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348 Chapter 344, My Soul Is Wang Fei On The Road (first More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     However, in the fourth scene, there is not just one person, but two masked men. The songs they sing in low voices are eliminated.

     Those who are familiar with Jiangyang know that this song was composed by Jiang Yang for Chen Yixun, and they had a wonderful collaboration in Chen Yixun's concert.

     So, the last review is Chen... Yi... Xun?

     In 2006, Chen Yixun was the absolute king of Xiangjiang. Compared with Zhou Jielun’s flying after 2007, Chen Yixun became popular in 2006 and 2007.

     Once the eliminated songs were sung by the two, it immediately evoked everyone's memories of Jiang Yang's participation in Shining New Anchor and being shady. Although Jiang Yang finally said that he was not under the unspoken rules, his hosting ability was the champion of Shining New Anchor. It should definitely be his, but in the end, Du Haitao was cheaper.

     Among the reasons there's nothing about it, everyone naturally doesn't believe it.

     Originally, Mango Channel later found out in conscience that Jiang Yang was invited to participate in I Am a Singer, but who knows, they changed their minds again, so the viewers who watched Hesheng TV have secretly made a firm resolution, from now on, not watching. Mango Channel’s entertainment show. Happy Camp used to be good-looking, but with King of Mask Singer and I want to sing with you, Lao Tzu is no longer rare.

     After Chen Yixun finished singing, he opened his face and said, "Hello everyone, this is the beginning of the 2006 New Year, the broadcast of King of Mask Singer, I am the judge of King of Mask Singer, Chen Yixun."

     After Chen Yixun unveiled his face, the audience's vision turned to "Jiang Yang." He was wearing a mask and was about 1.8 meters tall. Everyone looked forward to Jiang Yang's unveiling.Chen Yixun said: "Standing next to me is the host of King of Mask Singer, you can take off the mask."

     "Okay." The man said lightly. When the audience called out Jiang Yang's name, thinking that they would see him, the man who was unveiled made everyone stupid.

     why you?

     Not Jiang Yang?

     Taking off the mask, the pimples on his pastoral face destroyed the original shocking scene of the four judges gathered together. He was a little ashamed and immediately laughed and apologized to the audience in the audience: "Sorry, you want to see Jiang Yang, but Standing here is me. This is the beginning of the new year in 2006, and I am Tian Yuan, the second host of King of Mask Singer."

     "Ah, didn't you go to the wrong set? The second host, What does it mean?" Chen Yixun asked.

     Tian Yuan said loudly: "Dear audience friends on site and in front of the TV, the first host of King of Mask Singer is already on the stage, let us call his name... Jiang Yang."

     The scenes of Tian Yuan and Chen Yixun went black, and the scene immediately became dark. With a beam of lights shining on the entrance of the stage, a man dressed in a white suit and a mask of Baimei Qianjiao walked out.

     He is no longer as thin as he used to be. Now it seems that he is more than well-proportioned. The hair stylist puts a pigtail behind him, with the mask of Bai Meiqianjiao, which makes him even more mysterious.

     The mask is a gimmick of King of Mask Singer. Jiang Yang planned this show from the beginning and wanted to write a big article on the mask. As everyone knows, when the opening of King of Mask Singer was broadcast, I Am a Singer's vcr recording star rushed to The scene at the scene is simply weak.Naying, Yuquan, they carry auras on them, but they can't compare to the amazing scenes of King of Mask Singer since the beginning. Four superstar-level singers, the host team co-hosted, the first host, the second host, Jiang Yang seems to have built King of Mask Singer into a super large program.

     The whole production also makes people feel that it is a carefully crafted boutique column, even the details of the mask make people feel impeccable.

     "Dear friends in front of the TV and the audience, I’m the host Jiang Yang. This is the first match between the King of Mask Singer at the beginning of the new year in 2006. King of Mask Singer will serve as a guest commentator, and each issue will have six masters from the music circle play here. King of Mask Singer, requires every singer to put on a mask and impress the audience with sound, the winner of each issue Here is a glorious unveiling. In the final finals, the unveiled singer will be the super king of the first season of King of Mask Singer."

     "Because of the dark scenes and unspoken rules of the detest bitterly competition, the King of Mask Singer absolutely only judges success or failure based on music. Coming here, it doesn’t matter your previous achievements in the music circle. The singers participating in the competition stand on the same starting line, who is stronger and Who is weaker, only music can be compared. The first phase of King of Mask Singer is about to start. Thank you everyone for your company. We must work hard to present the King of Mask Singer competition to everyone."

      "All right, cut to the chase, let us welcome four superstar judges to come on stage."In the initial publicity introduction, the four judges have already appeared. As they settled in the judging area, Jiang Yang said: "Everyone is in place, please open your ears. Next, let's start our competition today!"

     In the first episode of the show, among the six singers, except for Wang Fei who is more famous, Zhang Jie, Xue Zhiqian, and Jia Qing are all new musicians, while Li Dashan and Wang Chuan are not even newcomers.

     A few days before the start of the show, Wang Chuan received Jiang Yang asking him to participate in the recording of King of Mask Singer. Wang Chuan himself was taken aback.

     Fortunately, he had just sang Lilac Flower at the school celebration party, and he thought he should be able to sing this song well.

     However, he didn't know what mask and title he used in King of Mask Singer. Jiang Yang suggested that he be named Wumingshi. The mask is just a lilac flower carved on a plain white mask.

     For this reason, Wang Chuan personally invited a Carving Grandmaster from the school to make a mask. With this mask, Wang Chuan feels that he has a lot of power.

     As for Li Dashan, it wants to be called Unkempt Beard in the show. The mask is also an elder with an unkempt beard. He has waited So many years for his middle age. Now that he can seize an opportunity, he will inevitably explode all his energy.

     Six singers are ready to go. They will be divided into three groups for the first round of pk.

     Following the Express after the second sponsored advertisement for the pastoral section, the first singer, the drifter, has already stood on the stage.

     The wanderer was thin, and the mask she chose was very large. The mask covered her entire face, leaving only her eyes out.The music sounded dreamily, and a blue ocean picture appeared on the big screen. The wanderer suddenly turned around. For a moment, her back figure seemed to be embedded in the picture, to the seaside...

     Give you a cd from the past, listen to our love at that time, and sometimes suddenly forget that I am still in love with you

     As soon as the voice of the wanderer came out, among the four judges, Chen Yixun's eyes brightened first. Although the singer did a little processing on her singing, Chen Yixun still heard this ethereal and dreamlike note. It should be She was.

     Apex Schoolbag. The fastest update from the host to the latest chapters of the literary superstar.
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