strong, past-life singer in the first period. His duel with Wang Fei tonight will also be a highlight of this program.

     The six singers are ready to go. They will be divided into three groups for the first round of PK.

     Following Yuan Chengjie's express post after a sponsored advertisement, the first singer, "My Soul is on the Road" has already stood on the stage.
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