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357 Chapter Three Hundred And Fifty Three
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Can’t guess who it is. It feels familiar and unfamiliar. This is where King of Mask Singer succeeds, because singers always have some similarities. This commonality makes you familiar, but because the mask creates too many possibilities, it makes you again strange.

     In the first issue of King of Mask Singer, those singers let everyone guess head broken, blood flowing. Nowadays, the new singers have no clue.

     The judges were crazy, and the audience also played the game I guess I guess I guess. Everyone interacted like this, and the whole people became HIGH, which made King of Mask Singer more entertaining and enjoyable. .

     Last week, I Am a Singer still had room for struggle and resistance. At the beginning of the second period, I was a singer and did not qualify for the challenge.

     The audience listened to the walker singing, and their hearts were peaceful, calm and comfortable, but after the song was sung, there were differences among the listeners.

     One is that I like it very much. I like the simplicity and purity of this song. I like the almost clean voice of the walker.

     On the other hand, I think this song is too monotonous, and sing it repeatedly, doesn't hurt, doesn't tickle, and is not suitable for this competitive stage.

     Because it is a new song, it is indeed a bit short of resonance and substitution. The overall audience rating is not too high.

     After the Walker sang, it was the musical prodigal who was PKing with him. The first PK has failed. Zhang Jie told himself that this one must have the last laugh.

     Tian Yuan came on stage with a mask, and said: "Below the music prodigal son, I don't understand the darkness of night."

     After speaking, Tianyuan stepped down, this time, the walker leaving the stage dimmed in the light.In the infield, Zhang Jie’s daytime ignorance of the darkness of night has already begun. As a song that Lin Jixuan and Naying have drove, this song has a high degree of sung and is more familiar to people. Taking this song, first is a station The advantage game at the high point.

     Zhang Jie’s voice came out and passed through the microphone:

     There is no extended relationship between us.

     With the first sound in the ears of the audience, everyone was fascinated.

     In the previous issue, Zhang Jie also deliberately concealed his voice, but his singing skills were not enough to handle a butcher's cleaver with ease like Faye Wong did. This time, he could only stake all on one throw and sing the music well. .

     The Prodigal Son of Music caused a lot of speculation in the first issue, and some people later revealed Zhang Jie's name, but in the end it was overthrown because the characteristics were not obvious. But today, Zhang Jie’s voice is highly recognizable. Without his cover-up, many people who like to listen to Zhang Jie sing on the My Type Show, I heard it all at once.

     "This person is Zhang Jie, the champion of My Type My Show."

     The audience who guessed it was very excited.

     It was sitting in the first row, and her voice did not prevent Han Hong from hearing it.

     Han Hong met Zhang Jie when I wanted to sing with you. She couldn't hear her, but after a few words popped out, Han Hong also had a score in her heart. She seemed to have discovered the New World of America and looked to the side. Chen Yixun said: "I know who it is. I guess Masked Singer feels so cool."

     "Ah, you guessed it, who is he, tell me?" Chen Yixun looked forward to it.Han Hong didn't say, because even if he said it, Chen Yixun never knew the absolute newcomer in this music circle.

     I type my show, I am afraid Chen Yixun has never even listened to this show.

     Han Hong didn't say that she was deliberately mystifying. Chen Yixun felt that she must not know, so he and Zhou Jielun and Lin Junjie next to him guessed about other singers.

     Huang Lei had all guessed Tai Zhengxiao, Chen Xiaodong and Huang Lei, and in the end they were inconclusive.

     After the five judges discussed and praised the singing of the prodigal son of music, this dark day without understanding night ended.

     "Please walk through back to the stage."

     At this time, Tianyuan Station was set in the middle of the two.

     "Walker, how does it feel to be on the King of Mask Singer stage for the first time?"

     Jiang Yang's voice has been processed and is different from his original sound. He doesn't worry that anyone can spot spider's thread and horse track and said, "I feel that the sound, stage lighting, and atmosphere are very good. I like to sing here."

     "Music prodigal son, you listen to the singing of the walker and think how is it?"

     Zhang Jie said: "I think he sings very quietly, can cleanse people's hearts, and is a good singer."

     "Walker, what do you think of this song by the Music Prodigal Son that doesn’t understand the darkness of night? If I didn’t remember correctly, the Music Prodigal Son had a duel with the singer Wang Fei in the last game. If the target of the duel is not Wang Fei, it is very likely In the last issue, you were the King of Singers. So, Walker, you are facing a strong one."The host of Tian Yuan has also grown a lot. He is demonstrating and creating tension for the walkers, but the latter lightly smiled and said: "The competitive stage is cruel, ever-changing, anything can happen. Music prodigal It’s a strong one, but however strong you are, there is always someone stronger, and the walker is the stronger one."

     "You say you? But you seem to be a little overconfident."

     "I don't think!" The walker directly resentment back.

     This foreplay has long been arranged by Jiang Yang and Tian Yuan. Jiang Yang's walker is on the stage of King of Mask Singer, and what he wants to produce is this image in the music world consider everyone else beneath one, only I am supreme.

     And this kind of image, this kind of domineering, naturally only the strong, enough strong can build.

     "Well, it seems that you are really confident, but this is an absolutely professional music competition stage. What you said doesn't count, what I said doesn't count, let's listen to the judges' opinions on you."

     Tian Yuan lost his hand and threw the question to the jury.

     Originally, Han Hong had a good impression of this walker, but after listening to his rants, Han Hong was not happy.

     Throughout the music world, she is considered to be a big boss, but above her, there are those kings and queens, this singer, from the sound, does not seem to be a top singer, but it is so arrogant and despotic, Han Hong said: I must say to you, you are too crazy. You are so crazy, the music world may not tolerate you."Han Hong is sharp, but the walker is even sharper: "The music world can’t tolerate me, it’s the loss of the music world. I just want to sing peacefully. In the music, I am a person. Outside the music, I am another individual. You can dislike the music outside this. The me of World, you can scold me, but please respect the me in the music, respect my music."

     Han Hong was blown up by the walker’s answer, and seeing that it was likely to quarrel, Chen Yixun hurriedly said: "We only comment on you in the music world, but I can see from these two songs that the music prodigal performed better. ."

     "Walker is a bit ego, this may not be conducive to your continued walking in the music circle." Lin Junjie said: "And your folk song is a bit monotonous, I also support the music prodigal."

     "Music prodigal son." Zhou Jielun seemed to have discussed with others.

     Wang Fei has a weird feeling, saying that this song Miss Dong, in fact, he just sings plainly, doesn't have any skills, and hits his heart.

     This song is actually impeccable. If it weren't for the attitude of the walker, Wang Fei would give him this vote.

     But mysteriously and inexorably, Wang Fei feels that the walker is so only I am supreme, it should be because he has a back move. Past self, isn't it also said that Leng arrogant, but those people do not understand their own hearts. The walker gave him this kind of feeling that others laughed at me too crazy, and I laughed at others invisible.
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