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358 Chapter 354, The Show Is Getting More And More Passionate (recommendation Ticket Requested)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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All fifty votes were given to music poets, and the audience thought the whiteboard was a bit miserable.

     But standing there, Luo Yiming was calm.

     He is nodded.

     He has done what he wants to do, and the promotion and publicity he wanted has been achieved. As for musicians and Peking opera fans, how do you comment?

     He can't decide how he likes or dislikes it!

     So far, the five judges have all voted for music poets.

     Fifty votes are given to Li Jian.

     The next step is the continued voting of the 300 audience members.

     The one with more votes advances, and the one with less stops this round.

      "All right, please go back and wait for your vote result!"

     As a result, he only needs to wait in his own small room, and the one who loses does not need to be on stage again.

     Fifty votes from the five judges may be only one-sixth of the total votes. But the vote of the judges will definitely affect the audience.

     Luo Yiming knew that he would lose.

     In this round, Li Jian’s music is indeed more substituting. With the five reviewers choosing him, it is impossible to counterattack with his own votes.

     Two minutes passed.

      At this time, the voting result has come out, a song by Su Sanqi, which is Luo Yiming's debut song.

     A song that does not understand night during the day determines whether the music poet can prove himself and rush to the next round.

     Yuan Chengjie took the result. The audience and the audience in front of the TV are looking forward to the final score.Yuan Chengjie said: "The voting results of the 300 audiences at the scene are already in my hands. After statistics, the votes given by everyone are 107 on the whiteboard...186 votes for music poets, and all the 50 votes from the five judges are voted for music poets. "

     "Congratulations to the music poet for entering the next round."


     "At the same time, we also look forward to the wonderful performance of Whiteboard in the next issue."

     Yuan Chengjie said that he was very calm, but in fact, under the mask, no one could notice that his expression was very lost.

     This Su San song by Luo Yiming.

     From an innovative point of view, the explosive power of singing, including the influence of songs, must exceed the darkness of night without understanding.

     The voting at the scene is too much water.

     Yuan Chengjie knew somewhat that this result was caused by Han Hong's criticism of Luo Yiming's arrogance.

     But in fact, Luo Yiming shouldn't remember this pot.

     This is the character set by the crew for Luo Yiming, with strong self-confidence and even a little shameless.

     Although Yuan Chengjie also wanted to watch Luo Yiming's performance behind him, he was uncomfortable being suppressed.

     After losing this game, Luo Yiming was not discouraged.

      In his heart, the love for Peking Opera remains unabated.

     But in the next game, he will listen to what Wang Fei said and bloom in the pop music circle.

     Only next time, Luo Yiming still does not choose popular pop, he still prefers the minority.

     Luo Yi had already thought of one of the songs tomorrow.

     Under the simple guitar sound, under the warm envelope of the warm sound, the emotions burst out through this hot song in the past life.

     Luo Yiming is ready to sing this "folk song".Folk ballads are music that Luo Yiming likes very much. Folk ballads seem to be sung in a low voice, but if its power is really released, sometimes it is no worse than rock.

     Its kind of tenderness, that kind of tear-jerking, sometimes, it is easier to reach the heart.

     Folk ballads are one type of strength, a strength that grows stronger over time, becomes more courageous with frustration, to have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly!

     It is also a plot. Luo Yiming believes that tonight is just the starting point for his journey on the music road.

     He will certainly have a place in the Chinese music circle.

     Only after he is truly recognized by the public in the music circle, can Luo Yiming take steps to compete in more fields...

     In the following singing, the song "Early Morning Light" is love crazy, although it sings tearing the heart and rending the lungs, it still loses to the sting.

     Jia Qing was very lost, she was a little confused.

     The Anonymous learned from experience and lessons in this game and exerted his true strength. In the duel with the ever-changing little prince, he defeated him and entered the second round for the first time.

     Finally, the music poet, the thorn, and the Wuming clan entered the battle for the king of singers.

     This is naturally the most exciting moment of this issue.

     The host took the stage and said: "Now everyone is talking about the identities of the masked singers. Sometimes, we feel that we have guessed who the person under the mask is, but sometimes, your feelings may not be accurate."

     "Teacher Han Hong, I heard many people say that the music poet is Li Jian, do you think everyone is right?"

     Han Hong has already sent out a signal on the judges' bench. This will be asked. She said: "80 percent. I can still hear some information from this voice.""But I think the musical poet under the mask is better than him. His singing has a kind of passionate impulse. I believe that the song below will prove that he is not Li Jian, but another. A fearless and invincible singer."

     Han Hong said, "I also look forward to it."

     "The masks, the thorns and the anonymous, which I can't guess, I think are musicians in the music world who will surely become popular in the future."

     "Thorn, like this mask, may be full of controversy in the future, but no matter how much controversy, his song is a thorn, a sword that can penetrate into your heart, so you can't find any reason to refuse. "

     "Anonymous, the vicissitudes of your voice are your advantage. If I can see your face from behind this mask, all you lack is opportunity. You are the voice that this stage should remember most."

     Yuan Chengjie's presiding broke out, and he became more and more like Luo Yiming.

     Now that the show is here, in the style of Director Luo, it is to help the singers of King of Mask Singer publicize.

      The stage of King of Mask Singer is not only one stage for music competitions. After the singers come here take off their masks, they can all become first-line singers in the music circle.

     The program must instill in the audience the notion that they are hypnotized by the media. They are strong and they should have a place in the music industry.

     And if it is said by the show, King of Mask Singer will take advantage of the trend to become the trump card in the variety show.

     In the second round, the music poet uncontroversially defeated the under-performing Anonymous with a song "With You Forever", and also suppressed the loud voice with all his strength, and unveiled his face in the hope of all people.The song "With You Forever" is also a masterpiece of Li Jian, the Shuimunian period.

     The gentle voice and voice full of memories give people a sense of comfort after the drizzle.

     The melody of the whole song is peaceful, warm and sweet, and the inadvertent joy makes people unconscious after hearing it.

     Li Jian's first song Lake Baikal made the audience fall in love with his voice, while With You Forever gave the audience more memories.

     In fact, no matter what the host said, he finally created a suspense to have a tongue like a reed, but when watching it, the audience had guessed that the music poet is Li Jian.

     As everyone expected, after the unveiling, everyone was truly moved by Li Jian, and even more proud that he walked out of the water and wood years and assumed personal responsibility on the music stage.

     In the future, his battle for hegemony for the super king will be super beautiful, and the show will become more and more exciting!
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