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351 Chapter 347, The Ratings Are Out! (Seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

When Wang Fei took off his mask, the four judges, including Chen Yixun, seemed to be dreaming. Chen Yixun straightened up and said: "Wang Fei, it's really you? I guessed it was you at first, but you didn't quit the music scene. Already? Now?"

     Zhou Jielun said: "Yes, Sister Wang Fei, last year you announced your withdrawal from the music scene. I think it was a loss in the music industry. You are now on the King of Mask Singer stage. I'm so happy. Tell me what happened. "

     Wang Fei did not speak. Jiang Yang knew that Wang Fei was not good at talking. He took it over and said, "You don’t believe it, but this is the charm of King of Mask Singer, this is the meaning of existence of King of Mask Singer. We can take The big guys who have withdrawn from the music scene, please come back to the stage again because of the sincerity of the King of Mask Singer show. It is because every singer who loves music will not refuse this kind of stage that truly belongs to the singer. Sister Wang Fei, yours Music has brought the audience the ultimate enjoyment."

     "Then, how do you feel now?" Jiang Yang will look at Wang Fei and ask her about the show.

     When Wang Fei sang “Because of Love”, she was moved, including the cooperation of the show’s music team. She was surprised and it was perfect.

     And when I saw Cuiyan, it was the song that she would sing Zheng Lijun's song that she had just debuted, and now she is full of aftertastes: "I think this show is well run, and the music can return to a level playing field. I’m not Wang Fei, only one singer. I think other players are also very good, maybe some of them will become dark horses in music shows in the future.""Indeed, among the six singers, there will be a lot of dark horses. Today, Sister Wang Fei unveiled you to become the king of singers, but they did not lose the opportunity to compete with you for the last super king of singers. As long as they are in the next two issues, the prodigal son of music, Anonymous, the morning light can win, they still retain the last chance to win the super king of singer."

     "I also look forward to playing with them in the finals."

     "Sister Wang Fei, in the next episode you can enter the jury and comment on the singers. In the next episode of King of Mask Singer, there will be another singer walker on the show to start a new round of music war."

     The walker is Jiang Yang's name for himself. In the next issue of King of Mask Singer, Jiang Yang will also appear on the stage of King of Mask Singer.

     Started his journey as a singer of King of Mask Singer.

     "I am looking forward."

     "At the end of this issue, would you like to tell us why you chose to come to King of Mask Singer. I believe this is also a question many audiences want to ask you." Jiang Yang will not miss the topic, at least, audience friends We certainly hope to hear this answer.Wang Fei thought for a while and said: "The first opportunity to come to King of Mask Singer was that I was moved by your sincerity. If this is not the case, your sincerity, I might not even have any interest in understanding King of Mask Singer. Then after watching the rules of the King of Mask Singer competition, I was even more sure. I am coming. The moment I put on the mask, I seemed to be back when I was young and participated in the singing competition. I am not Wang Fei, I am only one singer. , My weapon is only my own voice, no reputation, no halo. This is what the real music competition is going to do. I hope that there will be a variety show as good as King of Mask Singer in the future. Then, those who quit the music scene I will come out again like today's choice."

     "Thank you Sister Wang Fei for your affirmation. We will take your affirmation to move forward and not forget the original intention. Okay, let us finally thank the live music team for your dedication, which makes the singers show the highest level. Thank you to the audience and friends in front of the TV. They are your guardians and give us the motivation to make the show perfect sth that is already outstanding. Thanks to the four professional judges, although you did not guess the singer Who is it, but you guys really give us joy. It's not the end, but the beginning, so thank you for only being here, and we will meet again next week!"

     The first phase of King of Mask Singer ended perfectly. Jiang Yang believes that as the audience's curiosity about Masked Singer deepens, the continuity and viscosity of the show will make the audience more enthusiastic to follow us King of Mask Singer, this is also other The show is incomparable.The previous King of Mask Singer created a wave of ratings. At the same time, it ranked second, second only to Unlimited Challenge. But Unlimited Challenge is the Reality TV Show. A singing competition can only be ranked behind it, which shows the strong vitality of King of Mask Singer.

     In the end, the ratings for the first episode of King of Mask Singer stopped at 82, but his influence and popularity has already exceeded the previous show. I want to sing with you.

     With the front of the mango station fired, the ratings of this 82 are more golden.

     After watching this episode of King of Mask Singer, I said goodnight to my mother, and Jiang Yang got into his own room.

      In the second episode of King of Mask Singer, I will embark on this stage. How to hide my identity and how to host well with Tianyuan is very difficult for Jiangyang.

     However, Jiang Yang cannot be just a host forever. On the road of music, Jiang Yang hopes to prove his identity as a walker. Jiang Yang wants to travel through the music world freely. First of all, Jiang Yang wants to start with folk songs. , The first ballad he chose was Miss Dong.

     Although this song is not so classic, it is just a drop in the ocean compared to the popular folk songs of many people in the past.

     But Jiang Yang liked the specialness of this song. He chanted the kind of little emotions between young men and women, low sorrow, and little troubles. In this song, he slowly came.

     Teacher Su Tian’s song has been made, Jiang Yang practiced it several times, and only when he was satisfied, he covered the quilt and enjoyed the night beautifully.

     The winter night is relatively long. Jia Qing in the morning light drank in the small bar and stayed up all night.The premiere of King of Mask Singer spread on great streets and small alleys, and everyone was talking about Masked Singer. The sensation of this show made her the newcomer reluctant to leave.

     But if you want to stay, you must win in the first round of the second and third period.

     But win? easier said than done.

     Not to mention Wang Fei, who has become the king of singers, the strength of the thorn, the anonymous, the prodigal son, and the uncle of the beard cannot be underestimated, and there is no certainty of winning against them. A new singer will be added in the next issue. If you lose again, you may be out.

      King of Mask Singer's stage has no shady scenes. It is all based on strength, which makes the exit even more ugly.

      Faintly, the morning light guessed the musical prodigal son very probably may be Zhang Jie, the strength of the brother, Jia Qing ashamed of being inferior. Through the music prodigal, Jia Qingyou guessed that she might be the weakest of all.

     She used to sing on I want to sing with you. Because of Jiang Yang's help, Jia Qing wanted to call Jiang Yang. She missed Jiang Yang a little bit this night.
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