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355 Chapter 351, Luo Yiming's Show
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     That's right, Luo Yiming is not singing Peking Opera, and there is a metallic, magnetic sound from his throat.

     "Suddenly... I call Su San, my soul flies away and scatters! I was so scared that I was afraid to move forward."

     The first sentence of Luo Yiming's rap is amazing. This kind of Beijing opera that first impressions are strongest has become rap.

     The rhythm is super cool.

     Makes the audience instantly refreshed.

     The audience has entered a "state", and Su San's situation is easier to vent her emotions in such loud rap.

     It is easier to express her feelings.

     Luo Yiming is not only singing, but also performing.

     After this paragraph, Su San was out of prison and met Chong Gongdao. Chong Gongdao, played by Zhuang Yong, told Su San that she was to be sent to Taiyuan for review and her case might have to be revised.

     Su San was overjoyed when he heard the words, but he held his own joy and carefully discussed the itinerary with Chong Gongdao.

     At this time, Luo Yiming saluted and rapped: "Helpless...I have to see Li Lai and ask the old man what you call me... why?"

     "Chong, old man, say yes"

     In Beijing opera, a piece of music is often required before singing, but here is the word "Chong", which is blurt out without thinking. Luo Yiming held back Su San's kind of surprise and good news for a long time, wishing to release the mood immediately. The performance through this word is very dripping.

     The band's rhythm stopped after Luo Yiming exaggerated the emotion to the extreme.

     When the word "he" is sung, the rhythm rises.

     "He said yes."

     "He said yes."The tone kept getting higher, and the word "Yes" was already very high. Luo Yiming undoubtedly showed Su San's excitement of being wild with joy.

     After shouting "say yes", Luo Yiming's voice with a grunting sound it stops.

     Luo Yiming is not singing anymore.

      This time the band once again moved the rhythm and drums faster.

     "Hey, hey, hey."

     After the music played for a long time, Luo Yiming's heavy hearted expression was relieved by clenching his fists.

     Calm down, Luo Yiming went on to sing: "He said it was wrong to be distinguished!"

     "Think of Wang Jinlong's righteous son."

     "I want to be nostalgic in the courtyard back then."

     "Where is the love now?"

     "I'm hiding the paper inside."

     "It's also a good idea to see the adults at the hospital."

     In this rap, Luo Yiming once again showed his good Chinese tongue.

     It was so fast and clear, that the audience felt like they were drinking Sprite in an instant. It was really fun.

     However, that is simply a person who hears and sings.

     To understand the story of Su San Qi Jie, I feel unspeakably in my heart.

     Luo Yiming's rap sang the kind of heavy heart that suffered a lot of suffering, bends into a move, and faces rebirth in the face of death and is about to change his sentence.

     Compared with the performance of Peking Opera, Luo Yiming's rap, which seems to be white, has penetrated the hearts of the audience with a strong catharsis.

     They had already decided at this time that their vote would go to Luo Yiming.

     "Yes, I never thought that Peking opera can be changed to rap, so it can be so cool." Han Hongdao.Zhou Jielun is good at adapting, and he has to admire this singer: "Frankly speaking, I don't listen to the drama very much, but I like the performance. Moreover, he speaks more clearly than I do."

     Eason said: "I think he will have a fight with music poets today."

     Lin Junjie said, "I will try to adapt it too."

     In addition to the on-site public review and live broadcast, people who like Peking opera and rappers have already been singing along with Luo Yiming in front of the TV. The wrongdoing can be discerned.

     This seemingly simple rap, but only experienced people know how difficult it is to sing that emotion into four words.

     This is not just singing, but also acting. It conveys the invisible emotions to the audience through four words, and conveys the mood that has not been calm for a long time. This is not what an ordinary rapper can do.

     I thought this was Gao Chuchao.

     The audience was really wrong.

     The accompaniment of the band teacher will gradually become a supplement, and the music of teacher Hu Yulin rushes in again.

     Several intense musical passages, the suona blows, the sound becomes stronger, the erhu is pulled out, the sound becomes worse, and the music is intertwined after the unevenness.

     Luo Yiming walked forward slowly and came to the forefront of the stage. Luo Yiming was about to sing the "Xipi Flowing Water" appealing to the masses this time.

     Can it be done?

     Will it be recognized.

     Just in this paragraph.

     The audience in front of the TV also looked forward to the continued explosion of music, all looking at the whiteboard on the stage.The brewing and the emotions in the front are all for the preparation of this period. Luo Yiming himself also knows that whether he can enter the next round, the next period is particularly critical.

     After eliminating all distractions, Luo Yiming's steps suddenly stopped, he adjusted his throat to the most comfortable state, his eyes were full of emotion.

     "Su San left Hongdong County,

     Coming before the street.

     "I was miserable without saying anything"

     "Sing?" It exploded.

     The audience really exploded.

     Many young people have heard of this section of Xipi River and are very familiar with it.

     So the sense of substitution is not bad, because the integration with rap has unexpectedly produced good results.

     "This singing is interesting and has ideas. I changed my previous point of view. I actually like him a little bit."

     "Yes, this kid, have real skill, Peking Opera has a taste."

     "Don't interrupt, dad, let's continue listening." A family of three stopped the discussion of father and mother.

     On stage, Luo Yiming was still focusing.

     "The gentlemen of the past listen to me"

     Which one goes south to turn around,

     Pass the letter with me, Na Saburo.

     Just say that Su San had his life,

     "I will pay for the change in the next life..."

     Luo Yiming's sing is very focused. The "San Lang" in his mouth is in front. Some audiences still do not know.

     With the preparation in place, after the audience introduced the story to each other, everyone knew that he was Wang Jinlong who was an official in Shanxi too far away and had been with her day and night.Although Su San’s case may be amended, it may not necessarily be amended. Therefore, after Su San’s joy is over, it is unavoidable to worry about it. Luo Yiming’s sentiment is very appropriate in this passage.

     Seeing people coming, people going on the street, Su San wanted to say To Part Forever to his sweetheart.

     The drama in this passage is the best in Su Sanqi’s interpretation, with a good tune and good singing. It can be called the "three musts" in Peking opera. She expresses Su San’s "one hundred and a hundred" mood when facing To Part Forever. saturation.

      At the time of To Part Forever, I saw everything but not so sad.

     Therefore, the tune of this section is not only not sad, but also has a kind of "pleasure."

     The so-called sense of substitution that's it conveys.

     After Luo Yiming sang this passage, as expected, everyone liked it.

     The audience has it for the first time, hey, Peking Opera feels pretty good.

     Luo Yiming did it!

     As a Peking opera lover who regards Peking Opera inheritance as his ideal, Luo Yiming knows that this road is a heavy load and a long road, and now that it has gained a bit of recognition from the audience, Luo Yiming thinks this is enough.

     As for whether you can advance to the next round, it depends on your opponent's performance!

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