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349 Chapter 345, The Singing Of The Music Poet Is Too Beautiful (second More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     The music sounded and a white-clothed man began to sing.

     In my arms and in your eyes

     Where the spring breeze is intoxicated there green grass like cushion

     Moonlight spilled love all over the lake

     A bonfire for two...lights up...the whole night

     Four sentences.

     The four-sentence singing of the music poet completely fryed the audience in front of the TV and the audience.

      The excitement of chickens flying and dogs jumping.

     Like, intoxicated, obsessed, crazy!

     This song Lake Baikal was written 10 years after Li Jian went to Lake Baikal in Irkutsk, Russia.

     At that time, the Russian ambassador accompanied Li Jian to visit Lake Baikal.

     At the invitation of the Russian ambassador, Li Jian decided to use Lake Baikal as his creative background to create a song with a Russian-style orchestration.

     He recorded a few melody on the spot with his mobile phone.

     After recording it back, he felt that this melody could be used, so he tried playing the guitar.

     After confirming the song, it took another 2~3 months to write the lyrics.

      Lake Baikal can be said to be a song given to Li Jian by the great nature's gift. The melody and singing of this song can be said to be the pinnacle of Li Jian after bidding farewell to the Shui Mu Nianhua.

     But in this life, the program team helped Li Jian complete this plan ahead of time.

     A few months ago, Li Jian went to Lake Baikal and used his inspiration to complete the song.

     And, promised to participate in King of Mask Singer.

     Participate not as a group, but as an individual.The music poet raised his hand and looked into the distance. What he held up seemed to be the memory of the past.

     "How many years will the past go with the cloud"

     "The snow and ice can't tolerate the gentleness"

     "This a whole lifetime is too little time"

     "Not enough proof of melting ice and snow... affectionate"

     The music poet's voice is mellow and ethereal, and his voice is not tender or flawed, just like a piece of clear jasper.

     When singing to the high mountains, you can hear the sound of gurgling mountain streams.

     When singing down to the trough, it seems that I can see the lazy cow drinking by the river.

     His music can let people be in it, experience it for oneself, feel the picture...

     Musical poets can really write poems for you. In music, they can take you over mountains and rivers to find the quietest piece of soil in your heart.

     In the stand judges seat, the four judges emptied their heads, but they were completely unfamiliar with the solo singer. They could not figure out the name of the singer.

     Who is he?

     In today's music world, is there such a voice that is more ethereal than Wang Fei's female voice?

     If so, why don't you know.

     Zhou Jielun thought for a long time, but he felt that if he didn't say a few words, he was really sorry that he was in the position of judging. "I can't tell the voice. I know a singer. Do you think it is possible? Lin Zhixuan."

     Zhou Jielun was denied by Eason as soon as he finished speaking: "It's not Lin Zhixuan. His voice is relatively thicker. This voice is thinner and softer. It is a bit like Teacher Fei Yuqing, but it is more vague than his voice."Han Hong said: "Yes, I don't think it is either. But I really can't guess who it is with such a nice singing and such ethereal voice. I don't have a slight clue."

     Lin Junjie was also very confused. He said, "Although I can't guess it, I can be sure that he must not be a newcomer, he must be a very powerful singer. Because he is very accurate in his emotions, singing has emotion in the song."

     Just take this song as an example.

     The music poet is no worse than my soul on the road.

     The confrontation between the two is full of unknowns.

     And this Lake Baikal, even though it is a new song, is not unfamiliar to all singers and audiences.

     The sense of substitution is very powerful.

     Yang Taiping's family was attracted to King of Mask Singer from the beginning.

     From a good voice, Yang Hui practices singing and also studies singers.

     But at the moment, he can't help but sigh, really can't guess who is singing like this.

     "Dad, King of Mask Singer is really good, this show is my favorite show."

     Yang Taiping said: "Indeed, it's better than I expected. The singer who is called a music poet now has a super nice voice. The Lake Baikal he sings has a healing power to the soul."

     "It can make people forget their sorrows and worries for a while."

     Gentle, sunny, and soothing voices have conquered all audiences!

     After the opening of King of Mask Singer, new audiences continued to flock to the Mango Channel. An audience from Foochow Province, Xiaohai, has seen the singing of a music poet.

     In the forum, Tieba opened his attention and evaluation.Dear friends, I am watching the King of Mask Singer on Mango TV, and I feel that this musical poet has a story.

     His singing is full of expressiveness.

     If I guessed correctly, he must be an elder in the music world, not a newcomer.

     He must have experienced a lot, and Inner World is very rich.

     Moreover, this stage should be a difficult time for him.

     "Only singers who have real difficulties and difficulties can sing a voice that liberates the listener's soul."

     After Xiaohai's discussion was sent out, it attracted a lot of onlookers.

     Everyone is also looking for loopholes in 360 degrees to analyze who the music poet is.

     The mask of the musical poet did not cover his entire face, and his outline could tell that he was a handsome man.

     The eyes are deep, and under the mask, that a pair of eyes conveys his love and hatred.

     He did experience some setbacks in life, studying civil engineering at Qinghua University, however, he was engaged in music during school.

     After successfully graduating, he gave up his job as a radio and television network engineer and began a musical adventure.

     However, Shuimu Nianhua did not make him successful. After the group was disbanded, he was even more confused on the road of music...

     Had it not been for King of Mask Singer's invitation, he really didn't know how long it would take to walk on this road.

     He makes progress only with great difficulty in the music circle, but when it comes to life, he still longs to live as a poem. This is his feelings, and he hopes to convey it with his music.

     Therefore, in this song Lake Baikal, he sang gentleness, compassion, kindness, warmth, and love.

     Music poets need a stage to prove themselves.Lake Baikal, he wants tonight, the audience under myriad twinkling lights, all remember a name, a music poet, a song, Lake Baikal.


     The music poet is still immersed in the atmosphere of the music just now, and the audience on the scene, the audience in front of the TV, has shown various facial expressions when they hear emotion.

     Or forget about it, or indulge in it, or think about fleeting years.

     At that moment, they forgot to guess who the singer was.

     In the musical dimension, they gradually became obsessed with the King of Mask Singer show. For them, this is definitely the biggest gain this weekend.

     My soul, the first one, is on the road. After everyone has guessed that it is Wang Fei, the drama of the big coffee has gone up.

     The music poet who confronted Wang Fei was not inferior to the previous one, and it made King of Mask Singer's doubts about what singers he had invited.

     If Mango TV really invites Wang Fei, and there are big coffees of the same level as Wang Fei, then this show by King of Mask Singer is definitely a super giant.

     Compared to guessing whether my soul is Wang Fei on the road, and the music poet who is it.

     The more difficult question before everyone is, my soul is on the road and the music poet, who can enter the next round!

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