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356 Chapter 352, The Music Poet Is Li Jian (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Jiang Yang walked forward slowly and came to the forefront of the stage. This time Jiang Yang sang the "Xipi Flowing Water" appealing to the masses.

     The brewing and the emotions in the front are all for the preparation of this period. Jiang Yang himself knows that whether he can enter the next round, the next period is particularly critical.

     After dispelling all distractions, Jiang Yang's steps suddenly stopped. He looked behind him, faintly shook the head, and then raised it again, his eyes full of determination.

     "Su San left Hongdong County,

     Will come in front of the street.

     I was miserable before I spoke,

     The gentlemen of the past listened to me:

     Which one goes south to turn around,

     Pass the letter with my Na Saburo.

     Just say that Su San had his life,

     In the next life, I’ll pay for it... "

     Jiang Yang sang this passage with extremely focused attention. The "San Lang" in his mouth is in front, and some audience members still do not know. With the preparation in place, after the audience introduced the story to each other, everyone knew that he was Wang Jinlong who was an official in Shanxi too far away and had been with her.

     Although Su San’s case may be amended, it may not necessarily be amended. Therefore, after Su San’s joy is over, it is unavoidable to worry about it. This sentiment Jiang Yang sang very appropriately.

     Seeing people coming, people going on the street, Su San wanted to say To Part Forever to his sweetheart.

     In the interpretation of Su Sanqi, the verse of this passage is the best, the tune is good, and the singing is good. It can be called the "three musts" in Peking opera. She expresses Su San's "one hundred and a hundred" mood when facing To Part Forever. saturation.At the time of To Part Forever, I saw everything but not so sad. Therefore, the tune of this section is not only not sad, but also has a kind of "pleasure."

     Jiang Yang knows that this passage is the most popular among the folks. Even some people who don't like Peking opera will feel déjà vu when they hear this passage.

     The so-called sense of substitution that's it conveys.

     After Jiang Yang sang this passage, as expected, many young audiences suddenly lit up, and then they really listened to it.

     The audience has it for the first time, hey, Peking Opera feels pretty good.

     Jiang Yang did it!

     As a Peking opera lover who regards Peking Opera inheritance as his ideal, Jiang Yang knows that this road is a heavy load and a long road, but now that he has received a bit of recognition from the audience, Jiang Yang is inevitably excited.

      strikes while the iron is hot, sing this story to fullness and completeness, and finish this story.

     Jiang Yang went all the way and thought, Su San felt that this World was unfair to him, and became more and more sad. After Jiang Yang brewed it in place again, he sang in a sad and angry voice: "People say Luoyang flowers are like a brocade. But I am not here in spring!"

     The three words "not spring" were sung by Jiang Yang grit one's teeth, and he fully expressed Su San's resentment towards the cannibalistic society.

     The performance of this drama is here, the audience has to say, Jiangyang’s Peking opera is really ready to be a teacher.

     His singing made the audience see a beautiful, kind, and knowledgeable Su San, an affectionate and true Su San, a calm, soft outside and strong Su San, and a Su San who was supposed to be extremely happy but suffered all the hardships.Su San left Hongdong County, which sounds good.

     Well done.

     Jiang Yang is really almighty!

     The audience cheered one by one, and several older audiences couldn't help but stopped/stood applauded.

     In this way, the artistic image of Su San was successfully portrayed by Jiang Yang.

     It is not just singing, but the social significance of Peking Opera is deeper. Compared with songs, he is more powerful.

     Peking Opera will reflect social life through a complete story plot and specific environmental description.

     Jiang Yang sang Su San through the tragic experience of the character Su San, sang the extremely dark social life and the extremely low status of women at that time.

     That kind of social criticism, that kind of realistic thinking. This is an important reason for Jiang Yang to inherit Peking Opera, and this is why Peking Opera has become the quintessence of the country.

     "Su San Qi Jie" is a critical realism art treasure of Peking opera.

     As a newcomer who has studied Peking opera for a month, Jiang Yang was able to sing this Peking opera. To be honest, Mei Baojiu didn't believe it at first.

     This may be talent, Jiang Yang has the talent of a Peking Opera performer.

     He was relieved that this art has Jiangyang inheritance, and even a hundred years later, Mei Baojiu will feel that Peking Opera will not decline.

     When Jiang Yang stopped singing the last thing, the Peking Opera performance was over. Su Sanqi resolved, the selection of Jiang Yang's performance ended here.

     The audience at the scene and in front of the TV finished listening, but they all wished to continue.

     The story of Su San is still not ended. She has not finally married Wang Jinlong. Knowing that the follow-up is a happy ending, many viewers will lament that love is not easy.In the current situation, everyone couldn't help but sigh at the misery of Su San.

     take a bow.

     Master Mei Baojiu, Master Hu Yulin and Jiang Yang bowed to the audience and friends, this time, there was unconscious applause from the audience.

     In the applause, Jiang Yang thanked again: "Thank you audience friends, thank you Mei Baojiu for the Peking Opera performance maestro, and thank you Hu Yulin, the famous performer of Erhu, Dizi and Violin Performing Arts.

     "Thank you to all those who love the art of Peking Opera."

     Jiang Yang’s gratitude once again gave everyone a warm applause. This time, Fang Qiang and Tian Yuan also stepped onto the stage.

     Jiang Yang's first song is over, no one dares to think about it at first, he dared to sing Peking opera.

     But in the end, it was not as bad as everyone thought, Jiang Yang did it.

     He proved his strength time and time again and broke people's inherent thinking time and time again. He is the walker in the music world, just like the walker mask he put on when he first participated in the King of Mask Singer.

     "Thank you Jiang Yang, Master Mei Baojiu, Master Hu Yulin, and Su Sanqijie after their performances, the next one to appear is his confrontational singer, Uncle Li Dashan."

     Tianyuan Road: "Li Dashan is a dark horse of our King of Mask Singer. From the very beginning of obscure and unknown, he sings a song to the end, and finally depends on the hills to rise and become famous. Today, it will be him. Once again launched a powerful impact on the super king of singers. Li Dashan will bring this song of wild lily to have spring."

     After getting the King of Mask Singer in the seventh issue, Li Dashan began to prepare his super singer song. In the end, Li Dashan decided to sing the song of Luo Dayou.Wild lilies are also available in spring and dried wine.

     It was originally planned that Li Dashan would sing the dried wine first, and if there is no sale, he went directly to the second round through this very story-telling song and hit the first place in the first round.

     He also put more energy on this song.

     But in the end, Li Dashan and Jiang Yang faced off. In order to let Jiang Yang go to the next round, he changed to Wild Lily and Spring, a song that is not so powerful.

     When he heard that Li Dashan changed the song and the order of singing was changed, Jiang Yang in the audience immediately guessed Li Dashan wants to do what.

     He quickly picked up Tian Yuan's microphone this time, but Tian Yuan and Fang Qian didn't let Jiang Yang go up.

     In the live broadcast, the River Province Satellite TV does not allow such mistakes to happen.

     Zhang Le and Gu Tao also stopped Jiang Yang, and the wild lily in the frontcourt also had spring.
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