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350 Chapter 346, Attraction Of The Masked Singer (seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

When China's Good Voice shows became popular, other TV stations also began to prepare similar music programs with tutors, the good Chinese songs that CCTV had cut down.

     Other music programs that other TV stations want to create.

     After racking his brains, Blueberry Satellite TV came up with a dream voice and invited four tutors to sit down and start music PK.

     With such a carefully crafted show, she originally thought she would use the celebrity's drama to increase the show's gimmicks.

     But when she did this step, Luo Yiming had already changed the way of playing. She was also a star, but put on a mask.

     Whether it is from the form or the content, the voice of the dream has been determined and already lost.

     It turned out to be a music variety show of pick up what others say, but now the emergence of King of Mask Singer has scattered and smashed their little confidence!

     The newly appointed director of Blueberry TV, Huang Qifeng, sent a text message to all colleagues of the program development office to come to the company for a meeting early in the morning. He even had to hold some people accountable. Why did Luo Yiming’s good voice cooperate well, and the second music variety show unexpectedly Moved to the mango stand.

     In today's television industry, an indisputable fact has quietly emerged, that is, who wants ratings, who wants to create successful programs, must bundle Luo Yiming.

     Only by cooperating with Luo Yiming can we gain a foothold in the TV circle and occupy the market.

     Luo Yiming is recognized by the TV circle as a sweet pastry!

      The King of Mask Singer game is still going on like wildfire.

     But later Luo Yiming stopped paying attention to the game. He called Teacher Hu Yulin and he was about to appear in the next King of Mask Singer.In order to maintain the sense of mystery, in the end, Master Mei Baojiu did not appear, and Mr. Hu would set up a stage to help him pull the erhu.

     In addition to musical support, Mr. Hu will also help Luo Yiming find folk woodcarvers to carve masks.

     In this game, the mask is also very important. A good mask will make the show better.

     After the phone call, Luo Yiming’s mask is ready, and the second episode of King of Mask Singer will be available for recording immediately. After this episode of King of Mask Singer ends successfully, Luo Yiming believes that the second episode will be even more popular. !

     Because, I will eventually enter the field of music and fight in this new field.

     The music poet and my soul competed on the road. The audience scored the score, and the music poet was slightly ahead.

     However, after the four judges unanimously supported my soul on the road, after such a score appeared, my soul achieved a go-ahead on the road.

     In the end my soul was slightly better on the road.

     This result, although some viewers at the scene and in front of the TV have doubts, but because of the musicality of the two works, the musical ability is between the same.

     Therefore, whoever wins and loses does not cause too much tsunami.

     This result is actually because the judges of King of Mask Singer have a good control over the show. The sad failure of the music poet is not that he wants to leave this show. On the contrary, his mystery and curiosity, his ability, In the subsequent programs, there will be greater viewing points.

     Compared with my soul on the road, very probably may be Wang Fei, and promptly revealing everyone’s doubts can also produce the surprise that the first period should have.The next four came out one after the other, and Zhang Zhaoshan, an anonymous man, was defeated by the show off one's ability because of little tension.

     Let me change the little prince Liu Wei wins the morning light.

     The second climax is the amazing singing in front of the morning light in the showdown between the ever-changing little prince and the morning light.

     Jia Qing made her debut in my style. Although her ranking is not particularly high, her singing voice, combined with her incomparable appearance in the singing world, did not lose her reputation at the time to the first and second place.

     After the game, she also got a lot of temper, especially after entering Shangteng, Luo Yiming also carefully cultivated her.

     He opened his voice with the gentle compassion of Asang, the mask only covered half of his face, and her beauty could be seen by the audience.

     The melancholy while singing, coupled with her figure and appearance, caused a great sensation.

     When she made a small mistake in the final chorus, the audience couldn't help but sigh.

     The morning light was defeated, and the Anonymous was defeated. In the second round, my soul on the road completely broke out.

     In order to defend her status in the music scene, she exhausted all her strengths to defeat Liu Wei and Chou with a song Wishing We Last Forever.

     Under the expectation of all the people, the glory was unveiled.


     "It turned out to be Wang Fei."

     "This show is really... unexpected surprise."

     "Although in the second song, I felt that it was Wang Fei, but the moment I took off the mask, I was still a little hard to believe."

     "Wang Fei was unveiled in glory and became the king of singers in the first issue. I really look forward to who can PK her behind."

     "..."words exceede 5100When dreams rub shoulders with reality, when imagination meets truth, the throbbing in the heart is the most sensational.

     The audience in front of the TV, when Wang Fei took off his mask, everyone was pleasantly surprised.

     They knew that Wang Fei retired from the music scene in the second half of the previous year.

     She is also preparing to return to the family to assist one's husband and educate the children.

     But, now, she actually came to King of Mask Singer.

     When the surprise faded away, audiences all over the country were thinking about another question, which is why Wang Fei came to King of Mask Singer.

     Who on earth invited this kind of diva singer to delighted to (do sth, idiom) to stand on the stage of King of Mask Singer?

     The show is not over, and the answer the audience expects will be announced in the next second. This is the attraction of King of Mask Singer.
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